Best Black Illustrators podcasts we could find (Updated September 2019)
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Listen to highlights and extended interviews in the "Ears Edition" of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. From Comedy Central’s Podcast Network.
Revision Path
Revision Path is an award-winning design podcast that showcases the world's Black designers, developers, and digital creatives. On each episode, host Maurice Cherry explores the stories, processes, experiences, insights and inspirations of these awesome creators. Produced by Glitch, Inc.
For more than 20 years I’ve been driving myself creatively mad, searching for the best way to tell stories. Join me as I document all my failures and successes of becoming an author and illustrator of children's literature.
Join Dr. Sydnee McElroy and her husband Justin McElroy for a tour of all the dumb, bad, gross, weird and wrong ways we've tried to fix people.
Weekly, recorded 60-minute radio broadcast The purpose of the Christian Car Guy show to reach folks with the life saving message of Jesus through an automotive platform. We also further the Kingdom of God through our many volunteers who help Single Moms, Widows and Families in Vehicle Crisis with our Jesus’ Labor of Love Ministry by both sharing the Love of Christ and Freedom and Healing Jesus Offers. In addition we have a weekly Bible teaching we call our “Appraisal By The Real Black Book“ ...
King Expressions
Formally known as, Sports Drip Podcast, now rebranded as King Expressions. Host, Jimmy Francis, is far more than just a chemical engineer. This podcast illustrates a passion for sports, music, education, entrepreneurship, and black excellence. Thank you to all the fans who loved Sports Drip, and because of your loyalty sports will remain a hot topic on King Expressions! Join me each week for new topics, and reach me on instagram @_frenchjames
We’re reading and discussing Wild Cards, a set of shared-world superhero novels edited by George R. R. Martin. We don't own Wild Cards and this is not an official podcast. We use brief clips from the audiobooks and other sources to illustrate and aid discussion. Spoilers abound. Support us at
Hollywoodlife's podcast brings you discussion, debate and inside scoop on all the biggest breaking celebrity news! Plus, candid conversations with top TV, music and movie stars. Hosted by Hollywoodlife's Editor-in-Chief Bonnie Fuller, she'll also share her personal celebrity experiences from her infamous career as a top American editor.
CBC Radio's The Sunday Edition is a lively three-hour program of conversation, documentaries and music. Michael Enright, an accomplished journalist and broadcaster, is the host and tackles everything ...
You know those chats with your best friends over coffee? The ones that have the day flit away; the ones that have you look out the window surprised at the light having faded to black? The ones that have you gazing inward, noticing why you see the world the way you do you, and then outward, understanding why others do (in their own ways) too?Welcome to Once Around The World.Cosy up and listen in as Carina and Mackenzie share their fears, struggles with entrepreneurship and womanhood alike, as ...
Other Planes explores all things Afro/Futurism in cosmic and conscious cultures worldwide, from music to art, science to politics—and beyond. Join host tobias c. van Veen as we undertake audio journeys and interviews with world-class visionaries, creatives, and futurists, from emcees and philosophers to scribes and scholars, programmers and poets. Other Planes covers radical diversity in the speculative arts, including science fiction, film, and comix; cosplay, performance, poetry and posthu ...
The Hudson's Bay Company is one of the earliest corporations in the world and the oldest commercial organization in North America. It began as a fur trading company in 1670 and today owns a variety of retail corporations selling a diverse range of goods. In The Fur Country by Jules Verne, the plot describes how a team of Hudson's Bay Company members travel through the Northwest Territory of Canada with the aim of establishing a mission on the Arctic Circle. The members are a mixed bunch. One ...
Three ebony artists, straight from the bleeding edge, chop up the current state of blackness in their respective industries and beyond.
The Best Author Interviews
Simon Kids
The Simon & Schuster Kids Video Podcast is the place to learn all about our latest children's books, with special video trailers, author interviews, and more! The perfect spot to get great video content suitable for the whole family.
Fresh Is The Word
The pop culture podcast based out of the Detroit area hosted by Kelly "K-Fresh" Frazier delivering wisdom through great stories from the minds of bright creatives of pop culture. Through those stories, I like to promote a diverse collection of voices that includes women, people of color, and the LGBTQ+ community within all creative fields. Support this podcast:
justin_aptaker uses Narro to create a podcast of articles transcribed to audio.
King Alfred and the Cakes. Damon and Pythias. The Sword of Damocles. Bruce and the Spider. These are stories that many people who grew up in the last century would be familiar with. They were included in our text books or to be found in anthologies in our school libraries. However, for a new generation growing up, some of these may be new and unknown. Hence, Fifty Famous Stories Retold by James Baldwin would indeed be a great addition to your children's bookshelf. James Baldwin, who shares h ...
