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The Elective Rotation - the number 1 ranked Hospital Pharmacy podcast - is created for YOU Pharmacy Nation! If you are a Pharmacy Student, Resident, Pharmacist, Nurse, Physician, or Critical Care Practitioner in a hospital, intensive care unit (ICU) or emergency department looking to improve your practice, The Elective Rotation delivers unbiased critical care and hospital pharmacy content from a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist. Episodes are published every Monday and Thursday at 3 ...
The Heartland Institute podcast featuring libertarian and conservative health care scholars who are working to put power back into the hands of patients and doctors, and away from government bureaucrats.
The Elective Rotation - the number 1 ranked Hospital Pharmacy podcast - is created for YOU Pharmacy Nation! If you are a Pharmacy Student, Resident, Pharmacist, Nurse, Physician, or Critical Care Practitioner in a hospital, intensive care unit (ICU) or emergency department looking to improve your practice, The Elective Rotation delivers unbiased critical care and hospital pharmacy content from a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist. Episodes are published every Monday and Thursday at 3 ...
Critical Care podcasts from the Intensive Care Network
RESPIRATORY CARE is the official science journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care. The podcast summarizes the papers published in each month's issue.The Journal is indexed in PubMed and included in ISI's Web of Science. Our 2017 Impact Factor is 2.073 and our 5-year Impact Factor is 2.272. Editor in Chief Rich Branson MSc RRT FAARC.
Reflections and meditations to empower survivors of abuse and trauma. Hosted by bestselling author Shahida Arabi, founder of the blog Self-Care Haven.
Primary Care Today
Primary Care Today features conversations with clinical experts representing a wide range of medical specialties to highlight the latest trends in primary care practice, from clinical pearls to updated guidelines, health informatics, and practice management. This series is hosted by Dr. Brian McDonough, a nationally recognized clinical expert, teacher, and public speaker in primary care.
Pediatric Specialty Care Spotlight podcasts from Shriners Hospitals for Children — Chicago, offers interviews with our physicians and clinicians in their areas of pediatric specialty care. Intended for parents, patients' families and clinicians.
Welcome to Soulful Self -Care Sessions. An exploration in Well -Being, Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, and SOUL CARE. Practical tips for living, breathing and THRIVING in our communities, our lives and our world. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Senior Care Live
Senior Care Live
Home care is one of the fastest growing sectors of the health care industry. Each month, Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts executive director Patricia Kelleher talks with leaders and thinkers about the trends that affect every home care agency.
Whole Care Network
Everyone Has A Story, But Not Everyone Gets The Chance To Tell Their Story. On The Whole Care Network, We Believe It Is Through Story Sharing Where Diversity Meets The Road To Combat A Common Cause. On The Whole Care Network, We Feature A Variety of Show Host Who Have A Story To Share, Resources to Provide for Caregivers World-Wide. That's Why On The Whole Care Network, YOU Talk and WE Listen!
Valley Spinal Care
A monthly podcast helping you to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle. Looking for a Scottsdale Chiropractor? Visit us online at
I believe that everyone has the right to live a happy life.I also believe that with the right help and support anyone can achieve this.To be happy in life, we need to be able to deal with the tough times (challenges) and work towards the things we want (Goals)In these podcast episodes, I talk about happiness, and share simple, practical ideas of ways you can overcome your challenges and achieve your goals.***The Podcast used to be called "Taking CARE of Yourself" but I changed the name in No ...
Our lives are busier than ever, and yet the only way to prosper is by taking good care of yourself. Wellness Insider Network host, Lana Camiel, is a college professor, drug information pharmacist and herbalist. In this podcast, she will explore with you how to remove stress, anxiety and overwhelm, and make your life more balanced and vibrant with the right herbs, food and self-care techniques. You'll meet leading health experts in the field of nutrition, herbal medicine and fitness and will ...
