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Crimson Guitars is a guitar manufacturer based in Dorset, in the south of England. We have been designing, innovating and hand-building guitars for over fourteen years. We also hand wind our own specially designed pickups, manufacture luthiers tools and provide training.
Hello and Welcome to the Alabama Football Podcast! We’re glad you found us. But who are we? Fair question. We’re Tom and Dave, Alabama graduates and big college football fans. However, we have a unique and intense passion for the Alabama Crimson Tide. Over the years we’ve spent countless hours talking about the Alabama Football team and one day in 2010 we got the idea that we should turn our idle talk into a podcast, and so was born the Alabama Football Podcast. The original podcast branded ...
The Crimson Fairy Book contains thirty-six stories collected from around the world and edited by Andrew Lang. Many tales in this book are translated, or adapted, from those told by mothers and nurses in Hungary; others are familiar to Russian nurseries; the Servians are responsible for some; a rather peculiarly fanciful set of stories are adapted from the Roumanians; others are from the Baltic shores; others from sunny Sicily; a few are from Finland, and Iceland, and Japan, and Tunis, and Po ...
Crimson Comet is a podcast about the tv show dedicated to the Scarlet Speedster himself, CW's The Flash. Join hosts Haley, Jon, and Wil each week as they discuss the latest episode and anything else that wanders into our field of vision. We love to hear from our listeners. You can reach us via Twitter, Facebook, voicemail, or the Gonna Geek forums. Website: Twitter: @CrimsonPodcast Facebook: Crimson Comet Podcast Forums: Voicemail: 423-FLASH-53 (4 ...
Crimsons Thoughts
Crimson Nib
A D&D 5E campaign diary discussion between an Oz player and a Canuck DM. We play for fun because role playing is cool. We are not experts, we try our best to know some rules, but ultimately it’s the story that interests us, and suspension of belief is the goal.
Crimson Sorrow
A Historical Podcast of the Ven.
Crimson Talks
This is Crimson Talks, a podcast about randomness but mostly otaku culture, being a student, and bishounen booty! Want to be a guest? Find me on my blog
Crimson Showdown is a podcast for the discerning Alabama sports fan. Hot topics, news updates, and quality discussion.
Crimson Cowl Comics and Collectibles is a store located in West Bend, WI. Each week the comic club meets to discuss the new releases and everything else going on with the comic book industry.
Brett Mason and Jamie Thomas talk about Auburn Football, Alabama Football and cover the SEC. A show by fans, for fans of the Auburn Tigers and The Alabama Crimson Tide. Auburn Tigers Facebook Crimson Tide Football Website
MMA and Wrestling Podcast with top level weekly guests.
Podcast by Crimson Hexagon
Your weekly look inside Ravens athletics at, the official web site of Franklin Pierce Athletics. The Crimson & Grey Podcast features interviews, highlights and commentary and is published every Tuesday during the college athletics year.
The Crimson Kiss
A mind blowing audio experience
The Bleed Crimson & Blue Podcast is here to talk all things KU basketball.
The Crimson Circle monthly meeting channels
Alabama Insider
Chris Stewart takes you behind the scenes on everything "Bama. Interviews, guest analysis and more each week focused on your Alabama Crimson Tide.
Listen to the fiction and lore of the Star Citizen universe wherever you go.
A refreshing and humorous program spotlighting collegiate and pro sports. This talk show combines hard hitting topical data with some great insight.
Join sports producer Matt Scalici as he discusses the week's biggest Alabama football news with journalists, bloggers and other experts. New episodes post every Thursday.
Podcast by Alabama Crimson Tide -- SEC Country
Crimson Marketing’s CEO Glenn Gow interviews the best and the brightest marketing minds on Moneyball for Marketing. He and his guests talk about the incredible changes happening in marketing organizations around Big Data and marketing technology. Moneyball for Marketing features marketing technology insights from the top marketers in the world. The reference to Moneyball is from the story of how the Oakland A's baseball team were able to win and win and win, because they figured out how to u ...
Enlightenment Zone
INSPIRING SHOWS to support your SPIRITUAL AWAKENING_________________________________________________________________ ASTRODOC . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dr. Douglas Davies & Linda HoppeBREATH OF LIFE . . . . . . . . . Norma Delaney & Garret AnnofskyTHE CRIMSON CIRCLE SHOW . . . . . Geoffrey & Linda HoppeNEW POTENTIALS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . David McMasterNEW CONSCIOUSNESS REVIEW . . . . . . . . . . . . . Miriam KnightINNER GUIDE EMPOWERMENT . . . . . . . . . Host: Brad ...
