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Welcome to the Career Revolution where Dr. CK Bray leads the charge to help you cultivate a CAREER and life that provides purpose and fulfillment. Dr. Bray will lead you step by step to fix, change or create your best career. Dr. Bray is a world renowned expert in career development who for the last 20 years has helped individuals deal with all aspects of corporate life; such as how to get promoted, how to deal with being fired or laid off, how to find a job, leadership development and manag ...
CK Talks
Noble Warrior is the show where exemplary men inquire what it takes to be the greatest versions of themselves in modern times. Host CK Lin and guests divulge their tools, strategies and daily disciplines while taking progressively more challenging ancient warrior medicines such as hapé and sanaga.
Drive Home with CK
Drive Home with CK.Weekdays 12pm to 5pm
Med Mer 1st Album : " EXPECTATION " To Be Released In 15.05 !
Through questions, stories and everyday conversation, this podcast explores the messy intersections between faith, life and culture.
CK Father And Son
Welcome to the CK (chirard and Kaleel)Father and Son podcast where we Have Fun and talk about Everything!! with commentary from never know what you will hear!
Welcome to the CK Talking About The Daily Hot Topics podcast, where amazing things happen.
Amal Ck
Life changes understanding the concepts of minD
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Fan Favorite Episode: It is much easier to know what you don’t want versus what you actually do want! The best way to figure out where to start is by learning what you don’t want. Revisit our most popular episode and get ideas on how to kick start your path to overcoming the “I Don’t Know What I Want” syndrome!…
Self-Leadership Coach devoted to helping men and women evolve toward their authentic selves and full life potentials. Here is a link for his book: Here is a link to his Men’s Tribute Weekend:
Data scientist, game master, philosopher
EPISODE 256 More and more people are feeling tired and lonely at work which leads to burnout. It must be addressed and you can make the changes that will matter for yourself and your whole organization. This is a serious issue but this is not a downer episode, we promise!!
EPISODE 255 There is a lot of upheaval right now in politics and the corporate world. You’re probably experiencing a lot of change with your organization, your job and even in your personal life. Leaders are wondering how to engage, motivate and retain their people. Today Dr. Bray discusses one of the best ways to engage and retain your best em ...…
Crypto technologist, angel investor, father
EPISODE 254 People are thinking about wealth differently than they ever have in the past. How do your choices change and the way you perceive your life and opportunities when you perceive yourself as wealthy.
MMA practitioner, graphic designer
Former Wall Street trader, life coach
Husband, creative entrepreneur, transformational experience designer
Family man, engineering technologist
Family man, adtech technologist
Family man, podcaster, biotechnologist, personal health aficionado
EPISODE 253 I am not against social media, it does have a place in our lives, but the use of social media can quickly get out of hand and cause problems in the work environment. When an employee is spending too much time on social media at work and their performance is suffering, the question becomes what can you as a leader or coworker do?…
EPISODE 252 There are phenomenal assessments out there and some of them cost an arm and a leg! You’re in luck today though because Dr. Bray has complied a list of great FREE assessments that he recommends you take to improve your work life and give you a little self-reflection.
EPISODE 251 The excitement of being part of a startup is stronger than ever. With the media selling the benefits of working for a startup many are considering joining one. Whether you are just graduating from a university or if you are a more seasoned employee I have some good and bad news. In this podcast you will learn what you need to know s ...…
EPISODE 250 We are 250 episodes in and I still have hundreds of topics to cover. The fun is only beginning and it is amazing what I have learned on this journey. During this episode I share a few of the valuable lessons I have learned along the way that I hope will both educate and entertain!
EPISODE 249 When your career gets to the point that you are exhausted, bored, overworked or not having fun it may be a sign your career needs to be fixed! What do you do? It’s time to ask yourself some questions that will help you determine the right next steps. There are more options than you think!…
EPISODE 248 Does age matter when you’re starting a new business? The media sells the message that you are more likely to be successful if you are under 30, but research is on your side if you are over 40! Also, Dr. Bray coaches you through cover letter etiquette that could land you that new job.
EPISODE 247 There is extensive research on the accelerating rate of change, but little is written on how we can change the way we think to innovate and be creative during times of change. Today we’re exploring elastic thinking, your brain and ways to be more creative and innovative in the workplace.
EPISODE 246 We slip into communication patterns when we fail to develop a variety of responses to people’s comments, we become predictable and we aren’t prepared for conversations where we’re caught off guard. We often go silent when someone says something we don't like, hurts our feelings or we disagree with. You can handle a political environ ...…
Back by popular demand! Destroy the negativity, this is not a positive motivation episode! Today you will learn how to identify, adapt and change your negative thinking patterns that may be unknowingly and quietly ruining your happiness and well being.
EPISODE 245 There seems to be a growing epidemic in corporate work force. Senior leaders search for ways to engage their people, have a purpose in their work and increase performance. Research is now showing that loneliness inhibits engagement, performance and an individuals purpose. Dr. Bray talks about the different types of loneliness, where ...…
EPISODE 244 We’ve all been there, in an interview, when it starts to go wrong. A lot of times it’s not your fault but you can still turn it around. Learning how to read the situation and knowing what you’re able to influence are skills you will learn in today’s episode.
