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Why are teens shoplifting makeup and posting their hauls to Tumblr? How can a blind man run a marathon through the desert with just an iPhone? And what happens to your social media profiles after you die? Week on week we answer questions just like these on our digital culture podcast, Chips with Everything.
Two guys talk about chips. It's a podcast. Also available on iTunes here:
Butterfly effect in gaming! Every few weeks Cam and Bam take a video game and change one specific game-play or narrative detail, speculating on (and laughing about) how the rest of the game would differ without it becoming unrecognizable. NEW episodes every other Friday!
Podcast by Chips and Chips Podcast
A weekly show talking WWE, NXT, and other Professional Wrestling Promotions around the world, as well as Professional Sports! Hosted by Damian "SAWLTY" G and Chip K. Fabe, we take you around the world, spotlight some of the less known, and tell the truth about some of your heroes. Get your unbiased hot takes, right here, on The SAWLTY Chips Show!Subscribe for our weekly show and follow us! @Dare2BDamian and @ChipKFabe!
Hosts D-Man, Chody, and guests hold nothing back when we discuss anything and everything you can imagine!!!! So give us a listen, enjoy, and join in the conversation!
Yoghurt 'N' Chips
Gaming podcast by 3 Friends who love games and talking absolute nonsense
Chips & Salsa
A podcast where my listeners and I get to know each other share stories and chat while eating and reviewing chips & salsa because why not.
Embark on mayhem-filled, morally-questionable quests for wealth, honor, and crunchy corn chips! Dungeons & Doritos is the classic RPG audio drama that brings tabletop gaming to life with cinematic sound effects and score. Join Jamela the dragonborn, Chair the dwarf that used to be furniture, Vimak the goliath, Jen’Ifer the tiefling, Barty the roguish performer, and Lefty the pirate queen as they get saucy with gods, haggle with horrors, surf through hell, and scarf down innumerable triangula ...
Take It From Me
These are the people who took a hard left. Traded in their chips and changed their minds – all in the name of fresh air. And to get inside the minds of these enterprising misfits, we are letting them interview each other. Each week, teacher becomes student, interviewee becomes interviewer, grasshopper becomes… bigger grasshopper.
What is utopia to you? A fantastic world where people live inside of fruit? Where everyone is your sex slave? Where Potato chips make you feel better about yourself? Join comedian, Chris Locke on a splendid journey to the perfect worlds of many hilarious and totally interesting guests on "Utopia To Me?"
Hot Chips Gaming
A New Zealand focused gaming show with authentic Kiwis - Jordan, Amy, Reagan and Theo! We Ketchup on NZ gaming news, Get Salty about various gaming topics, talk about games that are Fresh Out Of The Fryer, and rant about our gaming Leftovers (with a Special Order thrown in every now and then).
Serving Boston College with chips and a pickle since 2007
A weekly rugby-themed podcast hosted by Jaybor Staunton and Chips Blanch, 2 know-nothing know-it-all's, covering all things Aussie rugby... If you came to be informed, look elsewhere.
All In with Pauline Hawkins features guests who have put their chips in the center of the table—risking it all—to pursue their goals and dreams. They have figured out what it takes to make it in their chosen field and have shared it on this podcast.
British Musician, songwriter and award winning ditzy blonde (not sure which the awards were for), Chantel McGregor presents her podcast ‘Tel Tales’ Since Chantel is an avid fan of real ales, cats, music, food and Yorkshire, expect drunken, flat cap wearing cats, dancing to proper music whilst eating chips with gravy (only joking - the cat didn’t enjoy the Pawsecco)!
Dealer's Choice
Drew has been holding down Sundays here at BTR for years. Now he ups the ante and delivers the best two hour mix of independent music to finish off the weekend. Each episode begins and ends by showcasing the best of the expansive BTR library, but the middle of the show is all wildcards. Whether it's reggae, comedy, or anything else, it's Drew's deal, so who knows what you'll get? Expect the unexpected, push your chips all in and welcome to Dealer's Choice.This podcast series was previously k ...
