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Dark Histories
Dark Histories tells the stories of some of our darkest moments, deepest mysteries and strangest happenings, from large cultural events, to smaller, localised legends.
Tales from Appalachia
The Money Pit Minute with Tom Kraeutler & Leslie Segrete delivers quick, insightful how-to tips on home improvement, remodeling, décor and home maintenance projects.
Storynory is the first and most loved story podcast. We've been around since 2005 and kids have grown up with us. We are both educational and entertaining. We offer a mixture of original stories and myths from around the world. All our stories are brilliantly read by professional actors. So listen in - and enjoy our audio!
A video travel podcast for people who love to travel. It can be viewed as a companion to the Amateur Traveler audio podcast or on its own. It features travel destinations.
Light Grey Art Lab is an art gallery in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where creatives come together to learn, travel, exhibit, and discuss their creative practice. Our podcast features the Light Grey team discussing the creative practice, reflections on our exhibitions and projects, artist interviews, guest lecturers, and travelogues. Learn more at Thanks for listening!
The Money Pit is a nationally syndicated, call-in radio show & podcast that helps listeners with their home improvement and decor questions. Hosted by Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete, who entertain, educate and inspire listeners with an encyclopedic knowledge that just plain fun to listen to. With this team you can do-it-yourself, but you really don't have to do-it-alone. Listeners are invited to call in their questions 24/7 to 1-888-MONEY PIT.
The Sounds in My Head is a music podcast featuring songs and bands you might have missed. Hosted by an indie-pop loving Brooklynite named Daniel since 2004.
You just took the wrong turn on the wrong street you have just stepped into a nightmare you have just entered Fear Street! Nightmare on Fear Street is a podcast all about the works of R.L. Stine from Goosebumps to Fear Street and even delving deep into the tomb of books inspired by Goosebumps. Join your hosts Zack, Ember and Meg as they discover the radical spooky world of Stein.
Maritime Noon is a one-hour program devoted to delivering informative reports and interviews which explore issues that are of interest to Maritimers.
Unlikely. Unscripted. Unabashed. "Talk Time with Reid Moriarty" is a series of 7-minute interviews with people Reid finds interesting, and you might too! Don’t let his autism diagnosis fool you. Reid is a charismatic, innate emcee whose direct, comedic style strikes a chord of human interest. Tune in to more than 70 podcasts with the likes of Temple Grandin, Murray of Sesame Street, and Andy Grammer who said "yes" to an unlikely conversation.
South Carolina Focus brings you news stories and features from and about the Palmetto State. The program is a production of South Carolina Public Radio.
Beware and Warning-- Don't skip this podcast! Every other week, we read a different Choose Your Own Adventure book with guests, and see if we can make it through the danger, intrigue, and butt jokes to the end.
Continuing America's love affair with comedy and those lovable characters that make us laugh with great entertainment from early radio.
An innovative audio comedy panel game podcast from sketch team Pappy's, recorded in front of a live audience. These episodes are not topical so it's fun to listen to Flatslam anytime.
New Rants and Bants Podcast. Ped and Mellor give their opinions on the world, life and general gripes. We like to speak our minds and have a lot of banter in between. We like the community to get involved and be part of the show, so don't be shy! send us your rants and opinions by email: or tweet us @pedandmellor or send us a voicemail:
Welcome to Get a Clue, Nancy Drew! Each week, we'll be going book-by-book in the Nancy Drew universe to discuss our favorite characters, plot points and all things Nancy. Warning: things may get a little silly.
Living Is For Everyone, we are here to prove that.
Smart Enough to Know Better is a podcast of science, comedy and ignorance. Twice a month two professional performers chat about science stuff that excites them in a fun and accessible manner.
Golden State Media Concepts’ Weird News Podcast is not your regular news show. We cover news that is strange, odd, or just plain weird.
Ross Patterson Revolution Video Podcast.
In this stunning podcast, two average guys try to get through as much Doctor Who as possible without going insane. Currently they’re mainlining their way through Classic Doctor Who. 800 episodes or bust, they say. And on the side, well. Books, Audio Dramas, Comics?!? Anything is possible! So in summary: They’re trying to see how much Doctor Who they can take before dying.
A weekly audio special that looks at life and culture in Nebraska through history, literature, religion, and art.
