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Where industry experts, business owners and hands-on entrepreneurs compare useful notes on conceptualizing, creating, managing, and growing their businesses. The signature show of BFM features the interviews that equip the enterprise to boldly go forth and prosper. Now that you're in business, you're in charge.
We've all seen the movies that claim to be 'based on a true story', but have you ever wondered how historically accurate they are? That's what we'll aim to find out as we compare Hollywood with history.
Waypoint Radio
What's good, Internet? Join Waypoint's Austin Walker, Danielle Riendeau, Rob Zacny, Patrick Klepek, and Natalie Watson three times a week, as they break down the biggest stories in video games, talk about their favorite media, and unfairly compare everything to Dark Souls.
Compare Price Market
A weekly publication of Compare price market. Giving tips to both consumers and retailers in the commerce industry.
Hosted by legendary WCW Announcer Tony Schiavone and a lifelong wrestling fan, Beau Le Blanc, each week the program brings you the latest on WWE Raw, Smackdown, NXT, Ring of Honor, Impact, Foreign and independent Pro-Wrestling. Drawing on Tony’s 30+ year career calling matches and working TV, they compare and contrast today’s product versus the Superstars of yesteryear. So, tune in each week to hear opinions, reviews, previews and interviews with some of the biggest stars of the past and pre ...
Join Blake Schultz and Terrence Tatum as they discuss sequels, reboots, remakes and how they compare to their original subject matter.
Every month, aspiring film composers Ellakova and Tristan Kane take two of the greatest film scores in history, compare them against each other and try to pick a winner.
Living Sensical
Compare these amazing stories with your own. We all seem to be on this journey together, writing fiction and fact as we go...
They Remade It
A brand new podcast starring Jacob and Stuart, two movie-lovers who just want to analyze the then and now. Every episode, they'll compare and analyze the themes of different films based on the same work, whether they be remakes, reboots, or long-overdue sequels.
Phoenix Edge is a podcast devoted specifically to role playing games, both old and new. Each week, Hat and Eric take an in-depth look at various RPGs in order to analyze them, discuss them and compare them to other games in the genre. The show can also be found on YouTube by searching Phoneix Edge an RPG Podcast.
Don't compare me to no one, I rather not be mentioned. YouTube Gaming: YouTube Podcast: 🌎
We Love to Watch
A movie podcast by Aaron Armstrong & Peter Moran that specializes in genre hits. Each month, we take on a four or five movies in a specific subgenre, and compare/contrast them as we go. Please contact us for feedback, suggestions, and support!
Mission:Briefing is our James Bond spin-off series. We watch every James Bond movie, one a week, in order, and compare each down to the smallest detail! Come back each week for a new episode.
We take two boardgames with a common trait, compare them and declare one the winner followed by a discussion topic segment.
TA Playlist is a monthly gaming club where the TrueAchievements community picks a game to play together.During the month we'll discuss the game's many elements like story and gameplay, chase achievements, compare stats, and wrap it all up with a podcast hosted by some of the TA staff.
Compare these amazing stories with your own. We all seem to be on this journey together, writing fiction and fact as we go...
Comparing Apples to Oranges is a podcast that tackles trivial topics with some serious research and debate. Check in once a month for a lively conversation around two things from the same category that don't belong in the same genre. This is where you can find all the episodes.
A weekly podcast in which creative professionals G.M.B Chomichuk and Justin Currie (Chasing Artwork) explore the ingredients that go into a life working in their studio making art, writing stories and making graphic novels. Interviews with other industry newcomers and professionals compare and contrast different approaches and philosophies of living a creative life.
OddPisodes Podcast
In this podcast, me and some friends discuss upcoming films, compare books to films, discuss conspiracies in TV shows, and review films, shows, albums, books, and video games.
Podcastle in the Sky is dedicated to examining works of anime in combination with a selected piece of pop-culture, cinema, or literature. Join us in our shotgun approach to analysis as we discuss, compare, and contrast everything from high art to pulp fiction.
