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Conversations you’ve always wanted to have about the cult classic horror movies you love. Includes exclusive interviews with actors, directors, super fans and anyone else we can get our hands on! We dig deep and divulge all the dirty "behind the scenes” secrets for the nerdiest of conversations. Weekly contests and trivia give listeners a chance to win free gear and even be a guest on the show. So all you Horror Freaks have to do is sit back and relax while you enjoy the games, the gossip an ...
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Join us as we interview Dani Filth from Cradle of Filth! We talk about his horror influences and the current state of the band.
AKA "Super Low Budget Aliens"! Join us as we discuss Leprechaun 4 In Space. We talk about the boner kill, the lazer tag set, sparkling boobies and MUCH MORE!
Have you ever blown a rod before? Join us as we discuss Leprechaun 3! We talk about the creepy filming location, the sticky robot hooker, an actor getting his finger cut off and MUCH MORE!
"...she'll be my bride when she sneezes thrice!" Join us as we discuss Leprechaun 2. We talk about the lawn mower boobers, the coffee grounds beard, the homages to other films and MUCH MORE!
Join Danny as he interviews Matt Lauria (Friday Night Lights, Kingdom, CSI) about his role in the new installment of Blumhouse TV's Into The Dark entitled "Down".
Join Danny as he interviews Nicholas McCarthy, director of The Prodigy, releasing in theaters nationwide on 2/8/19!
Where's me gold!? Join us as we discuss Leprechaun! We talk about first-time-director Mark Jones' experience with the "suits" at Trimark, the director's obsession with Jennifer Aniston, the original idea for the Leprechaun character and MUCH MORE!
Join us as we interview horror icon Bill Moseley about his upcoming appearance at Astronomicon, the filming of 3 From Hell, memories of playing Chop Top and MUCH MORE!
What's in the basket? Join us as we discuss Basket Case! We talk about the deformed nut sack creature, the cottage cheese leg hooker, Rob's first kiss and MUCH MORE!
Our furry little pals are back! Join us as we discuss Gremlins 2! We talk about the great Christopher Lee, Baker's FX, gremlin jiz and MUCH MORE!
Cute but deadly! Join us as we discuss Gremlins! We talk about who's gonna clean the microwave, the obvious food safety hazard, Randall's inability to seal the deal and MUCH MORE!
Merry Christmas Motherf$#&er! Join us as we discuss A Christmas Horror Story! We talk about female Elijah Wood, the best trees to hang ornaments on, doing it "through the zipper" and MUCH MORE!
Grandpa got ran over by a reindeer! Join us as we discuss Santa's Slay! We talk about the epic opening scene, small town strippers, the cholo angel and MUCH MORE!
Join Danny as he interviews John McPhail, director of Anna and the Apocalypse! This Zombie Musical in the first of it's kind and it released THIS MONTH in theaters everywhere. Think Shaun of the Dead meets La La Land!
Is that.....Jiz? Join us as we discuss The Stuff! We talk about the odd pacing of the film, blended fish bones, the random army and MUCH MORE!
Join Danny as he interviews best selling author Jeremy Wagner about his new book, "Rabid Heart". Jeremy is also in the death metal band Broken Hope and has an extensive horror memorabilia collection!
Where's Tom Atkins' mustache!? Join us as we discuss The Fog! We talk about the pirate pedophile, all the ties to Halloween, Janet Leigh's old but good looks and MUCH MORE!
Join us as we interview Carmelo Chimera about his comic company Chimera's Comics and their graphic novel Cellar Door! To support the creation of Cellar Door and to secure a copy go here:
Here's a sneak peek at our new Cult Classic Action podcast only available to Patreon members at the $5 or above level. If you like what you hear subscribe here:!
That Witch is a 90 year old hooker! Join us as we discuss Suspiria! We talk about the wonderful dubbing, how the script was meant for 12 year olds, the old lady/nazi boy romance and MUCH MORE!
Don't blow out your pumpkin candle! Join us as we discuss Trick 'R Treat! We call Rob on his cell at work and talk about little people, drinking blood, the nods to classic horror and MUCH MORE!
Sex with robots?! Join us as we discuss The Stepford Wives! We talk about the feminist nature of the film, Rob's ideal sex robot, the new Halloween and MUCH MORE!
Join us as we interview director Craig Deering and the cast of his movie, Asylum of Fear. Watch it on Amazon here:
Join us as we interview Joe Clarke about his psychological thriller Spiral! This one is definitely a mind bender! Available NOW on Amazon.
