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Expert Fitness & Health Advice from the #1 Personal Trainer in Los Angeles! Meryl Hawk is an Award-winning Personal Trainer, Nutrition Expert and Life Strategy Coach. Meryl is also the Founder and Owner of ZipZapFit®, and you can call her ZipZap (everyone does)! In each episode of ZipZapFit®, you will get practical tips that you can use to immediately and efficiently enhance all aspects of your fitness level, including: health and wellness, physical exercise, fit and healthy lifestyle, fitne ...
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When you really KNOW what you are putting in your MOUTH, you will LOSE BODY FAT and WEIGHT like never before. Let me fill you in on deciphering food/nutrition labels - This is such a quick and easy tip! Join me :)
It's probably your own doing...allow me to open your eyes :)
Are you working out but not seeing the results that you want to see? There is a quick fix!!
This is how you attain weight loss and sustain your ideal weight (post weight loss). It's simple and only requires a tad of organization on your part. It's as simple as pressing "buy with one click" on amazon :)
I run across a lot a lot of women, and I can understand this. I'm telling you what I see and then I'm going to tell you the truth. So what a lot of women think, I train women…Is well…First of all, you want easy abs right? You want nice toned abs, like a you don't want to six pack like a hard like washboard six-pack, what you want like a really ...…
Like do you really know though?! Because I do :) Let me help you get the fitness results you DESIRE MOST. All you need is a little bit of secret info and the notepad app in your phone...
And you thought you ate because you were hungry!! NOPE.
How many times have you tried to stick to a nutrition program - any program, every program? I know your answer is probably, "a million times!!" I know the secret to sticking to a nutrition program, because I do it myself and help my clients do the same. The secret to sticking to a nutrition program is in this episode. - xoxo Meryl…
Avoid this 1 thing to lose weight right now and maintain the weight you lose forever!
Does hotness really = healthiness?! This episode is a must if you want to be your hottest at all times. Share it if you like it!
YOU are the solution to your problems, and YOU are the person who determines who you will become and what your life will be like. It is simple yet scary how much power you actually have over your own life. It's take...CONTROL.
Do you want to STOP THE STRESS?! The truth is that you can ENTIRELY ELIMINATE STRESS - all it takes is changing a few habits and following through. Let's do it!
Why Should You EAT ORGANIC? Because the alternative is conventional and nonorganic: Conventional fruits and vegetables are grown in chemical fertilizer. Conventional fruits and veggies are riddled with Roundup, which contains a chemical called glyphosate that authorities have linked to cancer. Conventional fruits and veggies are most often Gene ...…
Have you ever started a workout program all in and all out and then surprisingly found yourself skipping your workout to eat chocolate while lying on your sofa? Then by any means necessary, please listen to this episode!!
It IS POSSIBLE to actually EAT WHAT YOU WANT on your "Cheat Day" and LOSE WEIGHT/DROP BODY FAT. Let me fill you in!!
FINALLY - Ditch the diet. Lose the weight.
Are you obsessing over how much body fat you've lost every single day? Are you stepping on the scale incessantly? If the answer is yes, or you know someone who does this, join me in this episode so you can learn what to do to help yourself or learn how to help someone who does this (because it's not healthy and impedes body fat loss progress)!…
Workouts can be easier! Set yourself up to win every time when it comes to workouts in this episode!!
You want to lose weight AND keep it off? Finally, you'll never have to lose the weight/body fat you don't want on your body again! All you have to do is lose weight in the way your body RESPONDS positively to. Let me fill you in.
WAY contrary to what you may think: Eating FAT is the catalyst for "Fat Burning Mode." BUT, there is a VERY specific way it must be done, otherwise it won't work, which means you won't burn fat. Let me tell you the exact way to EAT FAT so that you BLAST OFF BODY FAT!
Do you know what "taking a seat" is actually doing to you?
You have the ability to get yourself to workout when you don't feel like it AT ALL. How?! You must continually train yourself to VIEW your workout DIFFERENTLY in order to make yourself FEEL DIFFERENT about it. Listen for more :)
Meryl Hawk (ZipZapFit Owner) speaks to Jersey Village High School Students about Well-being, Fitness (Exercise & Nutrition), Personal Development, Life Strategy and Attaining Lifelong Motivation & Inspiration. Listen to her talk right now!