Team Speed Kills
Blogging about SEC sports, particularly football
Sports news and commentary from Jon Solomon
A podcast about Alabama football fan culture.
Awakening Zone
INSPIRING SHOWS to support your SPIRITUAL AWAKENING_________________________________________________________________ FEELING GOOD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Marisa CalviALQUIMIA DIVINA con Maria Magdalena . . . . . . Malu & RaizaFRISSÍTŐ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tímea Thomázy & Robert GulyasRADIO AHMYO-NY BEVIDSTHED . . . . . . Anne & Finn AndersenROMANIAN AWAKENINGS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Silvia MarinVISIONES MULTIDIMENSIONALES . . . . ...
Where you come to discuss sports in and around the southeast. Based in Mississippi. Proud home of Gold Fever Radio.
The Red Zone Sports Report is a LIVE sports talk show on Tuesday evenings during football season at 8:30 PM ET. Join host Chip Lake, with co-hosts Pete Tasca - the Buffalo Bad Boy, Steve Butler - The Savage Burn, Kip Keefer - College Football Guru, and Matt Metcalf - our token Tar Heel, on Tuesday evenings during football season at 8:30 PM ET! We do football and we also have a Kentucky Derby Preview show every year! We have tons of fun, fight like cats and dogs, and leave everything on the t ...
Need your Hoosier fix? Want something on your iPod besides John Mellencamp? Can’t read? If so, this podcast is for you! Hosted by Matt Dollinger and Justin Albers, Podcast On The Brink is a lively, free-flowing discussion on IU Basketball, featuring some of the brightest basketball experts in all of the land. Cream-and-crimson to its core, our show promises to keep you informed and entertained throughout IU’s season. Podcast On The Brink is available exclusively on Inside The Hall and iTunes.
Alabama Crimson Tide news, opinion and history with the editors of
The 'Bama Beat
The sports writers of The Tuscaloosa News and talk all things Alabama football and Alabama sports. Cecil Hurt, Aaron Suttles, Tommy Deas and Ben Jones cover the Crimson Tide all year long.
Alabama Crimson Tide Raw Audio Press Conferences, Player Interviews and More from the Tuscaloosa News and
Three days a week the Hero Obscura Podcast profiles the forgotten heroes of yesterday's comics, pulps, and popular culture. Whether they were born on other planets or created in laboratories, if they uttered magic words that transformed them into bizarre and wonderful creatures or learned forbidden and terrifying secrets from forgotten masters in mysterious realms. We research and profile them all. Even the ones who just strapped on a mask went to work. Join the Crimson Historian at his post ...
First podcast of musicians playing in Argentina. In this program Pearl Jam - Queen - David Bowie - Linkin Park - Tracy Chapman - Peter Gabriel - Sting - Bruce Springsteen - The Hives - Foo Fighters - King Crimson - Bob Dylan - Chris Cornell
The official Crimson Lolita podcast. Come along and join the boys in a round table of terrible tangents, jaunty jives, and - quite frankly - awful confabulations (because how do you even KNOW we're telling the truth!).
Tracklist:1. Yuri Kane & Alexandra Badoi - Let's Fall In Love (Orignal Mix)2. Aruna - Reason To Believe (Speed Limits Remix)3. Almer - Aquila (Original Mix)4. Ben Gold - Kinetic (Original Mix)5. Beat Service - Undercover (Original Mix)6. Stephen Kirkwood - Mars One (Original Mix)7. Fisherman & Hawkins - Rude Awakening (Original Mix)8. Inners - Spectrum 8 (Original Mix)9. Will Atkinson & Darkboy - Damage (Steve Haines Remix)10. Crimson - Windfall (Matt Eray Remix)11. Johnny Yono - Exodus (Ori ...
Jayhawky Bois
The essential podcast for all Jayhawk basketball fans. Analysis, insights, predictions, and more than a little goofing around- it's all here for your crimson-and-blue consumption.
Gears of War
Are you a fan or Gears of War? Stay up to date on everything Gears!News, Events Tournaments and much more!Gears of War podcast is fan made and is in no way are owned, operated, employed by or affiliated with Epic Games.Crimson Omen logo, Characters, areregistered trademarks of Epic Games, Inc. in the United States of America and elsewhere. Other brands or product names are the trademarks of their respective owners.
