Best Brooklyn Nine nine podcasts we could find (Updated April 2019)
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The Full Bullpen
The unofficial podcast of Brooklyn Nine Nine
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
Back in the Field
We are the Brooklyn Nine-Nine podcast! Your hosts are Aarthi Devanathan and Carl Engle-Laird. Listen to us opine, over-analyze, appreciate, crack jokes, and discuss episodes. Podcasts come out at 8:30AM ET on Fridays.
What To Watch This Weekend
BJ und Darrell watch wrestling, and share their take-aways and opinions from the wonderful world of pro wrestling. With a heavy focus on fantasy booking, and tendencies to get off topic, there is never a dull moment with the BuDs.
The Workshop is proud to present our new podcast “The Workshop Presents...” a storytelling podcast where each season will feature a full cast recording taking you on a new adventure. You can also expect fun extras along the way!
Academic but accessible lectures in Jewish history and thought by Dr. Henry Abramson, Dean at Touro College in the holy city of Brooklyn, NY.
We Are The Pizza
A comedy podcast where Sarah Paolantonio and Carrie Wittmer talk about New York City, Mad Men, mayonnaise, and murder N stuff while eating pizza
Papa Don't Teach
Millennial Elle has convinced her baby boomer father, Mal, to take a break from ranting about technology to record a podcast. Every week they'll discuss listener-submitted questions and topics, followed by vigorous naps.
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Join The BuDs, along with special guest BuD Justin, in discussing the Superstar Shakeup. Right here on the Buds Watch Wrestling Experience! Special Guest: Justin.By BuDs Watch Wrestling.
The BuDs wrap up Wrestlemania Weekend; cover Randy Orton and Kane ; news rumors, a laugh or two or sixty nine. Huzah!By BuDs Watch Wrestling.
Charles and Jake are off preparing for the wedding before it surfaces that Charles is about to retire and move to Canada with Vivian. Rosa has an issue with a patrol officer and Terry, Gina and Amy begin a diet together. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or send us an email on…
Join The BuDs for the Wants and Wills of Wrestlemania 35.By BuDs Watch Wrestling.
BJ und Darrell predict and discuss Takeover Brooklyn, live tomorrow on the WWE network.By BuDs Watch Wrestling.
Weird Feelings; news and rumors; Wildboar shoutouts; Pedro Morales and ...By BuDs Watch Wrestling.
The squad heads off on their annual training run at the tactical village where Amy reunites with Teddy. At the precinct Holt becomes addicted to Kwazy Kupcakes. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or send us an email on
WWE Talk,Top 100 Wrestler per 2011 reorder; Stan Hansen and The Iron Sheik; and the BuDs go full circle with Wild Boar Mike HitchmanBy BuDs Watch Wrestling.
The BuDs talk about being live in Cleveland for Fastlane 2019; Fantasty Updates; Kerry Von Erich and JBL;By BuDs Watch Wrestling.
Jake's building is going co-op and he has to find enough money to buy the place. Meanwhile Captain Holt is conducting self-evaluations as Boyle and Rosa deal with Rosa's weekend squad desk buddy. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or send us an email on
Rey Mysterio, Greg Valentine, Fastlane Predictions, and all the typical nonsense.By BuDs Watch Wrestling.
The BuDs went to NXT live, and talk about it on the car ride home. And they are in stereo!By BuDs Watch Wrestling.
Boyle is falling head over heels for Vivian and Jake does his best to stop him scaring her off. Meanwhile Rosa and Amy have to deal with Super Dan. Captain Holt also has to confront his first challenger for the Presidency of AAGLNYCPA. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or send us an email on Get our early review of Sea ...…
Vader, Wahoo McDaniel, and a cup of coffee in the mornin', yeah!By BuDs Watch Wrestling.
Elimination Chamber; WWE Talk; Fantasy Update; Tully Blanchard and Dr. Death Steve Williams; News and Rumors; typical off topic normality; Kobe!By BuDs Watch Wrestling.
