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John Wesley Powell was a pioneer American explorer, ethnologist, and geologist in the 19th Century. In 1869 he set out to explore the Colorado and the Grand Canyon. He gathered nine men, four boats and food for ten months and set out from Green River, Wyoming, on May 24. Passing through dangerous rapids, the group passed down the Green River to its confluence with the Colorado River (then also known as the Grand River upriver from the junction), near present-day Moab, Utah. The expedition’s ...
Over the Top Cycling is a Boulder, Colorado based podcast show featuring athlete interviews, news, events, coaching tips, tech tips, and other information in road racing, mountain biking, endurance cycling, triathlon, and more. We cover everything from the pro peloton to the weekend warrior. Join us for regularly featured shows and race reports from current races.
A bi-weekly short feature on astronomy, produced by members of the Black Canyon Astronomical Society.
John Wesley Powell was a pioneer American explorer, ethnologist, and geologist in the 19th Century. In 1869 he set out to explore the Colorado and the Grand Canyon. He gathered nine men, four boats and food for ten months and set out from Green River, Wyoming, on May 24. Passing through dangerous rapids, the group passed down the Green River to its confluence with the Colorado River (then also known as the Grand River upriver from the junction), near present-day Moab, Utah.The expedition's r ...
A collection of verbal histories organized by river mile along the Colorado River through Grand Canyon. These topics have been selected as locations with significant human history regarding past activities of the location and/or the name that the location has received.
Pappy Hour
Let's talk about all types of things. Current events, politics, entertainment, wtf news and much more. Let's have some fun WARNING - I don't discriminate I treat everyone the same
Grand Canyon River
Home of Grand Canyon National Park River Trip Podcasts and Information Bulletins
Inside Canyonlands
Canyonlands National Park preserves a colorful landscape eroded into countless canyons, mesas and buttes by the Colorado River and its tributaries in southeast Utah. Join park rangers as they explore the many features of Canyonlands in this series of short videos covering a range of topics: all of which you're likely to experience first-hand when you visit the park. Each episode is available in two sizes: one for Apple TV and a smaller one for iPods.
TST Travel Podcast
The TST Travel podcast is a podcast where I will tell the story of a world trip that will start in the USA then venture to Central and South America, as well as the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia. The podcast features stories from the places we go and the people we meet along the way!
A collection of Muir's previously unpublished essays, released shortly after his death. "This volume will meet, in every way, the high expectations of Muir's readers. The recital of his experiences during a stormy night on the summit of Mount Shasta will take rank among the most thrilling of his records of adventure. His observations on the dead towns of Nevada, and on the Indians gathering their harvest of pine nuts, recall a phase of Western life that has left few traces in American litera ...
The Rainbow Trail is a sequel to The Riders of the Purple Sage. Both novels are notable for their protagonists' mild opposition to Mormon polygamy, but in The Rainbow Trail this theme is treated more explicitly. The plots of both books revolve around the victimization of women in the Mormon culture: events in Riders of the Purple Sage are centered on the struggle of a Mormon woman who sacrifices her wealth and social status to avoid becoming a junior wife of the head of a local church, while ...
This video podcast series takes an inside look at the creation of the large format documentaries by MacGillivray Freeman Films for IMAX® Theatres. Watch for more episodes coming soon.
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Interview with Jen Orr moments after she crossed the 2019 Race Across the West finish line as the Overall Solo Champion!
Friday June 21st marks this year’s summer solstice. The word “solstice” comes from the Latin words “sol,” meaning ‘sun,’ and “stitium,” meaning ‘stopped.’ Ancient sky observers noticed that the sun achieved its highest possible position in the sky on this summer day each year.By Jeff Reynolds.
Episode 19 Adventures With Pappy Pinnacle Peak Pistoleros Alabama's New Chemical Castration Law 2020 Election is Circus The IPOD IS Back Interesting Facts Between JKF and Lincoln Historical Facts Of The Week Useless Facts
Norm Thomas first undertook the Texas Water Safari in 1978 and has been hooked ever since. He's finished once in a two man canoe and the other nine as a soloist. Norm shares his experiences with us as he prepares to greet the 2019 finishers of this year's event.
