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Tobin, Leroy & Beast
Ogni giorno+
Tobin, Leroy and Beast let loose mornings between 6-10 am, discussing the latest topics in Miami sports, crazy local news, fighting, animal attacks, head kicks and all around debauchery. *Cast*Tobin: Fighter of all rat finkery on a case to case basis. Eater of Crow. #TeamPettyForeverLeroy: Destroyer of sports gasbaggery with the wisdom from college and professional sports.Beast: Bleeder of Entercom and Orange and Green (The U). Half Man /Half Suit. Caught between show antics and boss ass kis ...
B's in a Pod
A podcast series sponsored by Pfizer Hemophilia where host Becky VanSant (whose daughter has hemophilia B) speaks with patients, caregivers, and friends in the hemophilia community to talk about a range of important issues.
Joke Strap - Podcast
Wes Hofmann is a comedian from the Bay Area. He likes sports, especially the Oakland A's and San Jose Sharks. In his podcast he'll discuss stand-up comedy, sports, and share stories - and hopefully you get some laughs.
How I Got Arrested
Real stories about people and how they ended up in cuffs.
Moves Crew Podcast
We cover TV, Film and Wrestling news and reviews. We're doing it our way and its only the beginning! Get in on the ground floor and make moves with us!
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Wes talks about a stay at the hospital after a recent health scare. Also, he has some shows coming up in October.By Wes Hofmann.
Tobin finally breaks Leroy when it comes to the tanking talk and Leroy drops a bomb. Turner Davidson living the life on campus. Ed Orgeron epic pregame interview.By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Jimmy Butler freaks out when in a McLaren going fast. Leroy tells his speeding story of going over 100 his rookie year. Sneaking candy into movie theaters. Leroy's 4 Down Territory.By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Miami Dolphins nearly won but the tank remains on track! James Johnson back in Heat camp. Canes new kicker Turner Davidson is a cult hero.By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
More Ham and Bam nicknames. Adam Beasley joins the show and breaks down how bad it can be if the Dolphins beat the Redskins on Sunday. Another heated rebuild arguement about the Dolphins between Tobin and Leroy. Doom Picks for the weekend.By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Beast releases a "Peacock Pirate" parody song. Snakefish on the loose. Leroy admits to wearing water shoes at the beach. 10 year old gives motivational speach to his football time souning like the kids from Talladega Nights. Robbie's Magnificent 7 for the weekend. Hammer and Bammer nickname duo for Meyers Leonard and Bam Adebayo?…
Josh Rosen as a mentor for next year's Dolphins QB? UVA-Canes preview. Deejay Dallas latest Cane to make a hype video. Leroy's 4 Down Territory.By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
The guys accuse Tobin of being hammered. The guys all hate Directv but have to have it because of the ticket. Jimmy Butler talking to Alonzo Mourning every day. Tobin rants on the 790 signal. Kevin Love has a problem with Jimmy Butler working out 3:30 AM.By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Richard Sherman exposed as a liar. Philly Cheese says Spo let him play his game last night. Doom Box draw for the NFL weekend.By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Clayton Kershaw another playoff choke. Ira Winderman joins the show and says Dion Waiters does not want to come off the bench. Justise and Herro for Beal?By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Canes starting N'Kosi Perry tomorrow night and Manny Diaz explains. Hulk Hogan wants to fight Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania. Josh Rosen says this season is a try out for the Dolphins.By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Braves with another postseason choke. Brian McCannn hitting the bricks. Philly Cheeeese. Leroy still adamant he would kick Chuck Norris ass.By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Tobin sits down with Miami Heat first round pick Tyler Herro about fitting into the NBA and his trash talk on the courtBy Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Henry Winkler vs Tom Hanks beef. Panthers fans heckling Reimer last night. Could Chuck Norris still kick ass? Leroy vs 80 year old Chuck Norris, who would win?By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Will the Braves choke again tonight? Canes reveal Jarren Williams was injured. Robbie's NFL Draft Power Rankings.By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Update on officer who escorted the skantily clad women. Who is the best Joker actor? Tyler Herro fodder. Joel Quinneville no excuses. How do the Dolphins feel about tanking?By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Tyler Herro balled last night. Heat Twitter thinks Herro will be a piece for Bradley Beal. Baker Mayfield apparently cleared of "Shake Gate."By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Shenanigans at corporate meeting. Revenge game for Bam because Gregg Popovich cut him from Team USA and then finished 7th place. Beast says he misses Mark Richt and wishes he had just fired his son. Leroy and Tobin say there is no way Beast would fire his son.By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Redskins purposely sabotaged Jay Gruden? Will fans be ok with Brian Flores if he goes 0-16? Dolphins quick turnaround or forever doomed? 0-16 much different than 1-15.By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Rockets China situation. Manny Diaz boxes himself in when talking about the kicking. Dan Enos deffers to Manny Diaz when asked who the starter will be.By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Leroy compares Baker Mayfield to the Miami Hurricanes. Ass models arrested. Beast kisses ass at the big corporate meeting.By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Heated debate about whether the Canes would have a better record if they had a better kicker. Jimmy Butler swears a lot. Will the Canes take down the Manny Diaz video shown at every game so he doesn't get booed?By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Canes have issue of talent, coaching, or both? Does a wet slap hurt more than the dry one? Leroy's 4 Down Territory. Panthers win or Canes loss, what should be the talk of the town? Heat scrimmage recap.By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Adam Gase thought Darnold was coming back so Luke Faulk only had one day of practice this week which Tobin finds hilarious. Mike Tomlin doesn't drive carts. Should the Canes practice less? Panthers only good thing on the weekend. Beast Canes fodder. Should Jarren have been benched after 3 picks?By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Canes take the throne for sad football monday when there is no Dolphins. JJ still not at Heat camp. Manny Diaz explains why he went for 2 down 8 and Robbie thinks its stupid.By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