EPISODE 243 If you work with a crazy counterpart or boss this week's podcast is for you. Learn how to mitigate their bad behavior and deal with a rising problem in the workplace. Also learn more about Purpose and meaning in the work you do.
EPISODE 242 Most great chefs don’t use recipes when creating a great dish. A dash of this, a pinch of that and they make a mouth-watering masterpiece! In much the same way you have to learn the skill and art of negotiation. With some practice you can improve your ability to negotiate to a win for both parties. Understanding when to negotiate, t ...…
EPISODE 241 Anxiety and depression often go hand in hand and with recent news stories of celebrities it’s a good time to talk about how anxiety affects our lives and careers. Many people deal with some type of anxiety or have close family members that do so having a discussion around the impact of anxiety is important.…
EPISODE 240 Working in corporate, being an entrepreneur and being a freelancer are all very different. Dr. Bray talks about how freelancing is one way to create your best job. What freelancing is, how it’s done and some of the ins and outs of that world, today in the Dr. CK Bray Podcast.
EPISODE 239 Distractions that we deal with on a daily basis often create habits. Understanding where a distraction is coming from can you help to minimize it. Learn the 3 techniques Dr. Bray teaches to help minimize all that interference.
EPISODE 238 Career crisis hits both men & women. Organizations often focus on losing their millennial employees, but what is the risk of losing the employees in their late 30’s and 40’s? Many companies fail to develop individuals who can bring big value and success to the organization. Instead these employees may feel overlooked, under valued a ...…
EPISODE 237 Will simply having your smart phone nearby influence your cognitive abilities? Studies have been done and the results are fairly concerning. Merely having your smartphone nearby leads to statistically significant impairment of cognitive capacity, on par with effects of lack of sleep. Imagine the implications!…
EPISODE 236 We usually try to keep things light and share vital information but today we’re tackling a heavier topic. When something goes wrong and everyone blames you, the workplace turns against you, you get the blame and they get off scot-free. You’ve been turned into the scapegoat!
EPISODE 234 When starting something new people tend to want to go big! Remember, when you go for the Grand Opening the goal isn’t to edify and educate; it’s to make money. Dr. Bray disagrees with that method. Start small, figure it out, grow, adapt, pivot. The slow burn is the way to go.
EPISODE 233 Dr. Bray is answering listener questions today. What can you do to foster growth mindset at your organization? Should you leave your job if you’re bored of it? Dr. Bray will help you navigate these issues we all encounter at work.
EPISODE 232 We are living in an era of technology obsession and smartphone addiction. Someone else always has an addiction, but have you looked in the mirror? Are you willing to self reflect and see if you have a smartphone addiction? Today's podcast takes a good look at how this behavior may be influencing your career and personal life.…
Episode 231 How do you fire someone while keeping everyone’s dignity intact? With years of practice under his belt Dr. Bray has gathered insight into the right way to get through it and do it well. Change is part of life, let Dr. Bray guide you and make a difference in your career and life!
EPISODE 230 Millennials often ask me “How can I best create a job that I will enjoy, develop and progress in my career?” while on the other end of the spectrum leaders ask “How do I keep my Millennials engaged and liking their job?” Let’s focus on what Millennials really want from their careers and how to help them get it.…
Everybody wants to give their boss some honest feedback, but that may not be the best idea. You get feedback from your boss so shouldn’t you be able to give it back? It doesn’t work that way and here’s why…
EPISODE 228 Having multiple job offers is awesome! You can’t let that go to your head so learning how to decline the extra offers in a professional and respectful way is key to keeping those relationships positive for the future.
Today we discuss the difference between Holy and Common. We discuss the difference with Pastor Brian Horrobin from the first Baptist Church.
EPISODE 227 The focus, hard work and years of dedication we see in olympic athletes is inspiring. We can learn a lot from experts in numerous fields on how to become more successful in every aspect of our lives.
EPISODE 226 Your brand is a collection of perceptions. Your branding is not always reality, it’s how others perceive you. It can take a long time to build a branding and one event to destroy it. So how do you build your branding to match your future goals and what can you do to protect it?
Today we interview David Gough from the Courier press. We discuss some celebrities he's met as well as some of the biggest stories he's covered!
Episode 225: What does the job market look like for new graduates entering the working world? One of the questions Dr. Bray gets asked repeatedly is "what is the best way to find a job?" Two thirds of college graduates struggle to launch their careers and there are numerous reasons why. In today's episode Dr. Bray shares the cognitive and behav ...…
Today we discuss David from the Bible and how he was a good leader. He didn't have much to offer but there was one thing that people liked about him and that's why he was a good leader.
I love watching the olympics! The performance of the athletes is inspiring and their focus to achieve can teach us some great lessons. I have also enjoyed the personalities of the athletes and commentators. I will admit I'm not much of a figure skating fan, but Tara Lipinki and Johnny Weir have proven to make watching figure skating interesting ...…
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