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Car Talk
America's funniest auto mechanics take calls from weary car owners all over the country, and crack wise while they diagnose Dodges and dismiss Diahatsus. You don't have to know anything about cars to love this one hour weekly laugh fest.
Talking Cars (MP3)
Join our experts at the Consumer Reports Test Track as they discuss cars, answer buying questions, and share insights on everything automotive.
Let's Talk About Cars, Yo! is a show where we discuss all things automotive in a personal, fan-engaging way. Get ready for laughs, tears, and many "WTF DID THEY JUST SAY?!" moments!!!
Talking Cars (HQ)
Join our experts at the Consumer Reports Test Track as they discuss cars, answer buying questions, and share insights on everything automotive.
Entertaining, empowering and educating the automotive community with host Frank Leutz.
The Car Show with Dale Donovan, weekends on 55KRC
MSL Car Talk
MSL Car Talk brings you all the latest industry news you need to know about and some you don’t! Featuring facts, opinions and light hearted banter from the guys and girls at MSL Vehicle Solutions.
Ron Ananian, The Car Doctor, discusses all aspects of auto repair - from doing it yourself to what your mechanic may or may not be doing correctly to keep your car on the road.
Car Talk
This podcast is intended to make your car ride and entire day just a little bit more bearable!
Join Open Line every month for interviews with unique automotive personalities. Co-hosts Michelle Naranjo of Autobytel and Chelsea Sexton the EV expert lead the charge and then invite the audience to get involved. To participate, join us LIVE on the first Tuesday of every month at
Late Car Talks
Welcome to the Late Car Talks podcast, where dumb stupid happens.
Touring Car Talk
Keeping an eye on Touring Cars in the UK and around the world with regular interviews with drivers and news with the TCR Guru
Talking About Cars with Randy Kerdoon
Home of the first 93 episodes of the award winning "Talking About Cars" podcasts and teasers for episodes 94 and beyond! LISTEN to our new podcasts on,, our website! don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!! And follow us on social media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!! email us at
BS Car Talk
Casual Car Talk
Talking about intakes and life experiences that are ridiculous
Ru's Car Talk
Ask Ru any questions concerning automotive maintenance and troubleshooting
Northern Colorado's home for local news, sports and weather
Auto Off Topic
Auto Off Topic is a weekly podcast where we talk cars, adventures with cars or anything that might be related to cars. We’ll even have the occasional guest.This is a cautionary podcast about rusty bolts, blown head gaskets, snapped timing belts, spun bearings and janky wiring. We'll share the highs and lows of old car/project car ownership. It won't be all horror; in the Spring, Summer, and Fall, we actually drive some interesting cars when they aren't broken and do some fun things with them ...
Each week, we gather a roundtable of experts from the Digital Trends Staff to discuss all things tech. Topics range from the big tech stories of the week to predicting the future, all while maintaining a somewhat civil decorum. Tech should be a tool to better our lives and create incredible experiences. We help get you there.
Car Balls Talk
Car Balls Talk is the audio podcast from, hosted by Willy Appelman and Mike TM. Comedy, New York, cars, balls, car balls, etc. Kicking cars in the balls since 2009.
CAR Sports Talk
Fun sports talk with three average guys who give hot takes and argue like it’s their job
The Consumer Connection to the Automotive Lifestyle on Commercial Radio, Live Videocast, Podcasts, Television, American Forces Radio Network, Print and the Internet!
Welcome to the Car Talk "inside the mind of a mechanic" We will be discussing All Automotive topics from maintenance check engine lights and everything in between. To help you understand what your tech is talking about.
I'm here just to help men do better with women and getting towards there goals
Hosted by automotive expert Rick Titus, Drivers Talk Radio is a broad-reaching program that discusses the automotive industry in an informative and entertaining fashion.
Ten Tenths Podcast
The Ten Tenths Podcast is hosted by Michael Beck, Adam Nielsen and Robbie Vierhout. This podcast is intended to be a public forum where these three petrolheads with vastly differing automotive preference discuss their racing experiences, shame each other for poor automotive choices and generally have fun while talking about cars.
Ron Ananian, The Car Doctor, discusses all aspects of auto repair - from doing it yourself to what your mechanic may or may not be doing correctly to keep your car on the road.
Subscribing to this podcast feed is like inviting a garbage truck to back up to your porch and dump its entire load on your steps. You won't know exactly when the truck will arrive, but once you hear the beeps you'll know that it is far too late to do anything about it.
