Best Booze podcasts we could find (Updated March 2019)
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In Books, Beards, Booze co-hosts Bob, Derek, and Tonya talk books, drink booze, and have beards. Each week they chat about literary news, discuss what they are reading, debate various topics, and periodically do a deep dive on a short story.
Let Zach and Julie give you a breakdown of where to chill, party, eat, or all of the above, in Oklahoma City! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Booze Cruise
Your weekly chat with guests who rock the ( global ) hospitality industry in their own way, with their own habits and in their own niche of hospitality. Please subscribe if you like to hear me pick the brain of our industry's rockstars all over the world.
Trick or Treat Radio is a phantasmagorical spin-kick straight through the heart of horror and pop culture, navigated by members of the world's greatest Electro-Shock band, The Deadites. They destroy monsters, drink booze, win championship belts and host one of the top horror podcasts according to Rue Morgue Magazine, and Entertainment Weekly! Join your hosts; Johnny Wolfenstein, Dynamo Marz, MonsterZero, Michael Ravenshadow as they discuss all manner of topics including, but no ...
Keep up to date on all the daily madness that is the Buzz Adams Morning show -- now in easily digestible podcast form!
Professional comic book artists Scott Godlewski & Ryan Cody talk about life, comics, work and booze. New episodes are posted every Wednesday! Become a supporter of this podcast:
The science of the good life? Sorry this is not about booze, sex and the contemporary flavour of Rock n’Roll. We talk about the stuff that usually only tree huggers have the courage to embrace: appreciation of beauty, positive emotions, gratitude or positive relationships. However we, that is positive psychology researchers and practitioners bury ourselves in books, set out to experiment and then write it all up in a style that is usually about as engaging as watching an avocado turn brown. ...
Maia and Adair love Disney Channel Original Movies. They also love drinking and over explaining their opinions. Every other week they will be adding the two things your childhood entertainment was missing: whiskey and running commentary.
Shudder Bugs
We are the Shudder Bugs and welcome to our very first podcast. We use dark humour and booze to curb our fear and anxiety that comes with our love of horror. What we do? Get drunk and review horror movies for your pleasure!Follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @shudderbugs, find us on Facebook, or email us at
Dead Drunk Detective is a seven part comedy-noir podcast serial starring the most unlikely of private detectives. How unlikely? He’s a drunk zombie, and his name is Johnny Stumbles. And with his sarcastic secretary Betty, he’ll have to deal with Dracula, The Bogeyman, and The Devil to get to the bottom of the case… and the bottle.
Join drinks historian Elizabeth Pearce and bartender extraordinaire Abigail Gullo as they discuss booze history and culture with a little drinking advice thrown in for good measure. Best way to learn, ever.
Stirred Spirits
Stirred Spirits is a drunken paranormal podcast hosted by Hadley Dion and Thomas Seraydarian, aficionados of both boos and booze. Each episode they'll be mixing drinks and interviewing guests about their experiences with what goes bump in the night. A deep-dive into all that is spooky, pour a drink, hunker down, and join them on their festive foray into the frightening.
Football, laughter, society, culture, and drinks. Come for the facts, stay for the fun. Weekly NFL coverage.
Doug Stanhope hosts discussions with individuals he meets on the road and at home in Bisbee, AZ.
Booze and Phasers
Claudia Dolph and Audrey Kearns drink Trek and talk booze or wait, it’s the other way around. Aw, crap -ENGERGIZE!
The Pollsters
Politics. Policy. Polling. Pop Culture.Explore what America's thinking with two of the country's leading pollsters-the bipartisan team of Democrat Margie Omero and Republican Kristen Soltis Anderson. In this weekly podcast we take a fresh, friendly look at the numbers driving the week's biggest stories in news, politics, tech, entertainment and pop culture. Along with the occasional interview with pollsters, journalists, and other industry leaders, we'll lift the hood on the numbers revealin ...
Good Food
Evan Kleiman's taste of life, culture and the human species.
Beers and Fears
Step into the world of blood and booze, jump scares and cocktails. The only place where the taps don’t run dry and the film doesn’t stop rolling. This isn’t you’re average horror film review. This, is the Beers And Fears Podcast. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Gaming industry news and booze! But mostly booze.
Welcome to The Blitzed Book Club! We are a group of friends who love books, booze, and chatting the night away. We read a new book every month and answer discussion questions about it....while progressively getting drunk AF! We will feature a drink each episode based on the book we are discussing and provide you with the recipe so you can try it at home! Come join our club!