Arthur Schopenhauer, an early 19th century philosopher, made significant contributions to metaphysics, ethics, and aesthetics. His work also informed theories of evolution and psychology, largely through his theory of the will to power – a concept which Nietzsche famously adopted and developed. Despite this, he is today, as he was during his life, overshadowed by his contemporary, Hegel. Schopenhauer’s social/psychological views, put forth in this work and in others, are directly derived fro ...
Get some tea and join unlikely best friends, John and Hiroko, as they dive into the past to share childhood stories, ponder life’s strange changes, compare cross-cultural notes, and discuss the differences between growing up in the evangelical midwest and a single parent home Japan.
Podcastle in the Sky is dedicated to examining anime in combination with a selected piece of pop-culture, cinema or literature. Join the Podcastle in the Sky crew as we discuss, compare and contrast everything from high art to pulp fiction.
2 Geeks, 2 Movies
2 geeks pair up 2 similar movies and compare them. Not much more to it than that really!
Ravenclaw Readers
Hello fellow readers, and welcome to Ravenclaw Readers! We’re veteran Harry Potter fans, Claire and Ella, along with first-time reader Paul. Join us as we explore Harry Potter in the literary tradition, chapter by chapter. Each week we read a Harry Potter chapter alongside a classic work of literature. We compare and contrast the major themes and narratives of these two texts, and dig deep into each HP chapter, to consider the insights gleaned when Harry Potter is read as part of a wide lite ...
Marlys, Judy and Jon taste, compare, and discuss different kinds of Scotch and other spirits
Arguably, one of the most influential and insightful pieces of work concerned with American political life, Democracy in America directs itself towards American politics and society, and is considered to be one the best books written on the subject. Published in 2 volumes, in 1835 and 1840, Tocqueville records his findings after studying the thriving nation in his nine month exploratory journey. The young French aristocrat first came to America on an official assignment to study the American ...
Matt and Morty
Oscar winner Morty Bushel and Oscar nominee Matt Matthews bring you quite literally the best podcast. Many people compare the mere existence of the podcast to that of Michelangelo's creation or the Bible something like that LOOOOOOL
Welcome to the Know Your Place Podcast!!! Where we compare the Identity of two places and perceptions of them. Like to be on the show? Drop us a message!
TV Confidential
TV Confidential is a two-hour radio talk show about all aspects of television that directs itself to the Baby Boomer, Generation X and senior markets. Each edition features lively interviews with special guests on topics related to popular network TV shows and the state of the medium in general. Listeners can participate by emailing Our audience encompasses listeners from all parts of the world, including many who work in the film, radio and television industries. Th ...
Purity Slavulj
Kenyan girl in Serbia / Kenijka u SrbijiI am Purity from Mombasa, Kenya and I live in Belgrade, Serbia. My podcast is about my travelings and experiences. I talk about Kenya and Serbia and I compare African and Europian lifestyle. I hope you will enjoy listening to my podcast.Ja sam Purity iz Mombase u Keniji i živim u Beogradu, u Srbiji. Moj podcast je o mojim putovanjima i iskustvima. Pričam o Keniji i Srbiji i poredim afrički i evropski stil života. Nadam se da ćete uživati slušajući moj ...
Wildflower Stories is about empowering women to pursue their calling from God without fear or comparison. These episodes will introduce you to women of all different backgrounds, ages and walks of life who talk about their stories and how God has used and is using their story for His glory. These women will inspire you to trust God with His timing, to not compare your story with someone else's and to know that your story matters and can empower others, too.
I've Heard That Song Before is an audio program about the jazz standards of the Great American Songbook. In each episode, one song is explored by jazz musician host, Joe Hunter, and his jazz musician guest. You'll hear 4 different renditions of the selected song introduced by the hosts who compare and contrast the merits of each adaptation. At the end of each episode, you'll also get to hear a related bonus song. The easy-going conversational format of the show makes it enjoyable for both ja ...
Stand up, Vanguard!Join Tasty Nate and Rearguard Ryan as they discuss each episode of Cardfight!! Vanguard V Series as it comes out, and then compare it to the original Anime!First Check - a great podcast!Second Check - Critical trigger. All effects to Vanguard.
A podcast dedicated to the discussion and analyzation of the manga Gintama created by Hideaki Sorachi, published in Weekly Shonen Jump and owned by Shueisha. We also dissect the chapter titles and their meanings and even take a look at the anime and how much they compare and contrast.
