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This is a wrestling podcast by wrestling fans for wrestling fans, we provide a lengthy deep analysis on multiple topics in the world of pro wrestling. Covering all promotions such as WWE, WCW, ECW, NJPW, AEW, ROH, PWG, Dragon Gate, APW, and etc.
Raging Bullets
Raging Bullets is a podcast reviewing everything related to DC Comics. Each episode we take a look at something past, something current and even touch on some things outside the DC Universe in our comic book review segments. We will even have some special episodes highlighting movies, animation, television and any other media relating to DC. We welcome emails and audio comments from our listeners. Please send them to ragingbullets@gmail.com and check out our website at ragingbullets.com. We ...
A DC Comics Fan Podcast
Each week, Andrew and Dan travel back in time to a random year between 1941 and 2018 to discover what the number one song on the Billboard Hot 100 charts was that week. It's fun! You guys!
Podcast that discusses Ohio State Buckeyes Athletics
Salty and Spice are your hosts as we talk about sustainable living, survival, permaculture, gardening, firearms, health & wellness and medical information.
Ringside Geeks
Tom, Munroe, John, and Dave are here to talk all things pro wrestling! They'll look at WWE, TNA, ROH, New Japan, and so much more! Of course, they consider themselves smarter than the pros, so they'll be giving you their opinions every episode on the current state of wrestling!
A bunch of guys talking about guns, bullet casting, reloading, shooting, news, prepping, the outdoors, and maybe occasionally... tacos!
Wrestling Perspective Network is headlined by Impact Wrestling's Petey Williams and Dennis Farrella weekly wrestling podcast with amazing guest from the Young Bucks to Chris Jericho to Impacts Johnny Impact.They will use this account up occasionally upload shows here and bring fans over to the main feed.You will also find a collection of shows hosted by friends and other wrestling podcasters.for the most updated feed please go to :WrestlingPerspectivePodcast.comor WrestlingPerspective.podbea ...
Long Range Pursuit
Long Range Pursuit Podcast, presented by Gunwerks, is the authoritative podcast on all things surrounding the science and techniques of long range hunting and shooting. Aaron Davidson and the Gunwerks crew along with a variety of industry expert guests discuss long range and precision rifle topics from hunting to competition tactics, ballistics, gun setup, gear selection, product design, gunsmithing, bullet performance, and a whole lot more.
Every week, we watch a show or movie from the mid-90’s to mid-2000’s that one of us really enjoyed as a child. We dissect these to death and discuss if it’s really as good as we remember. Are you curious about your favorite show or movie? We will take the bullet and tell you how it is!
David Knight brings you the real news in real time with a 3 hr radio broadcast every weekday morning. As news anchor, reporter and radio host, David has broadcast live from events ranging from political conventions to the Bundy ranch standoff. With guests ranging from the former tech head of the NSA to the New Jersey Weedman, the broadcasts are diverse, Compelling insightful surprising and even humorous as David interacts with listeners from a global audience and social media in real time. A ...
So, Here's My Story... is the only business podcast that promises wildly useful lessons from the absurd, the poignant and the seemingly irrelevant. This project arose out of a burning hatred of bullet point blogs, canned solutions and highlight-reel business conversations that look nothing like the realities of leadership. Business is messy and unpredictable. Business has depth and nuance. Business is more than spreadsheets. Business is stories.
Bullet Points
Podcast by Bullet Points
Each month, members of the RFGeneration.com site participate in a play through of a shoot-em-up game, ranging from classics like R-Type and Gradius to modern "bullet hell" style games, like DoDonPachi and Ketsui. Shoot the Core-cast is an exploration of these games, and our experiences playing them alongside the site members.
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Technical Alpha
The Technical Alpha podcast is a testament to the force of nature that is the LAGTV community. After years of dancing around the oft requested idea of a podcast, we collectively bit the proverbial bullet and launched ourselves into the great unknown.​Hosted by Adam (NovaWar), Jeff (MaximusBlack) and Tabin (PanicSwitched), Technical Alpha aims to put our opinions on video games, movies, and tech out into the real world where people may judge us feverishly. As the name suggests, we're not out ...
Bullet Points
Bullet Points is your first source for firearms news and information in Australia.