Michael & Megan gather in their kitchen with a microphone, some booze and a big glass jar on our counter filled with strips of paper. Each piece has something on it—we’re not sure what. Could be a question, a comment, a word, a quotation, part of someone’s grocery list. We’re totally at the mercy of the friends and family who, at our request, sent us the pieces of paper over the last month. Whatever we pick is our topic. We don't know what it is our where it could go, so join us for laughs, ...
Disney Distilled
The Disney News Podcast With A Twist
If a joke's worth telling, it's worth repeating. Comedy Factory host Jane Testar collects our favourite skits, commentaries and funny bits that appeared on CBC Radio over the past week. It's an assembly line of humour, safety-tested and priced to move!
My name is Vince. I meet with friends over drinks and we discuss whatever comes to us. Likely topics include literature, movies, current events, and odd stories. It's fun.
In each episode, Jake and Lance start with a given cocktail or ingredient. Discussion starts with recipes and history and then branches out to ... just about anything. And then there's round 2 (and sometimes round 3)!
A fat country boy and an unaccepting hipster. This is our take on news, sports, hookah, tunes, sometimes booze, and other random things. If you’re lucky, you’ll hear a good story, too. Our show is completely uncensored, just a heads up.
Crime in Sports
Two comedians take an unmerciful and hilarious look at athletes who have lost big games...with the law! Crime in Sports does the research, and finds the funny in the world of sports true crime. New episode every week!
A podcast for getting things done. Popular Mechanics Editor Jacqueline Detwiler hosts a rotating cast of characters who answer tough questions and provide tips for being smart about life.
Goin' Up North
What started as an archive of family history has come to life as a podcast embracing the rambling nature of uninhibited conversation. Stories unique to the “Up North” culture that is spear fishing. Y'know hanging out, having a fish fry, drinking booze, playing cribbage—having a good time! In the morning we’ll get up, drink some coffee and head to the ice house, where hopefully we spear a big ol’ northern. Join in the fun and follow along.
Love, Life, Sex,Booze,and Games !! This Podcast is fun, sexy, and Foxxy !
Hawks On Tap
We talk Seattle Seahawks, booze, gambling.....all the good stuff in life!
Booze and Cartoons
THE FIRST EPISODE OF B.A.C. A podcast where my wife and I drink adult beverages and watch kid's cartoons. In this episode we watch and review the first season of Star vs. The Forces of Evil. A big thank you to Chris McRae for our opening theme. You can check him out at or at Band Camp at Chris McRae Vox.
On The Spot
Tune into this zany improv game show featuring the Rooster Teeth crew and their special guests. How far will contestants go for points? Prepare yourself for the most outrageous answers ever! Watch LIVE Wednesday at 5PM CT on and
Destroying Lives and Livers is the premiere podcast for the everyday millennial. Casey and Jeremiah cover a variety of topics including booze, bars, sports, and life in general. At the end of each episode they hope to leave your liver and life in a new/worse state. **This podcast has a one drink minimum**
Beers After Work
Somewhat sober-mostly delirious-musings on; life, relationships, and booze...but mostly food.
The universe is not too big to handle when you have wine and two towering intellects available, who gleefully tear it all apart and analysis it under a lovely booze-scented microscope.Let Keeley Brookes and Nick Milton take you by the hand and lead you in the exploration of absolutely everything, in handy, easily digestible, alphabetically themed pieces.
Gravy is a podcast from the Southern Foodways Alliance that tells new and complicated stories about the changing American South.
Boé St. Clueless
An exploration of books, beats, business, beauty, bites, booze and other bits and bobs by Boé Makiya.Visit on IG for more information.
Dog and Joe
The Dog and Joe Sho weekdays 5:45a-10a on 93.7 the River
Beards and Booze
3 guys talking about booze and whatever else the f#&% they what to talk about. Mostly games.With Bob, Brent, and Zach
Adventures of the Basement of Death gaming group
RMNB Podcast
The official podcast of Russian Machine Never Breaks, the relentlessly fun hockey blog
Talking about everything your to afraid to talk about
Welcome to Ferg's Live... LIVE! - your break from real life. Let's chat with da boys and talk hockey, booze, and more hockey.
“Dr. Bond’s Life Changing Wellness” is an exciting and informative radio program that takes listeners into the world of natural medicine, nutrition and reversing disease the natural way. Ward Bond, Ph.D. whose distinctive blend of teaching, fun facts, and interviewing the top experts in the field of natural health has made him one of the most sought after voices of natural health in America today.
