Best Conservative Politics podcasts we could find (Updated June 2019)
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Tired of the lies? Tired of the spin? Are you ready to hear the hard-hitting truth in comprehensive, conservative, principled fashion? The Ben Shapiro Show brings you all the news you need to know in the most fast moving daily program in America. Ben brutally breaks down the culture and never gives an inch! Monday thru Friday.
End of Western Civilization got you down? All is tickety-boo on The Andrew Klavan Show as Andrew laughs his way though Armageddon with political satire, cultural commentary, interviews and relentless mockery of racial pieties, sexual perversities, and feminist absurdities. Monday thru Thursday.
Sean Hannity is a multimedia superstar, spending four hours a day every day reaching out to millions of Americans on radio, television and the Internet.
You loved her hugely successful radio show and now you can join Laura Ingraham three days a week as she covers politics, pop culture and media bias. And don't worry--as always, she'll still bring you hard-hitting guests and take your calls.
What’s happened since Rush Limbaugh signed off yesterday afternoon? Download this and find out what’s on Rush Limbaugh’s mind before the full program starts today. Here these original thoughts from El Rushbo. Download it and have it ready to listen to before you tune in on the radio later today.
We tried their way. We tried apologies, capitulation, and shame. Now it's time for them to try something: GET OFF MY LAWN.
Come for the conversation. Stay for the covfefe. The Michael Knowles Show goes beyond the headline, analyzing the top cultural and political issues of the day. Monday through Thursday.
Buck Sexton breaks down the latest headlines with a fresh and honest perspective!He speaks truth to power, and cuts through the liberal nonsense coming from the mainstream media. Tune in to hear what really matters, and call in to get your voice heard!
Fed up with the talking heads? Matt gives you a no-holds-barred take on today’s cultural, religious, and political issues. Monday thru Friday.
All free!! All educational. All entertaining. All professionally recorded. Choose from many different topics from the most talented Conservatives around the world. Join us for author interviews, new conservative books, audio book excerpts, debating Leftists, lectures, humor, documentaries and much more. If you like our podcast please submit a high rating and comments on Itunes. Don't let the Lefties drag down our rating.
Red Pilled America is a storytelling podcast series that promises only one thing…the truth. Each episode will pose a simple question, then search for the answer in the stories of the forgotten men and women of America. Do illegal immigrants really just do the jobs Americans won’t do? What is causing the homeless crisis in Los Angeles? Why does the Left and Right have different definitions for "Fake News"? Why does the black community vote almost unanimously for Democrats? Red Pilled America ...
Ricochet Podcast
Weekly episodes of Ricochet’s flagship podcast feature our hosts James Lileks, Rob Long, Peter Robinson, and guests discussing the issues of the week.Ricochet offers the best, smartest, most interesting conversations on the web. Both for your eyes and your ears.
Listen to Pat Gray Unleashed, Live Monday-Friday, 5am-7am ET on TheBlaze Radio Network.
Podcast by PragerU
Conversations with Bill Kristol features in-depth, thought-provoking discussions with leading figures in American public life.
Weekday Afternoons 5-8
Join Chris Matthews each weeknight for a spirited hour of political analysis and debate with prominent politicians, newsmakers, and cultural icons. Matthews asks his guests the tough questions, and never backs down, in a relentless pursuit of the truth.
Blasting Trump and dreading Hillary, provocative and funny GOP strategist Mike Murphy goes outlaw, tearing into campaign 2016 with topical rants, informed and merciless analysis and key player interviews.Radio Free GOP is where real players from both parties go to talk frankly about what's really going on side the campaigns. Get the real inside dope from the real players who know the political game best, every week.
Podcast by Lars Larson
Dana Perino, co-host of The Five on the FOX News Channel and FOX News Digital Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt discuss, dissect and debate the changing world of Washington politics.
Words Matter
American politics is undergoing seismic changes that will alter the course of history. As hosts of Words Matter, Katie Barlow and Joe Lockhart believe that facts, evidence, truth and objective reality are necessary and vital in public discourse. Katie and Joe have broad experience in government, politics and journalism -- this gives them a unique ability to explain recent events and place them in historic context. Together, with fellow journalists, elected officials, policy-makers and though ...