Nightline is broadcast 9-11pm Monday through Wednesday on DubaiEye 103.8 FM. DIYradio, CarTalk, TechTalk, CarClinic, GetFitRadio and The Indie Music Jukebox that is what Nightline is all about. This the best late night English language talk radio in the Middle East.
A car show for car enthusiasts. We talk all car topics, events and news, as well as having a laugh! We have an automotive quiz once a week to which one guest will be in the hot seat answering car questions to find the smartest car enthusiast. Join me Matty J every week for Car Torque, the car show from Australia.
Rob Kibbe and Mike Finnegan: Talking Cars, Movies, and The Dukes of Hazzard!
Maps and Writings talking some trash.
This show isn't for everyone.
A podcast by Taylor Martin and Nick Gray about living a simpler life and exploring the world while you do it.
Talking About You with ESTRA is a car accident radio show which shares the problems and solutions of Insurance Policyholders dealing with Insurance Companies, Employee Benefits, Social Security Disability, and other concerns such as Disability Surveillance which occur after a collision. Listen every Saturday Night at 7:00 pm PST. Call the host at (718) 766-4385 during the show to share comments and experiences. Join in for honest talk with honest answers. Find over 100+ podcast on Blog Talk ...
Pleasure Lab
Musings on the erotic from Amy and Zed of Body Trust. Think the Cartalk of the erotic.
Car and Driver magazine brings its irreverent and no-holds-barred take on cars and the happenings in the automotive world. Hear straight talk from Car and Driver’s top editors replete with their unique brand humor and expert insight, which has made Car and Driver the leader in automotive news.
Talking Tesla
Mel Herbert, Tom Wolfson and Robert Rosenbloom talk about the cars, the batteries, the superchargers, the rumours, the stock price, anything and everything Tesla.
The Dork Forest
Dork on Dork Dialog with Jackie Kashian. I am interested in whatever dorky thing you want to talk about. Guests speak to their love of books, TV, Movies, Comic books, websites, food, wrestling, cars, action figures and bees. There is room for all in The Dork Forest. This is a safe space. Credits: Music composed and performed by Mike Ruekberg (Sarah Cohen on intro) Audio fixes by Patrick Brady Website design by Vilmos
Analogue Podcast
You should listen to this...
Cheap Date Show
Food, Wine, and Fun in Chicago and Suburbs!
The show for those who are more than just car enthusiasts, but are also enthusiasts for the automotive industry. Join us as we talk shop with the top designers, chief engineers and product planners about the latest vehicles they’re bringing to the market.
Wes Carroll's Puzzler
Easy to visualize but challenging to solve: that's the kind of math puzzle you get here, one per episode. (Do you love the Car Talk Puzzler too? Yeah, that's what I'm trying for here, only with even more of a math bent.)
Transmission Radio
Car talk about automatic transmissioin repair. Call in with questions about your vehicles transmission for an expert opinion on repairs and suggestions for Peoples Transmission certified shops in your area.
Developers get together as often as possible and discuss topics about coding and all that comes with it. These topics range from what we are reading, latest news, and comments about other podcasts we have listened to. "It’s like Car Talk for developers" @ericjsilva
The Auto Committee
The Auto Committee is the best place to listen to all things car culture, auto industry, and motorsports related. Zach Miller and Gary Crawford discuss current happenings in the automotive world, from the latest supercars to stories of unqiue aftermarket builds and everything in between
Awake in the World Podcast is a library of talks on a wide-range of topics, including bringing mindfulness and meditation practice into daily life; personal and community issues regarding mental health; and social change. The podcasts are recorded at live events so you might hear coughing, airplanes, cars, sirens, laughter, and peoples’ questions—all part of the intimate experience. Michael Stone was an internationally-recognized Buddhist teacher, author, host of the Awake in the World podca ...
Two of Portland's greatest pizza makers dish out pizza advice, interview fellow pizza lovers, gossip, and giggle through this award-lacking podcast.