Whether you’re full time freelance or newly self employed, North offers insights and advice with interviews from creative professionals in pursuit of charting their own course.
“Tiger, tiger, burning bright/In the forests of the night/ What immortal hand or eye/ Could frame thy fearful symmetry?” These often quoted lines are part of The Tiger in William Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience. In 1789, William Blake released a limited edition of the book. Being a gifted artist, poet and printmaker, he undertook to personally publish all his work himself through a very painstaking but highly artistic process of etching, thereby transferring his drawings and poems ...
Brian Lee from the talks with successful people in a variety of industries about their story in an effort to share knowledge and give back. The podcast allows our community to control the narrative and share awesome stories of excellence. Subscribe to the podcast to be inspired and motivated by exceptional illustrations of brilliance and overcoming barriers to achieve greatness. Key areas covered in the podcast include entrepreneurship, building wealth, real estate inve ...
Abiding Life Ministries International is a worldwide (150 countries so far) missions organization dedicated to the simple message that there is nothing the nearness of Christ cannot overcome. This message we call the abiding life (John 15) is best explained by the following illustration: Holding both hands out in front of you, imagine Christ on your right hand and your problems on your left hand. As you move the hand with problems toward you, the problems get your attention and become all-co ...
Marvel's Voices
With the Marvel universe as her springboard, host Angélique Roché holds in-depth conversations with storytellers creating unforgettable stories through their unique perspectives.
“This book is the history of a proscribed and persecuted sect written by one of themselves,” writes Professor Edward Granville Browne, the Cambridge Orientalist who translated this narrative. “After suffering in silence for nigh upon half a century, they at length find voice to tell their tale and offer their apology. Of this voice I am the interpreter.” This work is the story of the life of the Siyyid ‘Alí-Muhammad-i-Shírází (1819-1850), known as the “Báb”, which is Arabic for “Gate”. He cl ...
How to be a Shark of Productivity and Success for the 21st Century -Wassup Hustlepreneur,The next generation of entrepreneurs are here and we are running circles around the competition.I'll illustrated how to sell better and be efficient in business with some amazing tips, tricks and secrets. You'll be able to automatically optimize your business and personal life to run much smoother. As Hustlepreneurs, working a factory job for 40 years and retiring with a good pension just doesn't get us ...
HEYWHATSUP™? GUNWASH is the future of talk radio; a weekly 90 minute explosion of dark humor, eye-opening interviews, dancehall reggae and psychedelic sounds. Tune in for unguarded insight from the artists, musicians, troublemakers and curators shaping culture in the 21st century. Design, typography, astrophysics, dancehall reggae, conspiracy theories, illustration, drums, nuclear engineering, disco, Polo Ralph Lauren, crime, the 1990's, iconography, iced coffee, late night downtown, drummer ...
Cowboy Lin McLean rides into frontier Cheyenne, Wyoming, at Christmastime and learns a powerful meaning of Christmas. Author Owen Wister is well known for his western writings, famously the novel The Virginian. Illustrations are by the western artist Frederic Remington. (Summary by David Wales)
Lights Go Down
A scrappy podcast about movies with your host, author-illustrator and actress Annie Mok (Rookie Mag, Swim Thru Fire with Sophia Foster-Dimino, Phaesporia). Annie discusses older, classic and less-classic films with special guests, and sometimes brings on people involved with the making of films to talk about their works.| | @HeyAnnieMok on twitter | write at heyanniemok (at) gmail (dot) com. Our soundcloud banner image is of the actress of Madhabi Mukherjee in Satyaji ...
Henry Walton Bibb was born a slave. His father was white although his identity was not positively known. Bibb was separated from his mother at a very young age and hired out to other slave owners for most of his childhood. Always yearning for his freedom, he made his first escape from slavery in 1842. He was recaptured and escaped, recaptured and escaped over and over; but he never gave up on his desire to be a man in control of his own destiny.Bibb eventually escaped the bondage of servitud ...
Syn Studio Podcast
How do the top artists working on blockbuster movies and games roll? Syn Studio presents a fun and casual podcast where we not only give you the secret tips to becoming a badass artist and getting ahead in the industry, we also give you all the juicy gossip and drunk art-bashing you can handle. Make sure to visit us at to get more info about the guests, see their artwork, join the conversation and more.
A historical novel about the Salem Witch Trials. A fantastic illustrated historical novel by the prolific American author John R. Musick.From the author’s preface:The "Witch of Salem" is designed to cover twenty years in the history of the United States, or from the year 1680 to 1700, including all the principal features of this period. Charles Stevens of Salem, with Cora Waters, the daughter of an indented slave, whose father was captured at the time of the overthrow of the Duke of Monmouth ...
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More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Jules Verne.
