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Morning Brew
Weekday programme Morning Brew is a chat and music show. Hosted by Phil Whelan, guests include regular contributors and drop-ins, who span topics from earnest current affairs to cookery to the arts.Catch it live:Monday to Friday 9.30am - 1pm
Homebrewing beer. Brew Strong with Jamil Zainasheff and John Palmer combines the two most prominent authors and figures in homebrewing today in a live beer radio format that allows listeners to pose beginning and advanced brewing questions to expert hosts and guests from the Craft Beer industry. Designed as an amateur brewing geek's must-listen show, Brew Strong is your source for cutting edge beer and brewing information, answers to technical questions, as well as a guide to greater appreci ...
Each week, comedians Andy Hull & Sean Tabares build a new, themed, budget deck for the Magic: The Gathering format Commander.
British rock music from the mid 60s onwards - podcasts, features and much more
A podcast for people who care about coffee. Hosted by Brian Beyke & Bryan Schiele.
The Brew Happy Show is a weekly show about beer. Hosted by Damian DeBuiser he interviews brewers, beer fans, pub owners, and entertainers that all come together because their love of beer. The show is fun, educational, and above all pro-beer. Music pairings, Cigar pairings, Food pairings, and many other things that go great with beer. Now all they need is you! In the United States, you must be over 21 years old to fully enjoy the fruits of the beer lover's labor. Enjoy and Listen Responsibly.
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A cup of tea and crafty chatter with Gabby and Megan!
Brew / Drink / Run is a community podcast for craft beer enthusiasts interested in home brewing, consuming the best craft beers in the world and running as a form of exercise to burn off those extra liquid calories. We share the latest from exciting US and international micro and nano breweries. Plus, we have a lot of fun. The show is based in Savannah GA.
Come and Brew It Radio is an audio podcast series brought to you by Stubby's Texas Brewing Inc. featuring a regular rotation of TBI staff, industry friends, and expert guests meant to bring you great brewing information. This podcast along with our Come and Brew It video series are intended to make you better brewers! Be sure to check us out at for more information and our other series of educational resource videos, along with a great selection of products. - See more at: http ...
Brew Podcast
Freshly Drafted
Film Stories with Simon Brew is a podcast that looks to dig into the stories behind popular movies. From troubled productions, to rights issues, to difficulties with release to films nearly falling apart, the podcast will be looking at the stories that don't always seem apparent when watching a movie! The podcast is hosted by Simon Brew, the founder of Den Of Geek. You can find Simon at
Discussing how to make craft beverages (cold brew coffee, nitro coffee, homebrew beer, kombucha) in small and large batches and how to best serve them on draught.
Fresh Brew Podcast
Topical discussion, views, news and a splash of music with Lennie and guests. On the show we cover past and current affairs, politics, world events and conspiracy theories.
A podcast about home brewing and the people that brew beer. Craft beer and home brew news, music reviews, beer tastings and interviews with some of the top brewers at home, and at breweries throughout the world.
Podcast by Maize n Brew
Market The Brew
The Market The Brew podcast was created for people with a passion for craft beer that want ideas, inspiration, and resources for taking craft beer(s) to market. Specifically, brewery owners; brewery marketing staff; sales/distribution people; and marketing service providers with a focus on the craft beer industry. This is a weekly exploration of the marketing of craft beer. Our conversations include reviewing actual case histories of most unique, exciting and effective strategies, campaigns, ...
Two Teachers Who Love to Drink, Review, and Talk All Things Craft Beer. Weekly Craft Beer News Stories, Craft Beer Reviews & Craft Beer Culture Come Together on Brew Review Crew: On Tap
MTG Brew Crew
Tune in for the latest and greatest on Magic: The Gathering Online and what's hot in the Magic: The Gathering community! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @MTG_BrewCrew and look for new episodes every Friday!
Librivox volunteers bring you seven readings of The Witches' Brew from Act IV Scene I of MacBeth, by William Shakespeare. This was the weekly poetry project for October 26, 2014.
One Brew Over the Cuckoos Nest, features your host Kevin Zade and his co-hosts Josh Storey and Jacob Davis talking about film. They cover a range of topics and genres including the classics, foreign film, independent cinema, big budget blockbusters and more!
