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RISE podcast
Rise PodcastHOSTED BY RACHEL HOLLIS Order Your Copy of Girl, Wash Your Face- is a podcast hosted by Mogul CEO Rachel Hollis. A bold conversation with fellow business powerhouses that provides the listener with real-life tangible takeaways.To stay in touch with all things RISE you can check out and, follow me on social media @msrachelhollis. Please subscribe to the RISE Podcast on iTunes and tweet and share and show some love!
Learn Persian with Chai and Conversation teaches you conversational Persian in a fun and casual manner in weekly lessons of about 15-20 minutes each. Check out our website for more information.
Chai Chats Podcast
A weekly podcast, featuring three women living in Montreal who drink Chai and converse about various topics.
Dr. Clifton Bingham from the Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center begins with a review of current best practices, including the issues related to diagnosis. Dr. George Lawry will follow with an overview of the risks and benefits of biologic therapy for patients with RA before Dr. Bingham presents on emerging DMARDs.The second half of the nearly 2 hour presentation covers the subject of comorbidities, presented by Dr. Lawry, on how to recognize comorbidities and how to best manage them. Dr. Bingham ...
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Learn Persian with Chai and Conversation teaches you conversational Persian in a fun and casual manner in weekly lessons of about 15-20 minutes each. Check out our website for more information.
Not Your Cup of Chai is a podcast by Kiran Opal, featuring commentary and rants, discussions, and interviews with various friends and guests. We usually cover topics in politics, culture, news stories, and activism, all from an international, progressive, socialist and no-nonsense lens.
NHK, đài phát thanh và truyền hình công cộng duy nhất của Nhật Bản, cung cấp miễn phí podcast của khóa học tiếng Nhật đáng tin cậy này! Bạn có thể dễ dàng bắt đầu học ngữ pháp và từ vựng cơ bản qua việc theo dõi câu chuyện của Anna, một du học sinh học tiếng Nhật tại một trường đại học ở
A diverse range of music from genres including alternative country, Americana, border ballads, folk and roots rock. This show frequently features live in-studio performances and interviews by local and regional artists. It is on 90.1 KPFT FM on Saturday mornings from 9 to noon. Hosted by Rick Heysquierdo. Bigl thanks to Cha-Cha and David!
Chai Chat
Our show is about transforming the world of work. Show co-hosts are Victoria A. Vetere, PhD, HC, Enlightened Life Coach & Consultant, and Mary Rauchenstein, MA, Creative Leadership Guru. Airing half an hour twice a month, Chai Chat will explore all aspects of work and business including leadership, gender, EQ (emotional intelligence), workplace bullying, and many more important topics.This show will inspire and instigate, enlighten and educate. We hope to help you transform your world of wor ...
Daily Dose w/Dai
Podcast covering tips on reaching heydays, PR, publicity, brand, image, reputation, relationships (business/personal), self help + more. xoxo Dai
Chai with Anas
Chai. It’s more than just a soothing warm drink for relaxing. It can be argued that the core of desi society is Chai. From Pakistan to Bangladesh, Nepal to Sri Lanka. They live for Chai. It starts the day, while ones evening cannot be finished before having it before the night is over. Hell, the British invaded India for this very reason. Nothing exemplifies south Asia like this hot cup of relaxation where some of the most captivating discussions take place that could change the world night ...
CDAA Podcasts
Podcast by Career Development Association of Australia
Chai Talk
Let's get together over a cup of Chai to talk about friendship, saying what we mean, and living with intention. We'll also get into topics that are on our hearts, but sometimes we don't know how to wrap words around what we're feeling. Nice Girl Uprising is a movement leading us to live a life that is Kind, Fierce, and Brave.
Sustea Chai
Podcast by Project Pandamonium
Spiced Chai
No HATERADE allowed! Sheila Reneé may never run out of the tea she's serving as she spices up topics focusing on getting you to that place where you find the courage to love yourself, the desire to uplift others and yes, even learn how to stay in your lane!