WallBuilders Live! with David Barton and Rick Green is a daily journey into the past to capture the ideas of the Founding Fathers of America and then apply them to the major issues of today. Featured guests will include Congressmen, Senators, and other elected officials, as well as experts, activists, authors, and commentators on a variety of issues facing America.
Townhall Review is today’s top conservative weeke…
We take the best ideas from the best minds and distill them down to five focused minutes. We then add graphics and animation to create the most persuasive, entertaining, and educational case possible for the values that have made America and the West the source of so much liberty and wealth. These values are Judeo-Christian at their core and include the concepts of freedom of speech, a free press, free markets and a strong military to protect and project those values.
The Brion McClanahan Show discusses the events of the day from a founding perspective.
Former prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy discusses the latest in the Mueller probe.
Charlie Sykes and guests discuss the latest news from inside Washington and around the world. No shouting, grandstanding, or sloganeering. Conservative, conscientious, and civil.
Hear Bill Cunningham weekdays 12p-3p on Cincinnati's News Radio 700WLW
Steve Deace Show
Politics, national politics, and Christian world view.
With Trump's time in the Oval Office throwing up story after story, the Spectator's Americano podcast delivers in-depth discussions with the best American pundits. Presented by Freddy Gray.
The Official Podcast of Devin Nunes. Paid for by Devin Nunes Campaign Committee.
Podcast by Howie Carr
Ordered Liberty
In a world where religion is more potent than culture, and culture is more potent than politics, David French and Alexandra DeSanctis are your guides to the debates and issues that matter most.
3 Martini Lunch
Three Martini Lunch is a funny, edgy and fast-paced podcast of the day's major political stories, hosted by Radio America's Greg Corombos and Jim Geraghty
The “fire hose” of all podcasts produced by The Heartland Institute, a national free-market think tank. Policy ideas and discussions that will keep Freedom Rising.
What’s really going on inside the Trump White House? As an advisor to the new administration and someone who has served in two Republican White Houses, Bill Bennett will explain the Trump agenda in clear and candid terms and give you a behind-the-scenes look at the new president through interviews with the highest members of his administration and inner circle. Let Bill Bennett be your guide to Washington D.C. and all things Trump-related.
David Knight brings you the real news in real time with a 3 hr radio broadcast every weekday morning. As news anchor, reporter and radio host, David has broadcast live from events ranging from political conventions to the Bundy ranch standoff.With guests ranging from the former tech head of the NSA to the New Jersey Weedman, the broadcasts are diverse, Compelling insightful surprising and even humorous as David interacts with listeners from a global audience and social media in real time.As ...
Politics and current events from the Czar of Talk Radio.
Conservative Nation Radio is dedicated to bringing you real Conservative talk shows with topics you won't commonly find in the main stream media.
"America First" was created by Dr. Sebastian Gorka ("Dr.G"), former Special Advisor to the President of the United States and Fox News National Security Strategist, to be the new front lines in the ongoing Culture War against the Left. In each episode, Dr.G will inform you about the Leftist assault on our traditional values and he will define how we win against them. Every episode features a retinue of amazing guests who augment the basic message that we must put our country first and we mus ...
The Todd Huff Radio Show is America's home for Conservative, not bitter talk radio. Todd launched his program as a podcast from his bedroom closet on August 10, 2015, and on October 3, 2016, it aired as radio program on Freedom 95 in Indianapolis. Todd's patented style, wit, insight and sense of humor make his show unique in the talk radio landscape. But be advised: contents may cause you to lean to the right.
You've liked him on Facebook, you follow him on Twitter. Now hear him live on Conservatives envy him and Liberals hate him. He hits every issue hard and with facts and if you aren't careful he can and will live rent free in your head! No holds barred and no punches pulled if you are on the wrong side of an issue he will call you out regardless of party affiliation. He is Grouchy Aka The Conservative Curmudgeon
The Guardian's political editor Heather Stewart and political correspondent Jessica Elgot are joined every week by commentators, experts and politicians to unpack the biggest stories in politics.
