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From the Far East, to the great West, the podcast that celebrates the red-headed stepchild of the Kung fu genre. Bruceploitation! Hosted my Michael Worth, and Matthew Whitaker.
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The sequel to the much better "Bruce and the Shaolin Kung Fu #1", this one brings back the vicious triangle of Chinese and Koreans against the dreaded Japanese. The General is back! So is Bruce Le! There is even a bridge made of sad Japanese soldiers.
We have Bruce Le, James Nam, and a horde of other popular players. It is Kung Fu vs Karate, plus Katanas, plus Tai Kwan do, plus Bolo, cannot make this stuff up. Have a listen.
Enter Three Dragons might be considered the ugly step-sister of The Clones of Bruce Lee. Once again packed with too many dragons, we give the run down.
It is Bruceploitation of Bruceploitation. We have 4 Bruces in this bad boy, plus mad scientist Jon Benn, Bolo, and metal warriors who love the bud! Have a listen as we talk "The Clones of Bruce Lee"!
We are back baby! Vacation is over, and Matthew and Michael are talking about a stuntman....from China! Quick synopsis: A kung fu master becomes a stuntman for a famous actor and soon learns that the film's producers are trying to arrange his death to cash in on an insurance policy. We get a little Jackie, a little Bruce, and even some Inosanto!…
There is a little Bruce, a little Jackie, a menacing chicken eater, baldie the leg master, and a whole lot of kung fu, have a listen as we talk Dragon Lee in Martial Monks of the Shaolin Temple (1983).
We travel to the Philippines to review an odd reimagining of 'Enter The Dragon' with Ramon Zamora in 'Game of Death!'
In our last part of out Game of Death series, author, and Bruce Lee Biographer Matthew Polly joins the boys to talk the biggest budget bruceploitation film of all time, "Game of Death" (1978).
Part 3 of our 4 part sub-series on the “Games of Death”. Broadcaster, presenter, writer, the great Iain Lee joins us to talk "Goodbye Bruce lee: His last Game of Death". Check him out at:, and
Part 2 of our 4 part sub-series on the "Games of Death". We talk the 1979 "The True Game of Death" starring Bruce Hsao Lung. Freaky sex, poison, and a whole slew of evil westerners make this quite the bizarre flick!
Our first part of our 4 part sub-series on the "Games of Death". So much ass-kicking going on in this one! Listen in for our "Deadly Finger's" give away, and our special reaction recording of our theater viewing of "The Dragon, The Hero" with special guest Jana Rumberger.
Jackie and Bruce finally get together to kick some corrupt bastard's butt. First they must challenge each other. It is the dream team.
Our final part in our 3 part series on Bruce Li as Bruce Lee. We have nazi boxers, fake San Francisco, and a kung fu course made out of logs. Listen in!!
Part 2 in our 3 part series on Bruce Li as Bruce Lee. Mental mandarin kung fu, mystical masters, and pressure point of death. Have a listen.
This is the first Bruce Lee biopic. Part one of a three part series on Bruce Li as Bruce Lee. Michael and Matthew bring it to life.
They promise the REAL Bruce Lee!! Four early Bruce Lee films found in the Chinese archives, and introducing the new sensation Dragon Lee, and Bruce Li. What did you think?
Bruce Leung kills an exploding german shepherd, and next thing we know we are back in Italy fighting the mob! Michael and Matthew discuss Little Godfather from Hong Kong (1974).
There Will Be Boobs - Two CIA agents: a kung fu master (Bruce Le) and a suave womanizer (Richard Harrison) - track the stolen formula for a super-sterility drug from Spain to Hong Kong in Challenge of the Tiger.
Shortly after his death, friends and enemies of Bruce Lee search for his unpublished final book. Starring Dragon Lee and Ron Van Clief.
The film tells the story of Tiger (Bruce Li), a student of Bruce Lee, who comes to Hong Kong in search of answers regarding the mysterious death of his master.
A sequel to Way of the Dragon? Maybe. A martial artist named Tong Lung who is named after a Bruce character...who does a bad Bruce impersonation, yes. Fun movie, yes. Matthew and Michael discuss.
Sammo Hung makes his premiere lead on the show, doing what we would call a Bruceplitation-ploitation. Michael and Matthew review.
Kung Fu idol Bruce Li plays Lee Ting Yi, A Hong Kong taxi driver whose striking resemblance to Bruce Lee catches the eye of one of his passengers who happens to be a movie producer. Michael and Matthew discuss.
Bruce Le is back, and this time he is brucing it more than he Bruced before. This is a retelling of "Fist of Fury". Have a listen as Michael and Matthew compare notes.
The crew talk about "The Dragon Lives Again" also known as "Deadly Hands of Kung Fu", a martial arts fantasy comedy in which the soul of Bruce Lee (played by Bruce Leung) goes to the Underworld. The deceased Lee meets a number of pop-culture icons, including Dracula, James Bond, Zatoichi, Clint Eastwood, The Godfather, Laurel and Hardy, The Exo ...…
Bruce Li is "Bob" lee in a beautiful biopic of Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee's Secret (aka Secret of Bruce Lee and Bruce Lee's Deadly Kung Fu). Carter Wong, Hwang Jang Lee, and Roy Horan also star.
Martial arts legend Ron Van Clief stars as an investigator (best friend) trying to solve the mystery of Bruce Lee's death. Michael and Matthew share brucisms, comments, and love.
"New Fist of Fury" is a 1976 Hong Kong martial arts film directed by Lo Wei and starring Jackie Chan. This was Lo Wei's first attempt to create a new Bruce Lee. Matthew and Michael discuss.
This film was marketed as a sequel to Bruce Lee's last and only partially completed film Game of Death. Listen in as Michael Worth and Matthew Whitaker talk Bruce (or wait, is it Billy?), tigers in leopard suits, men in tiger suits, futuristic drug labs, and more in episode 4 of The Clones Cast.
Michael and Matthew gush a bit on the majesty that is Bruce Li, and this odd take on the REAL life history of Bruce Lee.
Michael and Matthew talk Godfrey Ho and the pure glory that is Dragon Lee, and John Liu! Bolo makes an appearance, and Chan Lau becomes a very scary dog!!
theClonesCast is a new podcast celebrating the phenomenon of Bruce Lee exploitation cinema aka "Bruceploitation". Hosted by Michael Worth (Author of the Bruceploitation Bible book, and upcoming documentary), and Matthew Whitaker (Subject newbie, and host of Cinema Bushido on In our premier episode, we talk about "Bruce's Dead ...…
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