Think you can solve the $10,000 Pringles Mystery Flavor? You may need a clue to go with those chips. Find them here in the Pringles Mystery Popcast hosted by Evelyn DeParis. We’ve hidden one clue per episode, so get your taste buds ready.
School Lunch Mark
Welcome to the Lunch Table! Co-hosted by myself and School Lunch Luke. We discuss a variety of topics such as: music, politics, video games, pop culture, and other current events. We're making fresh punch, chips and dips are over there, grab a seat, and enjoy the show. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Let's Make It is a show that is all about making things, in particular electronic things. During this show we will be using things like Arduinos, PIC chips and Raspberry Pie's to make all kinds of electronic gadgets.We are making these gadgets to learn how they work. Not technical, not to worry, we are going to start really simple and teach you as we go along. All it requires is a desire to want to learn some programming and electronics.This show is hosted by Mike Myers of Genius Idea Studio ...
Caged Heat
Podcast by Chips / Patrick
Talking Taboo FX
Podcast covering the series Taboo on FX Network with your hosts Ashley & Brian...Set in 1814, "Taboo" is based on an original story by Tom Hardy and his father, Chips Hardy. In Taboo, Hardy plays the lead role of "James Keziah Delaney," a rogue adventurer who returns from Africa with 14 ill-gotten diamonds to seek vengeance after the death of his father. Refusing to sell the family business to the East India Company, he sets out to build his own trade and shipping empire and finds himself pl ...
CREAM - Chips rule everything around me
A film by COMUTADOR JUNKIES:: CLUB CULTURE :: (The Documentary Movie)Travel with DEV on his journey to various cities from Hong Kong, Dubai & other metro cities of India exploring the nightlife, clubbing, fashion, music by your host DJ DEV.Club Culture has been named after his famous Club Culture podcast episodes which is among the top podcast downloads in India.Following this 1st sequence of the CLUB CULTURE Documentary Series we make you meet his friends, supporters & fans whom he encounte ...
Ash, Tom and Craig bring you your weekly fix of fantasy football, comedy, tips and gossip.
The Vergecast
Hello! This is The Vergecast, the flagship podcast of The Verge... and your life. Every Friday, Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Paul Miller make sense of the week's tech news with help from our diverse and wide-ranging staff. And on Tuesdays, Nilay hosts in-depth, one-on-one interviews with major technology leaders. Join us every week for a fun, deeply nerdy, often off-the-rails conversation about what's happening now (and next) in technology and gadgets. And, remember, promo code. Produced by ...
Let's Make It is a show that is all about making things, in particular electronic things. During this show we will be using things like Arduinos, PIC chips and Raspberry Pie's to make all kinds of electronic gadgets.We are making these gadgets to learn how they work. Not technical, not to worry, we are going to start really simple and teach you as we go along. All it requires is a desire to want to learn some programming and electronics.This show is hosted by Mike Myers of Genius Idea Studio ...
The Motley Fool's daily look at stocks in the news, as well as the top business and investing stories.
Wil & Fortune
Podcast by Wil & Fortune
The CyberWire
More signal, less noise—we distill the day’s critical cyber security news into a concise daily briefing.
Kubernetes, serverless, cloud, DevOps, & coding. Get the lazy WTF each week, mostly.
This Week in Guns
Commentary on the latest firearms industry news, information and buzz. Brought to you by the Firearms Radio Network.
Discover what comes next with this in-depth look at how science and technology are revolutionizing the way we live, work and play. Join host Jennifer Strong every Wednesday as she crisscrosses the country to interview the leaders and luminaries reshaping our world.
Spilled Milk
Every week on Spilled Milk, writers/comedians Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton start with a food-related topic, from apples to winter squash, and run with it as far as they can go—and, regrettably, sometimes further.
Two Dads and a Lewis join together to form the Triforce! Filled to the brim with dad chat, gaming rambles, life stories and the comedy sci-fi series: Bodega! Join the series either here or on YouTube:
Good Luck High Five is a podcast about Magic the Gathering. Whether you’re a new player, a player who likes to sling spells at the kitchen table, an Arena buff, or someone who loves competition and dreams of the professional circuit – GLH5 is for you! Fun decks, tournament updates, absurdly funny segments – every episode is full of at least 1,000 laughs…and some excellent tips and knowledge.
