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Chrenny is a duo comprised of Chris Patton and Kenny Davis. Their podcast, "Chrenny's Garden of Delights" serves as a launchpad for their bizarre entertainment obsessions and checkered psychological pasts.
Chris and Kenny: two humorists that combine to form Chrenny. After a two-year run of their show, "Chrenny's Garden of Delights" and subsequent 2 years off, they have re-teamed once more for "Chrenny's Hedge Maze of Flim Flams". The show, much like their prior effort, revolves around a mix of games and unscripted conversation outlining their life struggles and checkered minds.
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Chris and Kenny pose 10 questions for each other’s moms, but only after Kenny wades through famous Patricks in an audio quiz and Chris is forced to answer for his recent “Which Chris Patton Are You?” personality test. A new theme song is debuted.
Christmas is in the air as Chris and Kenny share a number of holiday-themed activities including rewrites of “The Night Before Christmas” and ambushing a listener at home with a two minute Christmas party. The guys plan their takeover of Bill O’Reilly’s “Killing” series.
Chrenny reunites to gear up for their new show with this stripped-down warm-up. In it, they quiz one another on life events that have taken place since the final episode of the Garden. Also: Skagit River bridge collapse movie pitches.
Chris and Kenny destroy space-time by reuniting in a barrage of Chrenny classics, including summer movie pitches, Real or Fake, and more. A post-episode press conference reveals their true feelings about the experience.
In the shocking series finale, Chris quits as editor of the show and Chrenny delivers 2.5 hours of painfull farewells and listener torments as they eat cake and drink Slurpees.
Chrenny accepts a dare by a listener to build an entire show around the Disney sitcom, “Wizards of Waverly Place”.
Chrenny spends most of this episode dwelling on Oscar nominees and other awards talk, including fake nominees for fake categories and a People’s Choice Award Quiz, before running through a short gauntlet of listener generated topics.
After a month away, Chrenny tries to clean up a mess of holiday topics, including Kwanzaa movie pitches, Kenny’s return to standup, the “Now Report” vs “Just Happened Stuff” showdown, and kicking off the 2012 Chrenny death pool.
December in the Garden continues as Chris and Kenny throw holiday trivia around and serve up a batch of Hanukkah movie pitches to follow the Christmas movie ideas of Episode 59. Kenny issues a year-end challenge.
After a few weeks away, Chrenny returns with tales of The Panel, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday. Chris declares his Christmas movie mission then hits Kenny up with a Sci-Fi Novel edition of Real or Fake. Also: find out how Chrenny will die!
After a Seattle shoot, Chrenny records at Kenny’s place for the first time ever. Kenny presents a Now Report and Chris retorts with his Just Happened Stuff, then forces Kenny to give him a tour of the apartment.
Chris and Kenny wrap up the Boundary Bay Halloween experience then gloat over their Best of Western Washington podcast voting finish, running down anyone who finished ahead of them. Also, they refresh listeners on why Kelsey Grammer was disbarred from Chrenny, and contemplate the outcome of a Sasquatch confrontation. EPISODE SPONSOR: GALACTUS.…
Chris toughs out a disastrous toothache to record this episode, which Kenny thinks descends into a bizarro world where Chris admits faults, reveals embarassing moments, and is generally pitiful. The two talk scary movies only to realize they’ve already done that segment, then move onto Chris’s letter to UPS and Kenny’s craigslist findings.…
Kenny updates his wedding plans, as well as his grandfather’s demensia. Both Chris and Kenny pose Real Or Fake challenges to one another. Stone Cold Steve Austin has a message for you. UPS incurs Chris’s wrath in another chapter of the ongoing Wild Wild West Blu Ray saga.
In this kind-of-special Chrepologies episode, Chris and Kenny attempt to attone for some of their false promises of the past, while wading through whatever topics come up, including matching religions with their corresponding sports teams. For the first time in some time, there are listener questions to be answered. EPISODE SPONSOR: ANTHROPRODU ...…
Kenny declares this a “Back to School” episode and takes Chris to one of said institutions via several quizzes, parts of which cause Chris to exhibit moments of rage. Kenny also confesses one of this flaws to set up a future episode. EPISODE SPONSOR: PASTECOMEDY.COM.
