Best Competitive Gaming podcasts we could find (Updated April 2019)
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This is the gaming podcast for Frontline Gaming hosted by Frankie and Reece. Where we discuss rumors, gaming news, tactics and of course bad jokes. Find out more information at:
Boards Alive is a podcast where we talk about tabletop games. Our goal is to show that tabletop gaming can be just as exciting and engaging as Hollywood movies or big budget video games. We try to highlight games that have a rich theme that connects with the mechanics of the game. We want to help people escape into tabletop games and enjoy the competition and camaraderie of gaming.
Tabletop Gaming News, Tactics and Discounted Supplies
Heroic Intervention is a Warhammer 40K podcast focusing on "Casually Competitive" play and improving your game. Chad and Andrew talk about rumors, games, tactics, hobby, and everything fun! Please drop in a join us!
Justplay's Ian and Ritchie discuss competitive Age of Sigmar!
The Game Changers
Leadership Lessons in Speed, Productivity, Growth, Innovation and Reinvention with Jason Jennings. Cutting Edge Advise Designed to Give You and Your Business a Competitive Advantage.
Two competitive modern players who seek to have fun while playing magic. Join us as we speculate, brew decks and grind the game we love so much.
Three friends get together to talk about digital card games! They cover some competitive aspects, but mostly they just enjoy brewing decks and telling each other how bad they are.
The leader in competitive gaming coverage. Award-winning video features and news on the games, teams, and personalities you love.
MTG Conflux Podcast aims to reach the competitive player in Magic: The Gathering. We'd like to share our experiences and insights to help you to take down your next FNM or get an edge in your PPTQ & RPTQ circuit.
Two experienced competitive Super Smash Bros. players analyze and break down the unspoken psychological framework of the competitive scene.
Two competitive modern players who seek to have fun while playing magic. Join us as we speculate, brew decks and grind the game we love so much.
Competitive Legacy & Allegedly Vintage Podcast
Skullcraic is a weekly Magic: The Gathering digest podcast where three competitive Dublin grinders bring you a breakdown of all the latest Magic news and speculation.
We work and are passionate about different fields in Science, Technology, Gaming and Stuff. We also invite guests to speak about their field of expertise.
Podcast by Game Time with Nick Bahe
First Strike
First Strike is a Magic: The Gathering debate-style podcast hosted by KYT that discusses the week’s hottest competitive and social topics of the game. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Those who live a high-performance life have figured out how to consistently bring their best...Their A-Game...To the most important areas of life. On The A-Game Advantage Podcast you’ll get to peek inside the mind of the world’s highest performing individuals so you can learn and model the mindsets and systems that allow them to bring their A-Game everyday.
The only podcast focused solely on improving in Fortnite Battle Royale! Every week we're going to be looking at tips/techniques/strategies specific to the game (building, movement, weapon selection, etc) as well as more wide-reaching ideas that can be applied to esports and competitive play in general (things like dealing with tilt, deliberate practice, mentality/mindset, etc).Epic Creator Code Confirmation: CKME9Q
Top Level Podcast
Competitive Magic: The Gathering podcast by Pro Tour Hall of Famer and Pro Tour Champion Patrick Chapin + Michael J Flores. Focus of Top Level Podcast is on improving the tournament results of competitive Magic players.
Your weekly insight into Modern, a competitive Magic: the Gathering format, with hosts Alex Kessler and Glenn Jones. We break down all different aspects of the format from deck archetypes to new releases and predictions!
Path to Glory
A Warhammer Underworlds podcast that focuses on competitive gaming, player development, and community growth.
Cranky Gamers UK
Toz is joined by community members Steve and Rikki to deliver you gaming news, reviews, no holds barred opinions, community events and competitions.
A regular discussion in Q and A format about table top board games and gaming. Hosted By Sean Stephens and featuring the Tabletop Bellhop himself, Moe Tousignant, board game connoisseur and aficionado.
SciShow Tangents
Introducing the lightly competitive knowledge showcase from the geniuses behind the YouTube series SciShow. Every Tuesday, join Hank Green, Ceri Riley, Stefan Chin, and Sam Schulz as they try to one-up and amaze each other with weird and funny scientific research... while not getting distracted. There will be tangents about video games, music, weird smells, surprisingly deep insights about life, and of course, poop, but it always comes back to the science. WNYC Studios is a listener-supporte ...