The BoardGames and Brew podcast was founded by Daniel George, Kate Blevins, Tom Latho and Jeff Cornelius, who coincidentally enjoy board games and brew. Although we are not professional broadcasters or even all that charismatic according to our friends, this podcast is our way of contributing to the hobby we love while having a little fun. We want to share with our listeners the same experience we enjoy while talking about board games, game design, publication, and libations. Cheers!
Kristin Lehrer (aka "Voolenvine") shares conversations with friends and inspiring creatives in the knitting community.
Strange Brew - indie beats, alternative rock and good vibrations from the past, the present and the not too distant future. Every Thursday night at the Róisín Dubh in Galway, Ireland, and Friday from 9-10pm on 8radio.comhttps://www.strangebrew.ie
The Daily Brew is a Christian podcast that examines various biblical and cultural issues through the lens of Christ.
I would like to welcome you to, The Iron Brew Barbell Podcast. The Podcast will focus on Weightlifting in Australia. As some of you may know, I'm passionate about raising the profile of weightlifting in Australia as well as learning from the best and as many people as possible. We will feature a pretty cool mix of top female and male athletes, the next wave of talented youth, as well as well-respected coaches. You will gain an insight into their experiences, good and bad, and learn from the ...
The Chosen Brew is a podcast for people, passionate about beer, to talk us through six beers that changed everything. Their Chosen Brew. Expect choices to be full of nostalgia, emotional wanderings and plain old loyalty as the guests tell their story through the beers that they treasure.
Just Brew It
Are you a home brewer or do you want to learn about home brewing? Just Brew It, Hosted by Jeremy White and Bert Dyster from Niagara Tradition Home Brew is for you. When it comes to home brewing in Buffalo, Bert is an expert. You can learn tips and tricks of home brewing, whether you are new to it, or a seasoned expert, along with exciting home brew events around Western New York. Bert turned Jeremy into a home brewer, and many of the master brewers from Buffalo’s local breweries, many who ap ...
One-on-one conversation with homebrewers, professional brewers, podcasters, bloggers, and journalists about all things beer.
The Weekly Brew
Hosted by Austin Staton, Jeremy Paxton and Hunter Atkins, The Weekly Brew is the Voice of Houston for sports, pop culture and political commentary brewed up in an hour or less.
Morning Brew
Each morning at 6:30, get your day started right as Schlereth and Evans serves up The Morning Brew. Mark Schlereth and Mike Evans take you around the world of sports, taking in and breaking down the top stories of the day. So tune in to get your fix before you head out into the world for the day. Brought to you every morning by Westrock Coffee.
MTG Cold Brew
We are a Magic the Gathering podcast, for the deck brewer in the family. Each week we brew a new deck around a specific card. Whoever did the brewing then chooses the card to brew around next week. Modern, Commander, maybe even Standard, we'll try it all!
Casting a Pod about the Milwaukee Bucks. Sensing occasional excitement is normal.
MCB Podcast
Brew Theology exists to brew theology and create communities through healthy, meaningful and eclectic dialogue in pubs.
Let's Talk Brew
Let's Talk Brew is a new official podcast that dives into the world of craft beer by interviewing some of the best brewers and businesses in the industry!
Top Brew
In their weekly coffee discussion, Eric Rauch and Joe Darnell plunge into the depths of the world’s favorite bevereage. It’s all about recipes and brewing techniques, roasting beans to perfection, counter culture, and the fun we have together over a hot cup of joe.
We drink & review beer while dropping in pop culture references, music, movies, tv shows, sports, and all sorts of drunken shenanigans.
Seven day Brew
The Seven day Brew is a weekly podcast that gives you a rundown of what's happening in the week ahead in Singapore and across the world. Be one step ahead on the latest happenings on your Monday commute to work with the only podcast that primes you for the news week.Music brought to you by
Bitchin' Brew
A podcast about music, life and everything in between. Hosted by Danny Randon.Subscribe to Bitchin' Brew on SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts and Acast:
Good Brew Guide
The Good Brew Guide is hosted by Josh Wright and Michael Harper. Based in the North Texas (DFW) Metroplex, celebrating good beer and the local brew scenes that connect us all.