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It's no secret that company cultures have changed massively in the last 10, 20, 30 years. As a result, so has the required approach for the 20-something year old in landing his or her dream job (or any job).I sit down with Uber's Engagement Officer, Dive Shae to talk about his approach to landing a job at an innovative, and forward looking comp ...…
Lydia Jarjoura is the creatress behind Lunar Nourishment: a women's empowerment platform. Through online training courses and private guidance, Lydia helps women remember ancient wisdom about their bodies and their cycles, so they can reconnect to themselves.Lunar Nourishment helps women live in alignment with their natural rhythms by providing ...…
This week, Brent, Erik, Tara, and Richie are back in action again to and are discussing sys.dm_db usage stats, Availability Group troubleshooting, ASYNC Network IO issue, reasons for using a contained database, whether you need to add more CPUs if facing THREADPOOL (or is it Deadpool?) waits, auto-tiering tempdb, and query tuning. Here’s the vi ...…
Regina Holliday, activist and artist, comprehensive introduction to her work from Antidote. Cinderblocks, the conference she organizes every year in the mountains of western Maryland: HEADLINES HEADLINES HEADLINES!Pa ...…
Hello my lovelies! In today's podcast I sat down with Carly MacIssac, author of the new poetry book "One Thousand Matches". We talk about everything from her book, to ideas on how to balance your social media time with real life in order to sustain your sanity (LOL). Give it a listen. To support this podcast go to: ...…
Ep 02 Even paladin Last episode Introduced myselfBasic coverage of HearthstoneHow do we learn?What is tiltLadder system adaptationPlans for the future This episode Go through adaptDeckbuilding approachMana and manacurveBuild Paladin Even dudesTilt, anger regarding emotes and roping Hearthstone and new expansion from deckbuilding perspective Tim ...…
Welcome to Episode 89 Both Skazz and Bard have been playing Shroud Of The Avatar, primary developed by Richard Garriott of the Ultima series. An MMO with offline features. The pair discuss the game virtues, and the annoyance of games trying to guess your preferred class. As well as crazy fall damage and weird looking NPC’s TheSuffolkRam has bee ...…
Click on the link below to discover the most valuable skill to view when making money online! today I want to talk about the classic sales technique known as the lowballing the psychology, how it works and why it's so effective. I used to sale cars so I am going to apply the lowball technique for selling vehicles. What h ...…
Couple of stories to share with you - one from yesterday taking my car in for simple oil change. Right from the heart – compassion that people should have for each other. The other I heard from a podcast - listen to John O'Leary's podcast here: ...…
Episode 466: 05-17-18 Digitizing Car Buying Our favorite car guy, Larry Zinn, General Manager and Partner at Warren Henry Automotive in Miami, FL, returns to talk about all things automotive, including the concept of digitizing car buying. PACE Financing for Commercial Real Estate Adam Lipkin is Executive Director for Counterpointe Sustainable ...…
In today's episode, I talk about how cars will soon be the death of me...
This week's podcast takes a swift turn off the usual road, as the discussion heads for the elusive B movie. No, not bee, B. That gobby broad Bianca is the host, and joined by wise-guy Steve and double-crossing Rob. They dig the dirt on the movies they class as B movies, using a shovel so big it'll make your eyes pop out. They also pick some of ...…
Click on the link below to view the Number 1 skill to earn money online!, today I want to talk about psychology tricks to get someone to like you when it comes to marketing and sales not with romance. One of the marketers I most admire is Joe Girard. Do you know who Joe Girard is? Well, he was a car salesman, but not ju ...…
Legendary musician Steve Hackett joins us for this lengthy interview upon completion of his North and South America tour, which mixed songs from his vast solo repertoire with selections from Genesis’ history. Steve continues to create new music at a steady pace, releasing studio and live albums to much acclaim and success. He just released the ...…
Elias and Sean talk about automation – from systems of human-based automation that have existed from ages past to the scripts that run on their computing devices today. Links and Show Notes xkcd: Algorithms Lotus 1-2-3 - Wikipedia Gaussian Elimination - Wikipedia A Time to Gain, a Time to Lose - All this Dr. Drang (@Drdrang) | Twitter xkcd: Aut ...…
Learn where the name President Unicorn comes from. Travis and Ian discuss more facts about turkeys. Ian talks about why the Cars movies bug him, and Travis use to drive a forklift.
This episode is the second of our two-part coverage of the LA Classic Auto Show (Saturday & Sunday). OCMC wins the best club award for the 2nd consecutive year, plus two members walked away with prizes for best in show! We continue our coverage of the LA Classic Auto Show. Bringing you show coverage from Saturday and Sunday. Stacey shares with ...…
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today! Lucy Lawless joins us to talk Motor City Comic Con, our surprise UK Royal Wedding correspondent serenades Harry & Meghan, sassy Gary Graff gives us the lowdown on Jackson 5 Drive, Plus: pissy Miguel Cabrera, a local #MeToo, & radio memories. Meghan Markle cares about her Dad ...…
Dr. Phillip H. McArthur is the Dean of College of Arts and Humanities at BYU-Hawaii. He studies folklore and cultural anthropology. His main focus in the Marshall Islands. On this episode, we talk about the smells of books and how storytelling affects identity and power.Welcome to Xeno Podcast, where co-hosts Carly Stone and Jackson Grubbe talk ...…
Jared and David bust out the ‘Ronas and talk about the highly controversial 3rd installment in the Fast and Furious franchise. As per usual they discuss favorite lines, moments, cars, and even give some news regarding the upcoming 2020 film, Fast 9.