Pat's Interference
This is a podcast about college football with an emphasis on the Alabama Crimson Tide. It is brought to you twice-weekly during the football season by your hosts Patrick Brickman and Patrick Norwood.
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Spoiler Discussion: Justice League: No Justice #2 (27:27) Non-Spoiler Discussion: The Mighty Thor: At the Gates of Valhalla #1, Superman Special #1, Harley Loves Joker, All-New Wolverine #35, X-Men: Red #4, X-Men: Wedding Special #1 (1:04:12) News: Adventures of the Super Sons, More DC Comics/Looney Tunes Crossovers, DC's Creative Refresh If yo ...…
Elbrim’s patron has sent a present, what form does it take? Whereas the Kell brother’s past returns with a vengeance; oh how a haunting would have been preferable! Then arrives an affable gnoll named Oraqi, having found the Grey Company by following a Pool of the Sky vision, followed by the Princess Karima, anxious to have the Grey Company deal ...…
Garret talks about Crimson Peak, Guillermo del Toro, and a horrifying nightmare.
“He who shits before he showers yet still wipes his ass is a fool.” — Book of Fidd, 2:73 For the THIRD week in a row, TIME FOR THE SHOW is rated the number one Canadian internet radio show in southeast Asian sweatshops! Jackie Robinson, the baseballist, does NOT make an appearance in this episode, continue reading…
Spoiler Discussion: Justice League: No Justice #1 (44:17) Non-Spoiler Discussion: Barrier #1, Clusterf@#k, Despicable Deadpool #300, Hunt for Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda #1, Rough Riders: Ride or Die #4, Exiles #3, Old Man Logan #39 (1:09:24) News: July 2018 Previews Preview Part 2 If you want to join the club, contact us in the store, on our ...…
Post-fireball, Callidus is the last standing member of the Grey Company; he counts on luck and uses the chaotic Vril Stone, nearly falling to a feedback backlash! Seriously wounded, the Grey Company hasn’t a leg to stand on when they face Zubayr’s sister, the Sweet Hasna. Can they challenge her and claim the corpse of her brother? Will Callidus ...…
Having just reached the age of 50, Steven Wilson is one of progressive rock’s most celebrated artists, though he constantly strives to defy the categorization of progressive rock and would prefer to be known as an artist of good music, without being tied to any specific genre. Best known for the band Porcupine Tree which he began over two decad ...…
On today’s Quick Hitters, Jordan Giorgio ( has your latest news and rumors in the NBA the Oklahoma City Thunder looking to trade Russell Westbrook, Timberwolves assistant coach Rick Brunson resigns amid sexual misconduct allegations, and Raptors coach Dwane Casey expected to be fired? Quick Hitters also has al ...…
This week I am doing things a little differently than what I had been doing them. Instead of the normal podcast, Today I am sharing a story I wrote called Today. A friend of mine who is familiar with the fact that I mostly write horror type short stories told me I should try to write some inspirational stories, and this is my first attempt at a ...…
Description: We talk about some indie games and MTG Website: Discord: Reddit: Kaleb’s Twitch: Crimson’s Twitch: YouTube:…
In this episode Johnathan Lewis & JPC talk about Alabama players that got drafted, the overall NFL draft, NBA playoffs & much more!
Ben Rissa and David talk about vehicles in Genesys and how they’re different from Star Wars while trying to remember all the rules for both systems. Things talked about in this episode: Sea of Thieves Battlefront II Hunt for Red October Crimson Skies US Navy Recon Blimps Goblin Shane Edge of the Empire rules clarification You can find us on Twi ...…
We celebrate ONE YEAR for the official comic club! We talk about the origins and why we formed it. We have no spoiler picks for the week so we dive into a large non-spoiler list of reviews! Non-Spoiler Discussion: DC Nation #0, Action Comics Special #1, Darth Vader Vol. 2, Death or Glory #1, Prisoner #1, Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost #1, Amaz ...…
Can the party help the Princess Karima recover the corpse of her friend the Scholar Zubayr? Will the Kell brothers become dinner for a cannibal? Has Callidus learned to control his vril stone? What mystery can a dead man solve? How are the Dogs of Bastet involved this affair? Wanna know more?
