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Car Talk
America's funniest auto mechanics take calls from weary car owners all over the country, and crack wise while they diagnose Dodges and dismiss Diahatsus. You don't have to know anything about cars to love this one hour weekly laugh fest.
Entertaining, empowering and educating the automotive community with host Frank Leutz.
Join Open Line every month for interviews with unique automotive personalities. Co-hosts Michelle Naranjo of Autobytel and Chelsea Sexton the EV expert lead the charge and then invite the audience to get involved. To participate, join us LIVE on the first Tuesday of every month at
The Car Show with Dale Donovan, weekends on 55KRC
MSL Car Talk
MSL Car Talk brings you all the latest industry news you need to know about and some you don’t! Featuring facts, opinions and light hearted banter from the guys and girls at MSL Vehicle Solutions.
Touring Car Talk
Keeping an eye on Touring Cars in the UK and around the world with regular interviews with drivers and news with the TCR Guru
BS Car Talk
Car Ride Car Talk
Welcome to the Car Ride Car Talk podcast, where amazing things happen.
Ru's Car Talk
Ask Ru any questions concerning automotive maintenance and troubleshooting
Car Talk
This podcast is intended to make your car ride and entire day just a little bit more bearable with great conversation you can ride to! #thinkaboutit
Welcome to the Car Talk "inside the mind of a mechanic" We will be discussing All Automotive topics from maintenance check engine lights and everything in between. To help you understand what your tech is talking about.
Casual Car Talk
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Whether you have looked for a how to video of broken stuff around the house, like a toilet or a particular pesky stove problem–or a brand new purchase of your favorite new camera unboxing and instructional video —CAR REPAIR may ALSO be one of those categories that you may have had some YouTube guidance from time to time. If you’ve searched the ...…
This week on The Best of Car Talk, Reid wants to save his Audi's transmission by flushing it, but his mechanic thinks the gunk is the only thing keeping the tranny from self-destructing. Will Tom and Ray embrace the debris theory? Elsewhere, Colleen's dad used the "break brake-in' theory" to insist he had to drive the family to the movies. Was ...…
On this week’s garage challenge we were surprised ~ this hardly ever happens . How would you handle if it were a large repair that was already completed? The post Garage Challenge: Vehicle REPO During Inspection appeared first on Wrench Nation.
This WED Car Talk Show Topic announcement w EricTheCarGuy special guest ~ giveaways & upcoming events ~ join us live from Inside the Garage The post Facebook Live Show Announcement W/EricTheCarGuy appeared first on Wrench Nation.
F -22 Raptor Fighter Jet 2 Million lines of code Boeing 787 ~ 14 Million lines of code 2018 Ford F 150 ~ 100 Million lines of code Vehicles are becoming extremely complex to diagnose and repair ~ We investigate the sophisticated training required to diagnose today’s modern day vehicles ~ the critical investment of ongoing education required vs ...…
10/13/18: Dale answers all of your automotive questions at 513-749-5500.
This week on The Best of Car Talk, Rick has lots of reasons to justify adding a supercharger to his Miata. Unfortunately, they're all harebrained. Will the wisdom of baseball legend Ted Williams help dissuade Rick, or does a mid-life crisis trump all? Speaking of harebrained, Cheryl's brother is driving around with a rotted gas tank, and the fu ...…
On this week’s garage challenge -we arent dealing with broken compressors or vehicles that wont behave right—THIS particular item has all to do with the HEALTH of everything in your garage. Are you prepared ? TAP THE LINK HERE and SUBSCRIBE-MENTION MARKETING– (will only keep this available for the first 25 emails) —I will send you a FREE copy. ...…
Media co-ordinator for TCR UK and commentator for TCR Europe Mark James joined Phil Kinch on Touring Car Talk to discuss the championship's first ever season in the UK and what might be in store for the final round at Donington and even what could be ahead in the 2019 season.
We reveal the TOP dastardly used car con trickery !! Avoid buying a LEMON ~ Arm yourself up BEFORE you buy a used vehicle & LEARN about these TRICKS used car peddlers don’t want you to know! Special guest Master Mechanic Kris Bowdren of the The KAR Shop. The post Trick or Treat? How to Avoid a Craigslist Used Car Lemon appeared first on Wrench ...…
Facebook Live: 10/8/18 Join us live from Inside the Garage ~this week’s Car Talk Show Topic & your chance at these October giveaways did we mention KIA w BMW grill? The post Facebook Live 10/8/18 appeared first on Wrench Nation.