Bullet Proof Soul
Without Warning is true crime in real-time. This podcast goes behind the scenes with renowned private investigator Sheila Wysocki as she pulls back the curtain on official police investigations of real, tragic deaths that just don’t add up.In Season One of the Without Warning podcast, Wysocki investigates the tragic death of Lauren Agee, who died while attending a lakeside boating event with friends. Is the police conclusion that it was an accident consistent with all the evidence? Hear what ...
Manta Bala Bullet Club represents the wrestling world where we discuss wrestling and things about life. Broadcasting live from your mom's box be prepared, be scared.
Talking everything and all things having to do with Wizards basketball! Even Soulja Boi!
Bullet Train
Bullet Train is a podcast produced by Asia Pacific Arts, an online magazine based in Los Angeles that has been covering pan-Asian arts and entertainment since 2003. Launched in February 2015, Bullet Train features pop culture stories connecting Asia with the rest of the world. We'll travel from Chinese dramas, K-pop and Bollywood to YouTube, karaoke and comic books and take you where you didn't even know you wanted to go.
Bullet and Buds is a podcast where friends talk about pop-culture, politics, and anything else that is funny or entertaining.
Penny Williams from ParentingADHDandAutism.com, reveals her powerful parenting strategies, ADHD management tips, and hard-won wisdom so you can get ahead of the curve, to parent your child with ADHD successfully. Penny has been where you are and understands the hurdles blocking your way to successful parenting. Gain the ability to understand and change your child’s behavior, reduce your own stress, increase parenting confidence, and create more successes and joy in your family by learning ho ...
Dan is in a wheelchair and has to give up comedy while he heals in bed from a pressure sore. Andy let himself go after being on national television over 5,000 times in 2017. Dan needs to gain weight for his operation. Andy needs to lose weight to get back on TV. Together they are meeting in the middle. Most of their guests have TV credits. Try not 2 cum.
Podcast by WKYC
Tlogging; started by Scotty from Perspectiv Films and SlowBullet from Slow Bullet Co.Tlogging derives from the words "Talk" and "Log". Similar to Vlogging, we discuss and log our discussions, sharing our opinions about issues in the world or... just about anything!
Bullet Beatgh
Welcome to the Bullet Beatgh podcast, where amazing things happen.
Midwest Hook and Bullet (formerly “Dirty Nympher”) Podcast covers a variety of hunting, fishing and wildlife topics in the state of Michigan.
Laser Time
Laser Time is a show featuring folks in the video games industry, although not necessarily about video games. It’s a hyper-silly, multimedia-infused look at film, TV, comics, music, pop culture, and nostalgia from the perspective of people who game for a living. Obviously, their opinions are their own and do not reflect that of their employers.
Silver Bullet
Creating higher quality software and more value to the users.
Murder Book
Wiretaps, witness interviews, court recordings and detective recollections piece together this true crime podcast hosted by best selling author Michael Connelly that explores real homicide cases not covered by mainstream media. Murder Book Podcast Season One is: The Tell-Tale Bullet. The podcast dives into a thirty-year-old Hollywood killing that tests the limits of the American criminal justice system.
LibriVox volunteers bring you 8 recordings of What the Bullet sang by Bret Harte. This was the Weekly Poetry project for May 18th, 2010.
Bullet Brothers Film
Bringing you updates and clips from our upcoming film.
Bullets, beans & band-aids baby! Oh yeah! If you love AR's, Glocks and freedom, then the Modern Combat & Survival podcast is for you. Each week, Jeff Anderson and his rag-tag team of hairy-backed mooks bring you "no b.s." tips, tricks, and tactics you can put to use right away from the world's top experts on tactical firearms training, urban survival, escape & evasion, and close quarters combat self defense. Plus - be sure to join us at www.ModernCombatAndSurvival.com for our free digital ma ...
Bullet Points Podcast
Join FOX News Radio’s Jessica Curtis for Bullet Points – a look at all the latest news and views for America’s shooting community.
Life is too short to waste time filtering through headlines searching for the facts. That’s when we realized the need for a quick, trustworthy news source that makes staying up-to-date easy and interesting. Our Goal is to Clear the Clutter. We’re committed to providing non-partisan news, in small servings, available wherever you are, whenever you want it. And for the Record: We Believe You’re Already Smart. We don’t need to tell you what to think or how to feel or what to believe. We just wa ...
