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Here you will find youth and main sermons given on Sundays... Recording of various homilies or guest speakers... Various Liturgical Services or chanting to the Glory of God... Bible Study Sessions... Orthodox Life Series topics
Audio podcasts of Christian songs, music and worship from a weekly Christian radio program in Australia called "Songs of Hope"
The official podcast of Southland Christian Church (KY).
Good Christian Fun
Good Christian Fun is a podcast delving into the strange upside-down world of Christian pop culture. Hosts Kevin T. Porter and Caroline Ely are your tour guides through the weird and hilarious world of faith-based entertainment. GCF is a show for skeptics and believers alike, all are welcome. Don’t worry, they won’t make you go to church ;)
A weekly audio podcast "message" from author and international speaker Rev. Dr. Christian Sorensen at the Seaside Center for Spiritual Living located in Encinitas, CA at 1613 Lake Drive, Encinitas, CA 92024. Visit us at or call us at (760) 753-5786 for more information. All Are Welcome Here from the album Path of Light was co-written by Peggy Lebo and Rev. Christian Sorensen. It’s available at Reverend Christian Sorensen, D.D., is the eminent spiritual ...
A weekly show, hosted by Bill Lurwick, featuring the latest new Christian music releases.
Wake up with Christian O'Connell every weekday morning. Joined by Richie, Glenn and Emma, it'll cheer you up on the darkest of mornings.
Christian sermons that will build and grow your faith in Jesus Christ (Psalm 119:105)
Harpeth Christian Church believes we exist to make biblical disciples of Jesus. Everything we do, every program we launch, and every resource God entrusts to us is directed toward local, national, and global discipleship. This is the greatest cause on earth!
Homeschool Blog & Homeschool Podcasts for Christian Homeschool Moms
Gospel Driven, Hard Hitting, Culturally Relevant
Wake up with Christian O'Connell every weekday morning. Joined by Richie, Glenn and Emma, it'll cheer you up on the darkest of mornings.
Wake up with Christian O'Connell and Jack Post every weekday morning on Gold104.3 from 6-10am.
A discussion of Biblical issues, sermons, current events, and other relevant Christian topics.
We see The Sci-Fi Christian, in all its iterations, as being about the collision between faith and nerdom. We believe that good genre fiction is about more than just entertainment. We seek to engage with the themes and philosophies behind our favorite stories, wrestling with the big ideas within speculative fiction. We’re unabashedly nerdy and unabashedly Christian. Even if your faith background differs from ours, we look forward to interacting with you at The Sci-Fi Christian!
Sermons from Westside Christian Fellowship and Pastor Shane Idleman. Pastor Shane emphasizes the Bible as the ultimate source of truth and authority. We affirm the truth of the Bible as the inspired, inerrant Word of God. We believe that Jesus Christ is God. Because of our sin - for all have sinned sin - we are in need of a savior, so Christ came as the sacrifice to pay the price to redeem us. He was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, performed miracles, died for our sins, and rose agai ...
Christians and atheists having civil discussions, dogs and cats living together, and other signs that the end is near.
The Encouraging Christian Fathers podcast is a weekly source of encouragement and parenting insight for christian fathers. The show is co-hosted by Joshua Sheats (a 30-year-old father of 2 young children) and Joshua's own father, David Sheats (a 73-year-old father of 7 grown children and grandfather of 11). The combination of David's 51 years of parenting experience and Joshua's fresh and current challenges lead to engaging and relevant discussions on all aspects of parenting!
A weekly podcast that will challenge you to think faithfully and live for truth. Hosted by Summit's own Aaron Atwood, each episode features world-class Christian leaders and thinkers helping you to live for Christ in today's turbulent culture.
Exploring the intersections of religion and gender, the Christian Feminist Podcast is ready to roar.
Twice each month, A Legacy of Faith (cohosted by Adam and Leah Faughn) brings you information about how your family can survive today, plan for tomorrow, and always keep an eye on eternity.
In this podcasts, three guys who studied philosophy and taught at a classical Christian school in Idaho, discuss their way through the history of Christian theology beginning with writers immediately after the writing of the New Testament. Please visit us at
Vibrant worship, family, community, learning, commitment, sacrifice, and a generous spirit are all elements that make New Life home. New Life Church family services are held every Sunday @ 9:30am - 11am and 11:30am till 1pm, and every Friday @7pm for the Youth at our centre in Emsworth, located between the cities of Chichester and Portsmouth
Recordings of the teaching from the Sunday morning worship service at Touchstone Christian Fellowship. Tune in each week as we move through the Bible in a way that is both relevant and challenging. Touchstone Christian Fellowship is a community of followers of Jesus Christ. Our desire is to live out, in our time and culture, the teachings and examples he gave us, and to share his message of hope with others. We welcome everyone, regardless of their place along life's path. Touchstone Christi ...