Strange Brew is a Canadian comedy, crime, and conspiracy podcast.
Brew Daddies
This is a show about breweries: the business, the beer, the craftspeople who run them and the drinkers who love them. Join Adam and Richard as they explore breweries across the country in their quixotic quest to visit every single one before they die. They will fail, but they'll be happy trying!
Brew Roots
Telling the Stories behind your favorite Beer!
A podcast for those who love beer and want to stay updated about beer related social events or want to know about the craft beer scene in San Francisco. Interviews, event updates, and more.
Tech Brew Podcast
We Talk With Startups in Belgium
You Brew You
We really love sharing a cup of something wonderful with our friends & neighbors. We don't all vote the same way or go to the same church. We don't share the same favorite colors or drink orders at the local coffee shop. We don't always get along. But we've found that it's easier to understand someone when you sit heart to heart, cups in hand. There's room to share what God is brewing in me and what God's brewing in you - and then watch how that understanding infuses our lives. Welcome to Yo ...
On The Beer Flow Greg M. takes you on a journey through craft beer and shares stories behind the people and companies that make beer so loved around the world. Greg will educate you on the many different styles of beer including pilsners, lagers, IPAs, porters, and stouts. By sharing Greg’s experience working in the food and beverage industry, you will discover and learn new things about beer, including food pairings, similarities with wine, and cooking with beer. You will discover a new app ...
Brew Chatt
Good conversation is intoxicating. Join Tanner and Jared each week along with their guests to drink through a couple of beers.
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Morning Brew recapped the Browns victory over the Jets. Broncos are headed to Baltimore. Rockies get set to take on the Diamondbacks. FanDuel pays up on huge mistake.
We capoff Santa Fe Brewing's Freestyle Pilsner & Flying Dog's Dogtoberfest. We list beers at Disney World. We also review The Predator, talk about the NFL, & Cheech and Chong.
This week we interview Earth Eagle Brewings!
Here's Strange Brew #140 - Hell Of A Party - on Merrill Garbus from tUnE-yArDs tells me all about a song she loves, and there's music from All Tvvins, Villagers, Body Type, Sylvan Esso, IDLES, Pillow Queens and a bit of Why?Every Friday at 9pm & Saturday at 7pm on Brew : Songs Of The Day playlist - https://open.sp ...…
Morning Brew talked about the Rockies chances of winning the division. Isiah Thomas won’t be ready to start the Nuggets season. Red Sox fans were holding banner for ransom.
In a special episode of Film Stories with Simon Brew, Simon chats with director Paul Feig about his new thriller, A Simple Favour. They chat about genre, Anna Kendrick, music, thrillers, and whether reviews and box office actually matter. Find Simon on Twitter at @simonbrew, and the podcast can be found at @filmstoriespod. You can find the Film ...…
Rockies lose to the Dodgers. Broncos officially start Ravens week. NFL HOF’ers want benefits.
We are dipping our wee tootsies into the broad and vast ocean that is EDH! This week is Dmitri's turn to brew, and he gave us some good old infinite combos (though they may be a bit tricky because they involve attacking). WEB COMIC CONTEST HERE: Find all deck list ...…
Out of the Blue- The Rise of the Shea by Maize n Brew
Anthony is back with Luke and Chris to recap Michigan football in non-conference, what the Big Ten looks like as a whole and what's next for the team.
The Morning Brew talked about how the Rockies are letting their playoff chances slip through their fingers. Everyone is happy with Phillip Lindsay. Bears beat the Seahawks last night. Patriots trade for Josh Gordon.
We found a lost episode! Somewhere in the hub-bub of finishing up summer camp and heading out on vacation, it totally slipped Kari’s mind that she had this interview “in the can” (as we say in the biz.) A HUGE thank you to Sweet Linda Porter (mother of today’s You Brew You guest) for asking when it was going to air! And so it is with great prid ...…
Welcome to Strange brew podcast, where its always weird. More vodka and beer as we try to stay on topic, and the topic is, The infamous grey aliens! So crack a canadian beer and spark one up! listen and subscribe!