I'm serious - You already have the MOTIVATION To Get Fit and Stay Fit!! Learn the truth about fitness motivation with me in this episode.
If your answer is none, sometimes/every now and then I eat fruit and veggies, I don't know or you would like to improve your answer...then this episode is so for you!!
Do you want to WIN at just about EVERYTHING in life?! You will WIN it ALL after you listen to this astonishing episode. Join me now and learn "The Winner's Secrets!"
Are you someone who always says, "I'm too busy?!" You probably are busy, so make the most of your time. Genuine friends and close family members make you feel GREAT (healthy communication optimizes happiness), and they can also make life a lot more FUN.
Are you concerned about fitness taking "too much time" out of your day? Maybe you're on the opposite end of the spectrum and fitness actually DOES take too much time out of your day. Join me in this episode to learn the answer to this question: How can I be as fit as possible and still have a life?
Behind The Scenes of BIG REVIEW TV Interview with ZipZapFit! Listen to ZipZapFit Founder & Owner, Meryl Hawk, tell you the story of ZipZapFit and all of the fun details you would want to know about the company.
THIS IS THE REASON some people achieve lifelong Health, Fitness and Hotness and others never do.
This ONE SIMPLE WAY to GET MORE ENERGY is not always easy, but it is SO SIMPLE! Make yourself do it, and you will be energetic and effervescent throughout your entire day.
The key is how to SUCCESSFULLY begin a Weight Lifting Program, so that you STICK WITH IT. Details in this episode!
Who wouldn't want tips for FREE & EASY Weight Loss?! lol
Who wouldn't want to learn how to cheat on healthy food?! Join me in this episode if you want to know!
I know you want to do this as badly as I want to help you learn how: Learn how to turn bad habits that drain you and impede you from getting what you want out of life into good habits that drastically improve your life and make it more rewarding and incredible than it was just yesterday.
Listen to learn 3 Tips To Help You Burn Body Fat RIGHT NOW! These tips are so simple that your mind will be officially blown when you're done listening to this episode.
Understanding universal "Gym Lingo Equipment and Other Terms" will help you develop your enthusiasm and passion for exercise! Why? Well, when you understand something better, you do it better, and you will get better at it. The better you are at something, the more you like it too.
Understanding universal "Gym Lingo Methods" will help you develop your enthusiasm and passion for exercise! Why? Well, when you understand something better, you do it better, and you will get better at it. The better you are at something, the more you like it too.
Understanding universal "Gym Lingo Acronyms" will help you develop your enthusiasm and passion for exercise! Why? Well, when you understand something better, you do it better, and you will get better at it. The better you are at something, the more you like it too.
It may appear that there are numerous barriers between you and the achievement of your fitness goals. Like I may appear to be that way. The truth is that most of the time there are no barriers at all.
Alkaline Water with the correct PH level can enhance general health, energy level, muscle health, weight loss and disease prevention to name a few fun and incredible benefits. You need to know the PH level of the water you are currently drinking and what PH you need to be drinking.
It is time to find out (or remind yourself) of how crucial it is to decide your reason for getting up in the morning! We all have a great reason to get out of bed every day, and I mean every day, not just a few days of the week, month or year.
Your body needs GOOD FAT to burn fat, stay lean and optimize health. My favorite thing about GOOD FAT is that it makes you feel full!! ZipZap your FAT with GOOD FAT.
0utdoor Cardio is WAY better for you than you think it is! Join me in this episode to uncover 5 terrific benefits of outdoor cardio!!
Organic food is one of the key elements of winning the weight loss game and a large factor when it comes to how long you remain on this earth! But why?
It is possible to lose weight without exercise, without diet and without much effort at all.
Your calendar may be robbing you of lifelong health and fitness. Let's keep you healthy and fit for life with a simple and actionable step that you can implement right now. All you need is your calendar!
Are you afraid out of your mind to FAIL? Did you know that failing over and over is how you succeed? It's the only way you will ever succeed. Listen to this short and illuminating episode, and you will have more successes this week! Actually, probably today!!
Weight Loss involves SLEEP. No need to exercise or even change anything nutritionally to lose a few pounds of body fat. Listen to find out why.
What kind of commitment does a lifetime of great to optimal fitness and health really take?! You may not like the answer, but that doesn't change the TRUTH :)
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