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For the past two years, UFC middleweight Champion, Michael Bisping, and stand up comedian, Luis J. Gomez, have hosted a show together on satellite radio. Now they bring their brand of brash, comedic MMA commentary to the podcast world! Believe You Me is a weekly show that gives you a behind the scenes look at the career and life of a UFC champion. Bisping along with his co-host, Gomez, break down MMA news, pop culture stories, and talk parenting, philosophy, and life in general. Believe You ...
Talking about the outdoors; Deer, Turkey, Fishing, Waterfowl, Etc.
This is a weekly talk show about hunting and fishing, take an adventure through the woods and waters of Michigan through the eyes of the Up North Journal team.
Answers to your questions on wilderness bushcraft, survival skills and outdoor life
The Football Ramble emerged from London towards the end of 2007 as a genuinely refreshing football voice, and quickly established itself as one of the most influential and entertaining shows about the world's most popular sport. It is now the largest independent football brand in the UK and a must-listen for any discerning fan that enjoys the more entertaining side of the game. From sold out live shows to broadcasting from major tournaments, The Football Ramble has it covered. Join them ever ...
Akimbo is an ancient word, from the bend in the river or the bend in an archer's bow. It's become a symbol for strength, a posture of possibility, the idea that when we stand tall, arms bent, looking right at it, we can make a difference. Akimbo's a podcast about our culture and about how we can change it. About seeing what's happening and choosing to do something. The culture is real, but it can be changed. You can bend it.
Virtual Sheet Music's Cello Lessons Videos give you cello lessons and cello insights from our cello expert Joseph Mendoes. If you are a cellist, cello teacher, a cello student or simply a cello enthusiast, these videos are for you.
More often than not, interesting stories feature a mismatch - people who don’t line up with each other, or with circumstances, or expectations.Join host Roger Weber for stories of square pegs in round holes.
The hall is dark and the overhead light flickers. Sounds echo, and there’s a creaking and clanging which gets louder as you stand there in the semi-dark.The elevator opens and you’re offered a ride.The Lift is an homage to great dramas of the past like Night Gallery and The Twilight Zone. The Lift is a 2016 and 2017 PARSEC Award Finalist, featuring dramatic readings of stories written by multiple writers.
Chapel Hill Bible Church exists to bring glory to God by being transformed by the gospel; our lives, our cities, and our world.
Join well-known angler, April Vokey, as she partakes in open discussion with some of the most influential people involved in the outdoor/fishing world today. Learn more about their careers, history, relationships, and life both on and off the water. Vokey's no holds barred, face to face format focuses on the 'behind the scenes' of the industry — educating the listener through relaxed conversation, rather than the repetitive questions so commonly asked in interviews. Anchored with April Vokey ...
Science news and technology updates from Scientific American
Join us for a hilarious dive into the world of Death Care! Mr. Danny, a cemetery industry veteran, & his daughter Katie will sip on a cocktail or two as they reminisce about all the crazy things that go on in a cemetery, like a biker gang sting op or a graveside brawls! If you are a fan of true crime, the paranormal or comedy podcasts then you will love this indie podcast's dad & daughter hilarious combo! Hit subscribe today to listen the tales & whiskey flow during this colorful memoir of a ...
@Dragonflyjonez and @LaJethroJenkins talking about whatever the hell doesn't bore us to death.
Mickstape is the preeminent Basketball Podcast ever of all time. Trill Withers and Coley Mick bring you the most correct takes about all things basketball and culture, from the parquet to the playground and beyond. If you're looking for advanced stats, facts, or things of that nature, you've come to the wrong place entirely. This is the Rasheed Wallace of podcasts. The Allen Iverson of podcasts. The JR Smith of podcasts. Go ahead and smash that subscribe button or be mocked ruthlessly by you ...
The Dirty Bits
Join Tawny Platis for her casual re-tellings of the sexy, scandalous, and salacious stories your history teacher likely left out.
Donnie, a tattoo artist and Jerry, a retired sheriff's deputy, Eric Welsh, a pro bow hunter, and Mike, a comedian, talk current events and interview people from all walks of life. A comedy show from a man's perspective. Unedited, uncensored, unfiltered. Listener Discretion Advised
Each week, we hear the current Sunday sermon from St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Mckees Rocks, PA by Fr. Tom Soroka. Fr. Tom is also heard on The Path, available Monday through Friday.
