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Divorce Source Radio is the nation's most listened to source for information related to divorce and life after divorce. Visit for more information.
Co-Parenting is the relationship that never ends. If your ex is difficult to deal with, if you are experiencing high-conflict and/or the children are being hurt by the behavior of your ex partner, then this show is for you. You may not be able to change them but you CAN change everything that your child needs to be healthy and happy. Listen in as Charlie and Brook discuss the principles, tools and techniques available in order to create peace in high conflict co-parenting relationships.
The Divorce Resource Guy Podcast is a show to help coach people going through a divorce and give them the information they need to put themselves in the best position to succeed. Jason Levoy a/k/a The Divorce Resource Guy, a former divorce attorney turned divorce coach, talks about various topics dealing with divorce, but from an attorney's point of view.
From prisons to protests, immigration to the environment, Peabody Award-winning Reveal goes deep into the pressing issues of our times. The Atlantic says “the experience of each episode is akin to a spoonful of sugar, even when it’s telling a story about Richard Spencer’s cotton farms or a man’s final days as a heroin addict.” Reveal is a project of The Center for Investigative Reporting and is co-produced with PRX. The show is hosted by Al Letson and partners with reporters and newsrooms ar ...
The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer: The command center for breaking news, politics and extraordinary reports from around the world. The Situation Room airs weekdays 5p-7p eastern on CNN. In this podcast you will get the 6p-7p hour Monday through Friday.
CoParent Courage
Once you become a parent you are always a parent. It’s difficult to raise kids and even harder on your own, but throwing another Parent into this mix provides another set of unique challenges. From toddler to teenager, this Podcast is about what it takes to be a Courageous CoParent and create the Culture you deserve.
Fred Campos, @FullCustodyDad on Twitter, shares his unique experience of winning a paternity suit and being full custody, of his then 4-year-old daughter. As a non-attorney but a male parent, he shares unique ideas on how to be a better parent and ultimately win a child custody suit. Fred's goal is to help good parents caught in the complicated process of divorce or child custody. This show has parenting and custody tips as well as attorney interviews from state to state.
Fred Campos, @FullCustodyDad on Twitter, shares his unique experience of winning a paternity suit and being full custody, of his then 4-year-old daughter. As a non-attorney but a male parent, he shares unique ideas on how to be a better parent and ultimately win a child custody suit. Fred's goal is to help good parents caught in the complicated process of divorce or child custody. This show has parenting and custody tips as well as attorney interviews from state to state.
Family Law Talk® with Stange Law Firm, PC on BlogTalkRadio. Stange Law Firm, PC is a family law firm with offices in the Midwest in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma in places such as as St. Louis, Kansas City, Columbia, Springfield, Wichita, Tulsa and beyond. Our phone number is 855-805-0595.(Please note: The choice of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Neither the Supreme Court of Missouri/Illinois nor The Missouri/Illinois Bar revi ...
One Broken Mom
Ameé is not Mother of The Year. Nor is she is a parenting expert with degrees in child psychology. Ameé, in fact, failed at being a mother. Her path to parenthood started with genuine intention and optimism. But unable to understand and manage her inner battles, her marriage ended and she left her husband of ten years as the custodial parent of their two small children. For nearly seven years, Ameé was the "Weekend Mom" until circumstances changed and a wiser, willing Ameé was reunited with ...
The Audacious Life helps women who are in abusive and controlling relationships find solace through testimonies of other women who have broken free, interviews with experts and authors on the psychological effects of abuse and control, and helpful legal, financial, custodial and mental health strategies.
Law Talk Live
Atlanta Family Law Attorneys from The Fairell Firm take real life family law situations from followers and headline news topics from celebrities we all love and hate to discuss facts in detail. Attorneys provide a unique twist of legal advice mixed with street advice.
Veteran Divorce, Child Custody, & Family Law Attorney, Leigh Sellers, serves as your guide through the foreign world of Splitsville – an alien place with its own rules, its own expectations, and even its own language. You won't find it on Google Maps, and your GPS won't work here. So if you’re feeling lost, you’re in the right place. With decades of experience serving clients in North Carolina (Charlotte, Monroe, Waxhaw, Concord, Gastonia, Weddington, NC) and South Carolina (Fort Mill, Rock ...
Common Sense for Dummys is the sketch comedy show by the Nashville troupe of the same name.
Public feed for The Michael Brooks Show, a weekly politics and culture analysis show.
Love and Abuse
Helping you identify toxic communication, emotional abuse, manipulation and other forms of bad behavior in relationships. Full of tips and advice for your friendships, family, love life and marriage. Revealing covert abusive communication that takes away your power. Learn to pinpoint the specific behaviors of toxic, narcissistic and verbally abusive people before you are dragged in to their game so deep you come out a shell of your former self. Love and Abuse is the official podcast of The M ...
The Big Story
The Big Story podcast - Where we dissect headline-making news with analysis and inputs from experts.
