Best Cheetah podcasts we could find (Updated June 2019)
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A podcast about the character of frequent government operative and effective alter ego Diana Prince, as well as the internationally recognized super-heroine icon Wonder Woman, and the strange adventures that fall between the extremes of these two identities of Princess Diana of the Themysiran Amazons on Paradise Island. Looks at the full history of the character across all media, but especially comic books.
Exploring stories of science discovery. Tumble is a science podcast created to be enjoyed by the entire family. Hosted & produced by Lindsay Patterson (science journalist) & Marshall Escamilla (teacher). Visit for more information and educational content.
Track-by-track opinionated commentary and anecdotes by two rock 'n' roll field hands, about albums you know and (maybe) love.
A Place to talk about Saving, Making & Having Fun with Money. Visit My Website At or For More Money Saving News
Completely Booked
Hear stories from local Jacksonville residents, learn something new, and get updates about events happening at the Jacksonville Public Library.
Three nerdy, salty bisexual women answer questions and attempt to give advice.
Zoological Radio
Really interesting stories about animals from really interesting people.
Earth Rangers
Hi kids, if you think that animals are amazing, this is the show for you! Join host Earth Ranger Emma as she travels the world to discover the wildest animal facts out there and solve nature’s biggest mysteries. With top ten countdowns, an animal guessing game, conservation conversations, and epic animal showdowns, this is a journey you won’t want to miss! To learn more, visit
Radio Harambe
Unofficial Podcast of Disney's Animal Kingdom and Walt Disney World
You're listening to the Actionable Marketing Podcast, powered by CoSchedule - the only way to organize your marketing in one place. Weekly interviews, strategy, and advice from marketing geniuses delivered right to your earbuds. For the marketing professional ready to make sh*t happen.
In the Master Wildlife Filmmaking podcast we interview wildlife filmmakers to get advice, inspiration and hear their stories of how they broke into the industry.
Digitally Sassy
Are you wanting to start a website or blog? Wondering where to begin? Not sure where you should spend your money and where not to? Do you want to rock it online? Diane Martin of Digitally Sassy coaches women entrepreneurs on building and promoting a successful online business. With over 20 years experience she brings a wealth of information to share with you. From building your own WordPress website, creating blogs, gaining skills in social media to providing tools and resources that help yo ...
Absurd Hypotheticals is a comedy podcast where co-hosts Chris Yee, Marcus Lehner, and Ben Storms answer ridiculous questions in funny ways. What if you had the ability to perfectly train whales? What if all paper disappeared? Tune in to find out. New episode every Monday.
Who's faster Usain Bolt or a cheetah? Find out in this series pitting the best athletes against animals, on childrens radio station Fun Kids.
KBOO Radio is a community-powered station in Portland Oregon
You will be learning how to draw animals such as Cat, Dogs, Cheetahs, Lions, and much, much more and I can't wait to start tell about the tips and tricks of drawings and let you experience them by yourself and practice to get better and i’m am really excited to start helping you guys and I hope you stay inspired and continue drawing as much as you can to get better and i will help you get started with your drawings and i’m and ready to start helping you guys.
In the Master Wildlife Filmmaking podcast we interview wildlife filmmakers to get advice, inspiration and hear their stories of how they broke into the industry.
Just a pair o' pals doin' a podcast. Podcasting. Noah has a letter from Bill Clinton. Abi likes socks. They like sushi more than expected. Neither have been to Wisconsin.
My rockin' 80 year old grandmother, Bessie Lanning, and I, Erica Case, talk life, country music, and rock n roll along with musical guests.
Get ready for a series of in-your-face encounters with some of the world’s wildest creatures. Heart-stopping moments, unique perspectives and a whole lot of 'in the right place at the right time'. From curious elephants and thieving lions to vultures on a kill and even a car-climbing cheetah, our action cameras capture it all … up close!
Who's faster Usain Bolt or a cheetah? Find out in this series pitting the best athletes against animals, on childrens radio station Fun Kids.
Vegan News
Vegan News is unapologetically vegan and we are here to bring you everything that matters in animal rights and Veganism! Check us out on on all social media and at:
My Classic Car, with host Dennis Gage, visits some of the most prestigious car shows and events in North America. With muscle cars, hot rods, local cruise-ins, museums, and more My Classic Car has something for everyone.