Garage Challenge: It seems like a huge struggle when sourcing quality rotating electric & power steering parts from the aftermarket ~ what brands do you go with here? Are you sourcing from the dealer? The post Inside The Garage: Struggle When Sourcing Quality… appeared first on Wrench Nation.
10/6/18: Dane fills in for his vacationing father and answers your automotive questions at 513-749-5500.
Facebook Live: 10/1/18 Join us as we take you inside the studio before we tape the show! Special Giveaway announcements & show topic ~Shady Used Car salespeople get nervous as we reveal the trickery to Save you $$$$$. The post Facebook Live: 10/1/18 appeared first on Wrench Nation.
If we listen and read to understand, our lives will ALL be better!
Incarceration: Breaking the Vicious Cycle The vicious cycle of incarceration is real and raw. We connect with @Larry Witherspoon Jr of the Automotive Training Center who is making a difference through an automotive educational program that gives many that have been incarcerated an opportunity to work and thrive in their communities. The post Co ...…
9/29/18: Dale answers all of your automotive questions at 513-749-5500.
It can be so frustrating when you get a bad review & don’t have an opportunity to correct. This week’s garage challenge question ~ How are you handling these type of #reviews? Remember to stay tuned as we connect with @Larry Witherspoon Jr of the Automotive Training Center Join us for the LIVE show WED 4PM AZ –LISTEN LIVE ...…
“The SUCKING chest like wound” on this Audi A7 ~ Show Topic Special announcement & BIG October giveaways ~ Join us LIVE from Inside the Garage. Tune in Wed 4pmAZ LIVE for the Car Talk Show The post Facebook Live 9/24/18 appeared first on Wrench Nation.
Hot Wheels: The History & National Tour Growing up with the oddball hot rod version or the cool looking muscle car – Hot Wheels gave most of us a way to be part of car culture and compete with home made built race tracks and our favorite collectibles racing down the back yard or living room speedway. Join us as we are honored to have the legend ...…
9/22/18: Dale broadcasts LIVE from his new and second shop in Kenwood/Blue Ash. He's joined by son Dane Donovan, Eric Pohlman as well as many of his sponsors.
Inside The Garage: This Week’s Car Talk Show Topic We were hit with a surprise this week in the garage that we weren’t prepared for & have ourselves to blame here…What are you doing to prevent this from happening in your garage? #Comment below! The post Inside The Garage: This Week’s Car Talk Show Topic 9/19/18 appear ...…
Facebook Live: 9/18/2018 Join us from Inside the Garage ~ this week’s show topic & the extreme overheat episode on this Honda. #Tag someone that needs to tune in! #Cartalk The post Facebook Live: 9/18/2018 appeared first on Wrench Nation.
Dale answers all of your automotive questions and gives tips on how to maintain and improve your automotive experience. Also, Donovan's Auto is celebrating their anniversary and they will be doing a remote on September 22,2018 at Donovan's Auto at the Kenwood Rd. Location.
Stress Free Auto Buying Most of us can agree –buying a used car at the dealer can be a long winded process. Did I get a fair price? Am I getting the finance rate that my credit deserves? With so many options available online, we have Amy O Hara with CARVANA in studio to discuss the benefits of skipping the dealer and giving you the power to pur ...…
Garage Challenge Question 9/12/18 Are you investing in this critical area of your #garage? Get in the #comments as we would love your input here!! Remember to tune in today at 4PM AZ. We’re talking with Carvana –LISTEN LIVE The post Garage Challenge Question 9/12/18 appeared first on Wrench Nation.…
This week’s show topic & this no crank no start situation ~ join us! Shout out to this weeks COMMUNITY GARAGE! Louie Gomez of Prescott Tire Pros and Automotive Service Special guest Amy O Hara of Carvana this WED at 4pmAZ LISTEN LIVE at The post Facebook Live 9/10/18 appeared first on Wrench Nation.…
The Best Family Vehicles We dive in to some of the best family vehicles to purchase by simply sharing the vehicles we don’t see often in the garage with expensive mechanical drama. This by no means is an official list –but simply put –if it’s in the garage too many times for ridiculous amounts of repairs that were not attributed to shear neglec ...…
9/8/18: Dane fills in for father Dale and answers your car questions at 513-749-5500.