In Camas, WA we trek to find Grains of Wrath Brewing. Returning guest Michael Hunsaker leads us on a tour of his brewery, as well as his taplist, and this metalhead doesn't mess around. Fresh Hop IPAs for their Simcoe EGA release, some of your favorite Lager styles, and their barrel aging has only just begun. Ryan is out on his honeymoon, Bronw ...…
This is a VERY special episode of Commander's Brew! Not only do we have a very fun deck Sean put together this week but we got to sit down with Gavin Verhey, Designer, Developer and Product Architect at WOTC! We asked him a lot of questions Commander players have been wanting to know and think you will find this interview super interesting. Let ...…
Come learn about the Women Experiencing Faith Project. A multi-channel project focused on sharing the stories of women and their faith. Learn about how faith is shaped, informed, and informs how women experience God. Join Ryan, Christina and Kelly as they get to talk with Co-Director of Brew Theology, Janel Apps Ramsey, on Episode 98 of the Bre ...…
Joseph Donovan is in the studio this week to talk about project of his called Kokbloc. An AI that he has taught to recognize unsolicited genitalia images aka “dick-pics”. He has accrued over 100 gigabytes of image data to help hone his AI, and hopes to progress it to help protect people from unwanted sexual images and to help protect underage c ...…
In the latest episode of Film Stories with Simon Brew, Simon heads back to the 1990s! Demolition Man (1993) was the second building block in a Sylvester Stallone career revival, following the same year's Cliffhanger. But it wasn't an easy production - and its director would never direct again. Brassed Off! (1996) meanwhile was expected to be a ...…
Austin and Jeremy are joined alongside fantasy football expert Jordan Wathen as the guys breakdown the NFL season to date, and the struggles out of the gate by the Houston Texans. Historically, only 12.1 percent of teams that begin the season 0-2 make the playoffs. Can the Texans buck the trend in the now-competitive AFC South?Then, the guys di ...…
In this week’s episode Kevin welcomes in to the studio, his father Doug Zade. They discuss the classic 1973, George Lucas’ directorial debut, “American Graffiti.” Kevin and Dougie decide for themselves if it is worth all the hype. In the Second half of the show both hosts discuss “Smokey and the Bandit” from 1977 in a tribute to the late great ...…
Alan Hawkshaw is responsible for some of the greatest library records ever made in the UK, particularly on the legendary KPM label. His material is some of the most sampled in the history of hip-hop music. Alan joins Jason Barnard to delve deep into his work with David Bowie, The Shadows, Olivia Newton John and his highlights with the KPM libra ...…
Jim Harbaugh reacts to Michigan's 45-20 win over SMU in Week 3 of the 2018 season.
Morning Brew talked about the Rockies beating the Diamondbacks. The Broncos need to watch out for the Raiders. Nominees for the 2019 Pro Football Hall Of Fame were announced.
We cap off Uinta's Baba Black Lager & Karl Struass' Oktoberfest. Greg talks to Instagrammer Keaton Arnlund. We list the 6 best Oktoberfest beers.
Fall is here, button up your favorite flannel and make sure to treat your leather boots, Pumpkin beer is here. This episode takes a look into the history of pumpkin beer along with a tasting of some of the highly regarded and fan submitted pumpkin flavored beer. Make sure to listen till the end to hear what some of our listeners think of pumpki ...…
Parker Allen, a long time friend of Tanner’s swings by the studio to drink a few Japanese and American Lagers and talk about Tono, Japan. Parker has lived in Japan for the last decade or so, and has helped facilitate the Chattanooga-Tono Sister Cities Project. In doing so he got involved with Tono Brewing and Tono Hops. Download Episode 157 - P ...…
In this week’s Morning Brew, the guys break down the Rockies’ win over Arizona, and comments from Case Keenum, Vance Joseph and Jon Gruden heading into this Sunday’s game
Out of the Blue- Now That's More Like It by Maize n Brew
Celebrating the upcoming Guilds of Ravnica release, we look back at a classic commander from the original Ravnica block, Experiment Kraj! Andy brews with his favourite guild and the results are exciting and full of buttholes! Check out the decklist here: Go to www.patreo ...…
In this episode, I talk to Greg McElherron from Rhizome Beverages. The episode was recorded at Beau Kitchen & Cellar. Keep up with all the developments at Rhizome Beverages here: http://www.theporterhouse.ieThe Chosen Brew is a podcast for people, passionate about beer, to ...…
The Brew Daddies visit with Sarah and Jeremy Meyers, owners of Bad Wolf Brewing Company in Manassas, Virginia, a hyper-local nano brewery producing two to three 40-gallon batches of interesting and experimental beer every week. Sarah and Jeremy talk about their approach to small-batch brewing and their experiences with opening, and then closing ...…
Morning Brew talked about the Rockies losing yesterday, but Trevor Story made MLB history. Latest with the Broncos and Raiders. Will/should Aaron Rodgers play this week? Did the CU Buffs cheap shot the Nebraska quarterback last weekend?