In Washington, politicians are full of half-truths and hot air. They do little more than grandstanding by spouting-off talking points and spin. The Conservative Conscience is here to help you cut through the rhetoric and noise and EXPLORE the politically right way to think about the issues .
The Weekly Worldview Podcast with Doug McBurney
Heritage Explains
A weekly podcast that explains major policy issues and at a 101 level. Every week, hosts Michelle Cordero and Tim Doescher present an entertaining mix of media clips, personal stories, and interviews with Heritage experts, to break down major news stories and policy debates raging in Congress.
Find out what the mainstream media ISN’T telling you about the Trump administration. BlazeTV White House correspondent Jon Miller braves The Washington Hit Squad to cut through the fake news.
RATED #1 IN SPREAKER FOR NEWS & INFORMATION!! Rick Wiles is the father of “citizen reporting.” He pioneered alternative media long before the arrival of blogs and podcasts. In May of this year, TRUNEWS began its 18th consecutive year of news reporting. The program is heard on various internet outlets, international shortwave and over 400,000 downloads of the TRUNEWS mobile app. TRUNEWS has an extremely loyal audience around the world. The program is 100% listener-supported. Guests include me ...
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show series
Would Congressional impeachment hearings have the same impact as they did during Watergate? Washington Post media critic Margaret Sullivan talks to Katie and Joe about how the media landscape has changed and how it is far more difficult to have an impact with voters and the American people.
Baronnelle Stutzman How is the socialized medicine system that is the VA (that was the blueprint for ObamaCare) dealing with some care deficiencies? Leaning on the private sector, of course. WalMart’s CEO is challenging Congress to raise the minimum wage. Why doesn’t he just do it himself rather than try to get Congress to make him? The answer ...…
Willie is fired up about Trump appearing on ABC news, the Oberlin College story and more. Bill also talks to Wayne Allyn Root, Kevin Jackson and Julie Gunlock.By 700WLW (WLW-AM).
We will try this one again. Hopefully Douglas V. Gbbs will be able to be with us for a lesson on our Constitution. Join us for a great informative show on the founding Document.By Conservative Nation Radio.
Larry Wilmore — comedian, writer, producer, former host of "The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore" on Comedy Central, and current host of the "Black on Air" podcast — joins me to discuss comedy, race, Trump, Obama, the N-word, his political theory, and much more.Date: 06-16-2019By The Daily Wire.
18 Explosive Origins of Life Refute Darwinian Evolution. ACU Sunday Series. Fossil Discontinuities: A Refutation of Darwinism and Confirmation of Intelligent Design. Watch this presentation at- For a number of videos on Intelligent Design visit- The f ...…
Is forced diversity in Hollywood hurting or helping the entertainment industry? The Blaze TV host and “Roaming Millennial” Lauren Chen sits down with Candace Owens to discuss why the Right is actually the side of inclusivity, and why diversity of thought is so critical.PragerU is a 501c3 non-profit organization. To help keep our videos free and ...…
With Tom Rogan, commentary writer at the Washington examiner and host of the McLaughlin Group. Presented by Curt Mills.By The Spectator.
Hour 1- GUEST- Adam Kennedy, Mexican Tariffs, National Guard In MexicoHour 2- GUEST- Brent Bozell, GUEST- Paul Kengor, Mexico TariffsHour 3- GUEST-John Matze, GUEST- Warren Ferrell, Males in Society
Why is Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America the best book “ever written on democracy and the best ever written on America?” Why is it indispensable both for understanding the country as well as defending it? In this Podcast, Harvey Mansfield, co-translator of Democracy in America (with Delba Winthrop), presents a detailed exposition of ...…
Lars Larson National Podcast 06-14-19 by Lars LarsonBy Lars Larson.
It's Free Speech Friday!!!!!Is Iran responsible for the attack in the Middle East? Secretary Mike Pompeo gives his answer. The importance of fathers as Father's Day approaches and the founder of
A very heartfelt Father's Day SpecialBy KTRH (KTRH-AM).
