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Chamberlain, Chance and Alex talk about video games, life, and then more video games.
The Book Editor Show is a weekly podcast hosted by Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley. Each show looks at one area of novel editing that an author can easily implement into their editing process. Shows have guest editors, explore different creative storytelling fields, and give you the knowledge to build a better book.
Comedians Adam Rozenbachs and Michael Chamberlin break down the AFL season. With a combined game tally of zero, Adam and Michael are more than qualified* to dissect Australia's favourite winter sport, from Adelaide all the way through to Zaharakis.*We both hate 'Razor' Ray Chamberlain.
Careless Whispers is a bold and spicy show featuring flavors from the East (Matt Rury) and West (Calvin Chamberlain). They’ll be talking sports, entertainment, their failed relationships, legal entanglements, carnal desires, and anything else you might find interesting.Are you looking for the latest in sports, but are tired of those dry, unicoastal hosts that talk superficially about the latest news? Well, look no further. Careless Whispers is an offbeat sports podcast peppered with the uniq ...
The latest feed from Children's Bible Audios on
ESPN Podcasts
A varied collection of podcasts from ESPN.
Military tech
learn about military tech from the dawn of time til now
learn about military tec from the down of time to now with the military tec podcast
On Comedy Writing
Host Alan Johnson interviews working comedy writers about the business and craft of comedy writing.
Great Lives
Biographical series in which guests choose someone who has inspired their lives.
Our Fair City
Our Fair City is a campy, post-apocalyptic audiodrama. Founded in 2011 with the help of some incredibly generous Kickstarter donors, Our Fair City has quickly become a notable entry in the audiodrama world. Produced by a staff of Chicago storefront theatre veterans, experienced sound designers, and science educators, Our Fair City has won awards and critical acclaim for its dynamic acting, incisive writing, and high level of production. Led by creator Clayton Faits and executive producer Jef ...
A creative project exploring all things Occupation, Occupational Science, and Occupational Therapy
Gimme Empathy
A podcast about connecting with people via minutiae. Opinions, habits, life stories - conversation. Hosted by Scott Mercer.
Washed Up Emo
Join Tom Mullen for a look back at when emo was an unknown word, its relevance now and speaks to those deeply involved with the emo/punk/hardcore/post-hardcore scene.
Drummer and podcaster. These podcasts include conversations with creative and passionate people. I aim to learn more about their chosen industry and present thoughtful conversations that hopefully inspire and entertain.
Take a deep breath and welcome yourself to Headplace. Each week, self-styled wellness experts Matt Cutler and Eric Gersen invite you on a journey of relaxation and exploration with completely improvised guided meditations, featuring your favorite comedians as guest guides.
Masters of Product Management captures the ideas, commentary, and lessons learned from product management thought leaders across the globe. Each episode is filled with real-world insights from practicing product managers and leaders, allowing you to learn, apply, and succeed in your product management career. Hosted by Steven Haines of Sequent Learning Networks.
Stories from people that are making a difference in the world with renewables, solar energy, energy efficiency and other types of green energy.
Tune in to the Always Already Podcast for indulgent conversations about critical theory (in the broadest read of the term!). Our podcast consists of two episode streams. The first is a discussion of texts spanning critical theory, political theory, social theory, and philosophy. We work through and analyze main ideas, underlying assumptions, connections with other texts and theories, and occasionally delve into the great abyss of free association, ad hoc theory jokes, and makeshift puns. The ...
Weekday Morning Show on 96.3 Cruz FM, Saskatoon’s Greatest Hits. The show features hosts Stacie Cooper and Clayton. They're a lot like Jack & Rose from the movie 'Titanic'. But they aren't in love, not as good looking, and Stacie would've made room for Clayton on the piece of wood at the end.
A monthly podcast that examines the history of stand-up comedy through objects found at the British Stand-up Comedy Archive. is your top source for odds and analysis in the world of sports betting. Insiders and journalists host weekly sports gambling shows covering the gamut of the industry, including the NBA, NFL, UFC and PGA Golf. Put us on your listening list now so you don't miss an opportunity, and join former ESPN insider Chris Sheridan and SiriusXM NBA Radio show host Noah Coslov on NBA, Miguel Iteratti on Fighting & Boxing, pro MMA fighter and trainer Hollywood Joe Tussing on UFC, and for ...