Catch On the Record, hosted by Sheilah Kast, weekdays from 9:30 to 10:00 am, following NPR's Morning Edition. We'll discuss the issues that affect your life and bring you thoughtful and lively conversations with the people who shape those issues -- business people, public officials, scholars, artists, authors, WYPR reporters and other journalists who can take us inside the story. If you want to share a comment, question, or an idea for an interview you?d like to hear, email us at
Not your mom's mental health podcast. Join psychiatrist Dr. Shalts and philosopher Master McMaster as they use their knowledge and LOLs to navigate the most pressing issues in our modern world and how they affect your brain, your life, and your happiness.
Eclectic Readers
What is Eclectic Readers?We're a bookish podcast that reads a wide variety of books and discusses them. In our regular monthly episodes, we talk about what we're currently reading, a general bookish topic, and then discuss that month's book pick. We've set it up that way so that if you haven't read the book and don't want to be spoiled, or it's a book that you just aren't interested in (it happens, no shame!), you can still listen to the first half of the episode.We do announce the next mont ...
IWS Radio
IWS is a free-flowing conversation between Matt-Man and Jayman and their guest, callers and various imaginary friends and show correspondents. Join us as we bring the funny and dominate the comedy world (in our own minds) every Sunday at 12 Noon ET!
Welcome to Enterprising Individuals, the podcast where we boldly go into excruciating detail about the series, characters, and stories of the Star Trek universe. On every show, host Aaron Coker aka Ka1iban is joined by a special guest for an in-depth discussion of a selected episode from a Star Trek series. Enlist today for this fascinating mission!
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show series
Listen to the full sho for FRIDAY, March 22nd, 2019! Today's topics include:-The River Turntable: Boston's "Amanda"-What's Your Deal? Dog Reads His Love Poetry-News-BIG HARLEY ANNOUNCEMENT!-Disgraceland Nirvana Interview-What Do You Blame On Your Parents?-Happy News Over Sad MusicTheDogAndJoeSho is live Monday-Friday 5:45am-10:00am on 93.7 The ...…
Here’s a Stoop Story from Mimi Dietrich about her run-in with rock and roll. You can hear her story and many others at, as well as the Stoop podcast.
Mimi Dietrich finds it “magical” to make a quilt. She’s in the Quilters Hall of Fame, and the Maryland Historical Society is about to exhibit dozens of her works. We hear how she started quilting and where she draws inspiration.The opening reception for "Hometown Girl" is tomorrow from 2-5 pm at the Maryland Historical Society.This is a yearlon ...…
There is a list of the top movies from the 90s. How many can Buzz get right? Keep up to date on all the daily madness that is the Buzz Adams Morning show -- now in easily digestible podcast form!
It's March Madness time, so it's time for us to bring in our bracket expert, Benny Kaplowitz. Keep up to date on all the daily madness that is the Buzz Adams Morning show -- now in easily digestible podcast form!
There are 6 thrones placed throughout the globe. Find one, and you could get a sweet Game of Thrones prize. Keep up to date on all the daily madness that is the Buzz Adams Morning show -- now in easily digestible podcast form!
Lisa was late today because of a storm. Keep up to date on all the daily madness that is the Buzz Adams Morning show -- now in easily digestible podcast form!
A man kisses his wife and baby goodbye and seemingly heads away on business, with a plan to check into Castle Wolfenstein, podcast with his buddies, and threaten to kill them all! On Episode 347 of Trick or Treat Radio we discuss Piercing, the latest film from The Eyes of My Mother director, Nicolas Pesce. We will also discuss some of our favor ...…
We are talking the #StarTrekDiscovery episode, “The Red Angel” LIVE! Tweet to the show at @eistpod with the hashtag #discoverage to join the conversation! w/ guest @mikanhana of @JustEnoughTrope
Poll of the week: Fox Republicans and Bill Maher GOP Fox News Viewers Say Trump Is Best President Ever (Navigator) Trump and White Nationalism Trump Favorable/Unfavorable (RealClear Policy) Fewer Than 20 Percent Of Americans Say Trump Opposes White Nationalism (HuffPost/YouGov) The Mueller Report 60 percent have some confidence in fairness of M ...…
Our odd new game Do It On The Floor proves “You can’t lie in the Happy Room but you can lie down."