Becca Scott is obsessed with board games. She's the host of How to Play and Game the Game, and now she's podcasting about board games. She interviews board game developers, artists, publishers, and other board game fanatics, to find out what they're playing, why they love games, and why gaming is important to them.
Competitive Magic: the Gathering players discuss Standard, Modern, Limited and the journey to the Pro Tour circuit.
The only podcast specifically for women who compete in cutting, barrel racing, reining, roping, rodeo or any other western discipline. Learn tactics to mentally step up your game, build confidence, calm your nerves and most importantly, have more fun with your horses.
'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on-air personality and the host of "Cousin Sal’s Sure Thing," Sal Iacono breaks down the world of gambling across a variety of sports, including NFL, NBA, NHL, UFC, boxing, wrestling, and competitive hot dog eating. Each week, Sal offers up odds analysis as well as his best bets, and brings on celebrities, Vegas experts, and his pack of degenerate friends, who are shameless about discussing their latest wins and losses (mostly losses).
High Noon Podcast
THE Competitive Overwatch Podcast. Brining you the best in Overwatch esports content for over 3 years!
Bad Melee Podcast
Couple of lads talmbout the greatest competitive party game for children ever made.
Our two esports referees blow the whistle on shills and give hot takes on all the news in competitive gaming. Subscribe!
The SwitchCast is more than a show where we talk about Nintendo Switch news and game reviews. We are a lively community of Nintendo Switch players who organize competitive events, contests, and interviews with some of the coolest names in the industry. So listen in, chat with us on Discord, find us on Facebook, and become part of the Switch revolution!
Every week get an in-depth discussion behind the latest news in Magic the Gathering, focusing on finance, competitive deck building and budget brewing.
One of the longest running Pokemon podcasts, PUCL covers the many facets of Pokemon. We talk about video games, battling, community news, anime and manga, trainer tips, and more!
An Age of Sigmar podcast presented by Measured Gaming - A competitive gaming club located in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
Hosted by KremePuff, this weekly Hearthstone podcast talks about the meta, deck-building, theory-crafting, and general game-theory in a casual, relaxed way. This Hearthstone podcast is for anyone trying to get better at Blizzard's most popular, online CCG. This is aimed at the competitive player to help become legendary much more quickly and efficiently.
The GAM Podcast
We create the best Magic: the Gathering content for competitive players, focusing primarily on the various constructed formats!
The official family gaming podcast of!
A podcast about reality competition shows that rarely connects with reality.
Preferred Enemies is a podcast devoted to the Warhammer 40K miniatures wargame. We cover all aspects of the game, including painting and modeling, diving into the rules, and games both competitive and casual. Whether you're new to the universe of Warhammer 40,000 or a well-established player, we've got you covered.
An Age of Sigmar podcast coming out of Sydney Australia. Mortally Wounded has a heavy focus on competitive play doing a detailed 'So you want to play...' section regularly on episodes which runs through an army list and rates its effectiveness in each of the main phases of the game.It does also include hobby elements with occasional painting and modelling sections.
The PARAcast
PARAcast is a weekly show about improving your firearms and competitive shooting skills. It is hosted by Tom Nelson a avid shooting and long time pod caster. He is joined by regulars contributors Steve Koski, Robert Wyatt and Kenny Platt .The PARAcast is more about having a good time than trying to make it host feel good about themselves. We even play games and and give commentary to some of our favorite action movies.
Each week, our three expert hosts dive into competitive Magic strategy. We create deck guides, explore theoretical concepts, and examine cards from upcoming sets to predict how they'll affect the metagame.
SciShow Tangents
Introducing the lightly competitive knowledge showcase from the geniuses behind the YouTube series SciShow. Every Tuesday, join Hank Green, Ceri Riley, Stefan Chin, and Sam Schulz as they try to one-up and amaze each other with weird and funny scientific research... while not getting distracted. There will be tangents about video games, music, weird smells, surprisingly deep insights about life, and of course, poop, but it always comes back to the science. WNYC Studios is a listener-supporte ...
Extra Hot Great
Join David T. Cole, Tara Ariano, Sarah D. Bunting and their valued guests each week for discussion of what's new on TV plus our hall of fame roundtable segment called The Canon, listen as we appoint Winners and Losers Of The Week and of course our ultra competitive TV trivia quiz: Game Time.
Tactical Crouch is the best place to get your Overwatch League and competitive Overwatch news, analysis, and more. Join your hosts KickedTripod, Volamel, and Yiska as they interview the best and brightest in competitive Overwatch! This project is not affiliated with Overwatch League, Overwatch, or Blizzard Entertainment.