Answers to your questions on wilderness bushcraft, survival skills and outdoor life
Balearic Beats
First of its kind to bring you Old Time Radio Westerns Daily. Westerns that include The Lone Ranger, Cisco Kid, Challenge of the Yukon, Have Gun Will Travel, The Six Shooter, Tales of the Texas Rangers, Gunsmoke, Hopalong Cassidy, and many many more.
A weekly audio special that looks at life and culture in Nebraska through history, literature, religion, and art.
Audio recordings of classic and contemporary poems read by poets and actors, delivered every day.
Strange Times
A weekly comedy & satirical podcast presented by Davian Dent, with hosts Kat Sorens and Samantha Pett.
You Can’t Eat the Sunshine is the podcast of Esotouric, the offbeat Los Angeles company that turns the notion of guided bus tours on its ear. Each week, join Kim Cooper and Richard Schave on their Southern California adventures, as they visit with fascinating characters for wide-ranging interviews that reveal the myths, contradictions, inspirations and passions of the place. There’s never been a city quite like Los Angeles. Tune in if you’d like to find out why.
Find out what all the industry buzz is about, and who Stu The Wine Guru is. This is the Best Wine Show on the Planet! This is THE Source For Everything Wine on the Internet. You come here to sit back,relax,learn and be entertained by Stu The Wine Guru, and his guests. Email your questions to Tweet your questions on Twitter to @stuthewineguru, and Stu will read them live on the air! Call in and ask all of your questions about wine directly to Stu and his guests.Don't ...
The latest news about arts and humanities happenings around Nebraska, as well as talk and performances from those involved. Updated Fridays.
The country club house The Whispering Pines was closed for the winter, but only one day after he locked the place personally, the narrator sees smoke come out of the chimney. He decides to investigate and enters the house. Hidden in the dark, he sees the sister of his fiance, the girl he secretly loves, run out of the house with tears in her eyes. Upstairs then, he discovers the dead body of his betrothed... (Introduction by Carolin)
Hearth Talk
Interviews and stories from the woodstove, fireplace and pellet stove industry experts.
Turn to Page
Jessie reads a choose your own adventure book with a couple of friends while goofing and reviewing it.
Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the weekly comedy podcast called The AhhGee Podcast! Featuring the funny outputs of Andy, Grax and Michael Bell. Sit back and laugh as they bring you whimsy and funny!
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How-to tips on mulching for the winter. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Winter arrives across the Maritimes, 89-year-old woman goes back to school to finish her interrupted education, Wade Hemsworth's great-nephew takes calls about the lasting legacy of The Log Driver's Waltz
On the November 16th Friday LIVE from NET in Lincoln, we'll host live music from: The Talbott Brothers, who have a show at at The Lark; local singer/songwriter Hope Dunbar, who is playing on the David's House Concert Series and in Seward; and, composer and percussionist Michael Fitzsimmons, who is p...…
Today we tell you some of the tales surrounding two tunnels, the Sensabaugh Tunnel in East Tennessee and the Big Bull Tunnel in Southwest Virginia. You can subscribe to the MountainLore podcast on RadioPublic, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or on your favorite podcast app. We’re on Twitter and Facebook @myappalachia. Thanks for the use of your ears, ...…
Ross and Jessie discuss why no one wants to be a juror on the El Chapo trial in NYC right now, when Sly Stallone met Bruce Springsteen backstage after his Broadway show the other night, what age it's not cute to own a bunk bed anymore, and Jables is back with an all new Crime Corner!