Listen to the full sho for Fursday, March 21st, 2019! Today's segments include:-The River Turntable: Styx's 'Renegade'-What's Your Deal? What Makes A Woman A Cougar?-News-What The Fact (Animal Facts)-Fursday-What Schemes Have You Concocted?TheDogAndJoeSho is live Monday-Friday 5:45am-10:00am on 93.7 The River.…
When you hear the name of the nonprofit “Doctors Without Borders,” you’re usually hearing about a catastrophe--the devastating cyclone that hit Mozambique last week, for example … the ebola epidemic in Congo, or streams of refugees. In more than sixty countries across the globe, Doctors Without Borders works to care for the displaced--medical t ...…
There's a house in California that looks just like the Flintstone's house. Keep up to date on all the daily madness that is the Buzz Adams Morning show -- now in easily digestible podcast form!
It's March Madness time, so we're talking NCAA mascots. Keep up to date on all the daily madness that is the Buzz Adams Morning show -- now in easily digestible podcast form!
Woodstock 50 has revealed it's lineup. Which day would we choose to go to? Keep up to date on all the daily madness that is the Buzz Adams Morning show -- now in easily digestible podcast form!
This Alternative Fact Quiz is right up Buzz's alley, so he has to get 5 out of 5. Keep up to date on all the daily madness that is the Buzz Adams Morning show -- now in easily digestible podcast form!
We have a game for Lisa. Is it a college basketball player or a presidential candidate? Keep up to date on all the daily madness that is the Buzz Adams Morning show -- now in easily digestible podcast form!
We posed a question. You can take one member of the MoSho to survive on an island controlled by Muppets, who are you taking? Keep up to date on all the daily madness that is the Buzz Adams Morning show -- now in easily digestible podcast form!
Listen to the full sho for Wednesday, March 20th, 2019! Today's topics include:-The River Turntable: Toto's 'Africa'-What's Your Deal: Dog Is Old And Calls The Numbers on "How's My Driving" Bumper Stickers-News-Lick Us And Win Wednesday for Sammy Hagar Tickets-Celebrities Behaving Badly-How Much Money Would It Take For You To Turn A Dime On Fam ...…
A robot boyfriend? Lime Ricky’s? Dad’s with secret jobs? Adair and Maia are back with yet another movie that asks complicated questions about gender relationships, god like technology, and of course prom-coming!!!
This week Michael McMillian joins the show! Michael is an actor (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, True Blood), comic book writer (True Blood, Lucid, Adventure Van) and podcast host. The guys talk about growing up making their own comics, booze, the paranormal, and all about Adventure Van, which Ryan drew and Michael created and wrote. Check out Michael on ...…
An ambassador travels to the capital of a foreign empire, only to discover that her predecessor has died in baffling circumstances. That’s the start of the new novel, “A Memory Called Empire.”The space opera weaves together the intrigue of a political thriller with the rich intricacies of an alien world. Author Arkady Martine tells guest host N ...…
We had two conversations happening at once. First, it was things that you misunderstood as a kid, and what is the difference between lemon and lime in Spanish? Keep up to date on all the daily madness that is the Buzz Adams Morning show -- now in easily digestible podcast form!
Ron White calls in to talk about lots of different things including golf. Yup, golf. Keep up to date on all the daily madness that is the Buzz Adams Morning show -- now in easily digestible podcast form!
It's March Madness time! And we got the fever! Or at least want to talk about it. Keep up to date on all the daily madness that is the Buzz Adams Morning show -- now in easily digestible podcast form!
A survey was done with a list of favorite restaurant chains. We got a lot of problems with the list. Keep up to date on all the daily madness that is the Buzz Adams Morning show -- now in easily digestible podcast form!
Buzz is dropping knowledge with 5 Random Facts. Keep up to date on all the daily madness that is the Buzz Adams Morning show -- now in easily digestible podcast form!
Farpoint is CANCELLED because we're being tested by "All Good Things..."!New York Times and USA Today best-selling author David R. George III is back on the show this week for a look at the finale of Star Trek: The Next Generation, a tour de force, feature-length episode that celebrates the genius and success of the series it concludes. Captain ...…
Doug and Chaille remember the time on mushrooms with Gay Cousin Eric, a Cow Hand for Breakfast and the story behind the Temporary Cover for the “Die Laughing” cd with Jonathan and Tom Konopka. Doug's nest is actually a Hibernacle (a place where an animal hibernates but it can also mean a winter retreat for humans). Recorded Feb. 23rd, 2019 at t ...…
You cannot truly be healthy if you are not happy.Being a serial dieter never ends well for anyone. Getting caught up in a constant battle with the scale is detrimental to both one's physical and mental health. As Nathalie Botros, "The Bon-Vivant Girl" avers, you cannot truly be healthy if you are not happy. Her book, If You Are What You Eat Sho ...…
The gang discusses the books that have had the most effect on their lives.