Join our blogger Ty Andreaco as he interviews the lovely Tamara Glynn from Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers!
Is Mia Farrow an alien? Join us as we discuss Rosemary's Baby! We talk about the "no biggie" rape event, drugged Jello pudding, the lack of a murderous rampage at the end and MUCH MORE!
He's just CRAZY 'bout this store! Join us as we discuss Intruder! We talk about the leather jacket wearing juvenile obviously raised by Burt Young, the amazing special effects, Rob's "Bruce Campbell" meltdown and MUCH MORE!
Join blogger extraordinaire Ty Andreaco and he interviews Brooklyn Ewing about her film She Was So Pretty. Check it out at
Now THIS is what we've been waiting for! Join us as we discuss Puppet Master Axis of Evil and The Littlest Reich. We talk about the boobers, the gore, porn stars and MUCH MORE!
Oh Hi Mark! Join us as we discuss Puppet Master 7 & 8! We talk about Greg Sestero's stunning performance, sand filled mummies, the correct way to watch all the Puppet Masters and MUCH MORE!
Join us as we interview Charlie Steeds. The director, producer and editor of Cannibal Farm, available on Amazon!
Toulon is gone! Join us as we discuss Curse of the Puppet Master! We talk about gentle bullying, the taint drilling, the weird ending and MUCH MORE!
Join us as we interview Patty McCormack about her upcoming film, "The Bad Seed" starring and directed by Rob Lowe and premiering on Lifetime network on 9/9/18! Patty played the lead role in the original (1956) version of this film.
Here we go again! Join us as we discuss Puppet Master 5! We talk about the most debilitating "nut" shot ever, the groovy elevator music, the massive nerd fight that must have taken place while writing the ending and MUCH MORE!
Join us as we interview film maker Walter Moise about his movie "The Documentary". This thing is sick and twisted!
Puppet Laser Tag! Join us as we discuss Puppet Master 4! We talk about the foam skeleton from Spirit Halloweenville, the dwarves on loan from the Tall Man, useless psychic abilities and MUCH MORE!
What better setting for killer puppets than Nazi Germany!? Join us as we discuss Puppet Master 3: Toulon's Revenge! We talk about the liver lips assistant, and older kinder Hugh Jackman, the paralyzing shin stab and MUCH MORE!
Join us as we interview Kelly Jo Minter! You'll recognize her from classics such as "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and "The People Under the Stairs"!
Join us as we talk with directors John Crockett and Brian McCully and DP/Actor Jason Potter about our upcoming film "She Walks The Woods"!
She had Crypt Keeper hair! Join us as we discuss Puppet Master 2! We talk about unholy taints, a double fat Cathy Bates lookalike, 90s sex scenes and MUCH MORE!
Psychic vision = orgasm! Join us as we discuss Puppet Master! We talk about the puppets' motives, the professor's wispy hair, the fake hotel and MUCH MORE!
CALL IT OFF!!! Join us as we discuss The Dead Zone. We talk about the sub-par Margot Kidder lookalike, Tom Skerritt's mustache, Stephen King and cocaine and MUCH MORE!
Listen in as we interview Jude S. Walko about his movie, The Incantation, starring Dean Cain! PRE-ORDER "THE INCANTATION" here Available at iTunes, Redbox, Amazon, Family Video, Best Buy (on-line), Target (on-line), Walmart (on-line) and over 35 additional platforms as of July 31st.…
Rob hates Travolta! Join us as we discuss Carrie. We talk about Brian De Palma's possible masturbation problem, Sissy Spacek's motivation, Greased Lightning and MUCH MORE!
Listen in as we talk to Mike P Nelson, director/writer of The Domestics, starring Kate Bosworth and Tyler Hoechlin. Available on Video on Demand 6/29/18!
.....Turgid. Join us as we discuss Silver Bullet! We talk about good ol' drunk Busey performing his own stunts, the werewolf costume debacle, ....sounding? and MUCH MORE!
This dog was COVERED in lube! Join us as we discuss Cujo! We talk about all the different dogs they used, Stephen King being black-out drunk for 6 months, and Rob's fancy self-aware Roomba.
Long but good! Join us as we discuss Salem's Lot. We talk about who almost directed, Ben's total lack of time management, his decision to let Susan burn alive and MUCH MORE!
Join Danny as he interviews Ellen Datlow, editor of "The Devil and the Deep", a collection of short horror stories revolving around the sea.
Love that new car smell! Join us as we discuss Christine. We talk about switchblade combs, gross grandma cookies, John Carpenter's antics and MUCH MORE!
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