Cultivating a happy home in the age of can, too! Loving God, people, and life. Momma of many, including one with Down Syndrome.
Providing Insight into the history of the Christian Church
Podcast by Alpha and Omega Christian Fellowship "Weekly Sermon"
This is the Weekly Message from New Life Christian Fellowship in Petaluma, CA.
MP3 Audio Teachings by Andrew Wommack.
The New Song network is an international family of churches that share a passion for reaching neighbors, nations, and generations with the good news of Jesus Christ's love and power. We are dedicated to helping men, women, and children sink deep roots in the things of God, find hope and healing as they grow in a love relationship with the Savior, and mature into joyful, biblically sound disciples who live fruitful lives of ministry that honor God and draw others to Him.
The Natural Christian podcast is my effort to help my brothers and sisters in Christ gain a better understanding of their morals and ethics, and how they stand up to the Biblical authority of God's word.
The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling, The Snow Queen, The Real Princess and a host of other wonderful tales which form so much a part of childhood are part of Andersen's Fairy Tales, by Hans Christian Andersen. This volume contains eighteen selected stories. Some of them are old familiar friends, while others maybe new to some readers, but all of them equally enchanting and enthralling. Today, these stories are known almost everywhere in the world and have been translated into hundreds of l ...
Creative Strings is for musicians and music-lovers, especially violin, viola, and cello players, looking to live creatively, whether in your musical education, projects, music career, in the practice room, classroom, onstage, or on tour. Each interview is edited carefully and mixed with a blend of musical clips from the Creative Strings community curated by jazz violinist Christian Howes. . Creative Strings is a non-profit organization with a mission to support music education through outrea ...
Sermons from Riverside Christian Church, Chelmer, QLD, Australia
Listen to sermons that connect spiritual teachings to the relevant issues of our day. Featuring sermons at Western Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C..
Hank Hanegraaff's podcast designed to range farther and dive deeper into both perennial and contemporary issues of interest to thinking Christians.
The Christian Quotes podcast with Ryan Maher is a podcast created for you, the Christian. Whether you are a pastor, a youth group attendee, a non-church goer, a new or mature believer – this podcast is for you. It provides quick encouragement from the Bible and well-known Christian authors, each week. We all could use a little more encouragement throughout our days. Each episode features a Christian Quote, along with Scripture and commentary. Each episode ends with an awesome resource that e ...
Welcome to The Art Collective Podcast by Jabberjaw Media! Former Anberlin frontman and author, Stephen Christian, interviews musicians and authors to explore how the two worlds influence each other and our culture as a whole. Get more info at and subscribe on iTunes today!
Pastor Mark Davis' Sunday morning sermons from Christian Life Fellowship in Calera, Alabama
Inspiring interviews with today's Christian wellness professionals. Influenced by the teachings of Christian leaders such as Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore, Gloria Copeland, and Christine Cain. Join Christian Women of Wellness as we hear health and wellness professionals within the Christian community share their stories from struggle to victory. Every show will give you health and wellness tips that you can implement this week!
A Spirit filled and Spirit led Church in Austin, TX - Lead Pastor Rex D. Johnson.
The intention of this work is to provide a sketch of the History of the Church in the first six centuries of its existence, resting throughout on original authorities, and also giving references to the principal modern works which have dealt specially with its several portions. It is hoped that it may be found to supply a convenient summary for those who can give but little time to the study, and also to serve as a guide for those who desire to make themselves acquainted with the principal d ...
Learn to trade Emini Futures. Live Trading and Lively Discussion every trading day. Winner 2005 Christian Netcast People's Choice Award.
A Homemaking Podcast to encourage Christian wives, mothers and homemakers in the role God has called them to.
Tres Adames is a Christian Counselor in Phoenix, Arizona who helps others grow deeper spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally in their relationship with God and other people. Visit the website at:
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Christian is creating a new Melbourne itinerary for the Royals' visit with help from the listeners, and we hear some pretty interesting stories as we try to find the answer to Pats' question without using Google! Plus, Christian drops the beat better than DJ Khaled ever could!
Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono This episode fills you in on how you can be a part of our Selection Committee for the 2018 End of the Year Listener Appreciation Jubilee! And other news!
