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This is the backstage of "Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp" - A one-hour weekly podcast that tackles politics, comedy, and more with co-host John F. O'Donnell. The audio from each week's episode of "Redacted Tonight" is also played on every podcast episode. As The Herald called it "Jon Stewart with teeth." Also follow @LeeCamp on Twitter and
This Burning World
Picking up where This Paper World left off, Jim Hunt is at home with friends and family for summer break... but only briefly. He has committed to attend intense training to hone his new abilities at a Champion training camp in northern Maine. Upon arriving at the camp, Jim is introduced to his new teacher, Clyde, a crusty curmudgeon of a man who is determined to keep Jim on his toes. Sharing the camp is a talented young teen, Gabby, who hasn't "flipped her switch" yet, but has the potential ...
The Official Camp Hess Kramer Podcast! Subscribe to hear the daily news of camp, as well as long-form, original programming created and presented by campers and staff!
Roll For Luck
Posting every Monday and as many Thursdays, as I can, this podcast features actual play of story-based games such as Call of Cthulhu, fiasco, roll for shoes, every one is John and what ever else i can get my grubby hands on. listen to the surpising amount of player death. if you like to listen to players go slightly insane every episode. most of the episodes will be one off's, designated with a ☼. campaings and linked games have a symbol to designate that they belong together, and followed b ...
Podcast presenting the various activities as part of the Spring Day for Europe 2009 campaing and featuring interviews with key decision-makers, experts and representatives of the civil society.
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time to go shopping and piss off the locals. really i think every one in this game is absolutely terrible at talking to people. game: Weasel (slower version) Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 ...…
Kevin Steele talks to John F. O'Donnell about strikes in prison. PLUS the censorship of dissenting voices!
Podcast on the Prawl by WBT Camps Podcast Chug
venturing into the graveyard to find what there may be a great boon, or indeed their quick deaths, and i want more and more to kill one of the other charactersgame: Weasel (slower version) Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 ...…
Raquel Willis discusses the state of TransGender rights and Transgendered people in the military! Then Emilio Reyes talks about issues within the Native American communities. PLUS the new security issues of the TSA, the secret wars in Africa and so much more!
The bears are free form failed honey heist. and now it is time to get bearvenge on the people that set them up. one more bear to add to the crew. this martin branbear better watch ougame: Weasel (slower version) Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Licens ...…
Host of Loud & Clear, Brian Becker talks about anti-war voices, socialism and more with Lee Camp! PLUS Lee discusses the glaring realities of Climate Change!
Kevin Zeese talks about how the US is backing a regime change in Nicaragua. Plus a new way for the TSA to sexually assault, the revolving door of control and more!
Crunches, Slurps, and Chairs! by WBT Camps Podcast Chug
In the forest it follows close. knowing it will not and cannot be seen. blood thirsty to say the least. a vermperic predator with out the dread locks. One has already been slaughtered. Among the vistani, the group should feel safe. but why do they still feel my eyes upon them? they are right to be weary, i haven't shown off a tenth of what i ca ...…
Second Session!! by WBT Camps Podcast Chug
fr far to long have we not played cult following. and by the nine did it age like a fine wine. there are some hard culty choices in this episode. that is for sure.
Actor, Writer and Political Comedian, Rick Overton talks to Lee Camp about how Comedians have becoming the New Journalists to wake the people up. PLUS Lee's farewell to Ed Schultz, the corruption of both parties, a true leftist leader and so much more!
Maccabiah! by WBT Camps Podcast Chug
Beach Day, Ovens, and Airplane Food! by WBT Camps Podcast Chug
we start again on the curse of Strahd, but this time we will have a god damned constant group. but the start of this game shall be Weasel (slower version) Kevin MacLeod "Harmful or Fatal" Kevin MacLeod"Volatile Reaction" Kevin MacLeod( ...…
Former Member of Parliament, George Galloway talks about the Collapse of the 'Mainstream Media'! Lee goes to talk about the 8 myths about America, the Alexandria Ocastio-Cortez victory and so much more!
Paris and Baguettes! by WBT Camps Podcast Chug
Sorry we've been away for a few days, but enjoy this special edition of the CHK Podcast!
Grilled Cheese! by WBT Camps Podcast Chug
First Day 2018! by WBT Camps Podcast Chug
Abby Martin talks about the Neo Liberal agenda against Venezuela! PLUS Tyrel Ventura & Tabitha Wallace talk about their new documentary about Australia's relationship with guns! And it's the 200th episode of Redacted Tonight and Lee & the team address some of the worst issues with the Climate, Universal Basic Income and more!…
Independent Journalist Max Blumenthal & Dan Cohen discuss why people claim Israel can't do wrong! PLUS the constant bombing campaigning, local newspaper corruption, hospital corruption and more!
John F. O'Donnell takes over the show for this week! This episode gets into the Prison Industrial Complex, the U.N. Investigation and more! New Tour dates in Asheville, Indianapolis and more!