What a great time at the Colorado League Decade of Dirt Kickoff party at Yeti Cycles! We talked with too many interesting individuals to fit them all into one program - here's Part 1
Jamie Van Beek finished the Dirty Kanza last year and immediately was looking for something more difficult... So she was accepted into this year's inaugural Dirty Kanza XL. Jamie shares her experiences with us over a two part interview!
On June 13, 2010 a bright fireball streaked across the sky over Australia. Was this a meteor or an errant piece of space junk burning up in Earth’s atmosphere? Actually, none of the above. It was Japan’s Hayabusa space probe returning to Earth at 25,000 m.p.h., after visiting the asteroid Itokawa.By Jeff Reynolds.
Episode 18 Passed 1000 downloads Update on Adventures with Pappy Episode 1 filming 70 year old man drives through Arizona with his dead wife int he passenger seat Washington State becomes the first state to allow composting human bodies Ever wonder how Trumps plan to increase China import tariffs is going to cost you more? How about that Game o ...…
A few months ago, we toured the Galactic Menagerie in the sky. Today, let’s take flight and do some birdwatching!By Jeff Reynolds.
Episode 17 Adventures with Pappy Update Democrat Presidential hopeful says "America was never great!" Vermin Supreme - Yup his legit name is running for President North Korea bills the US $2 million for hospital bill
One of the mathematical outcomes of Albert Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity is that an object with sufficiently high density will have such strong gravity that nothing, not even light, can escape. This is a ‘black hole.’By Jeff Reynolds.
Episode 16 is here to make your Monday better Fun topics today intro Kickstarter Shout Outs 3 Year old locks dad out of I-Pad for 49 years Another Grand Canyon Death Washington Lawmaker pisses of nurses The most dangerous states for online dating Trump has his first Republican challenger Avengers End Game review Kids in hot cars ...…
In 2016 NASA launched the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft toward an asteroid named Bennu, a 1,700-ft-wide body that orbits the Sun near Earth’s orbit.By Jeff Reynolds.
Pappy breaks down the newly released Star Wars Episode 9 trailer and give you some interesting theories.
Some great stuff this week Adventures with Pappy Kickstarter Coming 3 People have died at the Grand Canyon in 2 months Leader of the Nation of Islam claims he is Jesus Cameras recorded women in hospital delivery rooms Is the Lebron "Train" over? Rockhounding with my kiddos Shazam movie review Dave Turins Lost Mine review Dave Turin and KC Morga ...…
Episode 14 Adventures With Pappy is coming soon New Listener Shout-outs Colorado wants to take away guns April Fools Day - Where did it come from? Do you know the meaning behind the US Flag? Uplifting Story - School district uses leftover food to feed kids of the weekends 12 bizarre facts about the US I bet you didn't know Applebees $1.00 straw ...…
If April showers bring May flowers, what do meteor showers bring?By Jeff Reynolds.
Welcome to Episode 13. Lets Rant! My pick for the NCAA Championship The Border Shutdown Threat The Muller Report - Wasted Time and Money 45 Rattlesnakes Removed From Under A Texas Home Fattest Cities in the US New Zealand Gun Ban and US Democrats Krispy Kreme and the Nazi's Ranting About Jussie Smullett's Charges Being Dropped Pappy's Story of ...…
Just over a century ago there were no electric lights and no light-pollution. For millennia, anyone looking into a nighttime sky would see the Moon, 5 planets, and stars – lots and lots of stars.By Jeff Reynolds.