A Super Serious Sailor Moon Podcast. Each week we discuss an episode of Sailor Moon Crystal and compare it to its past incarnations.
From award-winning author, Mike Bennett, comes Hall of Mirrors: Tales of Horror and the Grotesque. Here you will find stories of Hell and damnation, ghosts, madness, murder, vampires, bizarre hair restoration disasters, and ... pigeons, among other things. Hall of Mirrors is a collection of modern gothic tales with a nail of dark humour hammered through its heart; horrible, grotesque and hilarious. So roll up, ladies and gentlemen, and enter the Hall of Mirrors - if you dare. A modern master ...
Philosophy and philosophical enquiries are relevant in some shape or form to many aspects of everyday life, for example our treatment of the environment, the rapidity of today's technological progress, whether animals should have rights and if so how they should compare to ours. Philosophy also encompasses questions about the existence of God, how life is sustained on earth, and even at what point should the Government intrude on a person's freedom. This album introduces the study of philoso ...
Letters From War
Hundreds of letters, written between brothers fighting in the Pacific during World War II. Almost one a day, for every day of the war. In this podcast, you’ll hear the story of these brothers — the Eyde brothers — and of World War II, as told through their letters, in their own words. Bringing the letters to life are modern U.S. military veterans. At key moments in the story, we’ll talk to them about how these letters compare to their own experiences — what’s universal about war and what’s c ...
Tim Cowlishawis the lead columnist in Dallas Ft Worth for SportsDay in the Dallas Morning News, where he has been since 1989. In that time he has covered the Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Stars on a daily basis and the other local teams the Texas Rangers and Dallas Mavericks, Texas Motor Speedway and the PGA events extensively. Tim has been a regular panelist on ESPN TVs daily Around the Horn program for the past 7 years. He will continue his association with ESPN TV on Around the Horn in additi ...
podcast in pyjamas
Each episode is a battle of wits, logic, endurance and scenarios as we compare two (potentially) related concepts... Whilst wearing pyjamas.
Crichton Cast
If you are reading this you must be a fan of Michael Crichton just as we are. Whether you love the science in his writing, the adventurous places it takes you or just fell in love with dinosaurs on the big screen we will have something for you.Every two weeks, in a mini-series format we will discuss a book of Michael Crichton’s which was made into a movie. Compare both mediums, discuss the good and bad, our takes on what worked and interesting facts. Listen in and discuss with us!
We watch, compare, and eliminate episodes of Friends until we find the best one
Apptastic Reviewers is an iOS news and review podcast hosted by Sara Verkaik and Julie Kuehl. Each week, we select a category or genre of apps to compare and review such as apps for learning new languages or drawing games. We also discuss news and interesting articles we discover related to Apple devices and the iOS platform. In some special episodes, we also include interviews with app developers or prominent members of the Apple community, getting a chance to find out more about what they ...
There are few campaigns that, either in point of the immense scale upon which it was undertaken, the completeness of its failure, or the enormous loss of life entailed, appeal to the imagination in so great a degree as that of Napoleon against Russia. Fortunately, we have in the narratives of Sir Robert Wilson, British commissioner with the Russian army, and of Count Segur, who was upon Napoleon's staff, minute descriptions of the events as seen by eye-witnesses, and besides these the campai ...
Think films ain't what they used to be? With all these remakes, reboots, re-imaginings, sequels, prequels, and sidequels you may be right. Join Irish comedians Alan Hurley, Alan McElroy and guests as they watch a recent movie release, compare it to an older classic and see if they do indeed prefer the early stuff.
After all, tea is the drink! Domestically and socially it is the beverage of the world. There may be those who will come forward with their figures to prove that other fruits of the soil—agriculturally and commercially—are more important. Perhaps they are right when quoting statistics. But what other product can compare with tea in the high regard in which it has always been held by writers whose standing in literature, and recognized good taste in other walks, cannot be questioned? (From th ...