The squad are invited to Captain Holt's birthday party where they meet his husband, Kevin. Once there, Boyle begins a relationship with a food academic, Amy goes snooping around the house while Jake talks his way into a pro-slavery stance. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or send us an email on Get our early review of ...…
The BuDs talk Elimination Chamber Wants and Wills; The Great Baba and Kevin Nash; und Darrell takes a two week lead in the fantasy drafting; news and rumors and all the expected off topic shenanigans (yes, we know that is a serious accusation)By BuDs Watch Wrestling.
und Darrell takes an early lead in Fantasy rankings; Carlos Colon and Kevin Sullivan;new Draft picks, news and rumors and all the normal sidetracksBy BuDs Watch Wrestling.
Amy reveals she might be heading to Major Crimes to work with The Vulture much to the disappointment of Jake while the two of them work on a burglary case. Meanwhile at the precinct Holt and Terry try to make the squad more efficient. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or send us an email on Get our early review of Seas ...…
Takeover Phoenix and Royal Rumble 2019 review; What to watch; Darrell_Guns wins round 1 of fantasy; Captain Ghost officially cut the best promo; Ivan Koloff, Bruiser Brody and all the normal distractions.By BuDs Watch Wrestling.
Terry heads back into the field with Jake and Charles but while the Ebony Falcon is ready to go, Peralta probably isn't. Meanwhile Gina gets robbed with Amy and Rosa appointed to investigate. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or send us an email on Get our early review of Season 6 Episode 1 via PATREON for just $2.…
The BuDs bring your Royal Rumble predictions; WWE talk; fantasty updates; Big Show and Jesse Ventura; news and rumors; cut promos and the typical distractions. Head over to @BuDsww on twitter to vote for best promo (Downtown Dragon vs Ghost Captain)By BuDs Watch Wrestling.
BJ und Darrell bring to you, their NXT Takeover: Phoenix predictions.By BuDs Watch Wrestling.
Our review of Season 6 Episode 1 The Honeymoon is now available via our Patreon page. For just $2 per month you can get access to early episodes, special reviews and monthly prize draws.Just go to This episode will be available to our free audience members once season 6 rolls around, so in roughly 2.5 years.…
Jake and Amy's bet is finally settled while Charles is awarded a Medal of Valor for being shot in the line of duty. Captain Holt puts Terry in a tough situation with Sharon Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or send us an email on This week we are looking for mailbag submissions about a bet you have had with a friend. L ...…
This week the BuDs talk more AEW news and rumors; what to watch from the WWE last week; NXT Takeover UK: Blackpool Results; Adrian Adonis & Sgt. Slaughter; predictions on 2019 Hall of Fame inductees; all the expected distractions.By BuDs Watch Wrestling.
Rosa hauls in a suspect who has information on a perp Jake has been chasing for years. Meanwhile Boyle returns to duty after being shot in the butt. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or send us an email on
The BuDs watched WWE so you don't have to; updates to the fantasy league as The Rumble quickly approaches; Christian and Booker T as part of top 100; News and Rumors updates, with lots of AEW talk; all the normal distractions.By BuDs Watch Wrestling.
This week we pay our respects to Mean Gene, catch you up our fantasy competition, Wrestle Kingdom 13 results, predictions for NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool, Ron Simmons, relist on our top 100 wrestlers, and of course our normal nonsense.By BuDs Watch Wrestling.
After a week off, the BuDs return with some off the rails fun, TLC talk, new Google Translate, and we discuss Jeff Jarrett and The Great Muta.By BuDs Watch Wrestling.
Looking for a quick list of recommendations before the year ends? We catch you up on some of the best movies and shows that released in 2018. Tatsam Mukherjee lists his Top 5 Bollywood movies while Neha Mathews recommends her Top 5 English sitcoms, so you have plenty to choose from! You can follow us and leave us feedback on Facebook, Instagram ...…
We update the fantasy scores, news and rumors, talk about Jimmy Garvin, another round of Google Translate, TLC 2018 predictions, and Big John (Mudd) Studd. Damn, that's a lot this week, and it's a blast. Enjoy BuDs!By BuDs Watch Wrestling.