Today we take a different approach, and have a laid back discussion on the anatomy of the horror genre and its building blocks, along with the personal fears and phobias of ourselves and others. how do these things tie together to make horror movies? find out in this deep dive. Become a supporter of this podcast: ...…
Listen to the full sho for Tuesday, March 19th, 2019! Here are today's topics:-The River Turntable: Devo's "Whip It"-What's Your Deal: What Does 'Made In America' Really Mean?-News-Do Men Still Wear Earrings?-Lord Brady's Autographs Cost HOW MUCH?-12 Foods To Eat If You're Balding-Celebrities Behaving Badly-Taste Great Update-#Boozeday-15 Thing ...…
Johns Hopkins amassed millions by trying almost anything that promised to make money--investing in liquor, real estate, coal-mining, fertilizer, and more. He never married, and it was only after he’d retired from most of those businesses that the public saw what he intended to do with his fortune: create a university--including a medical school ...…
Time to choose a new identity, my single ladies!
Brandon has an Alternative Fact Quiz for Buzz about the names of strange items. Keep up to date on all the daily madness that is the Buzz Adams Morning show -- now in easily digestible podcast form!
It's Supreme Sacrifice Day. Here are some poems about movies with major sacrifices. Keep up to date on all the daily madness that is the Buzz Adams Morning show -- now in easily digestible podcast form!
Some things in life everyone just knows. Here are some unwritten life rules you should be following. Keep up to date on all the daily madness that is the Buzz Adams Morning show -- now in easily digestible podcast form!
Buzz and Brandon love themselves some 90 Day Fiance. Brandon is catching up on an old season. Keep up to date on all the daily madness that is the Buzz Adams Morning show -- now in easily digestible podcast form!
Dr. Shalts and Master McMaster are joined by special guest Michelle, who shares her experiences weighing the pros and cons of prescription meds and supplements like SAM-e on her long journey to recovery from depression and anxiety.
On this episode of DLNL Casey and Jeremiah begin the episode with some talk about the weather. Then they get into the rideshare app sweeping the nation, Hood Uber! This app is a wild ride and leads to an episode dedicated almost exclusively to ridesharing! Follow & Chat with us on Social Media Twitter - DestroyLnL Instagram - DestroyLnL Faceboo ...…
Listen to the full sho for Monday, March 18th, 2019. Today's topics include:-The River Turntable-What's Your Deal: Dana's Face Is Infected-News-Best Money You've Spent-Jelly Belly Making CBD Jelly Beans-Senator Takes Egg To Face, Smacks Kid: Should He Be Punished?-Celebrities Behaving Badly-Eli Manning Highest Paid NFL Star-Worst City For First ...…
The non-profit Civil Justice believes every citizen deserves his or her day in court. That’s why they line up legal counsel to represent people with low or moderate incomes in non-criminal cases. Executive director Eden Forsythe, sees a direct connection between fair representation in court and restoring faith in democracy and civic engagement: ...…
Brandon quizzes the ladies on their knowledge of St. Patrick's Day with an Alternative Fact Quiz. Keep up to date on all the daily madness that is the Buzz Adams Morning show -- now in easily digestible podcast form!
Slainte and Erin Go Bragh y'all! It's St. Patrick's Day and Matt, Jay and Jamie are ready to celebrate the occassion with all kinds of hilarious good times and possibly some drunken antics. We're very traditional people that way. We'll be celebrating all things Ireland including the music, the people, the food and other Irish stuff! Plus, we'll ...…
Happy St. Patrick’s Day weekend everyone! This week, we gave a shout out to our new listeners from Farmington MI, Dunnellon FL, Crescent City CA, Austin TX, and Sweden. We discussed some notable NFL news, talked about a wild week in tags, trades, signings, and free agency, including Odell Beckham Jr. to Browns, Le’Veon Bell to Jets (4 Year $52M ...…
The gang discusses the latest news in the worlds of books, beards, and booze.
Swimfan (2002) Not sure how in 2002 they were able to create a perfect visual representation of Kaeley’s future, but here it is! In this episode, we’re getting drunk, stalker-ey, and revelling in our teenage years. Also some James Taylor for added fun! So drink up buttercups, it’s about to get rowdy. ...…
One day, when they were having lunch at their local bar, Rick Kiley and Jeff Boedges had an interesting idea: What if they came back one day and finished this weird old bottle of booze that had been sitting there for years? Well, they did it, and then turned it into a web series called "Collecting Dust." On this week's episode, they talk about ...…
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