Hack the Entrepreneur is a podcast for people looking to develop their entrepreneurial mindset. People who are looking for their next business idea, getting started online, and how to start a business. We understand that starting a business and doing work that matters is not always easy, but it is worth it. From solo entrepreneurs to side hustles, digital nomads to Amazon FBA, we discuss what it takes to be successful with building a SaaS company, affiliate marketing, passive income ideas, c ...
Enjoy the archives of this retired series featuring legendary technology columnist Walt Mossberg and The Verge’s editor-in-chief Nilay Patel. The series finale aired on June 13, 2017, shortly before Walt’s well-deserved retirement. For more on what’s happening now (and next) in technology and gadgets, listen and subscribe to The Vergecast.
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Steve and Tim are joined by our ESPN NBA Insider Tim @ESPN_MacMahon on the return of DSJ, why he's frustrated, if he'll be repair his relationship with Rick Carlisle and more. DAC @StevenwDennis @TimCowlishaw weekdays 3-6 pm @1033fmESPN
Steve and Tim react to Jerry Jones' comments on the future for Jason Garrett, his faith in Kellen Moore, Jon Kitna and much more. DAC @StevenwDennis @TimCowlishaw weekdays 3-6 pm @1033fmESPN
Paul Jarvis is a veteran of the online tech world, and over the years has had such corporate clients as Microsoft, Yahoo, Mercedes-Benz, Warner Music, and even Shaquille O'Neal. Today, he teaches online courses, writes, and runs several software businesses, his latest being a simple and privacy-based website analytics platform called Fathom. Pl ...…
It's the Football Firing Line - live from @IIBrothers Grill & Bar in Plano as our round table of football experts sound off on the no-call pass interference that changed the NFC Title Game in New Orleans. The Football Firing Line - Every Monday 5 - 7 pm @1033fmESPN
Actress and singer Constance Towers talks to Ed about working with the innovative and uninhibited Samuel Fuller on both Shock Corridor and The Naked Kiss; the joyful experience of playing villainous Helena Carradine on General Hospital; the “musical episode” of Perry Mason that she did along with Bobby Troup and Barney Kessel, as well as exchan ...…
Josh Mills, director of the estates of Ernie Kovacs and Edie Adams, shares news about some of the many events scheduled throughout 2019 to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ernie Kovacs, Television's Original Genius. Also in this hour: Ed, Tony and Donna welcome Douglas Howard and David Bianculli, co-editors of Television Finales: From ...…
Steve and Tim sound off on the reports that Kellen Moore could become the Cowboys new OC, Jon Kitna as QB Coach and what it means for Dak Prescott and Garrett as a play caller. DAC @stevenwdennis @timcowlishaw weekdays 3-6 pm @1033fmESPN
This week we're examining Chapter Eleven, Quidditch, along with the story of Jason and the Golden Fleece from Apollonius's "Argonautica". We discuss the similarities between Hermione and Medea's magic and heroism We also consider the relationship between the sacred and the profane at Hogwarts. We give more thought to the ideas of bravery and re ...…
I didn't win any lottery. It was a joke. Listen to this podcast if you want to hear what happened.By (Purity Slavulj).
According to global research firm Gartner, Malaysian CIOs are more pressured compared to their global peers to deliver results. This is due to the challenges faced by Malaysian CIOs specifically - reduced IT budgets and a lack of talent. But are these the only reasons why our CIOs are drowning? Research Director at Gartner, Adrian Lee talks to ...…
As a special treat, you'll get access to one of the minisodes that are normally exclusive to Based on a True Story patrons on the weeks between regular episodes. Listen in and you'll get the explanation for how minisodes are different from regular episodes. The episode's duration isn't the key factor. The story we're looking at today is all abo ...…
After two decades, the Eastrail 177 trilogy has come to a conclusion with Glass. The sequel to Split, which was the surprise sequel to Unbreakable. Blake and Zeyne discuss the ins and outs of the movie, how it succeeds in many ways and fails to move the super hero genre forward.