Irwin Hipsman, director of customer success and advocacy at Crimson Hexagon, shares the results of a recent survey into the customer advocacy and advocate marketing community.
SwaggaCats b2b Mother Mary to promote Obskur:Fokus event at Hifi Club - Thu May 17 Playlist: Legowelt - Lufthansa 77 Crimson - Composite London Modular Alliance - I Settled for her Leftovers Robbenspierre - Omnia Vanitas Project Pablo - Less and Less Yaleesa Hall - Woodall 0224 (Simo Cell) Mor Elian - Basma Graze - Kliph Drax Response - The Bod ...…
For the first time in a long time, Michelle is guesting on the show as we talk about the Otherworld series! Susan is back to Crimson Veil, the very first Otherworld book she ever read, two apartments and one wedding ago! Check out Episode 7!
Classic 1027 — Michael Avery talks to Duncan Parsons, Country Manager of Crimson Education in SA about The Power of Alumni Networks on the Education & Training Feature.
In this episode host Rob Matheny drops by Wizard World Comic Con in Portland, Oregon to chat with cool authors and publishers about their books! Guests include J.R.R.R. Hardison, L.M. Pierce, Felipe Cagno, Annie Bellet, Kristopher Jerome, and J.S. Fields! Wizard World has tour dates across North America all summer long, find a city near you at ...…
In this episode host Rob Matheny drops by Wizard World Comic Con in Portland, Oregon to chat with cool authors and publishers about their books! Guests include J.R.R.R. Hardison, L.M. Pierce, Felipe Cagno, Annie Bellet, Kristopher Jerome, and J.S. Fields! Wizard World has tour dates across North America all summer long, find a city near you at ...…
Welcome to SEC Country’s daily Alabama Crimson Tide podcast with Ryan Fowler. In this edition, we talked with former Alabama fullback and College Football analyst, Martin Houston, about the recruiting momentum that Alabama is building in Tuscaloosa.
Quick listener, roll a dexterity check! Oh, a 6 you say? Well let's just say you get smacked up side your head by a big 'ol sack of The Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast! You shouldn't have multi-classed as a Sorcerer, everyone knows they are chumps. Oh well, take that sucking head wound as a lesson and cheer up buckaroo because we have got ...…
Spoiler Discussion: Avengers #690. (41:20) Non-Spoiler Discussion: Marvel Rising #0, Marvel Super Hero Adventures #1, The Fear Diaries, Hunt for Wolverine #1. (1:02:00) News: Special Store Announcements, Free Comic Book Day, New Previews Announcement. If you want to join the club, contact us in the store, on our Facebook page, or just show up o ...…
Question Index0:25 Steps to finding a issue with single string buzzing?3:49 My new amp and a old amp that I let go.6:45 How Do you Say AT AT and ASAT?8:01 I have a hard time letting the Friedman Runt 20 go9:25 Thornbucker or Thornbucker Plus?10:51 Thoughts on KT88 tubes?11:50 Best Strat for the classic warm sound?13:10 Where to get a pick guard ...…
Welcome to SEC Country’s daily Alabama Crimson Tide podcast with Ryan Fowler. In this edition, we talked with Crimson Tide legendary player, Julio Jones about the demands of playing for Nick Saban and how that helped him to have success in the NFL. Jones shares several personal stories about Nick Saban and more.…
Welcome to SEC Country’s daily Alabama Crimson Tide podcast with Ryan Fowler. In this edition, we talked with Drew DeArmond and he shared his analysis of Alabama’s A-Day. Nick Saban gets Tide fans excited with one comment on Tide defense.
We’re honoured to get a visit from our good friend, Matt Schofield. Matt is an astonishingly good blues-based player from the UK who we’ve known for many years. This first aired as a video on our YouTube Channel, July 14 2017. These days Matt spends most of his time in the US, never ceasing to astound fans and audie ...…
This podcast is about Morne. That’s the one where we talk about how Gargoyles are really made! Big thanks to Richard! Would you like to support this channel? Discord : Music: Crimson Fly – Huma Huma…
April 19 - April 24 Discover nature this week by putting out feeders for the Ruby-throated hummingbirds as they arrive in Missouri as part of their annual 500-mile migration. This hummingbird bridges the ecological gap between birds and bees by feeding on energy rich flower nectar and pollinating flowers along the way. The Ruby Throated humming ...…
“Jethro Tull: Life is a Long Song. Fairport Convention: Who Knows Where the Time Goes. John Martyn: Bless the Weather. Nick Drake: Things Behind the Sun. Fotheringay: Banks of the Nile. Procul Harum: Broken Barricades. Blodwyn Pig: Sing Me A Song that I know so well. Free: Oh I Wept. Sutherland Brothers & Quiver: You’ve Got Me Anyway. Quintessc ...…
Welcome to SEC Country’s daily Alabama Crimson Tide podcast with Ryan Fowler. In this edition, we talk with National Recruiting analyst, Barton Simmons from 247 Sports about the latest recruiting news surrounding the Crimson Tide. Donald Trump and Nick Saban press conference and more.