The Two Black Eyes Podcast is an improv comedy podcast where four friends discuss movies as inspiration to improvise scenes that amuse and entertain.
Wild Things Podcast
Wild Things is a factual podcast with each episode focusing on a new species within the kingdom Animalia. Nature is weird and wonderful – and this podcast is definitely both. All episodes are recorded on foot, quite literally rambling through the countryside.
Candace and Jess Judge A Book by its Cover is a podcast where every week our two hosts tell you what a book is all about. Except they don't ever read the book and they both get distracted easily. Check them out every Thursday, wherever you get your podcasts. Be sure to drop and rating and subscribe!
Get up close and personal with the animals you love! This brand spankin' new podcast shares the real-life stories of wild animals and their people – naturalists, rangers, photographers, adventurers and a whole lot more. Powered by Faunographic and hosted by Australian journalist and photographer, Rachelle Mackintosh, each episode reveals deeply personal frontline stories as we get close to tigers, great white sharks, wolves, grizzly bears – and everything with fur, feathers and fins in betwe ...
Right Back At Ya!
The 2000s pop music podcast, presented by David Lim and Joel Babbington.Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook: @rightbackpod.Email us:
Taped Over
Who Said That?
"Who Said That?" is a weekly podcast in which 3 friends join forces covering pop culture and life as New York City transplants. Join Javon, Ingrid, and Justin for some hearty laughs and a multitude of mess. Ask Phoebe / Bookings:
My Classic Car, with host Dennis Gage, visits some of the most prestigious car shows and events in North America. With muscle cars, hot rods, local cruise-ins, museums, and more My Classic Car has something for everyone.
Nature Stories
Weekly podcasts on the natural world, curated by Atlantic Public Media, sponsored by The Nature Conservancy and the Public Radio Exchange.
A topnotch site
@_Collin1 from
Save vs. Adulthood
A pen and paper RPG podcast where the players are the same, but the characters and ruleset are subject to change. Join us as we comically leap from one universe to the next.
Podcast by Qicle
Filming wildlife is a dangerous occupation. Just ask the Earth Touch camera crews. Getting the shots takes hardcore skills, a fair bit of luck... and a whole lotta crazy. But if you can escape death, disease and disembowelment, you're in for some extraordinary experiences. In fact, wildlife filmmaking might just be the best job in the world for these crazy cameramen.
New podcast weblog
Solid Cat
Solid Cat is "The Slumber Party of Podcasts!"We're random; we're rowdy; we're righteous! If you're looking for a good time, slip into your jammies and dial us up!Starring Demosthenes and Valerie "the Space Cowboy"#staysolid
CoronaCast is the official Podcast for Corona Ave. Elementary School. We are located in the City of Bell within the Los Angeles Unified School District.
Dishin' the Dirt
All of the hottest topics are discussed and your calls are taken from a former Hollywood publicist to the stars, Jonathan "JJ" Jaxson.
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Episode 44 we (eventually) judge the book The Day of the Cheetah by Dale Brown. We also talk about how planes work, Buddy Holly, space cheetahs, and we also have some technical issues, but there's also a song so it's okay!By Candace and Jess.
