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Best Confessions Of A Fit Chick podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Confessions Of A Fit Chick podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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The Confessions of a Fit Chick Podcast features authentic conversations about want it's like being a part of today's fitness industry, and offers education and resources to create the most healthy lifestyle possible... in both body and mind.
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In the wise words of Jessica Herrin, we can look at the various areas of our life as rubber or glass balls...By AmandaLouise
Stephanie is not only an IFBB Pro, but a total badass. From openly crying in the gym because she’s working THAT hard, to being incredible honest with herself about what it’s going to take to reach her goals… this is an interview you don’t want to miss.By AmandaLouise
Megan Daley is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and CrossFit coach. She shares why she'll be taking the Figure stage and how to make sure you're the boss of your own fitness.By AmandaLouise
IFBB Bikini Pro Lindsey Fox shares her journey to becoming a pro, the incredible research she's working on around stress resilience, and some authentic feedback about the 2019 Olympia.By AmandaLouise
92: [Truthful Vibes] Be Happy RIGHT NOW! by AmandaLouiseBy AmandaLouise
Want to hear MY competitor diary? Here’s the good the bad and the ugly of my experience!By AmandaLouise
This 21 year old breakout artist shares her experience of finding the spotlight and what's next on her journey.By AmandaLouise
Stepping on stage can be an emotional roller coaster. Today we chat about something I call the "4 week freakout". SO many of my clients (myself included) have hit these negative spirals of self talk. Lets NORMALIZE it and also share tips on how to come out the other side stronger!By AmandaLouise
Celebrity Stylist, Mommy Influencer, and all around AMAZING woman Ali Levine shares how she keeps up with her crazy but incredible life!By AmandaLouise
Sharron Clear is a strong, self-made single mom of three whose story begins with southern roots and California dreams.By AmandaLouise
DJ BrianE has been a friend for years, and just released his latest track from M'Pwr'D Radio!!! And YOU get exclusive access!By AmandaLouise
Sarah Lyons, founder of PictureGroove Photography and Bodyscape Magazine, and Monica Brant, OG to the fitness industry and fitness icon, share their stories of how they found success and are building new opportunities together.By AmandaLouise
Dr Emilia Taneva is not only a very accomplished orthodontist, but a wildly successful travel and fashion influencer and blogger. Listen in as she shares her journey to this life, and how she balances it all.By AmandaLouise
Kristen is not only a nutrition expert, but also just survived one of the most devastating wildfires in our country’s history. She shares how important it was to find some control in the situation, and make sure her family stayed healthy in the chaos.By AmandaLouise
Mary Frances gets REAL about what it's like to create a booming business (hers was a crossfit gym) and then realize it's time to walk away. She also shares what her next venture will be, which is AMAZING!!By AmandaLouise
Amanda Walker is a Healthstyle coach and mentor who helps women FEEL AMAZING NAKED! You are going to LOVE this conversation.By AmandaLouise
Lauren is a commercial airline pilot, WBFF Pro, and overall incredible woman. Listen in to her journey and how she's helping other women find the same joy through fitness as she has.By AmandaLouise
Laura Frecon is a hollywood costume designer and stylist who is disrupting the fashion industry with her new company Verte Luxe.By AmandaLouise
Andrea Robinson is a powerhouse of a woman who has transitioned from 2:30am wake up calls for the morning news, to a whole new way of life.By AmandaLouise
Margie is a woman who has re-invented herself more than once. From PhD Engineer, to Trainer and Coach... this woman is on a mission to impact lives.By AmandaLouise
Melissa Vale is a Princeton and Harvard Law graduate who has become an amazing lifestyle influencer.By AmandaLouise
I had a major mindset shift... all due to gummy bears and vitamins.By AmandaLouise
There is TONS of science out there around bodies, diets, and exercising... but when it comes to bodybuilding specifically there is barely anything!!! This young woman is on a mission to help change that.By AmandaLouise
IFBB Figure Pro, Nurse, and now an incredible health coach. Megan shares how she went from counting macros to mindful eating and is helping her clients with so much more than just diet and exercise.By AmandaLouise