Star Wars Destiny Podcast
Beyond the Barbell
Ben Alderman & Blair Morrison talk Crossfit, Competitive Training, Gym Owning, Life & more...
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Vrz wraps things up with some hockey talk and we find out what happened to his podcast and more!
People chime in on if Ty Lue should even want the Lakers job and Vrz explains how this year has been a circus and how Kobe could save the day that what he wants and more!
One of Ben and Blairs final releases from Wodapolooza in Miami is a great one! Adrian Conway talks about everything that you’d want to know about when it comes to FNX, competing and shares a personal mantra.
Ty Lue is interviewing for the Lakers coaching job and Vrz and George talk if that is a spot he wants to be in and more!
Vrz breaks the 4th wall and talks donuts with George and explains that the Huskers still have a long way to go and there are still MONSTERS out there and explains why this is the most important summer Nebraska has had in a while and more!
Schick joins Vrz and he's on daddy duty with spring break starting for the kids and he goes over how baseball is going and answers a question about Sadler coming back to Nebraska as an assistant coach and more!
Aaron is around for one more segment with Vrz and they talk about the game of football and if they miss some aspects of it as the game evolves into what it is today and more!
Aaron and Vrz are together and they talk Adrian Martinez and his ability to lead and more!
Aaron and Vrz talk about competition and how it was a wonderful thing and how when the backups were in you were happy for them and more!
Aaron Taylor is sitting in with Vrz and they talk about how many former o-liners were farm boys and what Aaron used to throw around in the summer. They also give their thoughts on Jergens and learning a new position and their thoughts on "if Martinez wasn't the quarterback...".
Aaron sticks around and talk some Nose Guard position with Vrz and then goes into a GREAT story from their playing days.
Vrz is in for Nick today and fresh from the Sharp and Benning Round Table and answers a leftover caller about rushing quarterbacks this year and Aaron Taylor joins Vrz for a conversation.
Congratulations on your Major Win at Kingdom Con! Show notes: New FLG Mat 20% off during Sale period:
In this smaller episode Juhana is telling what a game engine is and how he is trying to build one for fun. The discussion is mainly focused on how an engine handles keyboard inputs, it is not something easy as you would imagine. This episode is somehow connected to a future one we will have about research on the ideal keyboard layout that neede ...…
Ian and Ritchie discuss the new Fyreslayers book - an interesting combination of powerful units, interesting abilities, unplayables and missed opportunities! We also discuss the recent controversial Khorne FAQ and accidentally talk about the state of the current meta a bit.
@G3RRYT and @BryanGo are ready to put a bow on War of the Spark preview season. While the top tier cards came fast and furious until the bitter end, the guys are starting to identify some overhyped ones as well. Tune in and get your first warning about some trap cards that have people way too excited. Plus, the hosts share their thoughts on the ...…
Oath of Kaya is pretty horrible... For anyone who wants to play fair Magic! Plus more new cards that will define the revolutionize the upcoming formats!
In Episode 28, special guest Reinforce (@reinforce) shares details about his new role with Overwatch League, analyzes last week’s matches, and discusses this coming week’s matches. Follow us on Twitter: KickedTripod - @kickedtripod Volamel - @Volamel Yiska - @YiskaOut Tactical Crouch is a competitive Overwatch podcast that discuss a wide array ...…
A surprise presentation about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 3.0 update dropped in out laps today, so we're going to talk about the complete Persona package, plus all the other cool features also added to the game. We also review rogue-lite hack 'n slash adventure, RemiLore and Mechstermination Force for Nintendo Switch before topping the show off ...…
Nick isn't hearing good things about stuff going on at St. Johns but gets into ESPN's College Football playoff predictor and there is one team that SURPRISES Nick and he explains why and who on the team he doesn't thing is "THAT GUY"
Nick gets his recruiting fix with Bryan Munson and get his prevailing take away from The Spring Game, thoughts on Tuerner Corcoran & Jahkeem Green and more!
Socials:AV: @AVaidyanatha Peon: @Peon_GCE BTM: @beyondmetagame Click here to visit the BTM Patreon! Click here to purchase BTM merch! Click here to join our Discord! Tourney Info: Beyond the Metagame is a Super Smash Brothers podcast that deals with how to both improve and enjoy the game more w ...…
Nick takes a look at the NFL Schedule and goes through how change can happen fast and talks about the Browns in that regard and which team has the toughest schedule and more!