Marketers try to map and meticulously outline their customer’s journey to convert a lead into a paying customer. Instead, maybe they should focus on behavioral data to deliver the right message on the right channel at the right time. Today, my guest is Judd Marcello, executive vice president of global marketing at Cheetah Digital. He believes t ...…
Support Us On Patreon: Absurd Hypotheticals Store: On this episode of Absurd Hypotheticals, Marcus Lehner, Chris Yee, and Ben Storms answer this very important question: Which snack mascot would win in a fight? Time Stamps [00:00:35] Broken Toilet [00:06:57] Marcus’s ...…
Today, we chat with Juan-Carlos Villatoro. He’s a Navy Veteran and entrepreneur who’s spearheaded a variety of startups and programs focused on environmental sustainability and challenging the way we recycle and process old materials. Juan-Carlos breaks down some pretty complex projects he’s been a part of, and what’s he's currently working on ...…
Support Us On Patreon: Absurd Hypotheticals Store: On this episode of Absurd Hypotheticals, Marcus Lehner, Chris Yee, and Ben Storms answer lots of questions in our fifth lightning round episode. Time Stamps [00:00:35] Hotel Showers [00:11:07] What if all sidewalks we ...…
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a vast, swirling soup of trash, twice the size of Texas. Can we ever clean it up? That’s what 8 year old Ila wants to know. She lives in Hawaii and likes to pick up trash whenever she goes to the beach. She lives closer to the garbage patch than most of us. Finding the answer to her question, led us to create ...…
An eyeball-gouging, face-raking, windshield bouncing classic from 1994, the debut from the (still doing it) trio of miscreants Shellac. 10 songs of love, loss, and getting your scrotum snagged in a carnival ride by Steve Albini, Bob Weston and Todd Trainer. Brought to us by the self-proclaimed “King of Used Office Furniture (in Deerfield Beach) ...…
Episode 46 we (eventually) judge the book The Snow Goose by Paul Gallico. We also almost sing Hashpipe by Weezer, we talk about old bands we were in, recording issues, how many stars are on the American flag, geese, fighting geese, fighting geese on drugs, and not ever fighting geese on drugs.By Candace and Jess.
This week we emerge sheepishly from the wreckage of the last episode and answer lots of questions! How to fandom flirt? Why didn’t Imogen get a slow cooker back in the 80s when they were cool? Plus some social media FMK and the ever present threat of cheeeeeesssse. Check out o ...…
BC Stack is an incredible opportunity for those working online. BC stack comes out once a year and is packed full of over 65 products from 65 leaders in the digital world. AND IT'S ONLY $39 FOR ALL 65 PRODUCTS! You can only purchase it during the dates June 9 - June 14. Just a few days left and then it is gone! Each of these 65 products is a fu ...…
The success of your company depends on the marketing you do, how you choose to present the benefits of a product or service, and which audience to target. How you position a product or service can make or break your company. Stop right there. Forget everything you thought you knew about product positioning. Connecting your product or service wi ...…
Support Us On Patreon: Absurd Hypotheticals Store: On this episode of Absurd Hypotheticals, Marcus Lehner, Chris Yee, and Ben Storms answer this very important question: What are nature’s best/worst dads? Time Stamps [00:00:35] Marcus Complains [00:07:00] Best Animal ...…
If you’re pining for some creative inspiration, Mark Ari has you covered. Ari is a writer, painter, singer-songwriter, and among many other things– a creative writing professor at UNF. On today's episode, he chats with us about his writing process, cultivating a creative community in Jacksonville, and how his Jewish American heritage shaped him ...…
Miami music producer, member of To Live and Shave in LA, and founder of the International Noise Conference Rat Bastard brings his knowledge of producer Joe Boyd and love of Nick Drake's melancholy genius to our 63rd episode of that Record Got Me High. Recorded at the Dan Hosker Studio in Miami.Please Support Our Patreon: ...…
For access to all of our behind the scenes episodes, support us on Patreon: Listen to another behind the scenes episode where we talk about recent changes to the show, reveal our research process for each question, and discuss this month's hypotheticals. Tune into this Hypotheti-COOLEST exclusive episode.…
Episode 45 we (eventually, like really eventually) judge the book The Intercept by Dick Wolf. Jess does the intro, we also talk about rude dog, that don't put it in your mouth song, iridescent house elephants, ents, how wifi works, Dick Wolf, and almost baseball.By Candace and Jess.