Baby daddy podcast
Welcome to Baby Daddy Podcast where we talk all things that I find interesting
Chai Podcast
Chai is a Russian word for tea! That's what we do, we drink tea and talk about video games industry in a comfy atmosphere!Created by GoldenSplit team!
Fireside Chai
Through personal stories and investigations, California-based Fireside Chai is an upstart podcast that will parse through the layers of culture, religion and personality to bring better understand of the issues facing Indian origin Americans. In addition to investigating and telling stories, we want to hear your story. Much like President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “Fireside Chats,” Fireside Chai aims to connect the Indian-American identity with its people. Come join us. Listen to our podca ...
We are a community of people of all ages and backgrounds passionate about Encountering God Intimately, Experiencing Growth Together and Engaging in Serving Others | Somos una comunidad de personas de todas las edades y trasfondos, apasionados por tener Encuentros íntimos con Dios , Experimentar el Crecimiento Juntos y Expresar Amor al Servir.
Cai Farrington
Welcome to Cai Farrington, where amazing things happen.
Living life like it's golden. ~ Jill Scott
Chai With My Bhai
Podcast by Chai With My Bhai
Dai-Cast is a weekly podcast highlighting recent developments in japan and japanese pop culture from a western perspective.
(CDAE) Community Development and Applied Economics, University of Vermont
Our community is all about building healthy and sustainable business lifestyles by focusing on both business and personal wellbeing, In addition to extensive resources on how to grow your business with digital marketing, you can access valuable information on how to supercharge your productivity, your mind & body and for those of you who love traveling, loads of stories from on the road and how to continue your success habits while you’re out exploring.
Chai Tea Time
Random Talk/General Topics. Mondays - Weekend Stuff. Thursday - Motivational Talk
Welcome to Chai Sutta aur Masti's podcast on anything and everything !!!
Manar Chai Ministry featuring speaker manar chai
CBI Chai Radio
Chai With Nanice
"Chai with Nanice" is about substance, clarity, change and especially EMPOWERMENT.Get ready to turn over stones, uncover stories and get to the heart of the matter - in every area of your life!Any mood runs - any emotion flies and your dreams are within your grasp.There are no limits or boundaries and your comfort zone is out of reach - yet it's the safest place you will ever be.Come in - sit down - have some Chai with Nanice!
Chai Tea Party
Chai Tea Party is a podcast series to recognize the underdogs, the brave, the creative & the slightly off in the Desi community. Help us start the real, important & taboo conversations that need to be happening. Twitter: @ChaiTeaShow Insta: @ChaiTeaParty Snapchat: ChaiTeaParty Email:
Chai Desert Radio, the voice of the Jewish Federation of New Mexico, provides a uniquely New Mexican perspective on places, faces, and issues of importance to Jews at home, in Israel, and worldwide. We engage in conversations and interviews with thought leaders and difference makers in the arts, culture, sports, religion, politics, and more to examine these topics through a Jewish and Southwestern lens.
I talk about my love for photography, Disney and anything else that pops into my head
Dawn Dai Speaks
Coined as “A Voice for Radio, With Oprah’s Ambition,” by the New York Times in 2010, Dawn has leveraged her blossoming career in communications to add motivational speaker, life coach and voiceover talent to her repertoire. As the Life Bank Account expert, Dawn informs the masses that ‘you are your greatest asset’ and how it is important to balance your most valuable account…YOUR LIFE. After dropping over 50lbs, Dawn Dai is a living testimony as to what can be accomplished through hard work ...
Dai Time Live
Hi everyone it’s me your girl Dai Timeeee and I have gotten a podcast!! Can’t wait to start another adventure with you all!!
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Bottom Line CDI
Interviews and discussions of how to achieve sustainable success with Clinical Documentation Improvement Programs. Producer/Moderator: Ernie de los Santos, Appeal AcademyHost/Executive Producer: Glenn Krauss, Core CDI
Welcome to the CDA Miami weekend podcast where each week you'll hear a very practical message that will challenge you and help you grow in a personal relationship with Jesus. Visit us at
Hukuncin dai daita sahu asallah da wasu kurakurai da wasu masu sallah kefadawa aciki wanda wajibine ga musulmi yasansu.