Are you looking for the child custody lawyer? Bullock Lawyer has all the expertise and knowledge in providing you the legal support with child custody and other legal matters. To hire the child custody or family lawyer, simply visit at:
Insightful interviews and discussions with leading portfolio managers, investors and entrepreneurs from the world of alternative investments.
Family Court Network
A closer look at issues that stress our brains.
Knoxville, Tennessee family-law attorney K.O. Herston discusses current issues in Tennessee family law, divorce, and related topics with guests.
Every Great Story Has a PAYOFF
Divorce isn't easy. Top divorce attorney Rebekah Baumgardner Rini, Esq. provides listeners with both legal and practical solutions to challenges that arise during a divorce or a custody dispute. Make it through your family law battle successfully.
Morning Edition takes listeners around the country and the world with multi-faceted stories and commentaries every weekday. Hosts David Greene, Steve Inskeep, Noel King and Rachel Martin bring you the latest breaking news and features to prepare you for the day.
Family Law Attorney Laura Wasser answers questions, shares anecdotes and chats with opinionated men and women, innovative thought-leaders and celebrities about breaking up, getting divorced and moving onThere's no way around it... breaking up sucks... but it doesn't have to be that way! it's over easy, the online divorce service:
Divorce Talk
Talk Show for Persons Getting a Divorce, Contemplating Marriage, or Trying to Avoid a Divorce
Analysis of the biggest political stories of the day from Washington Post correspondent James Hohmann. Available every weekday morning.
Oregon Family Law Guy (2018-07-20 18:41:11 +0000 UTC)
Commentary from Michael Kitces on Financial Planning News & Strategies
San Diego divorce and child custody lawyer, Brian A. Victor discusses in these podcasts important topics related to divorce and child custody to help those involved in these situations. Brian A. Victor is the only divorce lawyer in San Diego County with prior work experience at Family Court Services where, for more than eleven years, he worked with the most challenging child custody and visitation matters and crafted more than 4,000 child custody recommendations for Family Court judges. Atto ...
The Stan Prowse "Legal Eagle Segments"on the Andrea Kaye Radio Talk Show are designed to be an easy listening source of information on famil law, divorce and legal help for military service members.
Stephan Livera Podcast
A top rated podcast about Bitcoin from a Bitcoin-Austrian perspective. Join Stephan as he interviews the sharpest economic and technical minds in Bitcoin & Austrian Economics to help you understand how money is changing and evolving.
Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt inspires open hearted living, with delicious sass that awakens the best in a man. Featured on CBS, TLC & FOX, this cum laude graduate of Columbia University is the Author of 3 books. She’s a coach to celebrities is and the Host of the sexy empowering show “Intimate Conversations LIVE”. After working with thousands of men who struggle with fear of rejection in the aftermath of a harsh breakup, Allana helps them learn how to date again and find lasting love. She he ...
Criminal Perspective is a podcast exploring the perpetrators behind the crimes. Chris Duett & Andrew Dodge have a combined 20 years of experience interacting with notoriously violent criminals. Chris and Andrew bring you firsthand experiences and insights on such offenders as well as interviews with professionals who’ve worked with or studied these criminals extensively. We also offer appearances from notable figures from the world of True Crime, as well as interviews with the criminals them ...
Discussions on Collaborative Divorce. How to get divorced without going to court and reducing the stress and toxic nature of the traditional divorce.
KPBS' daily news podcast covering local politics, education, health, environment, the border and more. New episodes are ready weekday mornings so you can listen on your morning commute.
Every episode of Growing Through & Beyond Your Divorce will remind you that you are not alone as you go through the process of divorce. Sandra Lee, divorce coach and mediator, will help guide you through all of the phases and emotions, offering actionable steps in owning the process. She speaks from both personal and professional experience with a combination of compassion and tough love. For every topic there are take-away items and for every season there is acknowledgement that this is har ...
Brought to you by Gloria Perez-Stewart, divorced (and remarried) parent of a teenager with autism. Gloria is a disability advocate, community organizer and soon-to-be-lawyer (she made it through law school with a teenager!). Perez-Stewart interviews parents, advocates, and attorneys and also includes experts with general areas of interest to parents: special education, special needs planning, divorce, and general disability information.
On a journey to Tuscany with her young friend and traveling companion Caroline Abbott, widowed Lilia Herriton falls in love with both Italy and a handsome Italian much younger than herself, and decides to stay. Furious, her dead husband’s family send Lilia’s brother-in-law to Italy to prevent a misalliance, but he arrives too late. Lilia marries the Italian and in due course becomes pregnant again. When she dies giving birth to her child, the Herritons consider it both their right and their ...
Tuesday Breakfast
Current affairs, media analysis, alternative media.
Thursday Breakfast
Current affairs, media analysis, alternative media.
Dads don't always know what to say, but that shouldn't stop us from talking. If you are a dad, have a dad, love a dad or miss a dad, you might enjoy listening.