Luke Ghiardi and Chris Castellani recap the weekend that was for Michigan Football and if some of the lackluster efforts across the Big Ten bode well for Michigan football.
Morning Brew talked about the Rockies big win over the Dodgers. The addition of Pacman Jones is paying off. Rams beat the Raiders, and it gave us a sneak peek into the Broncos next opponent (Raiders). Jets hammered the Lions and Sam Darnold is looking good.
No coconuts were cracked in the making of this podcast today - you’ll have to listen to understand those shenanigans. But there was a copious amount of laughter (and a few snorts) from both Kari our guest Jillian Morales, the Queen of Positive Self-Talk. This includes (but is certainly not limited to) Fish Whispering, Master Juggler of all the ...…
The Brew Happy Crew takes you across the Columbia River to Washington at Ben's Bottleshop to throw back brews with a full panel of Brewer/Owners to talk about about farmhouse ales, wild yeast, and family brewing; including Justin and Jocelyn Leigh from Dwinell Country Ales, and returning guests Alex Ganum from Upright Brewing, and Charles Porte ...…
Part Deux!!! The Enlightenment has resulted in massive improvements to the general condition of humankind, but it has also resulted in a subtle shift in worldview that in some ways has pulled the metaphysical foundation out from under what was known as Christendom. Join us as we explore how this shift has created a collective unease that has em ...…
Morning Brew talked about Schlereth’s meeting with Von Miller before the Broncos game. Rockies struggle with the Dodgers. And how big was the CU Buffs win over Nebraska?
In part two of Mitchell, Adam and Riley's deep dive into setting player expectations, they get into the meat of the roster. In a world where Giannis has strong MVP odds, what's realistic to expect from the superstar? Can Tony Snell break out of his shell and be enchanted by Bud's wing-tutoring spell? Listen in for lukewarm takes and less rhymin ...…
In the latest episode of Film Stories with Simon Brew, Simon looks back at the very differing productions of two very differing films! Gremlins (1984) started life as an outright horror movie, that barely had the character of Gizmo in it. Even after it changed, one scene in particular would have Warner Bros offering to physically cut 55 seconds ...…
Podcast: Interviews and Mustaches collide at this year's Screw City Beer Fest 2018 It was perhaps the best Screw City Beer Fest yet with a new location on the rock River in rockford, IL with an excellent performance by founders Aaron Sleger and Chris Wachowiak. The festival featured 15 new breweries (more than 50 total), delish local food, 2 ho ...…
Michigan head football coach Jim Harbaugh speaks to the media after his team's 49-3 win over Western Michigan on Sept. 8, 2018.
Out of the Blue- Western Mich Reaction by Maize n Brew
Anthony Broome of Maize n Brew caught up with Los Angeles Lakers forward Moe Wagner to chat about his development under John Beilein, his favorite rivalry game memories, his message to the football program and much more.
In this episode, we aim at discussing some of the things to think about when brewing in the summer heat to make for a better, more productive brewday, like timing, chilling, and of course, what styles might be best for the situation and season. Which will include a listener requested discussion about the possibilities for styles that can be qui ...…
Anthony Broome caught up with Moe Wagner on Saturday prior to Michigan football's game against WMU. Here's a snippet of that interview and his message to fans about the football program.
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