A Gobbet o' Pus
A cool ID case, a stupid joke and a factoid you can use. What more do you need?
Apostles for Christ The Exley Center in the Community Building, 2155 Angle Ave.,Po Box 3053, Wheeling WV 26003. E-Mail Worship Service is Sun 10:00 am, and Bible Study Wed 6:00 pm. We are a Non- Denomination Free Will church. Pastor Edward Lenz and his wife Flora started the ministry August 2010 in the community of Hil-Dar. Later the Lord arranged for us to move there in Sept. Since that time we have had a Fall Festival, serving the community with hot dogs,chips with che ...
Automotive Insight
with John McElroy
The official podcast of Vince Russo, controversial former head writer of WWE/WCW/TNA! Now host of his own show at the The Brand, with unpredictable and fresh content including: interviews with superstars in sports and entertainment, episode by episode pro-wrestling reviews and much more!
Chris “Pepper Hicks” Stanley, Bronx Johnny, and Chris from Brooklyn are three best friends living life to the fullest in NYC. They’re gentlemen, scholars; they’re alcoholics. Enjoy the art of conversation as they wax philosophic about news, sports, pop culture, and their occasionally questionable life choices. The newest 15 episodes are always free, but if you want access to all the archives, watch live, chat live, access to the forums, and get the show a week before it comes out everywhere ...
The top esl/efl listening resource for those learning English and teaching English. We provide real conversations recorded for all levels of English learners. In addition, the supporting worksheets and transcripts can be used for self access or in the classroom to provide valuable English language lessons for learners of English at Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced levels.
Technology news and analysis for IT professionals delivered with a healthy dose of skepticism. Grab some coffee and a virtual donut, and keep up with everything that's happening in IT.
A priest from Canada and a priest from the states walk into a bar... Annnnd I can't think of a joke.
Dana Perino, co-host of The Five on the FOX News Channel and FOX News Digital Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt discuss, dissect and debate the changing world of Washington politics.
This is either an improvised comedy podcast with guest comedians, or something way more serious is going on. Dr Benjamin Jones and Claire Cares (comedians Luke McQueen and Lou Sanders) interrogate their guests’ emotional well-being, the only way they know how… through their butts.
A Band of Gamers
Video game and music podcast. Three best mates meet at the virtual pub every other week to share their lifelong passion for gaming and music discovery. Join the conversation
Actor and Chelsea diehard Phil Daniels and co-host Ceri Levy bring you the most entertaining podcast ever from SW6, along with some celebrity fans dropping in to give us a real view from the Shed End.
Off Track, with Ann Jones, is an Australian radio show and podcast which combines the relaxing sounds of nature with awesome stories of wildlife and environmental science, all recorded in the outdoors.
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Chocolate for breakfast, punching producer mini games, requiring hot food at work, walls, The Gardens Between, Abby Jeanne Music Box Dancer and the usual listening program. 0:03:39 Side A Video Games News Bungie breaks away from Activision and now controls their own Destiny. Sony gives the keys to Rocket League players and opens up cross-platfo ...…
Today's Network Break analyzes a new AWS backup service, Rubrik's latest infusion of VC cash, whether the tech sector has reached its natural growth limit and what that means for how tech companies are valued, a Juniper/IBM deal, and more. The post Network Break 218: AWS Launches New Backup Service; Rubrik Rakes In VC Bucks appeared first on Pa ...…
So you've decided to turn it over to God . . . BUT . . . He's taking to LONG!!! When you make the commitment for God to take over your life, you have to remember--you're on HIS time, he isn't on yours. Be still, be quiet, be patient and wait.