I'm opening up about some major shifts I've made, and the magic it has created. And BONUS! There is a special meditation at the end of the episode!By AmandaLouise
You know we don't spam you with products on the show... but this one?? This one is a game changer.By AmandaLouise
Putting out content online? Thinking about starting a business? Then you NEED to listen to this episode with my amazing attorney!!By AmandaLouise
Holy crap, listen to this one JUST to hear this crazy story of manifestation!!! (Ok, and we drop some major value bombs around investing in yourself too.)By AmandaLouise
Ever wonder what it's like to be a professional stunt woman turned holistic health and wellness coach? Well, then you're in for a treat! Dara is a simply incredible woman changing the lives of the women she works with.By AmandaLouise
Katie Cole is a newly crowned IFBB Bikini Pro. She's mom of 2 living that #fitlife and is passionate about inspiring other moms her to embrace health and fitnessBy AmandaLouise
From local natural shows, to WBFF Fitness Pro, to a nationally qualified NPC Bikini Competitor... Jessica has had quite the journey and is getting ready to step on stage at the Arnold Amateur with her best package yet.By AmandaLouise
Claire Rae shares her experiences becoming and competing at the Professional level, then shifting to create an incredible movement within the industry that focuses on CELEBRATING the hard work of the journey.By AmandaLouise
Nicole is a nationally qualified bikini competitor, full time student, and has learned how to not just survive national level prep, but THRIVE.By AmandaLouise
Lindsey Mae went from a pre-professional ballet dancer to a nationally qualified bikini competitor. She shares her struggles with eating disorders and how she has not only overcome them, but transformed into a powerful, confident young woman.By AmandaLouise
63: Money Mindset and Manifestation - Truthful Vibes by AmandaLouiseBy AmandaLouise
Get ready for an incredible conversation around using fitness to CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Alice is in the very beginning of her first bikini prep, and the work she's done to get here on both her body AND mind is absolutely amazing.By AmandaLouise
IFBB Bikini Pro Katie Kopfle shares all about her journey to becoming pro, and how much joy she is finding helping others realize their goals.By AmandaLouise
Feeling out of Flow? Ya, me too. Here are my three tips to step back in!By AmandaLouise
Lesly Love's name says it all. This positive social media influencer and personal trainer is all about helping women find joy and truly love themselves.By AmandaLouise
Kathleen Waite is a nationally qualified bikini competitor, personal assistant to Team FFlex Founder Ryan Milton, and an incredible woman working to change other womens lives.By AmandaLouise
Andrea is part of the three sister team that is launching the amazing new protein ice cream, Fit Whip! Join us as we hear her personal fitness journey, and how this product is coming to life.By AmandaLouise
Ryan Milton is an EPIC contest prep coach who has zero filter about the truth he has found working with clients. His authentic voice, and passion for helping others is sure to provide some serious motivation!By AmandaLouise
Having anxiety about how to stay in the game during the holidays? Listen in as we give some great tips and tricks that have worked for us and the ladies we work with.By AmandaLouise
Mental toughness is what this athlete believes is the most important contributor to her success. Bryanna is a full time critical care nurse, and also a nationally qualified bikini competitor.By AmandaLouise
These three practical tricks completely transformed my life.By AmandaLouise
52: [WSSL] - Stepping on Stage in 2019? YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS! by AmandaLouiseBy AmandaLouise
Ever go through something that leaves you with a pit in your stomach you just can't kick? Me too. Listen in on how I'm turning a gut wrenching situation into something I'm going to be grateful for.By AmandaLouise
Ayesha Perry-Iqbal is the only Pakisanti Plus Size model in the United States. She shares authentic truth around the body positivity movement, and actionable tips to help you LOVE yourself more, and live your BEST LIFE.By AmandaLouise
Trying to figure out the right way to incorporate protein into your diet? Then listen up!By AmandaLouise
Harmony Patton is a professional ballerina turned Holistic Acne Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist in training.By AmandaLouise
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