Adult Tea
After realizing adulting ain't easy, we decided to attempt to be more adult-like by talking about adult things. Listen each week as we discuss the wonders and blunders of our adult world and more. We hope you enjoy the tea!
BTN is bringing you the news, with high-energy daily updates for kids of all ages. Each episode is a collection of the big, breaking, and just plain weird stories of the day, told in simple language, with no boring stuff. They’re perfect for the classroom and on the drive home from school.
Superstition. It is the unfounded belief in the supernatural; in things we do not understand. To be superstitious is to justify the occurrences we cannot see.Superstitious is a bi-weekly podcast that seeks to explore superstitions, their origins and places in history, and to seek out what contemporary superstitions are still knocking at our doors.
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These are the most recent bible teachings by Dennis McCallum which were recorded at Xenos Christian Fellowship. See for additional MP3s, PowerPoints, videos and more. These teachings are copyrighted but may be freely distributed according to the terms in
Listen to Jeff Laszloffy's brief updates on Montana policies that could affect your family. Visit our website at for more information!
Doug Loves Minis
Bonus mini-episodes from the hit podcast Doug Loves Movies! Hear Doug and his friends chat and play games in rental cars, hotel rooms, airport lounges and even on comedy club stages, and get exclusive audio from Doug's popular live show "The Benson Movie Interruption."
Acting Inspired
Dedicated to keeping you inspired. Chatting with folks creating their own work and thoughts on my acting journey in the form of an honest diary.
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The most authoritative and comprehensive coverage of local and world events to be found on morning radio happens from 6:00am to 9:00am every weekday on RNZ National.
Cold Case Files
Based on the iconic, Emmy-nominated series on A&E, "Cold Case Files" explores some of the most difficult-to-solve murders, which stymied investigators and went cold, sometimes for decades. In fact, one-third of all murders in America remain open. But thanks to dogged investigators and breakthroughs in forensic technology, these cases become part of the rare 1% of cold cases that are ever solved. Hosted by Brooke Gittings ("Convicted" and "Actual Innocence") and featuring the voice of origina ...
West Valley Baptist ChurchNampa, IDPastor David
GRIBT Podcast features preaching and teaching from the pulpit of Greater Rhode Island Baptist Temple in Johnston, RI. Dr. Jeff Amsbaugh, Pastor.
Jim Disador, the 58 year old rookie has come out of retirement to get into the podcast game with some help from his kids.
The Italian Football Daily podcast crew provide their unique perspectives on the latest news and results in the world of 'calcio'. Join Matthew Santangelo, Joe Ciraco, Gregory Caltabanis, Alex Mascitti, Patrick Stoll and Luca LaPorta as they preview and recap matches, and give their takes on all the happenings around Italian football.
On Being Studios
Groundbreaking Peabody Award-winning conversation about the big questions of meaning, hosted by Krista Tippett. Every Thursday a new discovery about the immensity of our lives — and frequent special features like poetry, music and Q + A with Krista.
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Married comedians Rich Vos and Bonnie McFarlane bring you the podcast they swore they would never do. 'My Wife Hates Me' combines all of the bickering of a husband and wife with the sharp wit of two cutting edge comedians. Both painfully honest and brutally funny, Vos and Bonnie (Opie and Anthony, Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central Presents) give you a glimpse into their lives every week as they vent about the industry, every day life and each other. Subscribe now for free to get every epis ...
Listen in to Sil and Sam as they talk about a variety of different topics, rant, rave, laugh, reflect and drink beer. More often than not they will discuss a film, video game, book or album. However, they might just pick a topic that interests them and hopefully you. If you listen closely, you might just hear Sil eating pizza. Welcome to A Little Bit Of This.
Ongaku To You
Podcast by Ongaku To You
The world is so much more than what we know, and only through understanding it better can we make informed decisions. This podcast aims to bring impactful, entertaining and insightful conversations from a global array of guests. Some famous, some you won’t have heard of. From famous explorers, to renowned scientists and just good people, all have a story to tell which we can take something from. Topics are wide ranging, with a backbone centered on conservation, including hunting, fishing, ex ...
VSM: Music Experts
Virtual Sheet Music's Music Experts Videos give you weekly music lessons and music insights on different aspects of music. From instrumental video lessons, to general music educational videos. If you are a musician, music teacher, a student or simply a music enthusiast, these videos are for you.