WWW.DARKDISCUSSIONS.COM - A Westworld Podcast: Bullets, Brothels, and Bots discusses weekly episodes of your favorite television show. We are the sister podcast to Dark Discussions Podcast.Visit us at www.darkdiscussions.com or send us a comment at darkdiscussions@aol.com
Get many kinds of BFMV stuff here. To download BFMV music for free. Go to www.bulletformyvalentine.tk
A Shoot 'em Up (Shmup) Gaming Podcast. We cover everything from Danmaku, Bullet Hell, Arcade, New, Retro, Top Down, Twin-Stick, Run n Gun, Fixed, Gallery, Rail, Arena... Rogue-lite Hybrids (cause that's a thing)... maybe a light gun game or two... basically anything that's shmup or shmup related.We do the news, reviews, retrospectives, deep dives, and any other hot item clickbait words that raises the SEO!Hosted by Sensei Pong.Thread the needle...Lick and Scrubside!
Guncast is one of South Africa’s only podcasts about guns, gun ownership, and the complexities of gun law. Hosted by Martin Hood, the country’s foremost gun lawyer, this podcast series will inform and educate you about training, sports shooting, licensing, and all the other aspects of gun ownership. Bite the bullet, download the series!
Threats, Beers, and No Silver Bullets. Listen to Talos security experts as they dive into emerging threats, forcing the bad guys to innovate, hacking refrigerators, and other security issues, all with beer.
Theatre's longest running podcast is celebrating its 11th Anniversary season! Broadway Bullet features interviews with Broadway stars, and artists on the rise, from actors to designers, directors and writers. Covering theatre on Broadway, Off-Broadway, Independent theatre and more. Music from different shows and some live, exclusive performances. Its like an audio magazine with something new behind each segment.
Threats, Beers, and No Silver Bullets. Listen to Talos security experts as they dive into emerging threats, forcing the bad guys to innovate, hacking refrigerators, and other security issues, all with beer.
Beyond the Bullet Points is a podcast from Stoddard's Range and Guns, hosted by owner Ken Baye, which explores the personalities, histories and drive behind Stoddard's brands and the organizations it supports. Ken focuses on how the origins and visions behind popular brands like Nine Line, Daniel Defense, Barrett, Oakley and YETI have driven those companies to success. Ken also seeks to understand the motivations behind organizations like Your Grateful Nation and the Special Operations Care ...
Joseph Muller, quiet mannered detective, tries to solve the mystery of a man who died in his study, by a bullet hole in the chest. But all windows and doors were locked, from the inside. (summary by Dawn Larsen)
Powerslam Podcast
A weekly podcast covering various pro wrestling promotions (WWE, NJPW, ROH), your favorite wrestlers, and the hot topics of the week.
Do you enjoy any and all action movies ranging from Commando to Taken? Is Die Hard your favorite Christmas movie? Does the idea of a pun-based one-liner right before the the hero of the movie defeats the bad guy thrill and excite you? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, this may be the podcast for you. Every week, you can listen to Josh and Seth discuss some great (and some not-so-great) action movies along with whatever delicious craft beer that they happen to be drinking ...
Werewolf Radar
Each week the crew of Werewolf Radar convene in their mountain stronghold to tackle the dark mysteries of the unknown and drag them, screaming, into the light! Ghosts, UFO's, vampires, some kind of skeleton-monkey with snakes for fingers and bullets for teeth! No mystery, no matter how mysterious, can escape the scrutiny of these paranormal masterminds as they help you to navigate a path through an existence far stranger than you could have imagined. It's a big Weird world. Don't be scared, ...
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show series
Phillip and Brandon talk about the FOX premier of Smackdown, Brock Lesnar ending Kofi Kingston’s historic WWE Title Run In 8 seconds, the hellacious main event from Hell in a Cell, Bobby Lashley and Lana continue to outrage Rusev, Darby Allin gets AEW World Championship Shot, Jericho’s Inner Circle, and the debut of NWA Power. Welcome to the ne ...…
Sean and Jim talk about the new film, Joker, Wonder WomanBloodlines, Showcase: Death and more. Our next episode will feature a chat about Batman TeenageNinja Turtles III’s final issue, Joker/Harley Criminal Sanity 1, The Batman’sGrave #1, Secrets of Sinister House #1 and more! New Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/401332833597062/ ...…
Episode 546: Joker, Wonder Woman Bloodlines, Showcase: Death: Sean and Jim talk about the new film, Joker, Wonder Woman Bloodlines, Showcase: Death and more. Our next episode will feature a chat about Batman Teenage Ninja Turtles III’s final issue, Joker/Harley Criminal Sanity 1, The Batman’s Grave #1, Secrets of Sinister House #1 and more! New ...…
Michael and Chip break down Ohio State's 34-10 win over Michigan State, look back at the game predictions, discuss this week's champions and players of the game, take another lap around the other Big Ten results, and answer listener mail.By The Ozone Radio Network.