Realcomm 2007
I was invited to attend the 2007 Realcomm convention in Boston and wander the show floor interviewing about the latest trends at the intersection of commercial real estate, technology, automation and innovation.
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Iterative planning & design, also known as design thinking, is a process and philosophy that centers around deeply understanding customer problems, then designing solutions and testing those prototyped solutions in an iterative way, continuously getting real feedback from customers and improving the solution along the way. If there’s one key te ...…
Ryan Clark and Damion Jones join Jacoby talking Odell's' new squad, the Warriors threat, Crabtree vs Talib updates, chicken waffle cereal, and of course more Twitter and VM's!
Some people rant about politics, we rant about pizza.'Why do the people in charge of ordering pizza for a large group never order enough pepperoni? No one ever complains about pepperoni pizza. It's always the first type of pizza to go. Yet for some reason, people order the same amount of pepperoni as they do ham & pineapple. Pump the brakes on ...…
Today we welcome Matt Traxler, guitarist from Brandtson. The band, out of Cleveland was on Deep Elm and The Militia Group back in the day and they recently reissued some lost demos through Matt’s label Steadfast Records. Super fun talking to Matt and a band that if you didn’t realize was around then or now, it’s worth going back and listening t ...…
This is our second conversation with Dave Renné. He has such a wide range of experience in renewable energy that we invited him back for another interview. He has focused much of his career on measuring and analyzing the amount of solar energy that renewable energy developers around the world can expect. That’s important when they are designing ...…
We apologize for the lateness of this week’s episode. Sometimes the tubes just don’t cooperate. Chamberlain slums it with Shadow Warrior 2, the B-est B game to every be a B game. Chance has purchased another AAA titles that he will play for a scant few days, this time it’s Devil May Cry 5. And Alex is a proud dad. Of a bird. No really. And just ...…
Jalen Rose and David Jacoby talk Zion's BIG return, how to fix the NBA's dunk contest, more Soft Move vs Boss Move, and even more of your Twitter and VM questions!!!
Do tech companies put together a bunch of computer mumbo jumbo in press releases because they know that no one can understand it?Is Clayton's Nicolas Cage impression as bad as you think it would be?Would going 260 km/h on a motorcycle be enjoyable?Would drunk Don Cherry be a soothing voice to fall asleep to?We answered all these questions in th ...…
Kofi, Ronnie and a call from the Dip. Plus, an extended mailbag and BPR.
Naked Ken dolls falling from the sky, one eyed bees, Mr. Bean, AND a cameo from Sailor Dan.... Yeah, Cruz Confused Lyrics was the definition of weird today!
Zach talks to Brett Brown about trying to figure out the new-look Sixers before the playoffs, the Ben Simmons-Joel Embiid relationship, Markelle Fultz, playoff pressure, old Spurs stories, and much more.
Bill Barnwell and Lindsay Jones of The Athletic discuss Nick Foles signing with the Jaguars. Does he warrant his price tag? How does he fit with the locker room and scheme? Are they in a strong position to compete?
Bill Barnwell and Lindsay Jones of The Athletic discuss the Jets signing of Le'Veon Bell and missed signing of Anthony Barr. Should Bell be disappointed with the offers he received? Does he fit well with the Jets? Plus, does the signing of C.J. Mosely mean NY can rest easy missing out on Barr?
Bill Barnwell and Lindsay Jones of The Athletic discuss Odell Beckham's trade to the Browns, including the message that NY sent with the deal, why they gave him an extension just last year, how it compares to the AB situation and what happens next for the Giants.
Bill and Lindsay Jones of The Athletic sift through the biggest names to change places in free agency thus far, including Odell Beckham Jr. (1:44), Le'Veon Bell (13:06) and Nick Foles (24:34). Plus, thoughts on how the safety market played out (31:24) and much more.