Health Care Rounds is a weekly podcast developed for health care leaders who are at the forefront of health care delivery and payment reform. Join Darwin Research Group founder and CEO John Marchica as he discusses the latest advancements in health care business news and policy developments. John Marchica is a veteran health care strategist and is leading ongoing research initiatives on health care delivery systems and value-based care. At the table, John is joined by colleagues Jazmyn Ledfo ...
iCritical Care: Critical Care Medicine is a customized podcast feed that offers a portion of the iCritical Care podcasts, delivering only those related to the Society of Critical Care Medicine's premier peer-reviewed, scientific journal in critical care. The Critical Care Medicine journal covers all aspects of acute and emergency care for the critically ill or injured patient. This feed offers in-depth interviews with authors to gain special insight into the clinical breakthroughs, promising ...
Podcast by Divas That Care Network
We help young Professionals look & Feel Confident & Beautiful.Skin Care & Beauty Advice for Melanin Guys & Gals with Ethnic Skin.I understand how hard it is to find skin care advice products and makeup for my melanin beauties.I grew up thinking the little section in he hair store was quality skin care products and makeup. 💄 We Specialize in Treating Acne, Uneven skin tone and Ingrown Hair.Luxury Lotus Spa is a Facial, Skin Care, Waxing Boutique located in Tampa, FL Become a supporter of this ...
This is a podcast created by Cambia Health Solutions in order to educate our community.
From the JAMA Network, this is JAMA Performance Improvement: Do No Harm, the podcast about performance improvement and medicine that aims to elevate the quality of care, one patient at a time, with host Ed Livingston, MD.
How do you truly connect with others and lead with empathy? Why is heart disease different for women? What can we do to make addiction treatment more accessible and more successful? How can you maintain the balance between rising in your field and taking care of your family? Charged, a new podcast from Mass General, is devoted to answering these questions and many more. We’ll be uncovering the stories of the relentless daily pursuit to break boundaries and provide exceptional care. In each e ...
Direct Care Training & Resource Center presents its views on numerous items affecting long-term care throughout the world.
A bi weekly radio show focused on best practices, operating results and business models in value based healthcare and next generation ACOs.
Seasons Aged Care
Early learning leaders around the globe are breaking through challenges, leading the way in innovation, testing new best practices, and impacting children and families in a much more powerful and positive way than ever before. Each week, tune in to top child care business guru Kris Murray on the Child Care Rockstar Radio podcast for interviews with early childhood leaders and experts that will leave you inspired to get to the next level of success, whatever that means for you. Kris Murray is ...
Quality Care Talks
The Health Facilities Association of Maryland's "Quality Care Talks" podcast explores leadership, innovation, and the critical issues facing long-term and post-acute care providers serving Marylanders in need.
Let’s talk about self-care!
Three healthily skeptical primary care physicians discuss the latest in primary care medicine. Join Mark Ebell MD, John Hickner MD, Henry Barry MD, and others for this fast-paced weekly update on evidence-based primary care.
Complete surrender to all that is... on a journey to be all that I AM... and being a light for others that are on their way~ through affirmations + gentle reminders + stories that heal.
Welcome to the Care-Go: Special Needs Transportation podcast, where amazing things happen.
Here we're happy to share some of the stories that we create for our soon to come site for you all. We're motivated into stories that touch people's heart and matches there personalities. We're also going to share updates and sneak peeks of our websites journey.
Too Gay To Care
Too Gay To Care focuses on the experience of three unfiltered black queer boys and their take on the hottest topics with and uttering some of the most outlandish things! Growing up in Miami gave this tight-knit trio the thick skin they needed to take on every obstacle put forth since birth. Unicornguts, Scyne and Coco Malik went from the group chat to the studio to deliver roundtable conversations about the state of the "culture." They live, laugh, read and drag all in one breath. So, secure ...
Care for Free
Two friends try to make each other care about anything and everything, one thing at a time.
Teach With Care
Join Adam Nemeroff (Dartmouth College), Kate Sonka (Michigan State University), and Jeremy Van Hof (Michigan State University) as they discuss how to make higher education teaching and learning environments more inclusive and accessible for all students. Come for the engaging conversations. Stay for the dad jokes.