Salty and Spice talk about risk management. Go to Beans, Bullets, Bandages & You by clicking HERE!By Salty & Spice.
Back before he was John Mellencamp, but after he was Johnny Cougar, a very respectable recording artist by the name of John Cougar sat down to record a song about nothing in particular. Because that's how you make real art! This week, Andrew and Dan do their best to get into the mindset of this twisted individual and they also discuss some more ...…
Pingo-Pango! We have another ghastly episode of Werewolf Radar! So ghastly Roger almost chokes to death within the first five-minutes. After everyone makes sure Roger is not dead, the episode begins with tales from the sea (suggested by a Patreon supporter). After learning more reasons not to go into the sea, Jordan brings us the Tassel Worm! A ...…
Today we go out to the range with 8-9 different pistol caliber carbines and shoot them all. After shooting, we sit down and discuss pros and cons of all of the PCC's and talk about some of the differences between them. Joe is our guest today.
This week we have loads to discuss including the second AEW: Dynamite episode and the first night of the WWE Draft. We also look back at WWE Hell in a Cell. As always we also cover all the biggest results in the wide world of professional wrestling. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube!…
Another tanker attack near Saudi Arabia, this one Iranian 00:13:55 Lindsey Graham caught on a hoax phone call, thinking he was talking privately to Turkish Defense Minister, showed what a lying shill he is for the military industrial complex and contradicted everything he is saying today. Then, Meghan McCain proves Sen Rand Paul right, as the c ...…
Recorded 9/27/19 - We are down Matt and Joel today, so Mitch, Craig, and Nigel are taking you through this EP. We cover some recent posts from Talos with Divergent and Tortoiseshell. Turns out, people get a bit excited when you target US veterans with malware - even other malware authors thinks that’s scummy. That takes us into a chat about soc ...…
Recorded 9/27/19 - We are down Matt and Joel today, so Mitch, Craig, and Nigel are taking you through this EP. We cover some recent posts from Talos with Divergent and Tortoiseshell. Turns out, people get a bit excited when you target US veterans with malware - even other malware authors thinks that’s scummy. That takes us into a chat about soc ...…
It had to be done, Coulrophobics! With two new disturbing clown movies in theaters, we’re examining how this once wholesome embodiment of family amusement became a default icon of pure terror. Is it earned or is it irony? We’ll get to... Read moreBy Laser Time.
This week we talk about Blizchung's ban by Blizzard, Red Dead Redemption coming to PC, Playstation 5 specs, Doom Eternals delay, a spoiler free Joker review and more!By Technical Alpha.
00:22:12 — Who are the Kurds that Lindsey Graham & FOX News say are VITAL to our security? Why is the Syrian/Turkey border vital, but the US/Mexico border isn’t? Are the Kurds more important than our NATO ally, Turkey? 00:31:21:58 — California utility companies are shutting down the grid. Why is the state PAYING people to take solar power, but ...…
Christian Andreaccio's last place on earth became a crime scene. Crime scenes contain physical evidence that can tell us what really happened to a victim, and in this episode, we review that crime scene with Alina Burroughs and Mark Gillespie. We discuss what was and was not done, and what should have been done. First responders were delayed af ...…
On the latest episode of the All Night Long Wrestling Podcast the guys interview independent female wrestling star Lindsay Snow! Listen to hear Lindsay talk about her training, MMA background, who she wants to wrestling next and what her goals are.By Wrestling Perspective Network.