How-to tips for seeing if your new home is energy efficient! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
NS adoption advocate helps woman look for her sister and finds out that she is the missing sister, How DNA test helped reunite a family, Phone-in with dog behaviour expert Silvia Jay
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Who ya gonna call?! GHOSTBUSTER HELEN CORNING, THAT'S WHO! This week we're reading Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #46, the Invisible Intruder. This book had a whopping FIVE ghosty hauntings to solve and the entire dating circle of River Heights is on the case. Nancy and crew bob and weave through all the "hauntings" and systematically dismantle all ...…
Arianne and Heidi talk about a ban on dog walking during daylight hours. Then they talk about a man who was pronounced dead but wasn’t, and a man who broke up thousands of relationships. As always, if you enjoyed the show, follow us and subscribe to the show: you can find us on iTunes or on any app that carries podcasts as well as on YouTube. P ...…
Ross and Jessie discuss the sexual technique Jill Scott used on stage last night called "the peppercracker", CNN suing the White House, what happened to Larry from "Perfect Strangers", the California wildfires, and Jessie asks the eternal question of when it became popular for hot white girl singers to perform with rappers?…
Every fall, doctors beg the public to get a flu shot. It might not be a big deal to an adult, but for a kid, that needle can be intimidating. WBHM’s Andrew Yeager recently found the story of a girl, a vaccine, a letter and an unexpected response.The post A Flu Shot, a Letter and an Unexpected Response appeared first on WBHM 90.3.…
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An 89 year-old woman and her 87 year-old sister have met after taking DNA tests, long after they were adopted. On the phone-in, your ideas of ways to help species survive.
Do you spend more time picking out paint, then picking out the paint brush? Tom and Leslie help you choose a brush that won’t leave marks, waste paint or leave bristles in wet paint, plus answer your home improvement questions! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Heidi and Arianne provide an update on the Swedish human microchips. They also talk about a Satanic Temple suing Netflix, frog ladders, and a Dutch man trying to legally change his age. As always, if you enjoyed the show, follow us and subscribe to the show: you can find us on iTunes or on any app that carries podcasts as well as on YouTube. Pl ...…
Democrats across the country took the House and flipped several governorships during the midterms. It was a different story in Alabama. Democrats here lost every statewide race, and they lost five statehouse seats to Republicans. Recent news reports say the Alabama Democratic Party sat on hundreds of thousands of dollars -- money candidates say ...…
For someone with addiction, deciding to get help is often the first step to recovery. But finding that help is not always easy. State-funded treatment facilities can have complicated requirements and long waiting lists.The post Recovery Resource Center Bridges Gaps in Addiction Treatment appeared first on WBHM 90.3.…
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CBC's Blair Rhodes explains how a teacher with criminal convictions was able to be in the classroom. The teacher is accused of assaulting a student last month. Publisher Anna Porter and our listeners discusses favourite Canadian authors.
A South Carolina resident figures in the story of a Vietnam veteran's search for the man who saved his life when PBS and SCETV begin the second season of We'll Meet Again, hosted by Ann Curry, Tuesday, Nov. 13 at 8 p.m. The program focuses on reunions of people whose lives have crossed at pivotal times. The searcher is Dave Johnson, whose helic ...…
In this episode of #AskPaulKirtley I answer questions about axe stones and keeping them in shape, using a parang in the boreal, quilts vs sleeping bags. demographics of bushcraft course participants, when to use the finer side of a sharpening stone, visiting North American bushcraft festivals and shows. At the beginning of the show there is an ...…
How-to tips on hiring movers. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Clean up begins after 747 runs off runway at Halifax International Airport, Feedback on ATV safety, Phone-in on wills with estate lawyer Jessica Lyle
01. Until I Found You - Fascinations Grand Chorus 02. Will-O'-the-Wisp - Pageants 03. Drink and Glide - Snapped Ankles 04. Rear View - Gabby's World 05. I Get You - Gabby's World 06. Tour Mate Sex Dream - Gabby's World 07. Shock Proof - Magic Potion 08. Foamy Lace - Magic Potion 09. Every Night Is New - Molly Nilsson 10. A Slice of Lemon - Moll ...…
Leaking tubs and showers can be a real mess to deal with, but can actually be an easy fix. Tom & Leslie tell you how, plus answer your home improvement questions. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Bertie is on the Greek Island of Crete and relates two famous legends from the time of King Minos - and how they blend into History in the writing of Herodotus. Read the full text of The Cretan Bull and see our illustration on Storynory.
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Everybody should know how to get to the hospital for abduction. This week Kiyan and Dylan make it to the mid season finale, finally! The next half of the season is going to run much slower than this half, mainly because it’s all one parters, so it’ll take us until Christmas to get through it. But hey, until then we get to enjoy this story, A Go ...…
Davian is having problems with the content of his wallet vanishing, Sam's celebrating Pepero Day and Kat is obsessed with the art of gargoyling.By (Davian Dent).
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