This show has some interesting topics. 1 of which you get to hear Pappy get really angry. Woman gets attacked by a jaguar at Phoenix area Zoo! Is the movie Idocracy coming true? Do vaccines actually cause autism or other medical issues? Do violent video games cause violent behavior? Mom of popular YouTube show arrested for abusing kids! Ryan Is ...…
Episode 11 So much craziness! Conspiracies With Pappy! We are on iTunes and Google Play Soon to be on iHeart Radio The Fruit Basket is Back Adventures with Pappy Coming Soon! TV Show - The Passage Rap Music Is Dead R Kelly and His Fetish For Younger Women Cousins Petition Utah to Honor Marriage Chandler, AZ School MAGA Protest New Neo Nazi Lead ...…
Denver International Airport Conspiracies Lets cover many of the conspiracies involving this airport such as: Why is it so big Extremely large amounts of communications cables A teflon - fiber roof $2 billion over budget 5 buildings buried underneath A swastika shaped runway The New World Order 32 Foot blue horse statue - Blucifer Dedication Ma ...…
Constellation Orion stands high in the south during these March evenings.By Jeff Reynolds.
Lots of fun this episode! New Green Deal - AOC is a bigger idiot than I thought! Actor, James Woods Slams AOC Osama Bin Laden's Son takes over al-Qaeda Momo Challenge - DUMB! Handbag made of human skin? I kid you not! Pappy Hour is on iTunes and Google Play Store Gold Fever! Lost Gold TV Show - Jesse and Josh Feldman Expedition Unknown TV Show ...…
New Show - Video - Adventures with Pappy New Show - Once a month Conspiracies with Pappy Shout out to my Daughter Regina Jussie Smollett- Absolute IDIOT ISIS Bride - Hoda Muthana The Simpsons predicted the future Deer Zombie Apocalypse Kids developing British accents watching Peppa Pig Fighting with my Family Movie Review What the heck is a Veg ...…
If you were asked to picture the most fascinating thing named Mercury, what would come to mind?By Jeff Reynolds.
Another exciting show with Pappy Kentucky Sheriff suspends all law Enforcement in his county Lottery Winner Wears Scream Mask To Claim Prize Tudder - Seriously Tinder for Cows 48 Hour Challenge Who is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Adventures With Pappy Video Series Tucson Gem and Mineral Show Gold Panning In the Snow - I'm Crazy Scientology and The ...…
Ranting away once again. Today I'm Talking DUI on and electric scooter - Yep it's possible! 4 Dolphins die since 2016 in Arizona My take on the State of the Union Man gets attacked by a mountain lion - then kills it! Dumb Laws that actually exist Movie Reviews - Glass This weeks fruit basket Technical Difficulties - Podcast shout out Tucson Gem ...…
Two interplanetary probes, Voyagers 1 and 2, were launched by NASA in 1977. Each headed in a different direction, but their mission included exploring the planets. They also contained a gold phonograph record with sounds and images, hoping to contact intelligent extraterrestrial life.By Jeff Reynolds.
Pappy Hour What's In The Fruit Basket Hillbilly Dip Creed Fihser Tour New Music Intro and Outro Superbowl Rams vs Patriots Boring Superbowl Maroon Five Ohio Winter Poem Arizona Schools looking at a parent dresscode Favorite Superbowl Ads Least Favorite Superbowl Ads Sarah Jessica Parker Jason Bateman The Twilight Zone Game of Thrones Security O ...…
Let's Talk Oreo's Mega Stuff WWE Royal Rumble WWE Raw WWE Smackdown Freeze Saints Fans File Lawsuit No Sweethearts Candy This Year Arrest Made in Hacienda Healthcare Government Shutdown To Win It All the Road to the Six Invitational Review Pewdiepie Check In Creed Fisher Neal McCoy Pengu G2 Niclas Mouritzen Canadian Evil Geniuses Troy Jaroslaws ...…
Year 2019 is in full swing and features some eye-catching astronomical events .By Jeff Reynolds.
Let's talk TSA and the Shutdown Nancy Pelosi Dissed by Trump 2020 Presidential Elections Heating Up E-Sports in the Olympics 2019 Royal Rumble The Wizard Movie Review To Win It All the Road to The Six Invitation itsbustinjieber on with me today Ranting on Fun Sized Candy Bars
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