Alec Baldwin brings listeners into the lives of artists, policy makers and performers.
Inside Story
Al Jazeera journalists and guests dissect and discuss the day’s top story.
Quality Thoughts About the San Diego Padres
Welcome to the Extra Gravy! We talk about everything in pop culture during the week as well as tackling the tough questions about our time on this planet....well, what's left of it anyways. Enjoy!Hosts: Marlon @thatdudemcfly & Norm @thebignormshowHAVE A QUESTION YOU WANT ANSWERED?:
Friends discuss everything about soccer (futbol) with a Latin American perspective. We focus on the World Cup, Libertadores, Champions league and local tournaments. 195571
KFC Radio
Featuring all of the regular Barstool personalities, KFC Radio is the quintessential bar conversation brought to podcast form. Listener interaction is the name of the game as Barstool readers and listeners contribute their Stoolie Voicemails to drive the conversation to strange places including embarrassing personal stories, bizarre hypothetical questions, and more. New episodes of the hilarious Barstool Network flagship show are released every Friday. Every Tuesday and Thursday.
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A new MP3 sermon from Clear Branch Baptist is now available on with the following details: Title: The sons of God Subtitle: Love Speaker: Brandon Hartfield Broadcaster: Clear Branch Baptist Event: Radio Broadcast Date: 12/16/2018 Bible: 1 John 3:1-16 Length: 29 min.
Does a football match ever matter more than when it’s against your biggest rivals? Around the world passions flare and it leads us to some of the most enjoyable, intense and frankly mad spectacles that the game ever serves up. There’s your Boca and your River, your hotly contested yet geographically confusing battles, your small town rivalries. ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Ebenezer Free Presbyterian Church is now available on with the following details: Title: A Glorious Gospel Speaker: Rev. Gregory McCammon Broadcaster: Ebenezer Free Presbyterian Church Event: Radio Broadcast Date: 12/1/2018 Bible: 2 Corinthians 4:4 Length: 12 min.…
A new MP3 sermon from Whitcomb Ministries is now available on with the following details: Title: Our Wonderful Counselor (Part 1) Subtitle: (EGT) Isaiah: Salvation Speaker: Dr. John Whitcomb Broadcaster: Whitcomb Ministries Event: Radio Broadcast Date: 12/15/2018 Bible: Isaiah 9:1-10:33 Length: 25 min.…
A new MP3 sermon from Whitcomb Ministries is now available on with the following details: Title: God with Us (Part 2) Subtitle: (EGT) Isaiah: Salvation Speaker: Dr. John Whitcomb Broadcaster: Whitcomb Ministries Event: Radio Broadcast Date: 12/8/2018 Bible: Isaiah 7:14-8:22 Length: 25 min.…
A new MP3 sermon from Call to Worship - Zion Chapel is now available on with the following details: Title: Your Thinking Must Be Changed Speaker: Bernie Timmerman Broadcaster: Call to Worship - Zion Chapel Event: Radio Broadcast Date: 12/16/2018 Bible: John 8 Length: 29 min.
A new MP3 sermon from Reformed Witness Hour is now available on with the following details: Title: God's Promise To His Church Confirmed II Speaker: Rev. Wilbur Bruinsma Broadcaster: Reformed Witness Hour Event: Radio Broadcast Date: 12/16/2018 Bible: Acts 2:39 Length: 22 min.
A new MP3 sermon from This Day Ministries is now available on with the following details: Title: Have You Been Brought Near? P1 Speaker: Jon Couch Broadcaster: This Day Ministries Event: Radio Broadcast Date: 12/15/2018 Bible: Ephesians 2:13 Length: 28 min.