In this Season 3 premiere of Chrenny, the guys announce their new tv-style schedule, discuss Bumbershoot, Rodeos on 9/11, and Kenny’s sneaky masturbation. Kenny puts Chris on trial for joining Twitter. EPISODE SPONSOR: ORPHANELLIOTT.COM
In this, the Season 2 finale, Kenny has exciting news, and finally decides he should get to know Chris, who talks a mean game of Pigmania and highlights some of Season 2′s finest moments. EPISODE SPONSOR: RORY O’CONNOR.
Chris and Kenny wrap up this week’s Trailer Wars, Chris runs Kenny through a comic-audience confrontation training course, and Kenny whips out the Fall Movie Preview.
Free of law-imposed silence, Chris tells the tale of his jury duty. Kenny dusts off his yearbook and reexamines his popularity among the ladies. Per listener demand, Chris and Kenny each reveal their live-action Captain Planet casts.
Kenny is back from his cruise and he is not happy. After his alter ego cleans house, he admits to leaving 1% of himself in Mexico and annihilates Chris with a theraputic revenge quiz.
After Kenny flees the country on an alleged cruise, Chris puts on the first of 2 Kenny-less episodes by utilizing a pair of replacement hosts: listeners Marie Biondolillo and Andrew Cutter. Each co-host separate segments (titled “Little House on the Chrarie” and “Chrutter’s General Store”, respectively) that cover topics such as dads, the Seatt ...…
Chrenny explains the long layoff, then celebrates the 4th of July early by proposing some Constitutional Amendments and listing their favorite sexy patriots. Chris reports on some “Koko Love Nipple” activity before assisting Kenny in some situational role-play.
Chrenny Callouts fly early before Chris and Kenny settle down to rehash Kenny’s final Upfront performance as a local, Chris’s second stab at the “Just Happened Stuff”, and a game of good ole’ “Real or Fake”. In response to a Listener Q, Chrenny unveils their US President-comprised bands.
It’s been a long week of performing for Kenny, who had Awesome 80′s Prom, The Panel, Kenny vs Cornwall Round 2, and found new employment. He and Chris run down these activities and more, then dispense sage words to the Class of ’11. (Special thanks to Listener Taylor for his musical contribution to this episode)…
Kenny is all tuckered out after a day of Chrenny labor but manages to stay awake long enough to chat with Chris about The Rapture and the Macho Man. The guys pitch their new business idea after Kenny is ordained.
Kenny and Chris blather through an old school storytelling type episode that includes the full story behind the horrific Facebook toenail picture, a Mt. Baker Theatre audience tirade, Kenny’s PRSD, and Chris’s recent listener-voted atonement via showtune performance.
Back in their regular digs, Chrenny defiantly piles on the annoying over-coverage and relentless Facebook activity related to Osama Bin Laden’s death by cooking up an entire episode’s worth of segments based on the recently deceased fiend, including a quiz and Osama movie pitches.
Recorded on-location at the first Chrenny Sleepover, Chris and Kenny pause the video games to welcome guests Taylor and Crystal as they tackle summer movies, the stupidity of Anacortes, and a gauntlet of host Q’s as well as celebrate the first returns of the Chrenny Employment Fundraiser.
In the unofficial Season 2 premiere of Chrenny, the guys brush off a little rust by ranting and raving about classmates, phones, and standup audience members. Kenny delivers the follow-up to the dreaded speech segment of Episode 37. Chris initiates the “Chrenny Employment Fundraiser”.