You many know show-runner Amy Sherman-Palladino from Gilmore Girls, a show that followed the lives of Lorelei Gilmore and her daughter Rory in the wonderful town of Stars Hollow. Or you may know her from her latest offering, The Marvelous Mrs Maisel. Ektaa Malik and Ameya Nagrajan join Neha Mathews to discuss the fantastic, kitschy and problema ...…
Captain Holt's past bubbles to the surface when he receives a death threat. Jake is appointed his protection detail and tries to keep the Captain safe. Meanwhile Amy is busy trying to make a Christmas card for Captain Holt and Terry faces his psych evaluation. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or send us an email on…
The BuDs update their new fantasy team scores, update news and rumors, and Darrell's Dingy turns into a new segment this week. All this and more are waiting for all you BuDs!By BuDs Watch Wrestling.
For today's episode, we're mixing it up. Instead of recommending three different movies or shows, Sharanya Subramaniyan and Neha Mathews discuss Mike Schur, the creator and director of some splendid shows like The Office, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Parks and Recreation and The Good Place. From Schure's brand of comedy to why each of his shows makes fo ...…
Amy hosts Thanksgiving at her apartment for the entire squad before Jake and Terry jump on a case. Terry needs nutrients after Boyle spoils his food. Enjoyed the episode? Subscribe and rate us five stars. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or send us an email on
The BuDs have a lot of fun this week, all our normal distractions, news and rumors, and we discuss The Honky Tonk Man as we continue counting down our top 100 wrestlers.By BuDs Watch Wrestling.
Looking for ways to stay warm this weekend? Ameya Nagarajan reccomends Daily Show host and comedian Trevor Noah's Netflix stand up special, Son of Patricia. Turns out it's a great show for people who aren't really stand up enthusiasts. Next up, dog lover and serial dog fosterer Prayag Arora Desai joins Neha Mathews to discuss the Netflix docume ...…
Jake and Charles investigate an arson case at Sal's Pizza while Gina and Terry interview candidates for a new head of IT. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or drop us an email to
The BuDs, have come back, to the podcast world, and we freshen things up a bit around here. We discuss our fantasy draft, draft 50 wrestlers/teams each, and continue our top 100 wrestler countdown with AJ Styles.By BuDs Watch Wrestling.
The Coen brothers are back with a brand new trigger happy Western Anthology The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. Film critic and leading columnist Shubhra Gupta joins us to discuss why the movie is such a joyride. Next up, Tatsam Mukherjee joins us to talk about Mirzapur, an Indian crime thriller on Amazon Prime which follows two brothers and their qu ...…
Author Jimmy Brogan joins Peralta and Santiago on a case to report on the new breed of the NYPD while Terry and Charles help Rosa prepare for a court appearance. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Send any emails to If you're interested in Elliott's business, check it out HERE. And use the code FBP10.…
Today's episode has Tatsam Mukherjee recommending Homecoming, a psychological thriller web series starring Julia Roberts that recently released on Amazon Prime. Next, Shamita Harsh talks about the US drama series (and sobfest) This is Us, about the lives of a three siblings and a mother grappling with the father's death. You can stream This is ...…
Peralta hauls in a suspect without any evidence and the clock is ticking. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Drop us an email to and sign up to our Patreon page to get access to exclusive episodes, early reviews and monthly prize draws.
Ektaa Malik joins us to discuss Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj, a Netflix original series in which comedian Hasan Minhaj deep dives into issues with a brown perspective and plenty of jokes. Next, Joshua Thomas explains why we should binge on Netflix's Bodyguard, a series starring Richard Madden as a war veteran assigned to protect a sociapathic ...…
Captain Holt and Peralta engage in a battle of wits to determine who is an Amazing Detective/Genius in the first Halloween heist episode of the series.
The BuDs discuss the next month of the podcast, und Darrell bought a house!By BuDs Watch Wrestling.
The Mumbai Academy of the Moving Image or MAMI festival finished yesterday so for those curious about festival favourites to look out for, we're dedicating most of this episode to discuss the best of MAMI. First, Sharanya Subramaniyan joins us to talk about some foreign cinema she watched and recommends we try and get a hold of. Next, Tatsam Mu ...…
EPISODE 50! News and rumors, Evolution predictions, Roman Reigns facts, and Shane Douglas.By BuDs Watch Wrestling.
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