Just as the rain really started to come down, I have completed my ark and loaded the last couple of giraffes. Please climb aboard and register with FreeSpeech.TV. We are the only place where you see the right and the left talking to each other in a fun, honest, and totally uncensored way.
Where do democrats stand on impeachment? Buck interviews Chief Brian Hastings. Learn more about your ad-choices at Premiere Networks.
Howie talks about an environment commissioner who was cited for illegal hunting. Steve fills in for the last half hour and reviews the recent Iranian provocations in the Strait of Hormuz.By Howie Carr.
Sebastian talks to callers as part of "Ask Dr. G Anything," then discusses gun rights in America with The Gun Collective's Jon Patton Support the show.By America First with Sebastian Gorka.
Sebastian talks with former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer about Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the 2020 election Support the show.By America First with Sebastian Gorka.
Sebastian talks with Jim Carafano in-studio about Iran, immigration, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders' departure from the White House Support the show.By America First with Sebastian Gorka.
Chump Line - 6.14.19 by Howie CarrBy Howie Carr.
Howie talks Bill Clinton's transatlantic draft dodging and the listeners are treated to all the crazy police news of the week.By Howie Carr.
Mark Levin, author, constitutional lawyer, radio and TV host has a new book out. Mark is always discussing the divisive political climate and addresses much of it in his new book, Unfreedom of the Press. Today he takes major issue with Jim Acosta, CNN’s chief fake news expert, and author of a book that spreads more lies than information. The Se ...…
Today on TRUNEWS we discuss the secret network of Zionist billionaires backing the majority of “conservative” media celebrities, and how this dark money mafia bought off the resistance against the cloud of immorality which has a death grasp on America’s soul. Rick Wiles, Edward Szall, Doc Burkhart, Kerry Kinsey.…
Stirewalt has job security... Dana Perino, former White House Press Secretary, co-host of Fox News Channel's "The Five" and host of "The Daily Briefing" and Chris Stirewalt Fox News Politics Editor run through the daily goings on in the world of politics. This week with Chris Stirewalt traveling, Dana decided to have a catch up session with the ...…
Howie and Grace break down the recently released DNC debate line-up. But, the big question of the day is: will anybody actually watch?By Howie Carr.
Granny Warren does not get her preferred debate spot and Howie takes calls on the sad situation that has befallen a Massachusetts judge accused of aiding the flight of an illegal alien.By Howie Carr.
This episode of America's Most Trusted Podcast® is notable for both who shows up and who doesn't. But James Lileks is our rock, welcoming our own Bethany Mandel into the co-host's chair, and Dr. Samuel Gregg author of the upcoming book, Reason, Faith, and the Struggle for Western Civilization. Then Bethany and James delve into the miniseries, C ...…
With Daniel McCarthy, editor of Modern Age and contributor to Spectator USA. Presented by Freddy Gray.By The Spectator.
Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss the lineup of the two Democratic debates. They also evaluate Joe Biden’s vow that cancer will be cured if he’s elected president and Joy Behar of ‘The View’ suggesting climate change makes a cure much tougher. And they break down the political battle between New York Cit ...…
Today on the Bulwark podcast, David French from National Review joins host Charlie Sykes to talk about "David Frenchism." What is the future of the conservatism when it comes to classical liberalism or illiberalism? Also, what is "performative wokeness?" Special Guest: David French.By The Bulwark.
More on the Gang of 5; Kevin Jackson talks about the Memphis riots; Chip hart joins Willie, Seg, and Rachel on the Stooge ReportBy 700WLW (WLW-AM).