Homily from the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time. God uses what we have and gives us what we need. It is often very tempting to forget the heart of God. To forget that He notices us, delights in us, and rejoices in us. When the focus shifts from His love to our insufficiency and feelings of insignificance, He reminds us of the truth. Mass Reading ...…
Susan Spielberg (no relation) talks about her love of running (not that kind) and tells a beautiful story (about a mouse) in this fascinating case. Performed by Luke McQueen, Lou Sanders and Jenny Bede. Produced by Ben Williams for Plosive Productions. Music and jingles by Al Clayton at Turtle Canyon Comedy. Artwork by Patrick Turpin.…
Celebrate MLK Day early with an extended weekend of tunes about civil rights, peace, unity and dreams. Also 2 dope double shot blocks right in the middle. Keep listening and keep dreaming!00:00 - DJ Drew Intro02:25 - No Reason To Keep Hate In Your Heart - Bark Bark Disco05:34 - Morality - Wesley Fuller08:27 - It Ain't Right - Tobias Berblinger1 ...…
Researchers from Netscout's ASERT team have been making use of honeypots to gather information on rapidly evolving IoT botnets that take advantage of default usernames and passwords to gain access and take control of unprotected devices. Matt Bing is a security research analyst with Netscout, and he guides us through their findings. The origina ...…
Next to nothing was known about sperm whales in the Southern Ocean. That is, until the Australian Antarctic Division started listening to their clicks.[Repeat]
In today’s podcast we hear that Collection #1 is big but not the end-of-the-world. Still, be on the lookout for credential stuffing attacks. Rocke cryptojacker can disable some cloud security services. Beware of Telegram bots. Facebook shuts down a few hundred inauthentic Russian pages, and Sputnik shows up as either a free-speech paladin or an ...…
This week on The Vergecast, Nilay, Paul, and Dieter run through a week of gadget news. Images of the Google Pixel 3 “Lite” and the Samsung Galaxy S10 have leaked, starting up a new season of phone releases. The crew also looks forward to what Google will do with its investment in Fossil’s smartwatch tech, Microsoft’s experiment with foldable de ...…
This week on The Vergecast, Nilay, Paul, and Dieter run through a week of gadget news. Images of the Google Pixel 3 “Lite” and the Samsung Galaxy S10 have leaked, starting up a new season of phone releases. The crew also looks forward to what Google will do with its investment in Fossil’s smartwatch tech, Microsoft’s experiment with foldable de ...…
Spilled Milk is proud to present a preview of a new podcast we are super excited about. Check out the trailer for JOSIE AND JONNY ARE HAVING A BABY (WITH YOU!) and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. Support Spilled Milk Links: Josie & Jonny Are Having a Baby (With You!)By Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton.
This week's episode has two guests in studio with Rocky and Ritchie. John is back for the show along with Statement Games CEO and founder, Marc. We discuss the new Gillette commercial, Jeff Bezo's divorce, how Amazon is scamming customers and more.
Are we still on that open source licensing thing? Yes. “The most boring topic of all time.” Also, Slack's logo and long term support software monetization models: how do they work? Summary: “ buster (AKA Amazon)” “What is someone really selling with LTS?” “Artful genitals.” “It’s not butt ducks” “I’ve had three dogs since then…” Micr ...…
In our latest collaboration, Jordan Erica Webber teams up with Ian Sample of the Guardian’s Science Weekly podcast to look at why artwork produced using AI is forcing us to confront how we define creativity
ACEDIA - Our modern-day plague. Learn more about it in a hilarious and important episode with @FrHarrison & @FatherSciarappa Mentioned in the Pod: @NH_Hockey_12 @ITGeekCT @hunterlantzman @adamcboyle @goingblondzo @FrRyanRojo @SpicyNuggsPod @MasterJeb
Welcome to This Week in Guns! This show is brought to you by the Firearms Radio Network, Second Call Defense & Patriot Patch Company This podcast offers commentary on the latest firearms industry news, information and buzz. In this episode, we have the pleasure of welcoming back Instagram’s favorite micro warrior, Jacki Billings. We also … Cont ...…
Bill Mann and Chris Hill celebrate the life and legacy of Jack Bogle, founder of Vanguard and creator of the first index fund.
