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The news based sister podcast to Steele Wars : Star Wars podcast also available on iTunes or wherever podcasts are found.Australian comedian Steele Saunders runs through the week's Star Wars news and takes YOUR CALLS with a special guest each week.LISTEN LIVE AND PARTICIPATE IN THE STEELE WARS CALL IN SHOWSTREAMLIVE IN (646) 668-8360 USASKYPE IN +1 (646) 668-8360 WORLDWIDE
PRESENTING: The Everything Full Fledged Reality Show which is always been about helping others to seek & find The Truth in this crazy age of spiritual and technical and social evil era . The Everything Full fledged Reality is Not fabricated reality! Truly, Truth is stranger then fiction and of course this is very much true. Contemporary reality isn't a walk in the park. The episodes on this channel are about exposing the weaponization of almost every aspect of modern culture. We seek to expo ...
A call in motivational, informative podcast for people in job transition. A presentation of Evil Bunny Consulting, LLC.
Podcast by McNasty Cast
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DTD Call In Station
Weekly Chats About Dream Doin', Superheroes, & Our Fav Songs.
DIRTY RAY wanted me to say this is Dirty Rays call in show- Connor
This is a wrestling call in show created by the power of the wrestling fans all over the world!!!!We will talk WWE,TNA,ROH and much much more.
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Clare Stribling from The Imperial Senate Podcast joins us to talk about the new hotly debated announcements about Star Wars Celebration, Hayden is announced as the last announced guest and Takia Waititi voices an IG droid in The Mandalorian. Plus some great live viewer calls! WATCH FULL VIDEO VERSION STEELE WARS SPECIAL! Get 4 T-shirts for just ...…
Graduates need this messageBy Bunny Slippers Are Evil Show.
Emily Lind guest co-hosts as we discuss Celebration panel ticketing and run through our favourite Solo cinematic references highlighted in Michelle Buchman's amazing article on Plus live viewer calls! WATCH FULL VIDEO VERSION TOPICS DISCUSSED Star Wars Celebration Chicago big panel ticketing options. ...…
Should Rey Have A Double Bladed Lightsaber? - Steele Wars Hypernews Sep 10th WATCH FULL VIDEO VERSION 2:49 Poll results on Rey’s Episode IX lightsaber 6:04 The latest photos from the set of Episode IX 7:44 Star Wars Celebration host announcements! 9:02 Maul’s footage from Solo released online 20:13 Kelly Marie Tran’s follow-up comments to her N ...…
The very first episode of Dirty Ray!
Hyperchat Ep 09 : Episode 9 "dos & don'ts" - w/ Emma Fyffe & Iraj Dowlatshahi WATCH FULL VIDEO VERSION HERE. Hyperchat returns Monday the 27th of August. Get Your Snoke Theory Sucks & other Steele Wars merch at For bonus content and to help support the podcast please check out Suppo ...…
With Amy Ratcliffe & Courtney Everett and your calls! WATCH THE FULL VIDEO VERSION HERE 2:38 Amy sizzles her awesome new book, Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy! 5:39 So much new Star Wars coming! 8:50 What are fans most excited about after Comic-Con? 10:15 Courtney humblebrags about having connection on the grapevine 12:14 Steele puts Amy in an u ...…
With Germain Lussier, Joseph Scrimshaw and your calls! WATCH THE FULL VIDEO VERSION HERE 5:46 Debriefing Comic-Con and the Clone Wars announcement 21:22 Ali from Virginia calls in for some panel hosting advice 27:00 The impact of the Clone Wars announcement on the Netflix viewing 29:46 King Tom from Ohio calls to discuss the filming of Episode ...…
We talk all the week's Star Wars news with Jason Ward & Courtney Everett. Kevin Fiege Says "No Star Wars", theorising Princess Leia's Future & George Lucas says "Luke never got married". WATCH THE FULL VIDEO VERSION HERE! 9:37 Handling TLJ dislike with civility 13:50 Twitter poll results about this millennium’s most popular saga films 18:22 Clo ...…
We talk all the week's Star Wars news with Sal Perales, Space Jessss & listener calls. WATCH THE FULL VIDEO VERSION HERE! 8:11 George Lucas’ departure from Lucasfilm 9:53 Star Wars storytelling from a female perspective 20:03 Re-examining the company one keeps in fandom in the face of gatekeeping 28:00 Lucas’ sequel trilogy concepts about the W ...…
On the very first Steele Wars Hyperchat Alex & Mollie Damon of Star Wars Explained join us to take viewer calls and discuss the weeks Star Wars headlines. WATCH THE FULL VIDEO VERSION HERE! 0:03:06 - The Collider Star Wars Trivia Schmoedown 0:06:30 - Possible E3 EA Star Wars announcements 0:07:05 - The Solo box office and what contributed to th ...…
62 McNastyCast - 2018 - 04 - 17 07 - 16 by McNasty Cast
Addressing the financial, mental and practical challenges of changing your life. A frank conversation with Nicole B Jones-DavisBy Bunny Slippers Are Evil Show.