Creating effective video for social media does not have to be hard. In this episode, I share 4 of my favourite tools for making music videos, animations, and on phone editing. Most of these tools are cloud-based and are beginner friendly. I also share how you can join my Ten Day, One-minute Video Challenge. Through this challenge, you will gain ...…
What does “strategic ambiguity” mean? Marketers, politicians, and others use it all the time. It’s the art of making a claim using language that avoids specifics. So, you can be purposefully vague to derive personal organizational benefit. On the other hand, it creates an environment at companies where employees try to avoid blame. Today, my gu ...…
Earth Rangers, Emma is going to take you on an adventure to learn about some EXTREME animals - extremely cute, extremely good fliers, extremely interesting sea creatures AND some actual extremophiles. You're going to be EXTREMELY glad you joined us! PLUS: it’s the first round of semi-finals in our animal-joke competition. Do you have a real kne ...…
Mary Mychael and Eric Waln, owners of The Riverdale Inn, join us on our show today to talk about the Riverside mansion's unique history, what it takes to be successful innkeepers, and the importance of preserving our city's past. You'll also meet the new Completely Booked Podcast hosts, Amanda and Gabby!…
Support Us On Patreon: Absurd Hypotheticals Store: On this episode of Absurd Hypotheticals, Marcus Lehner, Chris Yee, and Ben Storms answer this very important question: What if you could perfectly train snakes? Time Stamps [00:00:35] Marcus’s Brand New Nephew [00:05: ...… Closeted in Canada has been away for a while so we started panicking. If things get too much for you skip to around 35 minutes. We promise it gets… better. Patreon Twitter Tumblr RedbubbleBy iccassidy.
We’re taking a listen back to some of our favorite moments from Season 4 of Tumble, with help from our friend Nate! Nate is the 9 year old host of fellow kids science podcast, “The Show About Science.” Nate interviews Lindsay and Marshall about the stories behind the science. This episode features clips from Rob Dunn (“Discover the Wildlife of ...…
Witty, astute and lovely ska saxophonist Mitzie Velez brings her love of X-Ray Spex and the late. singular, undeniable, brilliantly day-glo Poly Styrene to our monthly live taping at Laser Wolf. The record was unavailable in the US until 1992, and many may have missed its extraordinary charms. They are many, and varied.Support our Patreon: http ...…
In this episode, I explain the differences between duplicate content and copied content. We look at how Google views these and what steps you can do to reduce unintentional duplicate content. We discuss Syndication and scarpers and whether you need to worry about either activity. Show notes and resources are at…
On this episode, Dave and Safari Mike discuss the latest news from Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the rest of Walt Disney World. Topics include a lot of Lion King stuff, an update on this year’s holiday offerings and a great year for attendance at DAK. Asante Sana and Enjoy the Show! Don't forget we are selling t-shirts again! All the profits go t ...…
On this episode of Voices for the Animals, host Courtney Scott interviews Almira Tanner, who will fill us in on the upcoming Animal Liberation Conference in Berkeley, CA, May 29 through June 4, 2019. Almira is a core organizer with the grassroots animal rights network Di...By KBOO Community Radio.
Kate Caliendo, one of the talented horn musicians with the Jacksonville Symphony, joins us on our show today to talk about her trajectory into classical music, her all-time favorite symphonic pieces, as well as the future of classical music.By Jacksonville Public Library. The Star Wars Movie we’ve been waiting for since Caravan of Courage is probably on its way. Maybe. Rated R for … well you can probably guess. This week we dive into more discussion of Game of Thrones and maybe spoil it a wee bit but not much because we actually know very litt ...…
Voivod's 2003 self-titled album is their first to feature newly self-amputated-from-Metallica Jason Newsted ("Jasonic"), and also the return of original vocalist Denis Bélanger ("Snake"). It's guitarist Denis D'Amour's ("Piggy") swan song (RIP 2005). Drummer and visionary Michel Langevin ("Away") propels the album in spectacular fashion. Sci-fi ...…
Episode 43 we (eventually) judge the book The History of Bees by Maja Lunde. We actually recorded this in the same place at the same time! This was recorded at the very expensive Richlady Manor. How fun! We also talk about geese, bees, My Girl, and bees. We also have a word from a totally real sponsor maybe!…
As you begin to work online you will discover a whole new set of words. This jargon can add to the overwhelm as it takes extra work to understand their meaning and how a word might apply to you. In this episode, I talk about eight common words that are unique to the online business world. Whether you are blogging, selling creative arts, podcast ...…