A podcast created using from the archive item:, with description: "CDAC TARKSHYA"-जनैर् भारतसर्वकारसमर्थितैर् आदौ प्रकाशितम् इत्यत्र।.
Podcast by Stephen and Cai fix the world
Elizabeth Cady Stanton was one of the premier movers in the original women’s rights movement, along with Susan B. Anthony, her best friend for over 50 years. While Elizabeth initially stayed home with her husband and many babies and wrote the speeches, Susan went on the road to bring the message of the women’s rights movement to an often hostile public. When black men were given the vote in 1870, Susan and Elizabeth led the women’s rights establishment of the time to withhold support for a b ...
This activity has been designed to meet the educational needs of physicians and registered nurses involved in the care of patients with Clostridium difficile infection (CDI).
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In honor of our August Book Club of Girl Wash Your Face I wanted to share the audio version of Chapter One from the book narrated by me. In this chapter I talk about a lie that I know most of us have suffered with "Something Else Will Make Me Happy." My hope is that by sharing my honest stories as a working mother, former foster parent, and a w ...…
In the second part of this conversation, Dona and Parneet go deep in speaking about feelings and experiences of contraction and expansion, how to discern whether something is in service to us growing or not, whether nature is always moving towards life or death and how this impacts us as people, communities, and systems of relating. We speak ab ...…
Dona and Parneet sit down for chai chats in Dona’s garden to go deep on the connect between relationships in nature and relationships between people and communities. We speak about the power of dreaming and curiosity for marginalized peoples. We speak about how difficult it is to access dreaming, joy and curiosity when we don’t feel safe. We sp ...…
Baby daddy podcast with daddy baby. Who would you choose if you had to listen to their music for 24 hours straight, Nicki or Cardi?
Pastor Acceso Total 1 by CDA POPLAR
Pastora Ivette Acceso Total 2 by CDA POPLAR
In honor of our August Book Club of Girl Wash Your Face I wanted to share the audio version of Chapter Two from the book narrated by me. In this chapter I talk about a lie that we have all suffered with of I'll Start Tomorrow.My hope is that by sharing my honest stories as a working mother, former foster parent, and a woman who has had all kind ...…
Do you find that you compare yourself to other people? This Chai Talk is all about how to stay in your own lane. I propose three questions that we can ask ourselves in order to live a life that feels good on the inside. Do what you love; know your limits; and get clear on your priorities. When your path is guided by your heart, you'll always be ...…
Malek speaks about her depression. We discover what Parneet calls her shame gremlin, this recurring mental darkness that taints her everyday successes and impacts her life negatively. We discuss what it looks like to grow and accept our mental health at the same time. Parneet challenges the shame gremlins authority over Malek as it shows up dur ...…
We speak about upcoming projects and trips. Malek shares worries about visiting family and we discuss how to feel resolve one sidedly when others are unable or unwilling to meet us in our resolution. We discuss what it means to accept and release the stuff that comes up from family. We slow down to honour what comes up for Malek as she notices ...…
In this episode I interview my literal girl crush...Jenna Kutcher. If you haven't heard of her well let me tell you she is AMAZING. She is a podcaster, a motivational speaker, and marketing professional. Whether you want to start your own podcast or how to expand your business then you're going to want to hear this.Check out our Made For More M ...…
Have you ever gone through something hard yet you find yourself waving and smiling like you're just fine? On the tails of my authenticity podcast I had this very experience in which I was behaving one way, but feeling another. In this Chai Talk we discuss the nuance of authenticity, building a tribe, and establishing a foundation of trust. Spec ...…
This week, Dona & Malek sit down with our dear friend Jordan to talk about, what else?, love! Jordan Goldman is an ASL-English Interpreter and graduate from the Program of Sign Language Interpretation at Douglas College, B.C. (2013). Check him out online! us through Patreon! www.patreon ...…
If you're in direct sales and have been looking for some tips on how to grow your business than you're going to want to hear this. On this episode I interview Noonday Ambassador — Laura Walton . She tells us how she started and how she become on of the leading sales people at her company. Check out our Made For More Movie --> ...…
What does it feel like to have your insides match your outsides? To have your inner thoughts be reflected in your words and body language? It feels GOOD and it allows us to be truly ourselves in the world. The sweetest part is that it helps our people to know us better. Jump into this Chai Talk in which I share a funny story from our recent fam ...…
Luis Harfush Equipa/Equip by CDA POPLAR
Luis Harfush Domingo 10Am/Sunday 10Am by CDA POPLAR
Luis Harfush Sabado 7Pm/Saturday 7Pm by CDA POPLAR
Luis Harfush Sabado 10Am/Saturday 10Am by CDA POPLAR
Luis Harfush Viernes/Friday by CDA POPLAR
This time we're diving deep into our relationship dynamics. We cover everything from the love languages (again) to our cultural grieving practices and how friends can support each other without burning out.Support us through Patreon!