Garage challenge: We had some difficulty with the strength of WIFI signal throughout the garage while performing our BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY inspections! Here’s what helped ~ What are you doing in your garage for WIFI? Are you protected? #Comment below! The post Garage Challenge 9/5/18 appeared first on Wrench Nation.…
Inside The Garage: This Week’s Car Talk Show Topic Stop by & say hello! This week’s Car Talk show topic & announcements live from Inside the Garage. JOIN US for the LIVE SHOW WED 4PM AZ –LISTEN LIVE Call in during the show 480 655 8870! The post Inside The Garage: This Week’s Car Talk Show Topic appeared first on Wrench N ...…
Emphasize the BUSINESS of the black business instead of "black." Only then will a trust and rapport be developed to form returning customers.
Sophisticated Technology -The Network Under the Hood The technology under the hood of your vehicle is complex and quite frankly very electronically involved. The amount of information that is circulating from system to system in your vehicle is enough to make even a seasoned automotive technician get a little nervous about ensuring they get the ...…
9/1/18: Dale is joined by a couple guests in studio for the first half of the show. He also answers your automotive questions at 513-749-5500.
What is up Wrench Nation! In the beginning of the week we gave you a chance to win an EZ RED Memory Saver. We’re excited to announce the winner: Independent Garage Owners of North Carolina! Make sure to be the first one to know about our contest and updates by signing up at: The post EZ RED Memory Saver Contest Winner ...…
Garage Challenge: What Would You Do? This weeks Garage Challenge question –What would you do? After some frustrations for both our garage and the client –we thought we did the right thing in the end. What would you have done differently here? Would love to hear from you! #Share your comments below. The post Garage Challenge: What Would You Do? ...…
Inside The Garage – 8/28/2018 LIVE from Inside the Garage ~ this week’s show topic & guest announcements ~ ALSO what YOU had to say about shop licensing ~ Giveaways & more ~Stop by & say hello! The post Facebook Live “Inside The Garage” 8/27/18 appeared first on Wrench Nation.
BackYard Builds. Style & Design We were super excited to bring to you Brutha JD & his incredible wife Lexi Del Rey of Wrench Wars MAVTV on this weeks Wrench Nation Tv’s Car Talk Show. We dove into the awesome history of bringing the community together at El Rey’s Garage & the fascinating history of how it all started! The post #124 BackYard Bui ...…
8/25/18: Dale answers all of your automotive questions at 513-749-5500.
Get your shocks and struts rebates with KYB. Installing shocks or struts soon? Get your shocks and struts rebates with KYB! Contact a Parts Authority location near you for details! Click the link for parts authority locations: The post #123: Get your shocks and struts rebates with KYB! appeared first on Wrench Nation.…
People have a purpose in your life. Find out what it is handle them accordingly!
Calling all mechanics, service advisers & garage owners. Calling all mechanics, service advisers & garage owners This week’s, “What Would You Do”, Wednesday’s issue from the garage is ~ well ~ craziness! I have never seen this scenario ~ tell me what you would do ~ comment below & keep it clean you maniacs. The post 122: Calling all mechanics, ...…
#121: Inside the Garage – Tariffs! Join us from Inside the Garage ~ this week’s Car Talk Show topic & special guest announcements & TARIFFS ~rising cost of Auto Parts & Service ~ an issue for you? I want your comments about TARIFFS if ya catch the replay –what say you? The post #121: Inside the Garage – Tariffs! appeared first on Wrench Nation.…
Inside The Garage: Why is this Challenger squeaking? A pesky squeak from the rear suspension has the driver of this Dodge extremely annoyed. We investigate the relationship of noise and recent replacement of brand new shocks. The post #120: Inside The Garage: Why is this Challenger squeaking? appeared first on Wrench Nation.…
8/18/18: Dane fills in for his dad and answers your automotive questions at 513-749-5500.
We're all here for a reason, let's find out why!
The Power Of Youth Outreach We had a JAM PACKED show Wrench Posse! We’re bringing the community together for automotive youth programs that are making a big difference. This week we had Executive Director Sergeant Charles Woodruff of DRAGG and Officer Teerink of the DRAGG Phoenix chapter. We will also hear from Ken Vela of WIKD Kustoms, event M ...…
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