The McRib is back! (You have to leave 3 counties to get one). Crying Joel Embiid. Is Livin' In America Jimmy Butler's 3 AM wakeup song? Doom Picks for the weekend.By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Tobin and Robbie admit to not going to concerts. Shawn Thornton joins the guys in studio. Robbie's Magnificen7 for the weekend. Tobin likes Victor E Rat more than Stanley Panther. Why don't any teams have rat mascots?By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Amber the wing thief. Lorenzo Lingard wants out of the U? Canes recruiting debate. Beast accuses Tobin of jinxing Bobrovsky. Canes bros back accusing the show of hating on the Canes. Leroy 4 Down Territory.By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Lots of action last night. Ronald Acuña the anti braves player. Jimmy Butler use a loofa? Loofa debate. Joel Embiid wishes Jimmy Butler was still on the Sixers.By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
TNF preview for tonight. Multiple screen sports night. Wallaby on the loose in Dallas. Dewars club at the American Airlines Arena getting rebranded to the Bacardi Ocho and the chef comes in studio. Leroy slanders UD in front of Miami Heat employees. Doom Box draw for the weekend. The guys are blown away by Archie Manning's real name.…
People loving the Bobrovsky interview. Prosecutor demands Robert Kraft video be shown. Tobin goes on a rant on Sixers fans for suggesting Jimmy Butler doesn't know how to win. Ira Winderman joins the show.By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Miami-VT preview, how the mighty have fallen. Mike Ditka promoting pork rines and the guys want to talk to him. Tobin interview with Sergei Bobrovsky.By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Panthers back on the ice tonight for opening night. Eddie Murphy going back to comedy? Jimmy Butler claims to go to bet at 6:30-7 PM to wake up at 3 AM. Leroy isn't buying that. Tobin gives behind the scenes of setting up the Bobrovsky interview.By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Shaq vs Dame Lillard rap battle. Meyers Leonard interview from Heat Media Day. Leroy rips Beast for having intense bandage wrapping around a scratch.By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Bill Romanowski says Vontaze Burfict's suspension is BS. Rays and A's killing baseball with Moneyball? What qualifies as a burger for totat points in a football game? Can Josh Rosen be the guy if he leads the Dolphins to the worst ever offense?By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Brandon Marshall waants to be a boxer. Will the Canes have fat cat syndrome against Virginia Tech? The 4th and 1 debate comes back. Tobin drops a doozy of a line with pigs and houses. Justise Winslow Interview from Heat Media Day.By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
So James Johnson not in shape. Leroy's pet squirrel Ricky getting acustomed to Leroy's house and electronics. Beast fell in the parking lot and had a doctor remove the rocks from his shin. What coach would have a pet squirrel?By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
How much of last night's MNF game did you watch? Leroy gets accused of defending Vontaze Burfict. Goran Dragic interview from Heat Media. DeShaun Watson shames a reporter's football knowledge.By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Heated Dolphins draft argument between Tobin and Leroy on weather they should take Tua or trade with the Bengals for more picks. Robbie does mock phone call with Bengals and Chris Grier discussing trade.By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Giannis Whale Watch? Tobin says Mason Rudolph is handsome. Vontaze Burfict suspended for the rest of the season, Leroy says his suspension will get reduced. Do you field an offer from the Bengals for the #1 pick if you are the Dolphins. Erik Spoelstra interview from Heat Media Day.By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Leroy updates squirrel watch. Leroy and Robbie discuss a bet on what the spread will be for Redskins-Dolphins. Canes reworking the offensive line. Leroy says whats up to UD at media. Vendor at Dolphins game tried to sell a couple of bears for over $700 dollars and then got arrested.By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Vontaze Burfict going to get suspended again. Martin Prado got a send off in Philly last night which Robbie found weird. Would Chris Paul take a wink wink deal? Leroy's 4 down territory from the weekend. Could Tua have the same transition from Alabama winning all the time to Dolphins disfunction like Minkah did? Too early to think about ice cream?…
Tobin says Jimmy Butler has gravitas to him. Spo signs an extension. Has Spo and Riley ever fought? Rutgers fires their coach after getting Rutgers Ruled again. Jalen Ramsey saga continues. Is it fair to evaluate Manny Diaz after four games? Reshad Jones made a business decision on the 1st Ekeler touchdown.…
Tobin and Leroy live from Heat Media Day. Dolphins still haven't scored in the 2nd half. Tobin and Leroy argue about whether the Dolphins have progress. Tobin wants to ask Pat Riley why everyone was dresseed like a genie. Jimmy Butler likes the Heat players trash talking.By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Western Michigan scored more points against Central Michigan than Miami did. They also did not allow a sack. Leroy has a new pet squirrel. Robbie and Leroy not sold on Tua while Tobin thinks he is amazing. Tobin shows Leroy an article explaining the dangers of having a pet squirrel.By Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Heat president Pat Riley speaks to the media after introducing them to Jimmy ButlerBy Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Jimmy Butler meets the media for the first time as a member of the Miami HeatBy Tobin, Leroy & Beast.
Beast and Robbie are still out, Jennifer fills in. Tobin cancels Football Friday and changes it to "Jimmy Butler Friday," Leroy disagrees. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are confirmed to headline Super Bowl 2020 halftime show; Leroy has his opinions, debate over who has more hits, will ARod join the show?…
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