Follow me on Twitter - Follow me on Instagram - Like me on Facebook - Tom Brady Has Done it again! The Patriots are headed to SuperBowl LIII FULL NFL PODCAST PLAYLIST- ...…
Follow me on Twitter - Follow me on Instagram - Like me on Facebook - Ref No Call Sends Rams to SuperBowl LIII FULL NFL PODCAST PLAYLIST- Ref No Call Sends Rams to Sup ...…
Eric Bought Tales of Vesperia - Definitive Edition (02:00) Hian on the Mobile Game Rangers of Oblivion (07:25) Hat & Hian on Stella Deus - The Gates of Eternity (10:30) Final Fantasy VII Remake - General Thoughts on the Game (17:26) Another Eden - English Release Date - Jan. 28th, 2019 (01:19:45) Comments - (01:37:01) YouTube Page: https://www. ...…
We Love to Watch hosts, Peter Moran and Aaron Armstrong, officially begin their 5 year mission, to teach Peter about Star Trek. We begin by showing Peter the first movie, along with the TOS episodes, “Devil in the Dark,” “Amok Time,” and “City on the Edge of Forever.”We’re pleased to kick off our mission with guest, Bruce “Glorbes” Ross. Listen ...…
Tim and Steve get you ready for the NFL Conference title games by breaking down the Rams at Saints and Patriots at Chiefs, then give you their picks against the spread. DAC @StevenwDennis @TimCowlishaw weekdays 3-6 pm @1033fmESPN
Tim and Steve react to the Scott Linehan firing and tell you why the next move by Jerry Jones will be far more important for Garrett and the Cowboys future. DAC @StevenwDennis @TimCowlishaw weekdays 3-6 pm @1033fmESPN
Steve and Tim are talking Cowboys with our longtime NFL Insider @EdWerderRFA and get his take on the Scott Linehan firing and who he thinks could replace him. DAC @StevenwDennis @TimCowlishaw weekdays 3-6 pm @1033fmESPN
Tim and Steve have their weekly Friday visit with the Mavs Rick Carlisle as he talks about his coaching of DSJ and reveals why he thinks his star second year point guard has not returned to the team. DAC @StevenwDennis @TimCowlishaw weekdays 3-6 pm @1033fmESPN
Gregory, Justin and Samantha "break story", or brainstorm ideas for two new genre fiction stories.Transition clips for this episode are from Slither(2006): how to get your story published from the hosts of Super Pulp Science: or comments? Tweet them to t ...…
We have a very special guest on Waypoint Radio 215: Adam Conover from Adam Ruins Everything came through to chat about games, comedy, and Nintendo nostalgia! Join Adam—and usual co-hosts Danielle, Austin, and Natalie for a more freeform Friday podcast that tackles such questions as finding work-life balance among many tiring projects, asking "w ...…
Tim and Steve react to the quotes from Stephen Jones defending Jerry after Tim's column in the Dallas Morning News said that Jerry's fire isn't what it used to be. DAC @StevenwDennis @TimCowlishaw weekdays 3-6 pm @1033fmESPN
Tim and Steve give you the latest on DSJ and the latest from our ESPN NBA Insider - Tim @ESPN_MacMahon on how the Mavs and their young guard are trying to resolve their differences. DAC @StevenwDennis @TimCowlishaw weekdays 3-6 pm @1033fmESPN
Steve and Tim are talking Cowboys during their weekly Thursday at 4:30 visit with @Adam Schefter on possible coaching moves by Jerry Jones, the biggest roster move they must make and more. DAC @StevenwDennis @TimCowlishaw weekdays 3-6 pm @1033fmESPN
We need to get organized on this episode Waypoints, which means it's time to get advice from ​Tidying Up with Marie Kondo ​and learn all about both the KonMari method, and issues people have taken with the organization expert and her new reality show. Does she really hate books and mementos, or is that just a misunderstanding of what Kondo is t ...…
Tim and Steve get to the bottom of what's happening with DSJ and the Mavs from our Radio Voice of the Mavericks - Chuck Cooperstein. DAC @StevenwDennis @TimCowlishaw weekdays 3-6 pm @1033fmESPN
Tim and Steve dive into the state of the Cowboys and take a deep look at Jerry Jones and now, with his legacy secured and the team never more profitable, has he lost the fire needed to win Super Bowls. DAC @StevenwDennis @TimCowlishaw weekdays 3-6 pm @1033fmESPN
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