Welcome to The Simple Care Podcast by SimpleCareSteph! This informal podcast will cover whole body wellness with food and plants - ways I'm using ingredients for different things, weekly meal ideas and recipes, skin care topics, meditation, health...all those wellness things! The goal is to make the good things simple, so we can all actually do them.Listen to Episode One for my background, why I started this, and what this podcast is all about.
How Audio podcasts could promote social care research
Senior care
Looking for senior care facility? Saucon Valley Manor is the uniquely designed senior care home provides exclusive range of senior care services ideal to ensure comfort and safety of elders with disability. For questions or detail you can visit at:
A channel for radio shows produced by Devil May Care Productions
The healthcare industry is undergoing a rapid and radical transition to value-based care. Learn how innovative Medicaid ACOs in Massachusetts are overcoming difficult challenges and forging best practices.
Hey this podcast is all about Property care businesses. This is the raw truth of a business start up. We just started our company, and wanted to help others and learn as we go.
This is Taking Care of Yourself, a podcast simply about why I believe you should learn to take care of yourself at a younger age.
Should I Care?
Do you want to care more about politics, but it is just way too much? Check out these short podcasts and blog posts to get just the high points.
Podcast by Self Care with Lauren & Blair
Kathy and Barry of Senior Care Corner® provide conversations with experts and information of interest to family caregivers of older adults.
Interview with the top social media stars mixed in with a little self care. Self care for the selfie generation!
The show that’s dedicated to helping aged and community care professionals stay ahead of the industry.The residential aged and community industry can be complex!Not only do we need to provide great healthcare outcomes, but to survive we need to excel at customer service, be able to attract and retain great staff, get the right levels of funding, keep costs down, and all while deal with a lot of regulatory compliance. So join us for a weekly show where we’ll be interviewing leaders in their f ...
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In this episode, Parent Coach, Randi Rubenstein and I talk about meeting the physical and energetic needs of our children and ourselves, conscious parenting, self-care as a parenting tool and building a biz while raising our kids. You can find Randi at. and grab our seasonal self-care guide at lil Become ...…
In this episode, Marci and I have an in depth conversation around deep connection to the spiritual realm, finding and leaving teachers on the path, inner guidance and sacred boundaries. You can learn more about Marci at You can print our Seasonal Self- Care guide at Enjoy! Become a supporter of this podca ...…
On this episode of Toula's Tips for Caregivers, Toula visit with Anne Cordes, Clinical Pharmacist at the AgeWell Institute/Baptist Health helps caregivers learns ways to manage our loved ones medications. How easy it is to forget if we gave them that last dose!!
It goes without saying that our teeth are vital to our personal health an nutrition and sometimes we take our teeth for granted. On this episode of Healing Ties, Dr. Dave Baer from from the Pueblo Dental Surgery Center, explains the variety of options available for dental implants while providing a clear understanding of the procedures to ensur ...…
Dental Hygiene plays an important role in our over all health and well-being. Yet many of us have just a tad bit of anxiety when it comes to going to the dentist. On this episode of Healing Ties our guest is Dr. Dave Baer from the Pueblo Dental Surgery Center in Pueblo, Colorado. Dr. Baer's soothing style will put you at complete ease as he exp ...…
In this episode, I talk about seasons and how just like in nature we have seasons in our lives.
Welcome to our mini series on The Big 4. The tendencies and habits I see over and over that prevent us from deep joy and freedom in our lives. Let me know what you think and how it resonates with your real life. Become a supporter of this podcast:…
Show notes at In this episode, I ll discuss medication-related causes of green urine. The post 347: Medication-related causes of green urine appeared first on Critical Care Resources by Pharmacy Joe.
Show notes at In this episode, I ll discuss medication-related causes of green urine. The post 347: Medication-related causes of green urine appeared first on Critical Care Resources by Pharmacy Joe.