Jalen Rose and David Jacoby are joined by Dianna Russini talkin Odell, Antonio, Le'Veon and sneaky good moves, plus Anthony Davis updates, plus more Twitter and VM's!!!
We got into a pretty lengthy debate about whether or not kids should be allowed to have their phones with them in the classroom. Stacie's old school and says no, while Clayton says as long as kids don't abuse their phone privileges it wouldn't be the worst thing.Also on the show this morning... Twitter saved the day yesterday, do Aliens exist, ...…
THIS EPISODE DISCUSSES TRAUMA & TRAUMATIC INJURY. ALTHOUGH THERE IS IS NOTHING OVERLY GRAPHIC OR NEGATIVE, PLEASE DO EXERCISE COMMON SENSE IF YOU FIND THESE TOPICS DIFFICULT OR TRAUMATIC. Meghan and I connected many years ago on twitter and I’ve followed her career and growth since then. Last year Meghan and a group of others from her cycling c ...…
Does anyone else eat crackers while watching the food network and pretend that they are eating what they are making on TV? Anyone? No? Just us? Cool...Also on the show this morning... Stacie forgets her password, the name Liam is taking over, fake swear words you can use in front of your kids, & muffin bottoms are underrated.…
Eric Drysdale (Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) joins Alan to talk about writing on a Canadian sketch show as a teen, his Crazy Davis bit, and working on The Colbert Report.
We rewrote/tweaked a few commercials made for the internet from 1995 to make them more suitable to what the internet is now. It get real creepy, real quick (just like the internet!)Also on the show this morning... Dessert meatballs and kitties make an appearance in Cruz Confused Lyrics, Donald Trump is Kevin Malone in disguise, & Stacie's first ...…
Part 6 of the 6 part special edition of the Book Editor Show. Clark Chamberlain shares the third class from his online workshop: Outstanding Outlines.Bringing all the previous 5 lessons together in a way to help you make an Outstanding Outline! What's the point if it doesn't work for you? You Are unique and your method will be unique, but you h ...…
From Wayne Jackson Studios, we present our first ever pre-season live show. It's a stacked line up. Collingwood's Nathan Buckley, Hawthorn's Isaac Smith and Richmond's Jack Higgins. We're also joined by comedians Sam Pang and Lehmo plus Masterchef winner and Adelaide fan Adam Liaw.
David Jacoby is joined by WNBA legend Chiney Ogwumike talking Steve Kerr lip reads, AB's trade to the Raiders, more Lakers injuries, and even more of your Twitter and VM's!!!
Bill and Dan Graziano react to the Raiders trade for Antonio Brown (1:58) and signing of Trent Brown (17:31). Plus, they discuss Landon Collins going to Washington (34:40) and Kwon Alexander signing with the 49ers (43:14).
Question... What is the best nap? For example, the 'post Christmas morning' nap? The 'just shoveled for 3 hours' nap? The 'I just ate everything and now I'm tired' nap? Also on the show this morning... The worst spots when it comes to driving in Saskatoon, the rest of Canada needs to relax when it comes to daylight savings time, & The best Drun ...…
Roman Reigns joins the boys on a very eventful Cheap Heat episode including a conversation about Ronda. Plus, a big mailbag.
Marcus Spears and Amin Elhassan join Jacoby talking NBA conference playoff races, Mardi Gras themed Popeyes, LeBron streak out, plus more of your Twitter and VM's!!!
ICYMI, President and CEO of the Saskatchewan Roughriders Craig Reynolds joined Stacie & Clayton this morning.
We called our Moms today for International Women's Day... Didn't go that well. You'll see what we mean in the podcast.Also on the show today... The Queen has Instagram, the most stressful jobs in the world (ours is #5... Seriously!), & apparently no one shovels their sidewalk in this city
Alex Trebek + Coolio's 'Gangstas Paradise' = One heck of a song. It's in the podcast today if you want to check it out.Also on the show this morning... The best 'Pregnancy Brain Stacie' moment ever, is spaghetti a fancy food, & the ruts are on their way
'Just like a burrowing spider, ruts can appear out of nowhere. One day your crescent is a smooth, snowy surface... The next, it's a vehicle death trap waiting for it's next victim.'Plus temperatures are expected for next week. You know what that means right? The Ruts are coming...