Danny joins Nick talk about if they've come down from their Tiger high yest, accessories in sports, and women shoulder pads and so much more!
James Holzhauer...remember the name. He just might the best Jeopardy player of all time!
One of the busiest guys in the world, Kevin Kugler, joins Nick and talks about experiencing Tiger's win live and in person as well as what stands out most about the new era of Nebrasketball and some Spring Football thoughts and more!
Nick goes over the reaction from his take yesterday and lets us know if it was met with positive or negative feedback.
Nick takes a look at every MAJOR sports league and their pressing issues as of right now.
Zion is the most hyped player since Lebron and Nick gives us 2 players that he thought would be GREAT but didn't live up to the hype and more!
Coming down the pipeline Nana Akenten announces that he is transferring from Nebraska and Nick feels as if this was a foregone conclusion and urges Hoiberg not to take a guy just to take a guy.
Nick goes through 3 coaches that NEED to have a good year for the Huskers to have a successful season.
Sharp and Benning stick around and give us a preview as whats to come in tomorrows round table and then Nick explains how last night was a taking care of business night in the NBA and more!
Episode 482 of Cranky Gamers is here for your listening pleasure. This weeks episode we bring you some of the new games out this week, includiong Snooker 2019, and Ace Attorney, Falcon Age. We also have vews and news on the big stories this week including the first PS5 information, and the new Digital only consle from Microsoft. With the usual ...…
This week we’re back to talk about more War of the Spark cards – again largely aimed at Standard, although we’ve also identified a few cards that we think might see play in Modern and even Legacy! Download this episode here! (right click and “save as…”) ...…
In this episode, Steve Sims, founder of Bluefish and expert at making things happen, reveals how he went from poor bricklayer to Oscar party host. Elliot and Steve discuss how he built his company from nothing and the mindset required to achieve the impossible. Listen in to hear why people don’t dream big enough, how Steve built a process to fu ...…
#Jointheclub this week as the DWC discuss decks and ideas that can help Magic players learn resource management. If you want to support the DWC Podcast, check us out below at:
A great email puts everything in perspective in regards of putting a heavy load on some of the new comers coming in to Lincoln in the fall and it's simple...Nick's trust in the staff is a direct correlation to his trust in the new comers to come in and be able to shoulder the load put on them.
Nick gets a couple of emails that support him in his thinking that a couple of new guys might be in the top 5 most important for the Huskers upcoming season especially not knowing Maurice Washington's status and maybe the caliber of recruit has been raised and some of these new guys are able to shoulder the load.…
Nick explains how he it isn't always safe to assume the new players are going to get it done and not the existing ones and he struggles with not believing that if he had to put together a Top 5 most important players list that a couple of those spots would be filled with new comers and explains why.
Nick dives into the Defense of the Huskers and how 3 different coordinators in 3 years MATTERS and how talent is lacking for the expectations that Husker fans might have for the D and Coordinator, Eric Chinander and explains why we need to give this dude a chance.
The New England Patriots have lost a lot this off season but just made a BIG signing and Nick reveals who it was and also goes over some of his favorite over and unders for the season and more!
Nick is just asking the Damian Lillard BETTER than Russell Westbrook and really starts asking questions about Russ and more!
Nick visits the Chinander topic and gets into the emails about the topic and explains how all he wants to see is progress through the process and more!
Nick gets his Mailbag fix and answers your questions like if he likes white or black socks, if he still talks to Doug McDermott, a pick up game question, if anything could top Tiger winning The Masters and more!
Nick states that that its remarkable that UCLA struggled to find a coach and watching St. Johns currently struggle to find a coach in New York but Nebraska landed Hoiberg in a week. Porter Moser turned down the St. Johns job and nick explains why it's important that you don't mess with happy and more…
Nick is saying that Huskers Defensive Coordinator Eric Chinander deserves our patience and a chance and takes some callers about it and more!
Nick looks into his crystal ball and predicts that the Husker fan base won't have the same patience with Defensive Coordinator as they will with Scott Frost and that shouldn't be the case.
Sharp and Vrz stick around and talk fights in sports with Nick and then Nick dives into how according Barry Alvarez there is a window in a year from now that can they can make changes to the college football playoffs and possibly expand and more!
Alex and Michael welcome 8-year-old Magic phenom Dana Fischer onto the podcast to discuss what she loves about Modern and her signature deck, Elves! Follow Dana on her Twitter at @DanaFischerMTG ( ) and she also has Facebook page at Join The MMCast Patreon https://www. ...…
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