David Knight actually READS the letter from his counsel. Pelosi is using a semantic trick, calling it an “impeachment inquiry” to allow her to set the rules — and you won’t believe her rules. But unfortunately, Trump is getting the same “due process” every American is getting from CPS, Civil Asset Forfeiture, Red Flag, etc. Callers join with co ...…
Brandon Tanguma discusses the disaster of the Hell in a Cell main event, that he was live in the building for. New Japan has announced the card for the King of Pro Wrestling show, AEW will release the Dynamite dark matches on YouTube, NWA launches their studio show, the full review of the NXT's two-hour debut on USA Network. And Finally, the se ...…
Neo-ConMen in media, Congress & Pentagon are outraged that Trump would actually do what he campaigned on & stop US involvement in “endless” “tribal” wars — and it’s a wise move politically to embrace the people over the establishment. New FOIA docs show Obama & Hillary knew ISIS was being armed out of Libya & Benghazi narrative was lie for poli ...…
Uh oh – someone tried to show gratitude to Eliot again! Let’s revisit an early episode of So Here’s My Story, where we talk about compliments, thanking someone, and all of the ways to drive Eliot crazy. (Bonus: we get to hear Jodi use Eliot’s full name in a chastising way!) Why is that important for business? As we have learned, Eliot enjoys su ...…
I saw a horrifying YouTube video recently. It was so graphic that it's since been taken down. Two women got off a train after getting into some kind of fight. Mia Simmons was walking away when Latanya Watson pepper-sprayed her. Simmons pulled out a knife... ...and shoved it into Watson's neck! Now Simmons is facing manslaughter charges... all b ...…
On this episode of Another Man’s Nostalgia, we the first media of our SPOOOOKtacular October, we watched Goosebumps Season 1! Is it any good? Is it at all scary? Will Justin still enjoy it? Push play and find out! Watch this episode on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/tOxXBZLVEZg https://hbtreeservice.com/ Current Score: John: 5 Justin: 3.5 Chris: ...…
Today Mike and Jason have a chat about a "bump in the day" in Jason's neighborhood and then talk about small things to do to be a little more prepared.
On this week's episode of the All Night Long Wrestling Podcast, the Enforcer and the Stallion welcome MMA and Evolve pro wrestling star, Anthony Gutierrez to the show! Listen to hear Anthony talk about his MMA background, the Ultimate Fighter, his start in wrestling and what he wants to accomplish next.…
An op-ed from a IC, FBI, DHS insider discusses her visit to CENTCOM as she asks who the military would side with if the CIA continues with its coup or President Trump declares martial law. What would martial law look like in the US? It just happened in Iraq and is escalating rapidly. Chuck Todd loses it with Sen Ron Johnson, calling the senator ...…
First Episode of October! Roger starts the episode with a recent reddit post about time slipping, the phenomenon of slipping from one reality to another (AKA Mandela Effect). Some great tips on what to do if you think you are in a universe not of your own. After a discussion including time cops, Jordan blows the doors off the true tale of a Ukr ...…
This week on the podcast we have loads to cover. We look at the very first episode of AEW: Dynamite and all the goings-on with WWE’s premiere week as they build to Sunday’s Hell in a Cell. We also talk about the biggest headlines making waves in the world of professional wrestling. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube!…
Greg Reese guests hosts as David Knight is out. He begins the program with the new shocking video that shows a woman saying we need to start eating babies in order to solve climate change. Throughout the program Greg replays the video to get the message across. Later in the program Greg takes a dive into the topic of U.F.O’s. By the way, we are ...…
This week we talk about Sony Worldwide Studios head Shawn Layden leaving, Ikumi Nakamura putting in her spooky resume, Playstation Now pricing and crossplay, Infinity Ward not being happy with Spec Ops Survival being exclusive, Pokemon Sword and Shield included Pokemon explanation, Matt Damon turning down Avatar and more!…
The Cast Members this week talk about AEW Dynamite’s debut week did they do enough to keep viewers, Finn Balor making a shocking return to NXT, Jack Swagger shocking the world and making a run in on AEW Dynamite, plus our predictions for Hell in a Cell this Sunday. Welcome to the new era of The BC!By Bullet Cast.
Most students with ADHD go through what I call a school honeymoon at the beginning of each new school year. The newness is stimulating and the demands are less starting out and our kids do pretty well. But the honeymoon ends and reality sets in — kids with ADHD struggle in school. In this episode of the Parenting ADHD Podcast, I'm talking with ...…
A knife attack in Paris exposes the rot at the core of western civilization, while all across the globe revolutionaries are rebelling against the corrupt system of control that has long held down humanity. Joined by guests Tony Arterburn, Jake Lloyd, and Greg Reese, guest host Harrison Smith delves into the sickness at the root of modernity, to ...…
People dial 911 during a critical event to get help for themselves or someone else as quickly as possible. What someone says during a 911 can profoundly impact any subsequent investigation into what happened, criminal or otherwise. In this episode of the Without Warning Podcast, Sheila Wysocki discusses the Christian Andreacchio 911 call. Why s ...…
The impeachment charade is already coming apart at the seems, but don't think that the globalists will stop there. They will stop at nothing to get rid of this President and under-mine the American people. Meanwhile, our rights are being threatened by desperate politicians, our wealth is being poured down the drain by the government, and our ch ...…
Kicking off yet another Laser Time Spooktober with a bit of a cheat, yet a wonderful excuse to return to one of our favorite topics: Saturday Night Live. The latter half of SNL’s almost fifty years on the air has... Read moreBy Laser Time.
