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Online bleatings, musings, whimsy and sketches from Benn Cordrey and Peter Marshall. Find the podcast in the iTunes Store
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It's almost like getting back from the pub and drinking fortified wine before doing a podcast was ever a bad idea.
Benn and Pete catch up to discuss the future of the podcast, introduce two new features - Podglossary and Top Google - and an Inspector Gadget sketch. Go-go Gadget headphones at the ready...
Benn and Aidan return to the hilly capital of mirth, and this time they've blagged a press pass. To justify its existence, here are their highlights from #edfringe2014. Featuring comedian James Cook, plus friends Rachel Thorn and Mary Sweeney.
A brief missive explaining that we'll be doing another special episode this August from the pulsing heart of live comedy that is the Edinburgh Festival. Includes a slightly mistimed sketch, with help from Kev Core.
Christmas is full of traditions - worrying about gifts, overindulgence, putting trees indoors and disappointing seasonal specials, so in keeping with tradition, enjoy Benn and Pete's Christmas 2013 offering, complete with baby-themed sketch!
Benn is joined by Quiz Masters cohort Aidan McCaffery for the Edinburgh Festival 2013, delving into the Fringe with the help of Nat Luurtsema, Barry Ferns/Lionel Richie, Shaun Keaveny and some tall chap called Arthur.
Benn and Pete's first podcast with an audience, recording during breaks in filming Transatlantic Smash, a feature film produced by fellow podcaster Steve Shooter and featuring friend of the show, Spencer Vale/Wheels. Then they explore York and get drunk.
Benn and Pete get domestic in Pete's kitchen the morning after a gig while they prepare bacon sandwiches and contemplate horse racing. With added Matt Forde!
Yeah, OK, it's been a while, but we're back with a vengeance - with two sketches, some top-drawer chattery and not one, not two, but THREE guest jingles from Joe Wilkinson, Martin Trenaman and Sean Lock. Good to have you back!
A quick apology to our loyal subscribers, to request clemency for our long departure whilst concentrating on our sitcom, Quiz Masters - We're glad to be back, and we promise we won't do it again. Honest.
A Yuletide cracker packed with seasonal titbits, including ace stand-up Silky, a duo of festive sketches, brand new sitcom Quiz Masters, our trademark blend of banter and secret spices - plus added Sean Lock, and not a humbug in sight. Merry Christmas!
Benn and Pete set the milestone of a score of podcasts by chatting about jelly, cycling shorts, America and nudity. Plus some ace banter with the equally ace Bec Hill about puns and moths, and a tease for our forthcoming sitcom!
Benn attempts to provide an insightful travelogue of his USA road trip. Does he succeed? Find out, y'all...
In their second jaunt up to Scotland's fine capital, Benn and Pete dive into the Fringe, share lots of information, have a (poor) go at impro and meet some bleating ovine sketchers.
A 2012 Olympic Special, where Benn and Pete DISCUS the greatest show on Earth, DIVING into memories of past Games, have a SHOT at a SKEET-CH before posing the e-QUESTRIAN - how will Team GB fare? Plus a new guest jingle...
As a teaser to our 2012 Olympics special, Benn is sitting comfortably and will begin to commentate the Opening Ceremony of the London Games. On his own.
Benn and Pete propose a new opportunity for greetings cards manufacturers in these financially turbulent times, and get audibly excited about Edinburgh.
Benn and Pete convene in the flesh once again to discuss favourite things and attempt to woo a jingle from a notable comedian/philanthropist.
Benn and Pete, courtesy of Barry from Bradford, introduce their new feature, It's Your Podcast before Pete hotfoots it to the Continent for some vol-au-vents and financial meanderings.
Benn and Pete finally get 2012 under way by setting out their podcast ambitions for an auspicious year... and by recording the podcast in a most unusual way, but you'll have to wait till the end to find out how!
The miniest of mini-updates to wish our listeners well, and also so the website isn't plastered with untimely Christmas gubbins.
Benn's seasonal celebration of Yuletide disappointment, the Let-Down-athon, makes its pod-debut while Pete unwraps his presents, leaving the editor to clear up the mistakes.
Benn and Pete celebrate their first year of podcasting with an anniversary show, by bigging up their mates. It's a bit sickly in places, to be honest. Here's to another spiffing year...
Benn and Pete get back to Terra Firma with all the usual studio-based malarkey. You know, a sketch, message from the sponsors, and a two-headed cat. And you thought "miaow miaow" was simply a banned plant food...
Benn and Pete get their last festival fix of the summer at Out Of The Ordinary, discuss vegan food, align their chakras... but still don't know what dubstep is.
A brief update from Benn's travels, with Peter present in spirit.
A tiny smattering of post-EdFest podcast fun, as Pete and Benn get their second festival hit of the summer, from the muddy fields of Galtres Festival near Easingwold.
Benn and Pete sample the delights of the 2011 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, reveal the winner of the illustrious Twitter competition and bag another celeb jingle from a top turn. Hashtag excited.
After nearly coming a cropper on a stag do, Benn and Pete talk mortality and Prof Brian Cox, as well as introducing their Twitter competition. Help them get ten more followers before the next podcast, when they'll be at the Edinburgh Festival!
8-bit no-goodniks Chod and Mash tackle the People's Chosen Topic of animals, shamelessly plug their friends' endeavours, plus the all-important Peter Marshall Leg Update. Is it still there? Only one way to find out...
The first podcast of 2011, and the first with a spanking new website. Benn and Pete discuss accents, Pete's legs and talking over the internet - plus a guest jingle by a very special guest...
Benn and Pete get Yuled, back when the first bout of winter snow was upon them. Little did we know it would return... although as a result, it remained relevant. Happy Chrimble!
The inaugural Cordrey and Marshall podcast is here! Feel free to email the podcast with comments, thoughts and viable business ideas using the contact form, or 'get amongst it' on our blog.
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