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Hosted by podcasting vet, Scott Johnson, Jon Jagger and Beau Schwartz. Weekly, on the frogpants network.
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We get into why we think Apex Legends came out of nowhere and shook up the whole scene in a week or less. Activision Blizzard laid off 800 people, and we don't think they needed to. We get into it a bit in this episode. And lots more tonight.
We had a meeting. Today, we talk about that meeting, and the future of CORE.
Big patch day with tons of little things thrown in. Plus lots of new grassroots tournaments happening this week. And an odd chat about our big video game mistakes in life. And more!
This week is ALL about the angel god, James Imperius Kirk. He's in the game now and he's rad. Or is he? We find out tonight on CORE.
It's the day where we talk a lot about Imperius, and how we think he'll fit into our favorite MOBA.
Kaeo Milker, the people's game director (we should just call him that even if it isn't his official title), message about the future of Heroes. Winter Event Begins. XP Changes are live - impressions now that they are in the game! New Quick Match ruleset for matchmaking - a review!
You know what we are talking about today. Tuck in.
What does Winter's Veil bring this year? Also, what are the pros saying about the PTR right now, and is their concern warranted? Reworks and stuff coming next week. So much more. Strap in and enjoy being strapped in!
So why so quiet on the HGC front, Blizzard? Plus a look at all the stuff that landed this week. And even more!
We are missing a few heroes lately. Also lets go hard on the Tier list compiled from some pro players.
People get salty when Orphea does that Q build. Twich drops are raining down! Boosts are a thing and we are not sure how we feel about them just yet. Healers get no more interuptions! Emails and more!
We sum up blizzcon, talk allot about Orphea, and go deep into new stuff coming soon!
We are doing something cool at Blizzcon! Mal'Ganis continues his ugly business. We have lots of show predictions. Nexeopardy is back for a special pre-Blizzcon edition!
Why did halloween end? How is Mal'Ganis after full release? Is he a main tank? Not really. Dabiri is out at Heroes. Twitch overlays get cooler. Diablo is a buzzkill. And more!
What is the "creed" of Heroes? Mal'ganis is here and he is awesome, and a little unexpected. PTR patch notes are known. Balance patch too. HoTs got watched a lot on twitch it turns out. Getting out of robot hell, and MORE!
It's open phone night! Also, team league is really good now. Also, Mike is leaving blizzard! Also we know about Blizzcon panels now. And more!
What about mobile? Why not? Raven Lord gives you a choice this week. You can pay gold for announcers now. Kerrigan and Brightwing reworks are live. VT goodies are known. Our 7 deadly sins series continues.
Why numbers are not that important in the end. Big update about the fall of king's crest, new skins, and big reworks underway. Including an overhaul of Garden of Terror. Get ready for flex groups in Team League again! Balance patch and more!
Heroes makes you wanna tank in other games. How team league could be, by Beau. Blizzcon comes into focus for heroes and the rest. Independent leagues and more!
When you are at the select screen what's your plan? Mephisto is out and pretty fun! We talk about spell power and why it might be broken. What happened to the TV puncher guy? Heroes swag hints at a new role system in the game. The 4th deadly sin from the series and more!
When WoW casts it's shadow over the rest of Blizzard. Mephisto is fun, and weird. Hanamura is pretty ok now! Tyrande is now out of the weird queue. Will we get another hero before Blizzcon? More deadly sins of Heroes and more!
D.Va has a new cinematic and we have thoughts about it. Mephisto is coming, and so is a reworked Hanamura. What's happening with Tyrande? And so much more!
Warcraft is back in the limelight and as a result, we have some new ideas for Heroes characters already. Western Clash wrapup and why Beau hates loser brackets. The 7 Deadly Sins of Heroes. Your emails and more!
All this BFA stuff could mean some things for Heroes! Whitemane is in the game. Twitch boxes are here again. A LOAD of Q&A coverage. All about Chen and more!
Gazlowe is trolling Scott in WoW. Let's learn all about Whitemane. Big changes for Chromie and Stukov coming. Heroes gets it's GI Joe on this week with a new skin event! What comes first, kit or character? And more!
We have a new tease and we are pretty sure it's Scarlet Monastery related! Big patch and we break it down. Why Malf may never be the same again. When you are playing your Heroes character like your WoW character, and more!
Jon and Beau dig deep into recent changes in this episode of CORE!
Yank Ray Ray Around A Little Bit! What if we got a new hero before Overwatch did? The art panel recap! Patch means reworks and skins! TempoStorm breaks down the mid-season brawl by the numbers. Your emails and more!
Welcome to the Warchrome Wastes. Did they make these skins for Scott? He feels like it. How about a 5 man mount? Raynor and Azmo get a big rework. PTR holds lots of changes for next week. All those ranked changes are on the way as well. Beau sees a hammer he wants really bad and more!