Chamberlain would like to apologize for the distortion on his track, his mic may be dying, but that is not the only deviance from the norm this week. Crackdown 3 is not nearly as bad as you have been told. Ape Out is the equivalent of a college art film you watch once, sagely nod your head to, and then never look at again. Chance subverts his d ...…
Zach talks to ESPN's Kevin Arnovitz about his Suns feature (3:20), and LeBron and the Lakers likely missing the playoffs (48:43).
'My fiance is giving up chocolate for Lent... Which means I also have to give up chocolate for lent.''Never eat anything off a baby's face. You don't know where it's been''Even if I'm not Catholic, can I still support my homies and give something up?''When I first heard of the cheese challenge I got excited because I thought it would just be pe ...…
Lucas Gardner (Miracle Workers, The New Yorker) joins Alan to talk about free writing to generate ideas, self-publishing humor novels, and working with Simon Rich.
A lot has happened since these two last spoke on their own show. Postgame show aside, how do Matt Rury and Calvin Chamberlain even know the other one still exists? We're about to find out on Careless Whispers as they get back on the record about the Celtics, Lakers and Robert Kraft's legal troubles. Will Lebron James miss ths playoffs? Will Kyr ...…
Jalen Rose and David Jacoby are joined by Maria Taylor and Ryen Russillo talking Celtics roster, Laker off-season outlook, Soft Move vs Boss Move, plus more Twitter and VM's!!
Stacie - 'We finally got a humidifier a few days ago, and I finally feel like an adult because of it.'Clayton - 'You're 6 months pregnant, and buying a humidifier made you feel like an adult... makes sense'Also on the show today... The best Cruz Confused Lyrics ever, the bike lane debate, & curling used to be an absolute party.…
Musician Keir Nuttall charts his course down the mountains from rough and ready Toowoomba to fronting caustic alt-rock-funk band Transport to making a successful career in pop music with his wife, Kate Miller-Heidke.
Part 5 of the 6 part special edition of the Book Editor Show. Clark Chamberlain shares the third class from his online workshop: Outstanding Outlines.Clark will build on the previous classes with his 10 Essential Scenes. These 10 scenes appear time and again in occidental storytelling across all genres. These scenes are also the key to unlock c ...…
David Jacoby is joined by Ryen Russillo talking all things Boston, including Kyrie the leader, Brad Stevens' outlook, "If Kyrie leaves...", plus more of your Twitter and VM's!
Zach talks to Houston GM Daryl Morey about the Rockets' strange season, revisiting the Chris Paul trade, fixes for tanking, a potential play-in tournament, and more.
MooseGate 2019 is finally over! A moose truce has been declared... But history shows us that Norway might be up to something. You'll see what we mean in the podcast today.Also on the show this morning... An easy, fun prank to pull on your friends, permanent downtown bike lanes, which town is the best to stop at during a Regina road trip, and th ...…
On this day 25 years ago, John Candy passed away. People can never agree on which John Candy movie was the best. Some say Uncle Buck, others say Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, or maybe Cool Runnings. One thing we can all agree on though is that John Candy was the manClayton from Cruz Mornings put together some of John Candy's best moments thi ...…
Zach talks to The Ringer's Jason Concepcion about the origin of NBA Desktop, his beloved Knicks, regrettable Harry Potter takes, the end of Game of Thrones, and more.
A new MP3 sermon from Children's Bible Audios is now available on with the following details: Title: The Mighty Men of David Subtitle: Children's Bible Stories Speaker: Joelee Chamberlain Broadcaster: Children's Bible Audios Event: Children Date: 3/4/2019 Bible: 2 Samuel 23:8-39, 1 Chronicles 11:10-47 Length: 13 min. Overview: T ...…
The boys break down a shocking night for Kofi, argue about the Honky Tonk Man, and much more!
David Jacoby is joined by Ryan Hollins previewing the weekend in NBA action, talk Bryce Harper money, BBB All-American game, Tobias Harris value, plus more Twitter and VM's!!!
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