A new MP3 sermon from A Visit to the Pastor’s Study is now available on with the following details: Title: The World Into Which Christ Came Subtitle: A Visit to the Pastor's Study Speaker: William Shishko Broadcaster: A Visit to the Pastor’s Study Event: Radio Broadcast Date: 12/15/2018 Length: 27 min.…
Reporters are being threatened, harassed, assaulted, imprisoned and killed. More and more, world leaders justify their actions by denouncing reporting as “fake news,” while some politicians vilify news outlets. Amid the heightening threats, dangers and name-calling, polls show the public’s trust in the news media has plummeted. What can and sho ...…
Ah, footballers and the internet, what an endlessly brilliant combination. We celebrate the more bizarre, early examples of the form - Andy Carroll on Bebo, for example - while basking in the glory of some more recent accidental gems, like Phil Neville’s early morning beach excursions. It’s here to stay and it seems like it’s here to pump out a ...…
Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping and stand-up comedian Luis J. Gomez discuss Mikes recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience, from teaching Joe the way of the Bushido to a one letter omission they covered it all before diving into UFC Milwaukee and the awesome rematch between Kevin Lee and Al Iaquinta, the UFC's cryptic twee ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Faith Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: You will be Attacked Subtitle: "Go to the Word" Broadcast Speaker: Pastor Dave Davenport Broadcaster: Faith Baptist Church Event: Radio Broadcast Date: 12/14/2018 Bible: Acts 23 Length: 14 min.…
A new MP3 sermon from Lighthouse F. Inc. is now available on with the following details: Title: Considering One Another Speaker: Scott Riner Broadcaster: Lighthouse F. Inc. Event: Radio Broadcast Date: 12/14/2018 Bible: Hebrews 10:24 Length: 25 min.
The war in Yemen began in late 2014 when Houthi rebels from the north took control of much of the country. Years of conflict have led to what the UN calls the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. The U.S. Senate has now voted to end all military support to the Saudi-UAE coalition that's been fighting in Yemen since 2015.A second resolution b ...…
Starting December 16, ocean scientists will live-tweet the BBC documentary series Blue Planet II, available via Netflix. -- Read more on
We all love a football-based spat, be it between teammates, rival managers, or a Knight of the Realm and a slice of pizza. It may be neither big nor clever, but let’s be honest it’s brilliant and we love it. From classic Dutch bust ups, long running feuds between managers, or even between managers and institutions, to those momentary explosions ...…
Over the last few years, Melody Ray has fielded many calls seeking advice on how to talk to kids about addiction and overdose.By (Sarah Schneider).
A new MP3 sermon from Generations Radio is now available on with the following details: Title: Will your pastor go to jail for reading Proverbs? - Christians Going to Jail in US Speaker: Kevin Swanson Broadcaster: Generations Radio Event: Current Events Date: 12/14/2018 Length: 31 min.…
4x Defensive Player of the Year and all around LEGEND Ben Wallace joins us courtesy of the Grand Rapids Drive. He brings us plenty of Rasheed stories, how ML Carr and the Celtics tried to play him as a shooting guard as a rookie, the impact Charles Oakley had on his life, how his Pistons would play against today's Warriors, and a million other ...…
The hidden underwater worlds our carbon is sinking into, we get one step closer to vacationing in outer space, the most Googled stuff of the year, and an audio mash-up showing a weird similarity between two top-notch tunes.
Millions of years from now, the geologic record of the "Anthropocene" will be littered with plastics, yes, but also chicken bones. Christopher Intagliata reports. -- Read more on
SNAP benefits, sometimes referred to as food stamps, were in a precarious position until this week when Congress approved a compromise on a 10-year, $867 billion farm bill that no longer requires recipients to meet a work requirement as previously proposed.By (Megan Harris).
Scientists have discovered eight genes linked to red hair, helping to solve a mystery of how redheads inherit their flaming locks. The study - which also sheds light on blondes and brunettes - is the largest genetic study of hair colour to date - and was published in Nature Communications. Professor Ian Jackson from the University of Edinburgh.…
What is Bitcoin, the Keto diet and how do I cut a mango? These were some of New Zealand's most asked questions to the search-engine Google this year. Amongst some of the biggest news events of the year like the Thailand cave rescue and the FIFA World Cup, there were some other less obvious searches.
The Black Caps coach Gary Stead says the side is vulnerable heading into their first home test of the summer against Sri Lanka in Wellington. The Black Caps begin a lengthy domestic summer schedule with the first match of a two test series against Sri Lanka at the Basin Reserve starting tomorrow, just a week after they arrived arrived home from ...…
All Blacks coach Steven Hansen is set to announce his career plans at nine o'clock. He's been coaching the national rugby side since 2012. Let's talk to our resident rugby specialist, Joe Porter.