Computers have cracked what makes a great pop song. After analysing more than half a million songs, an algorithm was able to sort out which were the successful songs with an accuracy of up to 86 percent. Sucessful songs were happier, brighter, more danceable and less sad. We ask the panelists what songs they like and whether they agree with the ...…
Episode watched: #110 "Sharp Shot! This Is Fujiko!" In this episode, we find one of the most hackneyed of sci-fi tropes used for some of the most buckwild bullshit possible. Also, everyone gets naked! This week we talk about a podcast invasion, slain by bees, Jess Hero Academia, repeated Aggretsuko facts, Bazi Bermany, constable Dracula, just s ...…
55 Palestinians have been killed and over 1,000 injured by Israeli forces since the ‘Great March of Return’ protests began on March 30 2018. The rallies are part of a six-week protest to mark what Palestinians refer to as the Nakba" or "catastrophe" - a reference to Israel's establishment in 1948 and when 750,000 Arabs were forcibly removed fro ...…
IMS Historian Donald Davidson is back once again as nighly editions of "The Talk of Gasoline Alley" roll on. Tonight, Donald profiles car owner Jim Trueman, and how he spent some of his finals days at Indianapolis, watching his car and Bobby Rahal take the checkered flag.
Tim Got a Dingle Tim and db make another show! Talking about movies like we do (Tim is seeing Solo soon!), cars, like we do, some Netflix picks and Tim shares how hard it is to get fired from a TV show. You don't want to miss this one! If you have an idea for Fireball's next coloring book, comments are open! Let him know what you want to see be ...…
On the second episode of Dad Awkward, Cory talks about a doomed car trip alone with his two-year-old and three-month-old, getting parenting tips from a survival guide and how parenting really can’t be hard, being out and about with an in-potty-training toddler, and a nursery rhyme he couldn’t quite get through.…
Paul Saliba was once described as a man of fire. His dance and choreographic work possesses a sense of energy, light and warmth. The man himself is excitable, committed and vital. A conversation with Paul is enlightening and re-affirming. He talks to STAGES about his time with The Australian Ballet, the car accident that could have put an end t ...…
::: ^ clickable ^ ::: ::: DØWNLOAD | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE TO "LIQUIDE SESSIONS" ON ITUNES PØDCAST OR GOOGLE PLAY ... ENJØY! *** if yøutube & pødcast links are not working >>> live recørding is in process *** |:::|:::|::: :::|:::|:::| ::: 2016 HONORABLE MENTIONS::: Waterparks: Double Dare So I am a sucker for pop and when I heard the beginning of # ...…
In our first episode of a side show I plan on trying out for a while, we do a "nostalgia trip". Matt and I hop in a car, and I drive him around the area where I grew up and we talk about stories at each of the houses that I grew up in and around when I was younger, and we touch a bit on future plans as we wind down the pod and head home for the ...…
To: Audience From: LPolice Radio Date: May 17, 2018 Subject: Episode # 35 Police Week LP News CountDown: An aspiring New Jersey musician’s twisted desire to join ISIS cost him his freedom this week. Inmate overpowers deputy, escapes NYPD sergeant suing Starbucks after violent encounter Main Topic: Host Alpha Mike talks about currently police mi ...…
To: Audience From: LPolice Radio Date: May 17, 2018 Subject: Episode # 35 Police Week LP News CountDown: An aspiring New Jersey musician’s twisted desire to join ISIS cost him his freedom this week. Inmate overpowers deputy, escapes NYPD sergeant suing Starbucks after violent encounter Main Topic: Host Alpha Mike talks about currently police mi ...…
The guys discuss the historical impact of George Washington Carver, pitch ideas for their forthcoming nude calendar, and invent a pricing game called “How Many Drew Carey’s?” Oh…and eventually they talk about a TV show in which a man’s mother is reincarnated as a 1928 Porter automobile. Follow and chat with us on Twitter: @tackyslacks, @funnyni ...…
WASSSUUUUPPP PODCAST HOMIES!Back again with another fulfilling rant.Here I talk about how I take some pride in not being the type of person who likes or needs to spend their money on typical/stereotypical materialistic things the way my contemporaries do or the way most in my generation do. Its statistically what's expected of me and my youth, ...…
We get our first suggested topic!! This week we talk about McDonald's Happy Meal Toys and a very daring tale of how one man tried finding the *Teenie Beanie Crab. Like usual we get off topic and talk about Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, Timmy the Tooth, and Land Before Time (that one is a bit depressing) then we bring it back to happy meals somehow. * ...…
On this episode of MotorCult, Erik and Ryan welcome Khoua from Drive Cartel on the podcast for our standard guest questions, we talk the rolls royce cullinan, the aston martin lagonda model series, and hot or not econo cars before kicking off the odd engineering weekly topic.