In this episode, John discusses our take on health care news surrounding the midterm elections and how this will affect health care going forward. At the end of October, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., told Reuters that if given the chance—that is, if Republicans remained in control of both chambers of Congress—we could expect an ...…
The topic of mental health is very close to JJ's heart. She is a strong advocate in the state of Ohio and the city of Cleveland for mental health and addiction awareness. During her 19 years as a Client Rights Officer for the Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) Board of Cuyahoga County, she made it her priority to make ...…
Fear tells us that there are walls that separate us and divide us into tribes. Then something happens that everyone relates to that reminds us of our common human experiences. That is when we realize our humanity is what’s real,not our division that’s divide us. Listen in and learn about the Love NOT Fear movement and how you can get involved!…
What gift or surprise would a family caregiver want? Essentially anything that will provide the caregiver more time for themselves and a bit of peace. Unwrap this episode to hear about twenty unique and special gift ideas that would brighten a caregiver's day.
Doctors have struggled for years to find an effective treatment for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), in part because the it varies greatly from patient to patient in terms of how quickly it progresses and the age of onset. But for neurologist Merit E. Cudkowicz, MD, those challenges are opportunities for scientific collaboration. She spends ...…
Even when we are looking to overcome out challenges ot move towards our goals, its important to have an attitude of gratitude. I explain more in this episode.
"Moodtopia means being in control of your moods so they don't control you." Sara Chana Silverstein Whether you've been feeling a bit off balance ​with your emotions, or like most of us just dealing with seasonal effects on your mood and well being, this episode is for you. ​My today's guest is ​Sara Chana Silverstein. Sara Chana is an Registere ...…
Respiratory Care November 2018 by American Association for Respiratory Care
Women's health is public health. And public health is women's health. Dr. Sara Imershein, a board-certified OBGYN, is a women's health policy expert, an educator and a passionate advocate for women's health.
How do you feel if you cant genuinely fit everything into the day you wanted to? Do you beat yourself up about it? In this episode, I talk about running out of time.
Another week, and more of America’s bullsh*t. Rebel Wilson is the first ever dumb*ss to think she’d be the first anything. Y’all can’t think or vote for yourselves and Only Fans stirs up an important question: "What about everyone else?"
- Understanding by Design by Wiggins and McTighe (1998) -
How the inner dominatrix brand is bringing feminine power back to the forefront of business (instead of the push hustle and grind that’s for too long dominated women rising to top) .....
A multi-genre author, award-winning blogger, and founder of the Motivate Me Academy....
Health care expert Sarah Lee speaks on what she sees coming in the wake of Democrats winning the House of Representatives in the 2018 midterms.By (Heartland Institute).
Aged care accreditation. A waste of time? Or something that improves performance? Well... it depends. Daniel Mitroussidis was formerly employed full-time by 'The Agency' as an accreditation assessor. Following this he continued to be contracted by the agency. Now, he helps organisations prepare to excel at accreditation... but in a way that imp ...…
Show notes at In this episode, I ll discuss medication-related causes of elevated serum lactate. The post 346: Medication-related causes of elevated serum lactate appeared first on Critical Care Resources by Pharmacy Joe.
Show notes at In this episode, I ll discuss medication-related causes of elevated serum lactate. The post 346: Medication-related causes of elevated serum lactate appeared first on Critical Care Resources by Pharmacy Joe.
Kelsey Elaine Davidson, MD discusses the most common sports injuries she sees, how sports medicine differs from orthopedics, and how to treat those injuries in growing children.
How many songs do you know about a “broken heart?”Do they bring a tear to your eye?One heart-wrenching song is “Tears in Heaven”, by Eric Clapton. He wrote it after losing his four-year old son.………….Time can bring you down, time can bend your knees………….Time can break your heart, have you begging please, begging please………….Beyond the door there’ ...…
This month, I talk in depth about choosing creativity over productivity and how I see this in relation to experimenting with feminine energy over masculine. I explore the shifts and change as I navigate a messy time transitioning from THRIVE to LOLA and how I'm moving through all the fears and unknowns with a commitment to my intuition, self-tr ...…
On this episode of Healing Ties, I have the pleasure of visiting with writer and journalist, Michelle Seitzer. Passionate about care, Michelle writes about caregiving and lives the caregiving life too. She's a co-moderator for the once weekly #CareChat, cares for her daughter with special needs, and helped care for her beloved grandparents, who ...…
In this episode, I talk about the importance of keeping the commitments we make to ourselves.