What kind of experience does your brand create for customers? Is it simple and seamless enough to keep them coming back for more? Or, do they find their experience with your brand frustrating, cumbersome, and time-consuming? Today, my guest is Roger Dooley, author of Friction, which describes things that prevent customers from having a great ex ...…
G'day, Earth Rangers! You're going to love this Australian episode full of fascinating facts. We’ll meet some marvellous marsupials and Emma has a chat with her Australian friend, Safari Guide Lawrence about some of the most interesting critters that live in the land down under! Crikey! PLUS: We’re announcing the winner of our joke competition. ...…
Support Us On Patreon: Absurd Hypotheticals Store: On this episode of Absurd Hypotheticals, Marcus Lehner, Chris Yee, and Ben Storms answer this very important question: What if the speed of light was 30 mph? Time Stamps [00:00:35] Roller Coaster Catapult [00:04:37] M ...…
Mark McCombs believes that every kid should build a robot. He's the founder of Renaissance Jax, a nonprofit organization providing STEM education and robotics competition to North Florida. He's out to make Jacksonville a better, smarter place!By Jacksonville Public Library. Spoiler Alert! It’s our spoiler episode, in which we give no spoilers for anything post 1948. There are a few in there for Les Mis though. GET OVER IT!…
Check out Vegan News across social media @vegannewsnow or on Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter:
This is the last episode of Season 4, but stay tuned for our special summer lineup! We’ll be back for Season 5 in fall 2019. Why are butterflies so colorful? That’s what Zed, from The Petit Punk Podcast, wants to know. So we went on a family podcast field trip to the Museum of Natural History in Paris, where we met Zed, his mom Dana, and a butt ...…
Episode 42 we (eventually) discuss the book Black Beauty by Anna Sewell. We also do some corrections, sing some songs, smell some books, talk ghosts, and sing some more songs! Join us won't you?By Candace and Jess.
1971 comes into razor sharp focus with Captain Beefheart's follow up to his magnum opus “Trout mask Replica." The songs are intensely strange, but focus on both human ecological concerns and Don's love of "yams" that "yawn and yearn." It is a crazy, crazy ride, an album that's just as wild as the day it hatched, and one that will have you laugh ...…
This episode looks at some great ways to leverage the work you have already done whether a blog post, podcast, YouTube video etc. Get the most from your efforts and generate new fresh content for a wider audience. We look at how to choose the works for repurposing, tools to create some new content and the benefits of leveraging what you have al ...…
Technology is supposed to help, not frustrate or overwhelm us. Do you struggle with using, choosing, or consolidating marketing technology tools? Marketers tend to love or hate specific tools. Is your favorite on Chiefmartec’s 2019 Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic? If not, there are more than 7,000 tools to consider. Which should you ...…
Support Us On Patreon: On this episode of Absurd Hypotheticals, Marcus Lehner, Chris Yee, and Ben Storms answer this very important question: What if all sports were in a swimming pool? Time Stamps [00:00:35] Farting Lawsuit [00:07:41] Chris’s Answer - Basketball [00:15:33] Ben’s Answer - Tennis [00:2 ...…
Kelsey Beckmann is here to tell you that good food can make you faster, stronger and healthier. She's a registered dietician and owner of Meteor Nutrition, where she offers customized meal plans for clients, particularly athletes. Kelsey is also a qualifier for the 2020 Olympic marathon trials (no big deal). In fact, the first race she ever ran ...… We recorded on national No Diet day but Taco Bell STILL hasn’t sponsored us. This week we go into all the reasons why you don’t need to diet. No you don’t. Don’t do it. STOP. Content warning for discussion of food and diets, obviously. Come ask us questions for ...…
It's time for another Safari Mike's Planet Watch! This time Mike talks about Cheetahs, the world's fastest runners!. Asante San and enjoy the show!By
Our friend Steve Michener makes his third appearance on That Record Got Me High to wax eloquent about The Monochrome Set, a group that is as English as The Kinks, and with the same difficulties in crossing the pond culturally. Steve recently shepherded the quirky ensemble on the West Coast leg of a US tour, and his love of the band is now share ...…
Episode 41 we (eventually) judge the book The Woman and the Ape by Peter Hoeg. We also talk about coffee, eating watermelons, inter-species conjoined twins, chimpanzees, and dog bank accounts.By Candace and Jess.
Here's a little pre-episode bonus funtimes! It's the Morning Report! Grab a cup of coffee and start your day right!By Candace and Jess.
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