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Best Cultfilms podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Cultfilms podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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A joyful discussion of horror in cinema for all horror fans, not just know-it-all nerds (and also for know-it-all nerds). Part of the Bloody Disgusting Podcast Network.
A father is joined by his son and daughter-in-law to watch, review, and discuss a different film each week. The films range from classics to fringe titles you may never have seen. The discussion comes from two sides of the generation gap. Plus a weekly look at new Blu-ray and DVD releases as well as what's new in theaters.
Welcome to the Cult Film Club, a monthly podcast and blog about MOVIES WE LOVE TO DEATH despite how bad, weird or obscure they are. In fact, we love them because they’re bad, weird or obscure! We discuss and analyze cult films from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond. Collectively we possess an impressive amount of useless pop culture knowledge, but we’re no movie snobs–just a couple of guys (and a girl) who really like movies.
Hope and Stacey are here to get drunk and riff on cult films! Listen to our ramblings and insites! Hope: @hopestrrr Stacey: @rumblebeelove Drunk Geek Girls: drunkgeekgirls@gmail.com @drunkgeekgirls on twitter, instagram, and snapchat! http://drunkgeekgirls.tumblr.com/ http://8tracks.com/drunkgeekgirls
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What's a Thanksgiving with out some leftover turkey? This week we have a battleship sized turkey in the 1957 classic The Giant Claw. We also discuss new releases.By Cinema Toast Crunch
This week, our poison got picked by one of our top-tier Patrons, and this time, things got extra greasy. The FM3 were shit-scared as they watched and reviewed “The Greasy Strangler” - a cult classic not quite made for anyone! This movie is bonkers, so sit back as your favorite bullshit artists sift through this mind-bending mess-terpiece.…
Recorded on Thanksgiving day, it's a full house as we discuss We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story. Plus new release news, Brett's take on Knives Out and who we lost in the world of entertainment last week.By Cinema Toast Crunch
The CTC crew offers a bonus episode this week featuring our take on Walt Disney's The Fox And The Hound. It's a slim trim episode with just the movie talk and what we watched last week.By Cinema Toast Crunch
This week we've got a short show as Garvis 2 is flying solo. He discusses Ron Howard's directorial debut for Roger Corman, Grand Theft Auto. Also a look at new releases on home video and in theaters.By Cinema Toast Crunch
In this episode, sh'boys got to wander down under to the subways and sewers of Jolly Old England and watch a Patreon-pick: 2004’s "Creep". While underground, the FM3 get locked in and take a dip in the stink lagoons, try their hand at amateur surgery and realize public transit is for the birds... or at least for the dogs in birdcages.…
This week step back to 1971 and meet one of the most iconic characters of the day, Billy Jack. With his kung fu moves and sense of justice, Billy was the perfect hero for those turbulent times. Plus new release news.By Cinema Toast Crunch
In this episode the FM3 finally get to check in on their old pal Danny Torrance. How has he been? What’s he been up to? Does he own that cute little hot dog stand down there in Miami like they always hoped? Does he still see dead people? Is Tony as cool as he looked in the TV version? All these questions and so many more are answered as the boy ...…
It's a listener request this week as we examine The Manchurian Candidate from 1962. Also new release news, celebrity deaths, and a quick review of The Banana Splits Movie.By Cinema Toast Crunch
In this episode the FM3 travel back in time to when the entire world was just wet and grizzled. While there the boys ran aground and came upon Robert Eggers newest film “The Lighthouse”. So In-between tending to their chores and trying to jerk off mermaids the guys realize they have all lost their minds and are just trying to get back to a plac ...…
This week we close out our Halloween horrors month with 2005's monsters in the underground cave saga, The Cave. We also discuss what's new in theaters and on home video and who we lost in the industry this last week which leads to a discussion of Days of Our Lives.By Cinema Toast Crunch
Finally, an installation in the Halloween franchise for the internet Generation... it's 2002's Halloween: Resurrection! Jamie Lee is back (for like a minute), plus Tyra Banks and Busta Rhymes awkwardly host our journey. So, if you really wanna party with me, put Forever Midnight where your ears can see, straight Mike Myers in the place to be! T ...…
Here's a little something extra for your trick or treat pail, a bonus episode of Creatures From The Features discussing Bela Lugosi as Count Dracula in the 1931 Universal classic. Enjoy! Also thanks to Mattia Capelli for the CFTF theme music.By Creatures From The Features
Our month of Halloween horror continues this week with Michael Dougherty's Trick R Treat. Also new release news and a tribute to Elijah Cummings and Bill Macy.By Cinema Toast Crunch
In this episode the FM3 hop in the old midnight rambler and take a drive thru all kinds of topics, stopping off at a few memorable locations such as “hiders in the walls”, Mindhunter, haunted “ass-pennies” and the new Creepshow series. Buckle up and join us for this lumpy bumpy ride!By Forever Midnight
Our next entry in the annual Halloween Horror marathon is a lesser known cult classic, Pontypool. The whole crew is here for pre-show, but Garvis 3 and Kayla leave Brett and Garvis 2 to discuss the word virus zombie siege of Bruce McDonald's film. Plus new releases and a tribute to Robert Forster.By Cinema Toast Crunch
