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Such a Crock
We all encounter things every day that we look at and think, “That’s such a crock!” Writers Katherine and Michael Flores tackle crocks, everyday and global with heart and humor.
Cris and Mikey from! Welcome to our Virtual Kitchen Table where we invite you to sit a spell and hang out with us as we shoot the breeze. We are a Crock Pot obsessed YouTube family that loves easy recipes, rv travel and yorkie snuggles.
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Michael and Katherine get excited, impassioned even, to share their contrasting views on the crocktacular topic - Expertise.
Katherine rejects the "guilt" in Guilty Pleasures while Michael doesn't seem to know what one is. On this they do agree: Guilty Pleasures are SUCH A CROCK.
Okay, okay... Spies are super cool. Michael and Katherine explore the potential "crocks" of Espionage while still paying homage to their sexy sides.
Worry is SUCH A CROCK! Katherine talks about the mental taxes of worry (but how to reverse them). Michael explains why worrying is pointless anyway.
Deep Thoughts are SUCH A CROCK aren't they? Katherine and Michael take a swing at philosphical navel-gazing and mental masturbation in this week's podcast.
From the "occult recruitment" of Dungeons & Dragons in the 80s to ex-TV stars today, we discuss the crock of Cults with silliness and personal experiences.
What makes milk SUCH A CROCK? While it is theoretically a food you can live entirely on, milk raises some health concerns you might not know about.
Automatic updates are SUCH A CROCK. Whether it's an automatic Windows update or the planned obsolescence of your new Apple device... It's all SUCH A CROCK
"Serving Size" is not only about food! How many calories should you eat per day? How long is a "week" of camp? How much soda should you be able to buy?
The idea of the most important meal is up for discussion this week. From "breakfast" to various takes on a last meal, we investigate and discuss.
CHICKEN is a crock? Can it be? Our fave fowl? Our beloved bird? Whether you <3 breasts, fingers, or wings you'll want to tune into this controversial cast!
Living a Lie is SUCH A CROCK! This week Katherine & Michael explore snoring businessmen, French con artists, conniving girlfriends, + Hollywood baby-making
Katherine and Michael tackle the "forbidden" topic of... Forbidden Sex! Man's best friend, soccer, slurs and porn collide in our inaugural episode!
This week we talk about our recent trip to the Grand Canyon, Mikey failing at keeping up with foreign relations, this week's upcoming recipes and why you should always try, try again! All while havin' a whole lot of fun!
This week we reveal the winners of our recent giveaway and what to do when you're caught in a literal cattle drive...all while havin' a whole lot of fun!
This week we discuss the differences between progress and perfection, all while havin' a whole lot of fun!
In this episode, Mikey and Cris discuss their motto: Laugh Often, Eat GOODe Food and Speak Life and set the stage for the new podcast format. They also launch a Mega Giveaway for Crock Posse Members. Find the full details here.
This episode we dive into how we met and fell in love despite really not liking each other in the beginning. Sound Bite: Crock Pot Creamy Chicken and Rice
We lighten things up with some fun stories around quotes Mikey has collected over the years. Sound Bite: Crock Pot Cinnamon Roll Casserole
Our story concludes and we discuss the future and our new adventure. Taking things mobile and hanging on for the ride! And, a sneak peak of more fun to come! Sound Bite: Crock Pot Chicken Drumstick
A gal named Beckie presents a challenge and changes everything. Recipes That Crock was born and Aunt Lou joins the team! And how success can feel like failure. Sound Bite: Crock Pot Crustless Pizza
We soon decide to combine forces and launch our YouTube channel on top of both of our full time jobs. We LOVED it and finding the Crock Posse!! But burning the candle at both ends can be dangerous... so we began working towards a new dream. Then we were railroaded... and decided to do something crazy. Sound Bite: Crock Pot Bourbon Chicken…
Miss Add enters the picture and the world will never be the same. Cris starts her business and Mikey broadens his travel horizons and we learn Disney isn't for amateurs-ha! Atlanta splits us up and drives us closer together as a family. Sound Bite: Sound Bite: Crock Pot Chicken Stuffing Casserole
Great loss can sometimes result in great gain. How we found our way back to each other and began to put the puzzle back together. Sound Bite: Slow Cooker Stuffed Pepper Soup
Those early years were rough and the hits just kept on coming... Dreams crushed, job loss, miscarriages, debt and more, but most of all we lost us in the middle of it all. Sound Bite: Homestyle Crock Pot Pork Chops
Welcome to As Goode As It Gets - The Podcast! Mikey and Cris Goode from here. We have created this space to be our virtual kitchen table hangout with our Crock Posse (our readers and viewers). In this introductory episode we share why we started this podcast, changes AND how we deal with negativity on the internet. Sound Bi ...…
This episode we go back to way where we began! We chat about our childhoods and the people who influenced us the most. Sound Bite: Crock Pot Pork Loin with Gravy
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