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Basically in here this is my first podcast and it will be the beginning of a new series of Marvel Vs. DC death battles I'm starting up. Episode 1 will be Batman Vs Captain America. I'll be giving each of their origin stories, then I'll divide the 2 fighters into 7 categories so it can never be a tie: Strength, Speed, Agility, Intelligence, Fighting Skills, Equipment, Endurance. Whoever has 4 or more out of the 7 attributes wins the death battle and I'll explain my opinion. Thanks for reading ...
Galley Stories
Stories from the Bering Sea and Beyond-Hosted by Mark Caylor. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook @Galleystories Email:
Every podcast available from the Cosmic Potato Podcast Network
The Avengers explode on movie screens this May after a massive multi-movie strategy begun with Iron Man in 2008. In anticipation of this blockbuster film, Now Playing's reviewers watch and review all The Avengers films, including their early appearances in film and television, all the way through a weekend of release review of The Avengers this May!
Fishing Florida Radio Show gives informative information on fishing Florida. From weekly fishing reports from great inshore, offshore and freshwater guides, to becoming a better angler, weekly giveaways, and having some fun. Check out
Celebrating 1K Listeners. Go hard in all things Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, Reviews, Leaks and so much more. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Totally Awesome films is a podcast where Jon Chung picks a movie, and talk about what the film is about, how it was made, and what makes the film TOTALLY AWESOME!!!
Podcast by Professional Amateurs
Jon, Miles and Andrew are Just Three Kids from Brooklyn reviewing all the Movies and News of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Listen to our Live Shows recorded right after New Marvel Studio Releases in front of an Audience!
On the Low Podcast
Tune in for the week's most jarring, idiotic and sometimes insightful topics in Pop culture, Music and Current affairs. Join in on the conversation using the hashtag #onthelowpod on Twitter.Email:
Jabriel and Trey tackle the importance and continuity of the Marvel Comic Cinematic Universe. We'll be discussing movie by movie of the lead up to the Infinity War films. Tune in to find out what's happening and what isn't working.
Film Fandango
Comedians David Reed and Marek Larwood discuss films old and new, from the latest releases to cult classics.
Now featuring TIME FOR THIRTEEN, a fun, breezy look back at Doctor Who season by season from the Ninth Doctor on (never skip nine!), counting down to the arrival of Thirteen. What's better than being a fan? Being a fan and talking about it with other fans of course! Become a supporter of this podcast:
This is the one feed to rule them all! The catch-all feed for the RetroZap Podcast network. Here, you'll find every show we release.
From the Swamp we review Comic books and movies!
Two completely uneducated movie lovers, Barry and Jairo, try to find time to discuss films while yelling at each other.
Welcome to The Bargain Bin Movie Podcast, where movies are rescued and reviewed! I'm your host, Gabe Rodriguez! Each episode, we'll talk about an old movie in a new way!
Welcome to Marvelous: A Marvel Cinematic Universe Podcast, where your hosts, Henry and Trey, talk about every movie and tv show in the MCU, in order of release! Each episode will be spoiler free in regards to future entries in the universe.
The Infinity Stone Podcast is a fan podcast dedicated to examining every movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The goal of this show is to look at the movies from the perspective of fans of these movies, not necessarily comic book fans or movie critics. These are the most popular movies in the world, yet online discussions about them tend to be dominated either by specialized genre fans or people paid to review them. We're hoping to change that and most importantly, to have some fun along ...
Freshly brewed, comic book podcast from the UK. Join hosts Neil Gorton, Stu Taylor, Carly Moxey and special guests as they irreverently discuss comic books and their related media offshoots. Email #PodernFamily
Join one super fan and one grumpy man child as they stumble their way through the Marvel Cinematic universe. Each week your hosts Billy and Christof watch one Marvel studios film (in chronological order of course!) starting with 2008’s Iron Man and ending with Avengers: Infinity war.
Your pop culture will be pursued, overtaken and run clear off the road.
The Hero Heads
Welcome to the World of Hero Heads; a show of comic books, movies, television, and popular culture. Each episode we delve into one aspect of culture that we know the most about.
Welcome to MEGASheen! A weekly podcast devoted to geek and gay culture from the queer people of color perspective. Join Nick and Viktor as they dissect, dish, and discuss everything from video games to drag. Follow us now on Twitter @MEGASheenPod to be a part of the conversation.
MCU Complete Me
Luke doesn't like the Marvel movies. Crystal likes the Marvel movies. Together, they will review every movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Podcast Art illustrated by Matt Ferguson
Crave (HQ)
Crushworthy tech, science, and culture
Crave (HD)
Crushworthy tech, science, and culture
Tied to the MCU
Each week, Spoiler Steve will be joined with a few amazing members from the Leftover Army to rant, rate and review each movie within the MCU! See? Pretty simple. Send in your recommendations to!