Steve, Todd and Aaron welcome in congressional correspondent Nate Madden to discuss the crazy things Democrats have said over the past week, as well as the looming threat of further online bans being handed down to conservatives. In Hour Two, Steve responds to several listener emails for Feedback Friday.…
We are joined today by a small-town mayor 40 miles from the border to give us a sense of how local communities are suffering from federal dysfunction on the border. Mayor Don McLaughlin of Uvalde, Texas, believes that with American cities suffering so much from homelessness, we should not be forced to take care of the impoverished of other coun ...…
Trump is mocked for his Prince of Whales tweet, but Biden is given a pass for talking about G5 (5G). Then there’s the $400 BILLION joke called the F-35 stealth fighter. Next, Pompeo shows “proof” Iran attacked ships. Is it believable? Is Bolton being shoved out by Trump? NY state attacks the OTHER part of the First Amendment, free exercise of r ...…
Today on the show, the Trump Administration is accused of bigotry for not allowing embassies to fly pride flags below their American flags. But there’s nothing bigoted about it. Also, Hollywood continues its mission to destroy your children. Finally, a woman faces backlash for saying she wants to cook and clean for her husband.Date: 06-14-2019…
A Special Father's Day Show. People call in to share how their father's shaped their lives.By KTRH (KTRH-AM).
The media smack the Trump administration over Iran’s militancy, Trump reaps the whirlwind after saying he’d take opposition research from foreigners, and the Left loses its taste for tolerance.Date: 06-14-2019By The Daily Wire.
This morning Michael Berry surprised Ramon by getting Ramon's wife and Ramon's son, July to leave a Father's Day message.By KTRH (KTRH-AM).
Today on The McCarthy Report, Andy and Rich discuss Andy’s House Intelligence Committee testimony, Trump’s comments on foreign intelligence, and more investigation of the investigators.By National Review.
Hour 1: The next White House press secretary will be. Supreme Court cases soon to be decided. Teen Vogue instructs girls how to get an abortion. Hour 2: Most peaceful nations according to the UN. Some opinions shouldn't be heard? Most overrated bands of all time? Title: Most Overrated Bands of All Time? | 6/14/19 Season: 2019 Episode: 117…
Rich Millennials are moving out of New York due to the high rate of income tax.. They are moving to states like California for jobs in the Tech industry and states with low or no income taxes like Florida and Texas. Learn more about your ad-choices at The Rush Limbaugh Show.
How Actual F-35A Pilots Assess the Aircraft. Watch the entire presentation at- The Heritage Foundation The first USAF F-35A fighter wing is now fully operational. The Heritage Foundation had a recent unique opportunity to conduct structured interviews with 30 F-35A combat pilots—21 previously experienced former four ...…
Sanders Support Among Young Voters Drops Sharply: Its Foundations of Freedom Thursday, a special day of the week where we get to answer questions from you, the listeners! Always answering your questions from constitutional principles! Tune in today as we answer your most pressing questions!By David Barton and Rick Green.
Judge Andrew Napolitano explains that Trump has admitted he is willing to commit a felony if he accepts "foreign dirt" on his political opponents in 2020. Courts ruled this a "thing of value," and our government officials cannot receive anything of value from a foreign government official. The media, a foreign intelligence agent & even our own ...…
It’s a case nightmares are made of. We’ve got your sneak peek into the new true-crime series, 22 Hours: An American Nightmare. It's the frightening story of a D.C. power couple, their 10-year-old son, and housekeeper who were held hostage, tortured, and brutally murdered inside their burning D.C. mansion. You won’t believe what happened during ...…
It’s a case nightmares are made of. We’ve got your sneak peek into the new true-crime series, 22 Hours: An American Nightmare. It's the frightening story of a D.C. power couple, their 10-year-old son, and housekeeper who were held hostage, tortured, and brutally murdered inside their burning D.C. mansion. You won’t believe what happened during ...…
Townhall Review – June 15, 2019 Hugh Hewitt and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell talk about Federal Court appointments. Sebastian Gorka and Grant Stinchfield of NRA TV examines the issue of gun control. Hugh Hewitt asks New York Times reporter Michael Shear about his article on the Mexican tariffs and the agreement between Mexico and the ...…
Sarah Sanders is leaving as Press Secretary.. we'll talk about it. An attack in the Middle East-- what does it mean. And, CNN actually spending time telling listeners it's NOT Anti-Trump and is pro-truth,...Huh?
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