Jen, Annie and Lauren sit down with Jacqueline Stickle, a registered dietitian with expertise in the area of school nutrition and community health. They discuss nutrition education for kids, how to evaluate how good it is and how to help foster healthy relationships with foods for our kids. Listen in and learn about: What to look for in your ch ...…
On this special two-part installment of Gut Reactions, Eric will be talking about a true crime story that has captured interest like few others – leading to countless film interpretations including The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Psycho, and Silence of the Lambs. But he is not alone. He is joined by two hosts from Everything Trying to Kill You: Ma ...…
Description of Show Today the boys talk all about collars, their meaning and symbolism, the good and the bad! Show Notes Paws for the News *Sings* “The man in Spain was raised by wolves“ Let’s hang out in a car and get to know each other. Take off your shirt. Grindr isn’t a secure place. Shocking. You don’t need to be a unicorn to poop with thi ...…
In this episode of EV20Questions Euan McTurk talks about electric vehicles and batteries. Electric vehicle battery engineer and Electro chemist has a home town of Dundee in Scotland. Related to @Shes_Electric who we have already heard from in EV20Q-10. His daily driver is a 24kWh Leaf and is happy with the service it gives him. Euan has a Peuge ...…
This episode on the Gut Goddess Show is a little different. It's more of a rallying cry. A prompting from my spirit. And a message women DESPERATELY need to hear. I know in chatting with hundreds of women about there health that one of the biggest obstacles to them seeing the changes and results in their bodies is the inability to put their nee ...…
This episode on the Gut Goddess Show is a little different. It's more of a rallying cry. A prompting from my spirit. And a message women DESPERATELY need to hear. I know in chatting with hundreds of women about there health that one of the biggest obstacles to them seeing the changes and results in their bodies is the inability to put their nee ...…
var tpj=jQuery; tpj.noConflict(); var revapi16; tpj(document).ready(function() { if(tpj('#rev_slider_16_1').revolution == undefined) revslider_showDoubleJqueryError('#rev_slider_16_1'); else revapi16 = tpj('#rev_slider_16_1').show().revolution( { dottedOverlay:"none", delay:0, startwidth:960, startheight:475, hideThumbs:200, thumbWidth:100, thu ...…
Greetings, Geeks! Welcome back to season two of Game on Girl! I have an amazing interview this week with Matisse Fletcher from the Living Computers Museum + Labs in Seattle, Washington. Matisse shares with us her journey to becoming an event planner for the museum and talks about what it's like to have a job that combines a variety of skills in ...…
John Lee Dumas was succeeding in real estate in southern California, hustling and creating a profitable system. Spending so much time in his car, he quickly got tired of listening to talk radio. That’s when switched on iTunes and discovered the opportunity of a lifetime. He founded and hosted Entrepreneurs On Fire, an award-winning podcast feat ...…
Kanye West has taken time form posting controversial tweets to retreat to Wyoming to finish his album - a move that experts say is a good one. A change of scenery can apprently spark greater creativity and improve happiness. The panelists discuss how they break out of their own ruts. What the Panelists Tim Watkin and Penny Ashton want to talk a ...…
Bill, Jay, and Jessica are joined by comedian Noah Houlihan to talk about his very particular niche in the comedy world: performing at Comic-Cons, Anime Conventions, and other "nerd-heavy" places. It's a fascinating look at an interesting subculture... that Jay, of course, messes up by being stupid. You don't want to miss this one! Special than ...…
Riff On's co-host Eric D. (@HopSnobbery) is joined by Pauly V (@varricc) to launch Episode 007, talking everything right off the top of their head. From music and CDs and Spotify to radio, maps and television. Pauly V. visits the Riff On studio in Colchester, Vermont for the very first time. Left alone in the studio, he admires some of the artw ...…
In yet another Coast-To-Coast edition Amanda and Jackie from the Guilty Pleasure Podcast stop by the Dare To Be GR8 Bombshelter to weigh in on Hungry Howies upset bid over #1 Seed Papa Johns!! These ladies are making moves in Los Angeles, but they have some bold thoughts on the trash pizza game. Check out their shows social media pages and give ...…
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