SOME OF MY FRIENDS READ COMICS is a book-club format podcast about reading the great comic book stories for the first time. On each episode, your hosts will review a classic comic book story or run, examine how well it holds up, and figure out how it fits within the grand context of comics.
RCR Review
We at RCR Reviews are Black Nerds that discuss All things extra-ordinary Every Wednesday!Follow us on Twitter @RCRreviewWebsite: http://www.rcrreview.comFacebook:
ScreenFish Radio
At ScreenFish, we believe that the truths of God's story can be seen in unexpected places, especially within the world of film and television. We're looking for those connections wherever possible.Welcome to the conversation.Welcome to ScreenFish.
We're a reading club, hyping and reviewing all the weekly talked about number one ☝️ comics.
Where comic books and politics meet
Each week Filibuster looks at the latest in film, pop culture, the festival circuit, and entertainment news. We also interview the talent involved in creating movies, literature, and television made all around the the world.
Interviews with your favorite (or soon-to-be favorite) authors, artists, astronauts and more. From WBEZ.
Welcome to Geektown
We answer geeky questions that non-geeks have!
Four Thought
Thought-provoking talks in which speakers explore original ideas about culture and society through their own thinking, experience and stories. Recorded in front of audiences at events around the UK.
The best clips and riffs from Adam Gold, Joe Ovies and Shannon Penn.
Wherein Paul Shelton, comic book, film, and video game lover discusses such topics with his friends.
Forgotten Film Pod
Step 1: Introduce movies to each other we missedStep 2: Give two weeks to watch the movies we introducedStep 3: Discuss the movies we missed with each other
We're Whitney and Will, and we're here to yell about superheroes.New episodes Mondays. Contact:
365Flicks Podcast
The Lads at the 365Fortress Of Poditude bring you a fortnightly run down of the News and Reviews of anything Movie TV and Game related... You can expect to hear there Meaningless Top 5's, They Rate Review and occasionaly Re-cut some of your beloved movies. All of this from a Pissy Ex Video Store Clerk and a Scottish Whedon Whore, Your Vocal Heroes of Pissy Opinion.
School of Movies
Super in-depth analysis of movies (and occasionally TV, and video games). Hosted by veteran podcasters Alex & Sharon Shaw with different guests for round-table chats every week.
Brothers who grew up a decade apart laugh and skewer their way through reviews of their favorite superhero movies and tv shows - highlighting their unique perspectives, a healthy amount of rivalry and embarrassing childhood stories.If you love America, laughing, classic cartoons and the newest releases, laughing, cool movie insights, a rating system based on pandas, and laughing, then you need to subscribe to..."THE FANTASTIC JUSTICE SQUAD SUPER WONDER BROTHER FRIENDS (who review stuff)"
Everything That Rocks!
Examining Pop Culture & Nerdom to the Nth Degree! - Visit us at
The Sports Report
Sports news and expert analysis from the world of sports with host Paul Roberts.
Rather than looking at movies in terms of "two thumbs up" or "two thumbs down" Award Winning Screenwriter Jacob Krueger discusses what you can learn from them as a screenwriter. He looks at good movies, bad movies, movies we love, and movies we hate, exploring how they were built, and how you can apply those lessons to your own writing. More information and full archives at
Sports Urban Legend
Sports talk for die-hard sports fans.
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The Lord of the Rings has been a favorite story for generations whether in its original literary form, the Peter Jackson films, or (for many GenXers) Ralph Bakshi’s animated version.
New day! We talk about Drag Race Holiday Competition, Castlevania Rebel Wilson, Drag Race AllStars 4, New Overwatch character, Birds of Prey and more.Then we get into issues of race, fantasy, and science-fiction. After reading about the harrowing scene in Sabrina, folks are divided over Prudence being “lynched” also there are issues over POC be ...…
Following the meteoric rise of legendary rockers Queen and their iconic lead vocalist Freddie Mercury, BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY has taken the box office by storm. With toe-tapping tunes and an incredible performance by Rami Malek, the film has entranced audiences but seems to have alienated critics at the same time. This week, Steve welcomes back Aman ...…
A bad link was accidentally posted for the audio file for Episode 17. I have corrected it, but I wanted to make sure everyone got this in their feed, so here’s a repost with the corrected link.