In today’s podcast, we hear that South Korea’s Defense Ministry has disclosed a cyber espionage incident. Fancy Bear sticks to its old tricks with Lojax. The US Justice Department is rumored not to be done with Huawei—this time an IP theft beef is believed to be coming. A big database exposure case in Oklahoma. And an update on yesterday's bogu ...…
Welcome to The Danger Zone! Neither wind nor downed telephone poles nor minor illnesses will prevent us from bringing you some Molly bait, aka Rotisserie Chicken. Hop on the train of discussion as we learn the real definition of vegetarianism and remind Molly that this is, indeed, a comedy show. GREEN CHILE CHICKEN CHILAQUILES Okay, maybe Matth ...…
There's no Planet B: some practical advice on how to make your life more plastic free
The State of our Union is...delayed? Dana Perino, former White House Press Secretary, co-host of Fox News Channel's "The Five" and host of "The Daily Briefing" and Chris Stirewalt Fox News Politics Editor and host of "Power Play", run through the daily goings on in the world of politics. Dana and Chris discuss the latest twists and turns in the ...…
Financial technology provider Fiserv announces plans to buy payment processor First Data in a $22 billion all-stock deal. United flies higher on strong earnings. Snap sinks on news that its CFO is leaving after only 8 months on the job. And McDonalds loses a Big Mac battle. Analysts Emily Flippen and Jason Moser tackle those stories and talk ab ...…
In today’s podcast, we hear that the SEC and the Department of Justice are going after EDGAR hackers for securities fraud. Flashpoint sees the Lazarus Group in an attack on Chile’s Redbanc. Recorded Future shares notes on Iran’s Ashiyane Forum. Crytpomix ransomware is being distributed by fraudulent charitable appeals. Organized gangs are using ...…
Vince Russo and a cranky Jeff Lane (due to not showering or changing his clothes) go through the week in The Brand where a Dave Meltzer tweet is discussed where he claims he doesn't look at moves in wrestling but looks at the storytelling, Big Vito has a "sit-down" with Mike Durband, Goldy Locks runs into Abyss, Disco Inferno discusses the poss ...…
In the final episode of Everything We Know So Far, we look back on the knowledge we gained, the guests we scorned, and (most importantly) ourselves. The post Episode 10: …about ourselves appeared first on The New England Classic.
Ceri Levy and Andy Saunders chat with Paul Canoville and Gary Trowsdale. We discuss a range of issues including racism, counselling, mental health and injury. We delve into current similarities with the climate in the 80’s and ask what’s being done? We get into tactical decisions in the Chelsea squad, our previous games against Tottenham and Ne ...…
In today’s podcast, we hear that a bug hunter has found and responsibly disclosed issues in web hosts. Compromising Passenger Name Records in airline reservations. Business email compromise seems on the rise, and it’s also growing a bit more interactive. A Facebook executive is swatted, and absolutely nobody should dismiss this sort of thing as ...…
JP Morgan Chase misses quarterly results for the first time in nearly 4 years, but it’s CEO Jamie Dimon’s comments that have our attention. Bryan Hinmon, chief investment officer at MFAM Funds, analyzes Dimon’s current view of the U.S. economy. Bryan also shares why Mastercard and Fastenal are two of the five quarterly conference calls he alway ...…
On this episode, Maria and Meghan welcome Judge Rob back to the show! He’ll get you prepped for the Ravnica Allegiance prerelease this weekend by letting you in on the rulings for tricky cards, weird interactions, and brand new game mechanics. Want your question about Electrodominance answered? Look no further! How about your query on Captive A ...…
Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel chats with August CEO Jason Johnson about smart locks and the challenges of integrating various technologies within a smart home. They discuss whether every company needs to be a data collection company, and why it's so difficult to be a hardware company in tech.