Host: Brian P. McDonough, MD, FAAFP Guest: Martin Lupinetti Guest: Richard Snyder, MD First there was paper, then there were traditional electronic health records…so what’s next? Well, more and more states across the country have been diligently working on the development and implementation of health information exchange, bringing all available ...…
In this special episode, I invite you to experiment with sobriety in November and December this year RATHER than waiting until January. This practice may give you some profound insights and confidence for living with less alcohol in the future. This is a special episode based on emails and messages you sent to Become a sup ...…
Show notes at In this episode, I ll discuss when double anaerobic coverage makes sense. The post 345: Does double anaerobic coverage ever make sense? appeared first on Critical Care Resources by Pharmacy Joe.
Show notes at In this episode, I ll discuss when double anaerobic coverage makes sense. The post 345: Does double anaerobic coverage ever make sense? appeared first on Critical Care Resources by Pharmacy Joe.
Arike Aiyetigbo, Founder and Director of Fountain Montessori Preschool, joins the show from her office and home of the school in London, England. Originally, from Nigeria, Arike is a passionate educator whose mission is to grow her influence by partnering with like-minded parents. She shares her journey how she got into the business of nurserie ...…
John is taking the helm this week to share his experience presenting at a conference last week, and the lessons he learned from two days of sessions. We will return to our regular format next week. The conference, exl’s 12th Partnering with ACOs and IDNs Summit, included about 100 people, mostly represented by pharma, ACOs and health systems. T ...…
We discuss recent studies on: antibiotics to treat appys, whether gabapentin is any good for back pain, the accuracy of a single BP measurement, and the best approach to smoking cessation.
Miss Brit turned to her love of creating poetry and positive affirmations for others as a healthy outlet for grief. Sincerely Yours: My Poems & Thoughts features works from the poetry collection of Miss Brit. It is a compilation including poetry from her teen years to adulthood featuring poems on spirituality, love, heartache, self-esteem, and ...…
Twila Brase, R.N, President of the Citizen's Council for Health Freedom, discusses her new book Big Brother in the Exam Room: The Dangerous Truth About Electronic Records.By (Heartland Institute).
We are reminded on Veterans Day to honor those who served us by serving in the United States Armed Forces. We honor those men and women who served with parades, events, monuments, and by simply saying “thank you” when we see them – – and meaning it. Veterans Day Parade, Savannah GA There are many other, more personal ways, we can honor our own ...…
Last week Sue I interviewed my partner Sue who was feeling despondent. In this episode, we see how she is doing a week later.
In this caregiver spotlight episode, meet family caregiver Susanne White. Susanne helped care for both her parents for over 4 years. In this episode, we talk about caring for loved ones from a distance, how caregiving improved the relationship with her mom, and how a horse named Scooby and a group of women who were also caregivers became a life ...…
"Our culture begins in the kitchen with how we nourish ourselves and how we nourish our families." Kami McBride Do you know how to make a great herbal tea or plant oil? Or why is it a really useful skill in your life? I first met my today's guest when I took her class on herbal oil making and has been fascinated by her work ever since. Her name ...…
Using the camera as a tool to connect with their own awareness and creativity that results in soul touching mind's eye connection with unconditional love....
Assisted thousands of couples and singles create lasting intimacy and fulfilment in their relationships.....
Dr. Jane Orient, MD discusses the current state of insurance coverage regarding those with pre-existing conditions.By (Heartland Institute).
This week, the girls have returned to watch celebrity death matches. 50 Cent threw shots and quarters in his ongoing beef with rapper Ja Rule. And Cardi B and Nicki Minaj are back at it... again. Dating can be tough, especially when your dating pool is your circle of friends. Don't worry, the cure is here. You're tuned in to Too Gay To Care.…
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