Join your hosts Joey, Nathan and Kelly in the "Animanicast!" A podcast dedicated to the classic 90's cartoon show Animaniacs! Today Nathan and Joey discuss Animaniacs Comic Issue #9. The Warners drive a famous director crazy in "Pulped Fractions," Pinky and the Brain hire "Reservoir Mice" to help them conquer the Earth, and we learn that Yakko, ...…
Recorded on October 6th, 2018. *Update due to sound difficulties our first 45 minutes of our live show was defective* please enjoy the last 45 minutes of what I could salvage I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Our Guest this week was our good friend Earl Farrell.Like us on Facebook at Marvel Movie Marathon PodcastFollow us on Instagram @marvelmov ...…
The DorkLair hosts react to the announcement of the Cassian Andor television show before jumping into their recent pickups. They cover the latest action figure news including Mythic Legions, Hot Toys, NECA, and Amazing Yamaguchi. Bill goes over some tips and strategies in his weekly Master of the Hunt. The review figure this week is the Mythic ...…
We're back after a mid-season break! This time Lucy James takes co-hosts Neil Gorton and Stu Taylor down to Fabletown... as she weaves a tale of why the critically-acclaimed Fables from DC Vertigo should be in your collection. Along the way we ask the big questions, like can a relationship survive someone eating their grandma and can you copyri ...…
Halloween 1978 John Carpenter directs Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode and Donald Pleasance as Dr Sam Loomis in this horror classic about serial slasher Michael Meyers as The Shape.
Cue that legendary theme music! It's November, which means it's time for the FFP's third annual Bondathon! This year's triple threat "pairing" is meant to represent some of the craziest, most dubious (note: not necessarily worst) choices the James Bond franchise has ever produced. With that in mind, Rob is introducing Jordan and special guest J ...…
Where did it all begin? How did the name of the podcast come to be? We dig into our origins, stuffed burgers, and four-armed action figures!
It’s a LEAN MEAN SHOW today folks! Dave has been out drinking and there’s A COST TO SOCIALISING! Regardless, we rap and WE ROLL through Walking Dead movie news, there’s a Rogue One Tv show for the streaming channel, Jeremy Irons is attached to Watchmen at HBO, Shrek is back, Grant Morrison inks a deal for the Invisibles, there’s Breaking Bad mo ...…
N.C. State women's basketball coach, Wes Moore, joins Adam Gold to discuss the problems with his Dallas Cowboys, how his teams have been able to finish seasons ranked higher than they started and how he's been able to play at a high level year in a year out.
ESPN's Bomani Jones joins Adam & Joe to talk Duke Men's Basketball's opener against Kentucky, NC State losing late to Wake Forest, and the Panthers loss to the Steelers.
Elon Men's Basketball Coach, Matt Matheny, joins Adam and Joe to discuss hosting North Carolina in their new arena and the impact the new arena has on the program and fans.
Veteran sports writer and author, Mike Lupica, joins Adam and Joe to discuss his new book, Eli Manning, the FBI's investigation into college basketball and more.
Duke football coach, David Cutcliffe, joins Adam and Joe to discuss what it was like playing in a rain storm in Miami, what scares him about UNC, his assessment of Daniel Jones this year and "Coastal Chaos."
On episode 66.2, Dennis and fellow RetroZapper Kendall Schroeder discuss the latest from Resistance: "The Children from Tehar."
We "take the risk" with the gaming geektress herself REDinFamy to talk about black female characters and how they could be done better.
SPIDER! Get rid of SPIDER! Step on Spider! SPIDER! We love you Spider! Team Tardis (that doesn't sound right) arrives back home only to find the place crawling with big spiders and Mr. Big. Eight legs, but only thirteen minutes to discuss ARACHNIDS IN THE UK! Become a supporter of this podcast:…
"Level Two" means more suffering for Oliver at the hands of the doctor, and Star City faces danger from Diaz and some mysterious arsonists on Green Justice: An Arrow Podcast!
[School of Movies 2018] In an alternate future New York a thousand gang members from a hundred gangs convene to hear one man speak about ending their petty conflicts, and unifying against the police. His assassination is blamed on one hapless group, who head home to Coney Island with everyone else on their tail. The world this puts forward beca ...…
Directed by Olivia Martin-McGuire, China Love takes us on a billion-dollar ride of fantasy exploring contemporary China through the window of the pre-wedding photography industry. Following couples as they navigate love, weddings and family in preparation for their upcoming marriage, the film also highlights the incredible changes taking place ...…
This week’s episode has a two-part question about the difference between comic books and graphic novels (if there is one), as well as wanting to know what options are out there for people who want to read about the Marvel Universe in straight prose, rather than words and art together. Finally, another famous catchphrase gets its origins explain ...…
Widely accepted as one of the greatest Spider-Man stories ever told, Kraven’s Last Hunt is the feature of this week’s thrilling episode! Adam and Kurtis go through these six issues in detail and get into the mind of Kraven the Hunter and why this story has stayed relevant thirty years later! Issues discussed: Web of Spider-Man #31-32, Amazing S ...…
The voice of the Carolina Hurricanes, John Forslund, joins Adam and Joe to preview the Canes and Blackhawks, discuss the road trip and lineup changes. college football writer, Chip Patterson, joins Adam and Joe to review the latest CFB Playoff rankings, scenarios for N.C. State to get a New Year's six bowl game and to pick games for the weekend.'s ACC Insider, Lauren Brownlow, joins Adam and Joe to discuss Jay Bilas' most recent comments about NCAA amateurism, the Panthers/Steelers game and N.C. State's Thursday night clash with Wake Forest.