This week on Robby is live from the Middle Eastern Christian Festival in Kernersville, NC. Robby brings you the message on what is the "Perfect Pitch," as well as talk about See How Much I Love You or SHMILY for short. He will also speak to people at the festival and more on this weeks edition of The Christian Car Guy Radio Show.…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Jules Verne.
On Sawbones, we like to take a lot of hard lines and make grand proclamations: Vaccines good, viruses bad, that sort of thing. But when it comes to vaping, things get a little ... cloudier? Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers
Trevor covers highlights of the third 2020 Democratic primary debate, and New York Times columnist Jamelle Bouie gives his take on the night. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit Comedy Central.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Jules Verne.
The EXPLOSIVE new series from the author of the New York Times bestselling Story Thieves series! Can you read the magic?By James Riley.
FOLLOW/STREAM FRESH IS THE WORD ONLINE: Who's our guest? Joe Zanetti, who is making his feature film directorial debut with the movie KILLBIRD. Zanetti has produced and directed a number of critically acclaimed short films, including The Chase and The Slumber Party, and has a number of feature films in developmen ...…
Corporations are punished for fueling America's opioid crisis, Lewis Black talks about the effects of screen time on kids, and activist Greta Thunberg stops by. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit Comedy Central.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Jules Verne.
Apple rolls out its latest iPhones, President Trump rolls back restrictions on trophy hunting, and Microsoft President Brad Smith discusses his book "Tools and Weapons." Learn more about your ad choices. Visit Comedy Central.
FOLLOW/STREAM FRESH IS THE WORD ONLINE: Who's our guest? Anastasia Lin, subject of a new documentary called Badass Beauty Queen: The Story of Anastasia Lin. Anastasia Lin is an award-winning actress, former Miss World Canada and human rights activist, and has appeared in over 20 films and television productions. ...…
Rachel Lindsay talks about her new MTV show with Travis Mills 'Ghosted', her fabulous wedding, and shares her own wild story about the first time she got 'ghosted'. Hosted by Bonnie Fuller Co Hosted By Ali Stagnitta Produced by Nicolas Gonzalez
Trevor gives a rundown of President Trump's latest beefs, Michael Kosta and Jaboukie Young-White cover sports, and Antoni Porowski discusses his book "Antoni in the Kitchen." Learn more about your ad choices. Visit Comedy Central.
FOLLOW/STREAM FRESH IS THE WORD ONLINE: Who's our guest? David McLane, creator of GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) and WOW-Women Of Wrestling. GLOW has recently had a bit of a renaissance with the popular Netflix TV series based on the women's wrestling promotion founded in 1986. WOW Wrestling, originally star ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy James Baldwin.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Jules Verne.
How much do you factor accessibility into your work? If the answer isn't "a lot", then hopefully this week's interview with Erin Newby will give you some insight. Erin has recently struck out on her own, and she brings years of product design experience with her to help clients and companies provide the best experiences to their customers. Erin ...…
Former Vice President Al Gore discusses his special "24 Hours of Reality," which focuses on the seriousness of the climate change crisis and its impact on worldwide health. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit Comedy Central.
Water: There's plenty of it, it's not obviously poisonous and it's cheap as all get out. Maybe THAT'S the answer to all our species' medical woes? ... It's not, but if you've ever listened to Sawbones before you see where this episode (recorded live in beautiful Atlanta) is going. Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Jules Verne.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Jules Verne.
Everyone needs help sometimes, and we all need God's help everyday. This week Robby discusses helping others and surrendering to allow others to help us. Maybe you are in need of help, or maybe you need the courage to reach out and help others. God wants to help and bless you today. Listen and enjoy the message right here on The Christian Car G ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Jules Verne.
Michael's essay on the first week of September: 0:39Paul Rogers and Margaret MacMillan on the state of the world: 5:01Voices from junior kindergarten, pt. 1: 40:20A thank you dinner for the 'forgotten' migrant workers who pick Canada's food: 42:17Writer Brian Brett on facing death and pursuing beauty: 57:32Voices from junior kindergarten, pt. 2 ...…
Fires threaten the Amazon, Montana Governor Steve Bullock talks about his 2020 White House bid, and Tracee Ellis Ross discusses "mixed-ish" and her hair care brand Pattern Beauty. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit Comedy Central.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Jules Verne.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy James Baldwin.
Vita Ayala was born into the kind of magical cultural diversity that can only exist in New York City. New York was and still is a city full of people, full of colorful stories, and thankfully for Ayala's fans, full of convenience stores with spinner racks of comics that graced almost every city block. Ayala initially gravitated towards Marvel w ...…
Jaboukie Young-White pitches a novel way to solve America's gun problem, Trevor examines Joe Biden's latest gaffes, and Bill Hader talks about "Barry" and "IT Chapter Two." Learn more about your ad choices. Visit Comedy Central.
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