Long time listeners may cry “Sandwiches!” after Chrenny follows through on the “Chrenny’s Speech” segment to the potential ruin of all. Chris does his best to sabotage the proceedings during a 7 minute reading of “Liberty or Death”, while Kenny struggles to rescue the episode with various fits of genius.…
Legendary Ozark crooner Bearcat Bulldog drops by the studio for an interview, armed with his latest single. Kenny passes on a foray into the hot sauce industry after slaying the Upfront with his “O’Gallagher” character. Chris uses Chrenny as a vessel for a two-year-old food related experiment…in bed.…
It’s Selection Sunday as Chrenny forces listeners to endure a little sports talk before discussing Joseph Mazzello, Kenny’s drunken jealousy, text-to-speech spam, and a special 35th Episode tribute to Entertainment Tonight that had Kenny telling Chris before taping would “land him in jail for being a bad person like in the Seinfeld finale”.…
Chris finally admits an episode needs to be marked as “Explicit” after countering Kenny’s self hate letter with some lengthy oversharing of his own. Kenny has found a new outlook on life and answers a few listener Q’s. Chris reads a poignant historical artifact.
Kenny reads selections from a self-hate letter as a rusty Chrenny rehashes a trip to see Marc Maron and the 83rd Oscars (for probably too long).
Love is in the air as Chris and Kenny exchange Valentine’s Day sentiments, then exchange conversely cutthroat challenges and name their picks for the next President of the United States.
Chrenny Sleepover results are announced, Chris gets a bizarre email and Kenny cleans up at the Upfront with a bag of expired jokes. Also, The Kenny Davis Institute has a psychological counter-exam for Chris.
The day after the Royal Rumble party, Chris hammers Kenny with a different sort of quiz, then blindsides him with his own version of Kenny’s “Now Report”. Kenny hypes his ’03-’04 World Tour date.
After opening for a musician this week, Kenny dusts off some 2003-04 era jokes while Chris tries to plug in a Nintendo 64. Also, updates on the Chrenny Sleepover and Dark Knight Rises casting reactions.
A Trailer Wars roundup and Kenny’s January Christmas are on this week’s menu. Also, Chris hits Kenny with another audio quiz and worries about a possible españottish backlash.
2010 faces final judgement from Chrenny, with a few predictions for 2011. Also, Chris blindsides Maid of Honor Kenny with a delightful challenge and confesses to public transit violence.
Ole’ KD and Christopher lazily wade through a few Christmas matters and… well… let’s be honest, it’s just not going very well this week.
Refusing to take the week off, yet unwilling to produce an entire episode worth of content, Chrenny briefly convenes late at night to conjure this off-puttingly bizarre Christmas bonus.
In what has to be the grossest episode to date, Chrenny returns from a week off with an array of bodily function stories. They also talk Trailer Wars, Kenny’s new gig at “Financial Intermediary”, and the one word you never say around Chris.
Chris and Kenny bemoan the poor quality of upcoming holiday movies. Chris makes a peculiar observation about Kenny, who retires a standup bit.
Chrenny celebrates the 21st ever episode and takes a look back at the Garden of Delights so far, including Chris and Kenny’s favorite moments, a surprise Chrenny trivia battle between two unprepared listeners, and a farewell to Wings and Frasier.
Chrenny goes “No Holds Barred” as the guys shatter the 70 minute mark (sorry) and outline the many events that transpired this week. Topics include Chris’s vocal training, grocery shopping, and “Battle of the Movie Trilogy”. Also, Kenny gets riled up by elections and unruly standup audiences.
Chris calls out Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast and Kenny touches base with Chris’s wife, Becky, about the Chrenaoke challenge. Elsewhere, Kenny hits Chris with “The Truth, The Dare, and the Tragedy” and lists the only 10 “horror” movies he has ever seen.
Chris and Kenny turn in their Trailer Wars recap a week late and rehash a segment controversially edited out of last week’s episode. Then, Kenny unveils the first ever Chrenny edition of “The Now Report” and Chris talks about his experience seeing “Secretariat”.
This abbreviated episode features a delightful interview between Kenny and Joe Olmstead, Chris’s coach for the Chrenaoke challenge.
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