The TARDIS takes the visitors to a crucial turning point in American history. Can the group (and the creative team) navigate this pivotal moment, or will they make a mess of it? Thirteen minutes isn't enough for this episode, but it's what we have. Become a supporter of this podcast:…
Were the Jedi sincere in their pursuit of balancing the Force? Luke Skywalker didn't seem to think so in The Last Jedi when describing the Jedi Order to an impressionable Rey. He sees balance as allowing for light and dark to co-exist, compliment and challenge the other. How far can one take this before people get hurt?…
Complete audio from the Green Book press conference. Green Book was the winner of the Grolsch People's Choice Award at TIFF 2018.
The voice of the ACC, Wes Durham, joins Adam and Joe to discuss Duke's dominant win over Kentucky, the latest CFB Playoff rankings and what it will take for N.C. State to get in a New Years' Six bowl.
Mike DeCourcy of The Sporting News joins Adam and Joe to discuss Duke's dominant win over Kentucky to open the season, why college basketball is better with one and done players and if Cam Reddish would be a number one option on every other team in the country.
Dave and Mikey invite Terry Weaver on to discuss the movies that helped shape who we are with a great discussion of Coming of Age films.
Dallas and Lee are reunited and share their film reviews, experiences and W.T.F moments from the 2018 London Film Festival and the MCM Comic Con.
Roseanne is dead. Long live Roseanne. We're talking about The Conners, another show in the "Roseanne" universe. This is the last one, we promise!By (
Troy tells a crazy story that happened to him involving being woken up by gun fire and helicopters-- This Week in Geek--Bob Saget returns to America's Funniest Home Videos--Red Dead 2 sales are through the roof--Boy Meets World actor fends off home invader--Birds of Prey movie casts it's villain--Gladiator 2 is happening apparently--Diablo is n ...…
This week on FIC, club members discuss witchy women, oppression via suppression, and the complexities of identity in “Hex Wives” and “Sex Death Revolution”.
Join Paul and Morgan as they discuss the fifth episode of Doctor Who series 11, The Tsuranga Conundrum.
REJOICE MISCREANTS!Join Paul and Morgan as they discuss episode four of Jodie Whittaker's first Doctor Who series, Arachnids in the UK.
Shane and Virginia watch and review Dr. Strangelove.By (
Dana Cox joins us today to share his struggle from the rugged tough life of a logger to the bounty of the Bering Sea. Dana shares a very unique view of the struggle from a week to week check to the freedom to enjoy time with his family. For such a young man he has quite the story!
The dark imagination of a young boy appears in the funny papers as a dark mystery is revealed through special sunglasses. From snowmen to aliens, TechnoRetro Dads is really ‘80s this week!What sound does a snowman make when he screams? Calvin would know. Calvin and Hobbes, by Bill Watterson, filled our heads with ideas and our voices with laugh ...…
Have you ever really wanted to know what goes on in the mind of today's teens? Not just 'what are they thinking?' but how they feel about life's issues? About truth? About where God is in the world today? At long last, ScreenFish is proud to announce teenFish, a new podcast series that lets teenagers speak about media that matters to them in th ...…
Join your hosts Joey, Nathan and Kelly in the "Animanicast!" A podcast dedicated to the classic 90's cartoon show Animaniacs! Today Nathan, Kelly, and Joey discuss Animaniacs episode 94 where the Warners take on a pair of abusive magicians in "Magic Time" and Pinky musically attempts to be "The Brain's Apprentice."…
This week's episode of the DorkLair collecting podcast is sponsored by, the store for all your nerdish needs. Bill and Chris cover the latest action figure news including a variety of Hasbro European reveals as well as Mezco, Mondo, and ThreeZero. Bill goes over some tips and strategies in The Master of the Hunt. And the hosts review th ...…
Kev and Ruby jump into the booth to let everyone that the lads are heading to Scotland Comic Con For the Love of 80s next weekend Nov 10 - 11th to see some of there favourite stars and icons of the 80s. That's right Edinburgh will be graced by a whole host of legends including "The Hoff" himself. Flash Gordon's Sam Jones. A bunch of the Battles ...…
We’ve been threatening it for years, and this Halloween week is the perfect time to make it happen. You know it. You love it. You’ve never heard a commentary track like this! This week “Movies the Podcast” is back, and Chris and Joe watch the 1987 classic The Monster Squad. We learned a lot of things with this screening, mostly about Burger Kin ...…
Venom (2018) Tom Hardy as our favorite Marvel Comics alien symbiotic anti-hero!
We talk about some stuff we've been watching and things that have been happening in the news.By (
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