Cool jerseys man! Big patch today, but lots of little changes. More comics for the Nexus! What does $100 Canadian get you these days in the store? Some big talk about Horde v Alliance, and a revelation about Beau's past in the theater!
Why they want you to play low level characters. The new battleground pool. A load of community contact this week and more!
All our thoughts on Yrel and her entry into the Nexus. Spoiler: She's pretty rad. What's with no animated homescreen, blizz? Get your Twitch on so you can get free loot! Blizzard is going harder on bad behavior. 50% XP gains are yours for a while. Jaina has weird shoes. Mid-season brawl is happening. Your emails and more!…
Could heroes ever see play on other platforms? We break down ALL the Echos of Alterac event info, including our newest hero, Yrel! Patch notes were significant this week. What brawls might we see come from the charity play? Your emails and more!
Blizzard agrees that things needed to change with boxes, so they did. The tricky world of Quick Match. Hero to Zero. How you mac players doing anyway? 3 years of Heroes and three years of CORE! Your emails and more!
Choose a side and win stuff. Could they expand on this plan? Bundlemania! And by that we mean, maybe $80 is a bit much. Reworks hit the live server. Some of these skins are weird. The Heroes Charity Brawl is happening June 2nd! Hanamura taken off custom, and we wonder what that means. Wanna ride a shark? We do. Your emails and more!…
Cain gets you back into it! We look at this Nexusmania thing in depth. Season 3 stuff. Diablo and Lunara are getting changes. Loads of balance changes hit this week. There was a Reddit AMA and they told us new stuff. What's up with Zeeb's spiders? Also, being a tank in Heroes can be tricky! Among many other weird things tonight!…
Stay awhile, AND LISTEN TO CAIN BREAK IT DOWN! A gateway to The Dark Nexus has opened! Announcing The 2018 Heroes Charity Brawl on June 2nd! We give our thoughts and impressions on Deckard Cain while welcoming the Raven Lord and the first chapter of Nexus Lore to the game! All that, short old ladies, your emails, and more on CORE!…
How to unwind in Heroes! PTR day and we have a lot to look at. Deckard is playable now. We look harder at that AMA Blizz did. Stutter Step with the pros. Your emails and more!
What heroes do you play the wrong way? We have examples. Also, Blizzard dropped a BIG breakdown of where they are with lots of stuff. Also a big patch really changed things for a few heroes. No Cain on PTR yet. And much more!
The Lorenado is coming! What did we learn about Nexus lore this week at PAX? Tyrael lives in Neo-Stormwind for one thing. :) Deckard Cain is real and he is comin! We go deep on this kit. Fenix is broken but in a good way. DirectX9 is getting dumped after 16 years. Brawls get fun this week. Is Heroes more work than Overwatch to play?…
Hey! Your Fenix is showing! Brawlin with the Blues is fun! Lots to say about Fenix! Varian gets his. New PVE brawl coming friday! PAX is gonna be big says many! Nothing is sacred! And so much more!
Sad sad Arthas, but we have a fix. Fenix seems really really great. Balance patch day and we have the details. What's up on the PTR? Varian getting a MAJOR change. And way more!
One map to rule them all? How happy is Blizzard with the HGC stuff this year. Pax will be the place for a big announcement. Survey stuff is interesting. Target rank numbers look tight! A focused look at Li Li and why she's pretty great! Your emails and more!
Voice packs could be sooooo cool. Voice chat in the wild and what we think. Would the game do well with a season pass? Who's the next starcraft hero? HGC Clash ends with a bang. A breakdown of the Skeleton King! Your emails and more!
This week on CORE! We get arrested by some sweet new police skins for Worgen Freeman and friends! Reworks are everywhere this week and this time Sonya and Medivh get a little Balance Team TLC! and we're getting Ana BUFFS!! And that, a sweet new Q&A video with Captain Adab and Eric Cooper, your e-mails, and more! on this hole-style episode of CORE!…
So how are solo players feeling at this stage? Mobas are hard on solo players, but does Heroes do it better than the rest? A deep look at Stukov and how you might want to play him in your comps. Voice is in the game and loads most stuff!
Happy Valentines Bidet! Light news week but loads of great stuff this episode, and a DEEP look at everyone's favorite sack of meat, Stitches! (And why you should play him more.)
Scott shares some surprising revelations! Maiev is here and chewing up the scenery! Some more post-PTR Changes! Do Overwatch characters Basic Abilities have to match their FPS counter-parts so religiously? The Lunar Festival has begun! Heroes Mario Kart! All that, containment fields, knives, your e-mails, and more, on this crescent-shaped editi ...…
What gets you excited about a new hero in the game? We go deep into this deep question...deeply. Maiev hits the PTR and we look at her kit and her role! Other MOBA's are in danger. Your emails and more!
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