Today on the RISE podcast I sit down with Mica May founder of the lifestyle brand May Designs. We discuss the hustle it took to for her to start a company when everyone was telling her no.Check out May Designs--> https://www.maydesigns.comFollow Mica May on Instagram --> out our Made For More Movie --> ht ...…
We're back and so happy to welcome our friend, Priya, to the podcast! We talk about everything from concious cuddling to how we were raised to anger and healthy ways to get it out.Support us through Patreon!
Are you struggling with something? It's hard to be in that space where there are more questions than answers. In this Chai Talk I get real about what it has been like for me to struggle in this season. There is a ray of light at the end though! We know we're not meant to travel alone and we know that these lessons often guide us towards wisdom, ...…
We are throwing it back to one of our popular podcast episodes. Dave Hollis and I , discuss how working couples manage career, family, and all of the things. We dive into our routine, how scheduling is key, especially with the awesome Cozi We also answer a really important question, can you change your partner? Enjoy this o ...…
I'm away on vacation this week and my goal is to move slower. Instead of doing our regular Chai Talk Podcast, we're going to enter a meditation that will help us be slow and soft. The meditation itself isn't slow, but hopefully it will calm your breath and center your heart. Enjoy!
Over the past couple weeks I have been getting so many questions on how I am maintaining my weight. In this episode I share my journey and tips I have learned along the way to help me stay as healthy as I can be. Check out the full post --> out my Instagram --> ...…
Do you feel out of balance? Let's talk about how to live by our priorities instead of feeling scattered and overwhelmed. Remember, you get to choose how you want your life to feel. Tune in to get clear on what path you're choosing to walk on. Special reading from, "Present Over Perfect: Leaving Behind Frantic For A Simpler, More Soulful Way Of ...…
In this episode Meggan Wood, the founder of Lily Jade, tells us about building her wildly successful bag line. Like many entrepreneurs Meggan didn't know how she'd achieve her vision of creating her leather bags, she only knew that as a mama she couldn't find a diaper bag that fit her style. Meggan's story of learning to figure out a pattern or ...…
Do you care if you're popular or not? It seems like a weird question, but how often do we adjust our topics of conversation or our clothes in order to please other people? In this podcast, we'll discuss the power of knowing ourselves and the consequences for showing up authentically. The goal is to show up as we are and to honor those members o ...…
Jen Esquer (also known as @DocJenFit) has built an incredible brand and business using Instagram and changed the way hundreds of thousands of people think about mobility. In this episode, she's sharing how she grew her following (almost half a MILLION fans) and then built a business on top of it. This is a great listen for anyone in the fitness ...…
U.S. Decertification of the Iran Nuclear Deal: Examining the Geopolitical Ramifications for Israel and Beyond In this episode, we catch up once again with Behnam Ben Taleblu, Research Fellow and Iran expert with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, to discuss the United States’ recent decision to pull out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan o ...…
It's easy to be generous with people that we love, but what about those people that get under our skin? Can we be generous in our assumptions about their behaviors and intentions? To do that we have to set good boundaries so that we can come from a place of integrity. In this episode, I share a few passages from "Rising Strong" by Dr. Brené Bro ...…
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