Just when you thought the 90’s couldn’t get any goofier, along stumbles awkward, ill-fitted, Michael Myers, 20 years older but still none the wiser. He's got murder on his mind and his long-lost fake dead sister Laurie Strode (now living out West) is his number one target. So join the FM3 for the October road trip to end all road trips: Michael ...…
This time the CTC crew examines the 1960 French shocker, Eyes Without A Face in a bonus episode for our Halloween Horrors month. Plus Brett discusses Joker, the origin film for comics' most famous villain.By Cinema Toast Crunch
This week we have a listener request, Possum, which she described as being really bad and the worst. But is it? Or is Possum a very effective symbolic nightmare transferred to film? We watch and discuss. Also a tribute to Rip Taylor and Diahann Carroll and new release news.By Cinema Toast Crunch
Okay this was supposed to be episode 189 Hereditary, but a batch of squealing kittens that had been abandoned by their momma demanded some bottle feeding instead. Here's Brett's comments on several new releases and recently reviewed films as a companion piece to episode 188. Enjoy.By Cinema Toast Crunch
A member of the honorable Forever Midnight Society has spoken and thus, our fate has been chosen. In this episode, we're back with a Patreon pick from one of our dearest Patrons and the film up for review is a crazy little 2018 gem called "Incident in a Ghostland." ~ Is there a horror movie you’d love to hear us discuss? Become a member of The ...…
It's October and that means it's time to kick off our month of Halloween horror treats. Kicking us off is John Carpenter's classic The Thing. Based on the short story Who Goes There and the original movie The Thing From Another World, this one amps up the gore and the violence in a move that polarized audiences back in 1982. Also new release news.…
This month Jaime, Shawn, and Pax discuss the Tarantino/Rodriguez vampire collaboration, From Dusk till Dawn, starring George Clooney, Harvey Keitel, Quentin Tarantino and Juliette Lewis. Lots to say about one of our favorite movies.
Hey you guys, this week Kayla has us watch The Goonies. Also new release news and a tribute to Sid Haig.By Cinema Toast Crunch
What sinister force drew young Susan to the Mausoleum? What ancient abomination was released that windy afternoon? Since we’re asking questions, how did that dude’s head explode, who left Ben the Gardener alone with the lady of the house, and why does a demon kill a grown man with a handheld fork hoe? The real question is “Who gives a shit?”. T ...…
This week there's a pledge pin on our podcast as we look at the classic frat comedy National Lampoon's Animal House. Plus new release news and all our regular features, plus a discussion of The Hulk in comics and the Saint Albans Mall Twin Cinemas.By Cinema Toast Crunch
On the latest episode of the Cult Film Club, hosts Jaime, Paxton and Shawn cling to the last vestiges of summer by digging into the 1988 John Hughes vacation flick The Great Outdoors. A semi-forgotten comedy gem, the film features one of the best performances from the late, great John Candy, as well as a scene-chewing role for Dan Aykroyd. Join ...…
'IT' has risen again... and we made a promise to each other that should this day ever come, the FM3 would return to finish IT off. We loved the first chapter. Will we love the 2nd? Only one way know for sure. It’s time for the FM3 to face IT: Chapter 2.By Forever Midnight
Garvis 2 is flying solo again this week with a look at the newest film in the MIB franchise, Men In Black: International. We also talk about new releases and recent celebrity passings.By Cinema Toast Crunch
It's another week in the lava as the CTC crew compare Dante's Peak to last week's other Volcano movie. Plus new release news and celebrity obits including Valerie Harper and Terrance Dicks.By Cinema Toast Crunch
In this episode the boys finally get to sit down while in Long Beach and talk with the incredibly talented duo that is Little Shop of Gore!! We chat about their horror roots and how their awesome brand came to be. We also take a moment to chat about our first live show at Midsummer Scream and how much fun that whole convention is each year. We ...…
The heat of summer can't compare to the heat of hot lava as the CTC crew checks out Volcano. Plus new release news.By Cinema Toast Crunch
The FM3 dive into the film world of "Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark" (2019 - based off the book series of the same name) and for one of the dudes, the experience might have been too real... for he now may have his own scary story to tell! So, will this movie “chill your bones” or is it about as satisfying as chewing on a “big toe”? Only one ...…
This week CTC takes a look back at the medieval action romance with modern rock music known as A Knight's Tale. Also we say goodbye to Peter Fonda and Richard Williams while also looking at the week's new releases.By Cinema Toast Crunch
After taking a week off CTC is back with the serial killer thriller The Mean Season. Also we have our new release news for home video and theaters.By Cinema Toast Crunch
The Mystic Museum in Burbank, California is a one-stop-shop for all things occulty, artistic and killer. On September 7th, this ever-growing and expanding hub for vintage oddities, occult artifacts and witchy wear is presenting “The Evil Dead - An Immersive Experience”, which will feature many original Evil Dead props on display for the first t ...…
If you’re a fan of the show then you know our love of everything Art The Clown. Finally, the FM3 were able to sit down with actor, David Howard Thornton and learn a little something about the man behind the clown - and it did not disappoint. Honk honk!By Forever Midnight
On the latest episode of the Cult Film Club, Hosts Shawn, Jaime, and Paxton dive into the weird, wacky, and sexually confused A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge! Join us as we chat about the film, the cast, the legacy of the first sequel and the great soundtrack and score.