Welcome to SEC Country’s daily Alabama Crimson Tide podcast with Ryan Fowler. In this edition, we talk with Alabama Athletic Director, Greg Byrne as he provides an update on the Crimson Tide and discusses how the new tax code impacts college football including the Alabama Crimson Tide
Phoebe Waller-Bridge Didn’t Know What a Droid Was Before Signing On to Play One in SoloThe Fleabag actress (which, honestly, is a lot of fun to say) needed a little extra coaching when they started filming her scenes for Solo: A Star Wars Story. Waller-Bridge hadn’t ever seen a Star Wars film. “I wasn’t entirely sure what a droid was, and I was ...…
For today's episode I talk about what friendship means to me. Beware, it's going to be extra cringy! Part of the OWLS Blog Tour. This month's topic was "Squad" (aka friends & friendship)
The search for Raheed, Lord of Rats, continues. Beggars, alchemists, laundry women, assassins, a menagerie ... can a DROW persuade everyone and win the day? Or will a Temple cat end all of their plans? Ooh and will a savvy Armourer convince the party to sponsor her merchandise?
This month's dramatic reading brings the reader to a fantasy world where magic is dangerous and laws are absolute. Join Steven as he reads The Crimson Flag by T.J. Lockwood, the prologue to an exciting new project coming soon in the summer of 2018.Mecha Panda Publishing is an amazon affiliate, support us by clicking the link before making a pur ...…
Sue Moon introduces Megan Rundel, Sensie, of the Crimson Gate Sangha to speak on Rinzai Zen practice. Read More
Episode 132: 2018 Final Four Playlist Andrew and Kevin are back with the only playlist you need for the Final Four. Driving to San Antonio? Sitting in your office counting the minutes to Saturday? We have you covered. Please support the artists contained here by visiting the links below. Rock Chalk! The Playlist 1. Bic Media – “Love that Crimso ...…
A young boy, covered in blood, runs out of a house. His little steps leave a crimson trail to the street. The mystery of the home from where he came and what happened, is what Faust will discover. This is his story. Written and produced by Fernando Benavides Adaptation and voice: Dave Galasso
Agent 251 (Jason Will) talks with Corey Martin and former Crimson Tide & NFL player Sherman Williams. Sherman Williams, author of "Crimson Cowboy", shares his story from rising college football star and Super Bowl player to 15 years in a federal prison. Sherman and Corey use this rise and fall real-life journey to help young boys (9-14 years ol ...…
March 18, 2018 ISAIAH 1:2-4, 10-20 ESV Hear, O heavens, and give ear, O earth; for the Lord has spoken: “Children have I reared and brought up, but they have rebelled against me. 3 The ox knows its owner, and the donkey its master's crib, but Israel does not know, my people do not understand.” 4 Ah, sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, ...…
Spoiler Discussion: Avengers #685. (20:27) Non-Spoiler Discussion: Runaways #7, Dreamless #1, The Musketeers #1, Doctor Strange: Damnation #3, Iron Fist #78, I Kill Giants, All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #5, The Brave and the Bold: Batman & Wonder Woman #2, The Spider King #2. If you want to join the club, contact us in the store, on our Faceb ...…
Batman team-ups from the 1970s including Batman tries to exorcize himself of the ghost of a Portuguese sailor, trying to foster mutual understanding between adults and some well-intentioned teenagers who are holding Gotham City hostage with a nuclear bomb!And will the Metal Men refuse to help Batman because of robot lib? Affiliate link added. T ...…
The first episode of this podcast! *throws confetti everywhere*. Basically me introducing who I am, what I plan to do, and ramblesFind me on social media: Twitter ( ( ( ( (http://ko-f ...…
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