Independent Journalist Eva Bartlett continues her reporting on the Syrian War and the White Helmets. Plus the out of control policing situation, worker rights and more! And new tour dates in North Carolina, Indiana and more!
Alex Vitae talks about why we don't need any police at all! Tan Lui discusses the Ponzi scheme of Wall St. PLUS a conversation with Shahid Butar, congressional candidate in San Francisco!
A father and his son wander the forest. they are not related by blood, but certainly the love of a father and a teen age son. Niether could be considered lawful smart though. and certainly one of them could be called lawful racist.
Election Integrity Activist Lori Chamberlain discusses the flaws in our Election System! PLUS $21 trillion missing, Big Oil hires fake activists, CIA Veteran abused by the police and more!
Author Lisa Pease discusses the REAL reason behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert F. Kennedy! Plus how Wall St. is a Ponzi Scheme, Fox News' most recent panic attack over Socialism and more! New Live Stand Up Comedy dates in LA, NYC, Burlington VT, Boston, Portland ME & more!…
Former CIA Analyst and Whistleblower, John Kiriakou on Wikileaks, the War Movement and Russiagate! Plus how the banks are linked to War, an interview with a Starbuck witness, how MSNBC is a Corporate shill and so much more!
Deep within the depth of the forests of Norway lays a building. the building though is actually a lair. a beast sleeps within. a beast that is hungry, and soon his favorite food will be coming to him. shit posters. he begins to twitch in his sleep. dreaming of the hunt to come. ". . . will not divide. . . " he barely mumbles.Game:https: ...…
Raina Khalek talks about the Chemical WMD story in Syria falling apart. Plus an exclusive interview with Jimmy Dore about the latest CNN attack. Lee also covers the cover up of the Syrian bombings and more corporate media lies!
It is a beautiful day at the windmill. the large coldron over the fire keeping the constant stew hot. the old woman didn't HAVE to taste it again, but she did. It was thick base several types of vegetable and mushrooms from the surrounding forests. The land was cursed. but the three sisters never had a real problem finding food. or for that mat ...…
Tim Canova discusses the election fraud of the Democratic National Committee. Plus the American Lawyer Mike Papantonio talks about banks laundering money. A web exclusive interview with Max Blumenthal about the Syrian Air Strikes!
Eva Bartlett explains everything about the so-called civil war in Syria that the US war machine doesn’t want you to know. PLUS the Truth About Israel, MSM talks about the MLK Jr Murder, the redacted side of the viral Sinclair video and more
Activist Eugene Puryear discusses the underlying problems with gun violence in America that you won't hear on Mainstream Media! Plus a special report from Election Justice USA and so much more!
The scent is strong. the pray is close. the woman. but a group of others. this is why the mother sent out a pack. she will be proud of her children. very little could stand between the pack and their pray. the woman's guards would fall to claw and tooth. The leader moved into the road. calling the attention of the small group of humanoids. stan ...…
Eva Golinger talks about the history of Disinformation about Venezuela! Plus why America is most corrupted country, the Cloud Act and more!
An old woman slowly walks down the streets, peddling her lovingly made confections, and all she asks for is a living wage for her delightful creations. after taking one of those meager payment from a long time client, three ruffians approach her, demanding the payment she just received. pushing her, threatening her, trying to steal from her by ...…
Journalist Suzie Dawson discusses the importance of Wikileaks, Snowden and other whistleblowers as well as the current health of Julian Asange. Plus the Military coup of the White House, new Google Drone Targeting operation and more!
The mist is thick and horrendous. soupy and almost greasy to the touch. you let out a sigh to see that it is thinning, but you shudder at the thought of ever having to sit in it again. the land its self though seems dank and dark. it almost feels as though you are in a earth carved cellar, even though you can see the clouds above you. thick, da ...…
CIA Veteran Ray McGovern talks about the reality of the Deep State. Plus a Tribute to comedy legend Barry Crimmins, Climate Change in relation to the factory farming, Paper Ballots and more!
A Parkland Teacher, Kevin Seigelbaum talks about what he can't say on Mainstream Media about the recent mass shooting. Plus the DNC admits they need to commit fraud, the food boxes and more!
Once again back to the house that started it all. secrets shall be learned, questions shall be answered, and some things that have been sleeping will be awoken.
Laughlin Artz talks about a real solution for Climate Change! Plus how our media control war manufacturers, the economic conditions of Puerto Rico and more!
within the house resides something. something awful. there are very few rules. things are . . . interesting.
Jan Weinberg explains the TPP as an aspect of the US's pivot to Asia. Plus, what we consider is illegal vs. not, Google surveillance and more!
Three bears, sat around a table. a shadowy figure sitting across from them. a folder is slid across the table. honey con 2018. . . the biggest score of honey to date, and a grand prize, miss honey-verse 2018, the sexiest honey bee that any one has ever seen. all three have their eyes on the prizes. the treat almost to good to be true.…
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