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Welcome to Happily Natural, a podcast by Latoija Jones dedicated to helping you to better understand your Natural Hair.
This podcast provides stylists with a road map for success including specific strategies for establishing a loyal clientele, offering profitable services and building a successful business.
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Skin Deep
A podcast about beauty, color, skincare products and anything and everything. We come from the perspective of two women working in beauty retail with cosmetology licenses who have a passion for the beauty industry and making people feel beautiful
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This podcast discusses the unfortunate reality that many people fail to believe in themselves and the self-fulfilling prophecy that creates.
Bernard tackles the sensitive topic of raising your prices using the basic principles of supply and demand and offers some guidelines on how and when to do it.
This podcast explores the pitfalls of making assumptions when building your business.
Bernard uses the analogy of free will to justify allowing assistants to help with our clientele even if their work is not equal to our own.
How do you react to stress? When presented with a challenge, do you adjust? This podcast focuses on the benefits of facing new challenges and growing from them.
Bernard shares the activities that serve as a mental escape for him and encourages his listeners to find their own personal form of relaxation and self-care.
Bernard shares his own personal experience with learning to love things that he once hated and how doing so helped him grow both personally and professionally.
This podcast addresses our tendency to become distracted by new and exciting projects...even when we should be focusing our resources on current ventures.
Bernard talks about what to do when the inevitable happens - customer cancellations. He shares a recent salon experience and offers practical tips and tricks to make that time productive.
This podcast explores the impact our overall perceptions have on our attitude and ultimately our own happiness.
Bernard recalls a recent visit to a salon that uses an aggressive consultant program to help their stylists achieve impressive levels of financial and professional success.
This podcast focuses on the physical toll that a career in the hair industry can take on the body. Bernard shares some practical tips to help avoid some of the most common mistakes that lead to long term pain.
This podcast encourages listeners to plan their day for maximum productivity. Bernard offers specific examples to illustrate how planning ahead can increase profitability and customer satisfaction in the salon.
Bernard expounds on his previous podcast where he discussed his passion for beekeeping. Specifically, he explains the phenomenon known as the queenless roar - and the life lessons we can all learn from bee behavior.
In this podcast, Bernard shares his personal passion of living in the country surrounded by his farm animals and the life lessons that he's learned from it.
Bernard tackles the reasons why you may be working hard but not seeing results...including self sabotage and analysis paralysis.
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Bernard encourages his listeners to read the best selling book series by Robert Kiyosaki. Click to purchase Rich Dad Poor Dad or Cash Flow Quadrant on Amazon.
Bernard introduces the concept of residual income and discusses its importance in terms of retirement.
Bernard defines attrition, how it affects our industry and what you can do about it!
Bernard discusses Paradigm Shift and how changes in our perception can completely alter our worldview.
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In this podcast, Bernard reinforces the simple tried and true marketing strategies that work to build a solid clientele.
Bernard shares his secret about developing long term client relationships and easy tricks to help keep conversations fresh and interesting.
Bernard uses this iconic Vanilla Ice lyric to expound on the idea of leadership.
Bernard delves into the true meaning of manipulation and how it applies to sales and marketing. In addition, he offers listeners specific steps they can take to establish a marketing base.
Bernard discusses several recent experiences that brought clarity to his own challenges in business and encourages listeners to do the same.
In this podcast, Bernard defines a concept first introduced by Starbucks.....The Third Place. In addition, he explores the idea of creating a salon environment that encourages the same experience.
Bernard reminisces about his early days in the industry and discusses both the rewards and challenges of offering hair replacement
Bernard struggles with getting back into the rhythm of traveling and discusses the importance of goal setting and good habits to stay on track.
This podcast reinforces the principle that stylists control their own destiny by growing their clientele, perfecting their craft and managing their career.
Bernard challenges his listeners to identify the ways that they are moving forward and growing in their business for the New Year!
Bernard reminisces about the advancements in the past to speculate about how amazing the future could possibly be in our industry and in our own personal businesses.
Bernard encourages listeners in this podcast to push past their comfort zone, overcome their fears and develop critical skills that will catapult them into their next level of professional and personal success.
In this podcast, Bernard discusses several ways to stay focused on what is truly important.
Bernard talks about changing up your schedule, activity or habits to see things from a different perspective, spark your creativity and change your life.
Bernard encourages his listeners to recognize the success that they've already and identify the habits that have led them to being successful.
In this podcast, Bernard shares simple tips on how to stay motivated and positive in life.
Bernard discusses his own coping techniques when he is overwhelmed with life's expectations.
In this podcast, Bernard interviews the World Skills Silver Medalist in Hairdressing, Justine Gaubert. Among other topics, Ms. Gaubert shares what she sees as the difference between American and European stylists and clients.
Bernard interviews entrepreneur and 7 time martial arts national champion, Jude Grayson. In this information-packed podcast, Mr Grayson shares his success story with detailed facts, figures and insight that listeners can use to find success in their own field.
Bernard recounts his experience as part of a hair replacement promo piece that was filmed in New York and shares how I-movies are leveling the playing field for small businesses to compete in advertising.
Bernard shares his experience and the business lessons he learned at the upscale men’s salon, Martial Vivot.
Martial Vivot is a highly trained and skilled men's hair stylist from Paris, France who currently charges $420 for a men's haircut in New York City. In this interview, he shares his story including the struggles and setbacks he's encountered along the way.
Extensionist Sarah Ashley reveals her secrets to building a successful business and offers advice to stylists just starting out in the industry.
Bernard uses this podcast to share his experience with remodeling his own salon and offers some advice as to how to keep it a positive experience for everyone.
Bernard passionately discusses hair extensions and the misconception that they are damaging to the client's hair.
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