happy easter/ april fools day..lance and lester start the show and its your basic downhill shit slide from there ..lots of fun
slingshot ass the return of sushi disco and more ..part 1 of a 2 part episode
59 McNastyCast - 2018 - 03 - 18 22 - 13 Copy by McNasty Cast
58 McNasty Cast LiveStream by McNasty Cast
rap battle ,truth raiders sexual views ,nicole ladies pov ,finger ass girl.
pup wiggles ,kenpoem ,M M ,sarahs swollen puss , wing eye dates a tard hinez and more.
crushin on mock ,mcnasty dating game ,matty the newly o porn story
jeff the drunk , ed,jill, hinez interv. disney fire sesq
black mirror talk bats, mat, ed from vagas vs all woman and much more nonsense.
jackie of all trades ,smoothy q ,mock ,jillian ,dirty talk
happy new year! keefeer,sonam,doe,and many more.
RIP lonnie.. kenny song to jillian, stressing sonam , pickles nervously calls in
trying to get Greenie laid, Mcnasty director ,virtual lezbos , Kenny poems
make a DILEMMADE.. jersey jew,serial killa ,lonnie RIP, mz tina, jadas urban dic, silence of da lamb..
sushi disco, angels challenge ,the angry Canadian
thanks giving ..LI ricky ,matty r scoop on scope. and more
waiting for peace ,ghost hunter,rap battle ,and more
greenie blondie xray files and so much more
wing eyes, sticky nicky,dating horrors xray files
X ray files and the regular parade of nonsense
mzz tina and the regular cast of ..folks
calls from the always interesting ED from vagas ,Jeff , and many more.
calls from the regs Kenny,lonnie RIP ,Dillon ,kristen ,Rachel
Tom Chansky, King of all podcast contributors, joins us to discuss… - The series finale of Star Wars Rebels - A royal decree on the quality of the show’s sendoff - Steele’s thoughts on how the show finished its run - The mysterious absence of our favorite singing droid - Dave Filoni’s ownership of his characters, and what’s next for them - Capt ...…
Emily Lind, co-host of The Canto Bight Dispatch podcast, joins us to discuss… - The mind-bending new episodes of Rebels - King Tom from Ohio chimes in on what Filoni and his crew did - Trying to make sense of what these episodes mean for Ahsoka - Downtown Brittani Brown from the Canto Bight Dispatch is bestowed a dubious honor - Lindo offers he ...…
Iraj Dowlatshahi, host of The Sith List podcast, joins us to discuss… - The brand-new Solo teaser and trailer! - “Official” hashtags - Aaron from OKC checks in with his thoughts on the trailer - Increased hype levels after seeing the Solo trailer - Iraj’s hype is all the way up - Hidden Han Solo in the Super Bowl teaser - The new Solo artwork r ...…
For more information on the Haibu children’s books, please visit Geek Girl Diva, prolific geek writer (, Syfy Wire) joins us to discuss… - Fond memories of losing the Schmoedown - GGD gives us her highlights of that new Rebels trailer - Potential endings for Rebels - Kanan’s Rebels jour ...…
Caitlin Plesher of the Skytalkers podcast joins us to discuss… - Steele and Caitlin speak to each other for the first time - Floating rocks on Ahch-To - The great new Lucasfilm video featuring the Story Group - Luke’s lightsaber color on Crait - Steele sizzles the Blu-Ray release - Caitlin offers up her projections on how Rebels will wrap up - ...…
Join in the fun of our yearly listener Star Wars prediction show as callers from around the world make their best and boldest predictions at what will happen in Star Wars news or storylines. Plus as the poll closes we announce the winner of the 2017 predictions! With returning guest co-hosts Mr Sunday Movies of The Weekly Planet and Emily Lind ...…
.Nick Mason of the Weekly Planet podcast joins us to discuss… - Listeners’ 2017 Star Wars predictions in review - The jury’s still out on one of Maso’s 2017 predictions - The details on the next upcoming Steele Wars live shows - Dom Legaspi from San Francisco calls to face the music about his 2017 prediction - Joe from Pennsylvania calls in to ...…
Alex Damon of Star Wars Explained and Battlefront 2 co-writer Mitch Dyer join us to discuss... -THE LAST JEDI! -The connectivity between The Last Jedi and the Battlefront 2 storyline -The elusive Compass -Mitch offers his thoughts on The Last Jedi’s story themes -Chewbacca’s decision to skip a meal -How the responsibility of hosting a YouTube s ...…
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