WWJ's John McElroy - Tesla to do differently in China
Bronx Johnny is back this week for High Society Radio to put to bed all rumors that he didn’t actually get married. Johnny shares wedding pictures, and tales from his wedding day and honeymoon in Brazil. Your boys debate new developments in the ongoing R. Kelly scandal, react to a video of Kevin Spacey defending his actions in character, and di ...…
In today’s podcast, we hear that Huawei has fired the sales manager arrested for espionage in Poland, and says that if he was spying, he was freelancing. Ryuk ransomware now looks more like a criminal than a state-sponsored operation. And its “big-game hunting” has pulled in almost four million dollars since August. Access control system zero-d ...…
Lululemon raises guidance after a surprisingly good holiday quarter. Gannett pops 20% on a takeover bid. PG&E files for bankruptcy as the stock price craters. Dan Kline analyzes those stories, shares why World Wrestling Entertainment is one of the few stocks he owns, and discusses the future of sports media rights. Thanks to LinkedIn for suppor ...…
January 13, 2019 All In with Pauline Hawkins Jody Clark grew up in the Kittery and York area of southern Maine. Contrary to the traditional path, he started off writing screenplays; when that didn’t work out, he turned those stories into novels. He now has four novels ...…
Today's Network Break podcast forecasts 2019 IT trends, analyzes new industry reports on IT spending, reviews the continuing fallout from Ericsson's outage, detects a bit of consumer backlash against gadget surveillance and more tech news analysis. The post Network Break 217: Mixed Signals On IT Spending; Cisco Buys Luxtera appeared first on Pa ...…
How much time to you spend in your own head? Worrying about things that are beyond your control? How much time do you spend in your own head feeling depressed about what other people say, or think about you? How much time do you spend in your own head, letting the World WIN because its focus is on taking your attention off what really matters-- ...…
Someone call the cops! There's a potential criminal in the studio. Dr Benjamin Jones and Claire Cares try to stop Ruth from going to jail. Performed by Luke McQueen, Lou Sanders and Rose Johnson. Produced by Ben Williams for Plosive Productions. Music and jingles by Al Clayton at Turtle Canyon Comedy. Artwork by Patrick Turpin.…
Will you drink the poison knowing it's poison? Do you believe there is an alien ship behind that comet? Are you dressed like a sailor but have never been in the Navy? Have you ever been a dominated sex slave branded by your Multi-Level Marketing contacts? Well you may be in a cult and you are probably going to die, if you don't get out. The Con ...…
Celebrating new life in the new year with baby songs, double shots and more. Enjoy and Mazel Tov to DJ Drew's sister and bro-in-law!00:00 - DJ Drew Intro02:24 - Do It For The Babies - Swampmeat Family Band06:25 - Being Born - Zook09:24 - Born Last Night - Ben Morey & The Eyes12:19 - Baby Food - Monogold15:22 - Tiny Baby - Joan Of Arc19:48 - Bab ...…
Welcome to This Week in Guns! This show is brought to you by the Firearms Radio Network, Second Call Defense & Patriot Patch Company This podcast offers commentary on the latest firearms industry news, information and buzz. In this episode, Glen Tate of the 299 Days series of books joins us along with Cheryl and … Continue reading "This Week In ...…
Researchers at RiskIQ have been tracking a series of web-based credit card skimmers known as Magecart. We take a closer look at attacks on Ticketmaster, British Airways, NewEgg and Shopper Approved payment card pages. Yonathan Klijnsma is lead of threat research at RiskIQ, and he guides us through what they've learned. Links to RiskIQ research: ...…
In today’s podcast, we hear that FireEye has called out Iran “with moderate confidence” for a long-running DNS-hijacking campaign. Smart doorbells may not be smart enough for their users’ comfort, if reports of video sharing are to be credited. Crooks are finding Fuze cards as handy as good-guy consumers do. Poland makes two arrests in an espio ...…
~Quality Alert: Due to a hardware issue, mic quality is a bit lower than you're used to! We're sorry about that and will be back to normal soon here. Thank you for understanding!~ Cam and BAM aren't allowed to roll around at the speed of sound, so how will they find new ways to unfairly lose their rings??…
Jordan Erica Webber looks at why a rapper, an actor and a teenage viral sensation have launched lawsuits against Epic Games for allegedly making money off their dance moves
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