CTC jumps back into the world of independent small to micro-budget films with Mike Finazzo's relationship examination Bored In The USA. Also new release news, celebrity obituaries, and a discussion of The Boys.By Cinema Toast Crunch
CTC is going back in the water to talk about Joe Dante's 1978 Jaws spoof Piranha. The toothy characters inspired a sequel from James Cameron and a remake from Alexandre Aja, director of Crawl. It's classic Roger Corman produced gold. Plus new release news.By Cinema Toast Crunch
We’re back in the studio for VHS-2 of Stephen King’s “The Shining” - the Mick Garris-directed, made-for-television shit-show starring that flycatching, bowl-cutted nobuddy as Danny and that asshole from ‘Wings’ as Jack Torrance. Maybe something actually happens in the second half of this piece of trash? Probably not. We’re joined again by the h ...…
Inviting Horror Fan, Musician & Brewer, Shane Goepel to co-host Forever Midnight with us is a celebration of our nearly two decades of friendship, and something the FM3 have wanted to do for a very long time. Not-so-coincidentally, Shane is Co-Owner of HenHouse Brewing Company in Sonoma County, who (as part of their ‘Conspiracy IPA’ series) are ...…
This week the CTC crew dives in to a discussion of Jaws. Garvis2 recounts what it was like watching it in the theater on opening weekend while Garvis3 and Kayla discuss discovering it on TV and home video. Also new release news.By Cinema Toast Crunch
It’s a beautiful, warm, sunny Sommar's day... what could possibly go wrong? Well, we’re about to find out as we tackle Ari Aster’s newest kick to the nuts, ‘Midsommar’ (2019) - a breakup film that promises a lot more push for the tush than your average creepy cult flick.By Forever Midnight
This week the CTC crew take a look at John Carpenter's classic suspense thriller Assault On Precinct 13. We also discuss new releases and celebrity deaths from the last week including a tribute to the late great Rip Torn.By Cinema Toast Crunch
For Independence Day weekend the CTC crew decided to take in The Patriot. We also discuss new releases and recent celebrity deaths and Garvis 2 reports on watching Avengers Endgame at the newly opened La Belle theater for only $4 a ticket.By Cinema Toast Crunch
Here comes round 2 of Listener Voicemail! This time we got tales of Vegas, vomit, boners, brains, and of course more poop. Also featuring “Sloppy Pockets”, and the glorious return of Barry Abernathy aka MC Scary Barry, and a few listener questions get answered as well.By Forever Midnight
This week Brett rejoins us to discuss Roger Corman's classic car race exploitation drive-in classic Death Race 2000. Plus new release news, celebrity deaths, and what have we watched recently. Also Brett tells us all about the Criterion channel.By Cinema Toast Crunch
Part Bush-Era morality tale, and part Anti-Road-Dome-PSA, 1996’s “Thinner” is on the waning arc of quality when it comes to Stephen King film adaptations. Nevertheless, the FM3 tuck their napkins into their collars and hunker down for a heapin’ helpin’ of Gypsy magic and misdirected anger as Tom Holland serves us a fat slice of Richard Bachman ...…
There has been a race delay, a Death Race 2000 delay and after the discussion of what's new in home video and at theaters this week, Garvis 2 is flying solo with a review of the 1932 John Wayne western, The Big Stampede.By Cinema Toast Crunch
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