Episode 545: Batman 79:Sean and Jim debate theories after the events of the most recent Batmanissue in a special bonus show. Our next episode will feature a chat about the Joker movie,comic chat and more! New Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/401332833597062/ Listener voicemails next show Show Notes: 0:00 Show opening, http://www. ...…
Episode 545: Batman 79: Sean and Jim debate theories after the events of the most recent Batman issue in a special bonus show. Our next episode will feature a chat about the Joker movie, comic chat and more! New Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/401332833597062/ Listener voicemails next show Show Notes: 0:00 Show opening, http://w ...…
Ahead of the WWE Draft Phillip and Brandon do there own find out who has the better roster. Is it Brandon with RAW or Phillip with Smackdown?By Bullet Cast.
Cody Rhodes discusses what we can expect with AEW Dynamite debuting Wednesday October 2nd 2019, the fact that he can use his last name but chooses not to, and what he thinks AEW's biggest strength is. To here Phillip's Question go to 38:50By Bullet Cast.
Recent revelations about the ongoing impeachment charade accidentally reveal the true purpose behind the Democrat's insanity. At the behest of the CIA and their Deep State Masters, the dems have launched themselves into a self-destructive witch-hunt which threatens to plunge the country into civil war. By the way, we are in the final days of th ...…
Landon Michaels and Don Sangster from HuntNation discuss the role and value of a hunting booking agent and consultant. They explore ways for hunters to maximize hunting opportunity, whether through drawing DIY hunts, or booking outfitted hunts.By Gunwerks.
How do you know when you are overreacting, and when you should call in help? Whether it’s double pneumonia or a product recall, making a decision to be proactive in the face of a potential emergency can be complicated, and fraught with a lot of “I don’t want to be dramatic” baggage. So how do you do it? Let’s talk about it – in story form! Why ...…
Have you ever gotten FURIOUS behind the wheel of a car? Maybe shot the middle finger salute to another driver? Maybe you've brake-checked somebody else. Well, if you have, you've put yourself in VERY REAL DANGER. Even if you haven't, you could STILL find yourself on the receiving end of a violent road-rager. Other drivers' aggressive behavior c ...…
On this episode of Another Man’s Nostalgia, we did the final comparison episode of our trilogy. This week watched The Parent Trap from 1961 and 1998. Keaton vs Bale, Ledger vs Nicholson, Hockey Pads vs "You Wunna Get Nuts?!?". Which one was better? Will Chris still enjoy it? Push play and find out! You can watch this episode on YouTube at: http ...…
Our next episodes will feature Batman 79, as a specialrelease coming tomorrow! New Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/401332833597062/ Listener voicemail from Russell Show Notes: 0:00 Show opening, http://www.heroinitiative.org,http://cbldf.org/,http://www.DCBService.com, http://www.Instocktrades.com, http://www.comicspodcasts.com/ ...…
Episode 544: Titans Season 2 E3 and 4, Harleen 1, Event Leviathan 4, Action Comics 1015, Flash Forward 1: Sean and Jim discuss some recent favorites. Our next episodes will feature Batman 79, as a special release coming tomorrow! New Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/401332833597062/ Listener voicemail from Russell Show Notes: 0:0 ...…
Michael and Chip apologize profusely for a technical issue preventing last week's show, but they also break down Ohio State at Nebraska, take a lap around the Big Ten's results, discuss whether the Western Division is catching the East, and look ahead to the Michigan State Spartans.By The Ozone Radio Network.
With David Knight on vacation, Harrison Smith sits in to cover the day's top news. From the impeachment charade to criminalizing speech, the threats to liberty are everywhere on today's headlines, and knowing what they are is the first step in fighting back. Harrison breaks down the jargon and brings you the straight facts that you won't find o ...…
“Outlandish” Zicky Dice is on the show during APW War at the Shore discussing, getting trained by Seth Rollins, the heat he has with Randy Orton, and believing he can get more heat than MJF.By Bullet Cast.
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