The hope on today's episode of contentment is to remind us today how rich we are in Christ and that we will find our satisfaction in Him and Him alone. I want to open with the words of the apostle Paul in Philippians: Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content. I know how to be brought l ...…
Miel Bredouw (Punch Up The Jam! @miel!) joins Kevin and Caroline to talk all about Lauren Daigle and her album Look Up Child. SHOW NOTES: GCF Spotify Praylist PATREON! Subscribe to our Patreon to get a weekly 2nd Service episode and become a "Patreon saint" ;) GCF - Second Service Patreon! CHARITY: This month we're matching iTunes reviews with ...…
Christian explores two of the most perplexing items found for our Facebook Marketplace Bingo, and is still hunting for someone who's old band want to get back together. Plus, we discuss the issue of cheap parents.
Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono Welcome to “Inside the Hoop,” your destination for everything basketball.
My guest today is my friend and co-worker, Barrett Bingham. He is a high school minister, a podcaster, and an occasional stand-up comedian. He co-hosts a podcast with another member at McDermott Road called, “Off the Rails.” Barrett is a lot of fun and during this conversation, we talked about why we should make room for a sense of humor in the ...…
Christian heard some of the most creative tries from listeners at winning tickets throughout the show, plus, in another massive 5 Topic Tuesday, we receive what might be the best calls in the show's history!
Born before 1945, this generation has been called the “greatest generation” because it endured The Great Depression, World War II, and put a man on the moon. A large percentage of them grew up on a farm, so a good work ethic was instilled in them at a young age. They are financially conservative and deeply committed to their families, professio ...…
Christian tells us about his very first Aussie barbecue experience - and he has one major gripe... Plus Christian, Jack and Pats have it out live on air, and we hear some hilarious misheard lyrics that we'll never be able to unhear!
Pastor David gives part 3 in the series of messages entitled: "Lessons from the Life of Daniel".
Eye-opening message from Janine about the work of Compassion International as well as a great testimony from Eve and how Compassion changed her life, for the better! "Releasing children from Poverty in Jesus' name".
Sunday morning message with Pastor Rex Johnson. Visit, “like” our Facebook page, subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Instagram @clcaustin stay up to date with the exciting things happening here at Christian Life Austin.
Ps Ken Lam speaks from the book of Isaiah, sharing that amongst all the needs that are present in today's church, the number one need is to have a fresh encounter with the holiness of God.
The Role of the Church in Society by Alpha and Omega Christian Fellowship "Weekly Sermon"
Christian challenged listeners to offer him something, in return for the final Eagles tickets, and we find out what happened when Christian went home to his wife after yesterday's mishap...
Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono The newest award at the Oscars has already been canceled. And other news.
Christian gets absolutely sprung by his wife, when he thought she wouldn't be listening, and we discover our most favourite At Work Timewaster ever. Plus we get to the bottom of what Jack was Googling late last night...
God’s Word reminds us: I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing. ~ John 15:5 “apart from me you can do nothing” is a continual reminder that I am utterly dependent on the Lord to do anything. There are many things I can do without dependence on C ...…
Wednesday evening message with Pastor Rex Johnson. Visit, “like” our Facebook page, subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Instagram @clcaustin stay up to date with the exciting things happening here at Christian Life Austin.
Meghan Fitzmartin (Red Rhino! @megfitz89!) joins Kevin and Caroline to talk all about dc Talk's album Supernatural! SHOW NOTES: GCF Spotify Praylist Supernatural - Full Concert PATREON! Subscribe to our Patreon to get a weekly 2nd Service episode and become a "Patreon saint" ;) GCF - Second Service Patreon! CHARITY: This month we're matching iT ...…
Ephesians 6 by Alpha and Omega Christian Fellowship "Weekly Sermon"
Christian tackles the big questions today and asks listeners: Why do dogs smell each other’s butts? Plus Christian brings up something he’s been avoiding since moving to Australia….
Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono Once again, Ben and Matt have developed a list of 10 things that they plan to rewatch in the next year.
Dan Chambers is an outstanding preacher, author, and follower of Jesus. Wes and Dan recently had a phone conversation and discussed the role of women in the church and how various passages of Scripture are interpreted by people on both sides of the arguments. If you are interested or concerned about this issue, I think you will find this conver ...…
Don’t miss this important new episode of Apologia Radio! We tackle the current controversy from a biblical perspective. How are we supposed to receive accusations? Should we believe all alleged victims? What rights do the accused have under God’s Law? Thank you for being a faithful listener and supporter of Apologia Radio! You can be a big part ...…
Christian challenges his listeners to another massive 5 Topic Tuesday, and we make fans work for a chance at winning the hottest Eagles tickets in town! Plus, we hear about a horrifying find on Facebook Marketplace...
A wedding is a joyful picture and the beginning of a loving commitment between two people for life. Ask any older couple that has been married for decades and they will tell you that love gets better and deeper with time. That’s why one of the metaphors for heaven is a wedding party. When we finally enter into the presence of God, we will sing ...…
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