A Wellington pharmacy's won an expensive legal battle with the Government, over the right to sell kombucha. Like any pharmacy, Wellness Works on Taranaki Street sells medicine and fills prescriptions. But its plans to serve so-called health tonics on tap were blocked by the Ministry of Health, kicking off a legal battle for the licence to sell ...…
The Minister for Climate Change James Shaw says the IPCC report released a month ago has had a significant effect on rallying support for the need to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. Mr Shaw is at the UN's annual climate change summit in Katowice Poland this week. A short while ago he told me he's feeling postive about the progress being ma ...…
A brief update of movements in the financial sector.
An Aboriginal elder says a young man of her tribe will be cut off from his land and spirits if he's deported to New Zealand. Brendan Thoms, a 30 year old father of one, is in immigration detention in Brisbane. He holds New Zealand citizenship through his father, but his mother Jenny is a member of the Gunggarri people of southwest Queensland. L ...…
The Government is determined to focus on the nation's wellbeing - as well as economic health - in next year's Budget. Is this something to be welcomed? Can it be more than mere window-dressing? Or could it even be harmful to the economy? Dr Ganesh Nana is BERL's chief economist and Cameron Bagrie heads Bagrie Economics.…
Australian Cardinal George Pell, a senior advisor to the Pope, is on bail awaiting sentencing after being found guilty of sexually abusing children. The 77-year-old will be sentenced in February on five counts of historic abuse that took place in Melbourne. And he'll be back in court early next year for a fresh trial on similar charges said to ...…
Organisations working with people addicted to synthetic cannabis are backing the Government's plan to take a less punitive and more health-based approach towards them. Over the past year more than fifty people have died as a result of taking synthetic drugs and yesterday the Government announced a plan to try to turn the statistics around.…
The All Blacks coach Steve Hansen will announce his plans for after next year's World Cup, this morning in Auckland
The Black Ferns' Kendra Cocksedge made history last night, becoming the first woman to win overall player of the year at the New Zealand Rugby awards. The 47-test veteran was also named the Women's Player of the Year - and won the Fiao'o Faamausili Medal for player of the women's domestic competition.…
Residents of four houses in the Dunedin suburb of St Clair have been evacuated after a dangerous landslip was discovered on the hillside above. They were allowed to briefly enter their homes last night to collect some belongings and their pets, but have been told they might be able to move back in until after the new year. Simon Pickford is com ...…
Two technicians have died while working at an American-run research station in Antarctica. The pair were found unconscious on the floor of the building at McMurdo Station after a helicopter pilot saw what appeared to be smoke coming from the structure and landed to investigate. A short while ago I spoke with Peter West, the Polar Outreach Progr ...…
The Bar Association says the trial of the man charged with murdering Grace Millane is being threatened by continued suppression breaches. The man's name has been searched online more than 100,000 times. The Association says the publicity about the accused undermines the chance of finding an impartial jury. Jonathan Eaton QC is a criminal barris ...…
This week has seen a series of candlelight vigils around the country to pay their respects to the British tourist Grace Millane. Grace's body was found in bushland in the Waitakere Ranges on Sunday the 9th. A 26-year-old man has been charged with her murder.There has also been a vigil held for Grace Millane in Ramsden Heath, a village near Grac ...…
A four-year-old Auckland girl was killed in a rugby scrum machine accident last night. Emergency services were called to the Manurewa Rugby Club just after half past six. Daniel Newman is a Manurewa-Papakura Ward Councillor and has been speaking to the rugby club.
Britain's embattled prime minister has survived a No-Confidence vote by members of her own party. It was a narrow victory, but it allows Theresa May to continue negotiating with EU leaders, for concessions on her Brexit deal. But EU leaders have insisted the agreement is non-negotiable. So, can her parliamentary victory give May leverage with E ...…
The government's new Budget focus has been praised by the Council of Trade Unions for "taking into account the wellbeing of working people and their families". But National Party leader Simon Bridges isn't impressed by the new wellbeing approach. The mid-year look at the government's books shows a forecast surplus of $1.7 billion in 2019. Treas ...…
The Royal Commission into Historical Abuse has admitted sending a survivor's private email address and his file reference number to the wrong person. It says it has apologised to the two men and is investigating. But both men say they haven't received any apology and say it's not just the breach but how it's being handled that's undermining the ...…
The midwives union has accused four government ministers of interfering in its pay negotiations with district health boards. After two weeks of intermittent daily strikes, it's now balloting its members on whether to take more disruptive industrial action. The union says the ministers vetoed a better offer the DHBs had intended to put forward. ...…
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