Florida Men
The Official Podcast of Florida Man. Every week we share stories from the shady side of the Sunshine State, starring America's most prolific criminal. Part true crime, part comedy, all weird. This show is about the kind of stuff that only happens in the state where everybody is crazy from the heat.
Weekly Reality Check
On the Weekly Reality Check we will be discussing the spirtual crisis and the lack of morality in America due to the very profitable destruction of the American Family.
When Heather isn't headlining theaters across the country as a top stand up comedian, or being the perfect wife and mother of 3, she is diving into juicy pop culture. From all things Hollywood, celebrity romances, Bravo TV to her real life drama, Heather tackles the juiciest and most controversial topics. Heather will not hold back on her opinion on anything or anyone. While talking to guests ranging anywhere from actors, to comics to reality stars, Heather asks the juiciest questions you al ...
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Mexican authorities had and then gave up custody of one of the sons of former drug kingpin Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán in a gunfight on Thursday. Mexico's president says he let him go to restore peace.By Rachel Martin, Carrie Kahn.
Mike Belshe, CEO of BitGo joins me to talk about his journey with Bitcoin and the challenges BitGo faces in being the world’s largest Bitcoin custodian. We talk about: Coming into Bitcoin How secure storage evolved in Bitcoin over time Technological and Procedural techniques used today to enhance security Insurance Contentious forks The risk of ...…
A new trove of documents obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union sheds light on years of alleged abuse of detained minors by Border Patrol agents. Plus, managing climate change when the ocean comes knocking, Del Mar is working on a blueprint that may be adopted by other coastal cities. Also on today’s podcast, California spends more than ...…
Laura explains the basics of asset division in a divorce, and she helps a women from Instagram decide how best to proceed in her fight for shared custody of her young son.By PodcastOne.
The RBI has informed depositors in PMC bank that their withdrawal limit has been increased from Rs 25,000 to Rs 40,000 for the next six months. So, today we’ll answer THREE important questions - So what’s happened since we last spoke? And what next in the PMC crisis? Keep listening, because we’re answering all three questions on this podcast. F ...…
One of the greatest ladder matches and most memorable feuds of all time are covered on this weeks all new episode of THE PAYOFF - hear all about this feud, the relationship between Rey and Eddie, Vickie getting started in the business and so much more! Thank you for supporting the show - make sure to hit SUBSCRIBE and follow us on Twitter!…
Today’s show acknowledges the tender emotions you experience while negotiating custody. We encourage you to notice the nightmare stories that create fear and tension, derailing your negotiations. Our guest, Josh Hecht, shares strategies to cut through the acrimony, negotiate for both the current and the long term needs of your children, and ins ...…
After green lighting the Turkish invasion of their territory, President Trump is trying to downplay the value of the U.S. alliance with Syrian Kurds.By The Washington Post.
Tuesday Breakfast 8 October 2019 7.00 am Acknowledgement of Country7:05 am Chris Woods with News headlines 7.15 am Jacob, an activist involved with Blockade IMARC, discusses this important event, as well as why we should be concerned about climate justice7.30 am Jabiluka blockade - what we can learn 20 years on. This segment comes to us from th ...…
Heather woke up to unexpected hate tweets based on her shows in Atlanta this past weekend. 90 Day Fiance gets weirder. Love After Lock Up wonders who is the father. Mixing up your kids’ names might hurt your child custody case. The best worst roommate horror stories ever. See Heather Live! sleepnumber. ...…
This is a short preview of this week's TMBS patron-only content. For the rest of it and more like it and to support the show at Ken Klippenstein (@kenklippenstein), reporter for The Young Turks, joins us tThe FBI's ludicrous (and historically typical) campaign against the phantom threat of "Black Identity Extremists." Then, Ken ...…
In Episode 93 of Florida Men: The Official Podcast of Florida Man, a Florida Couple get busy in the back seat of a car...a police car, Florida Woman slips out of the back seat of a cop car and gets busy in the front, Florida Man puts a ton of lipstick on a 17-year old pig, and Florida Man sprays ironic graffiti in a tavern men’s room.…
Raising special needs children has a unique set of gifts and challenges. When negotiating divorce, it is essential that you can advocate for the support they will continue to need. Guest, Randi Karmel specializes in this area and discusses the pitfalls inherent and possibilities available through the negotiation process. Randi shares negotiatio ...…
This is a short preview of this week's TMBS patron-only content. For the rest of it and more like it and to support the show at Chuka Ejeckam (@ChukaEjeckam), Director of Research and Policy for the BC Federation of Labour and labor activist, joins us to talk about the global labor movement. What is the International Labor Orga ...…
This is a short preview of this week's TMBS patron-only content. For the rest of it and more like it and to support the show at Chuka Ejeckam (@ChukaEjeckam), Director of Research and Policy for the BC Federation of Labour and labor activist, joins us to talk about the global labor movement. What is the International Labor Orga ...…
In this episode, Ameé speaks with Philadelphia based therapist, Elizabeth Earnshaw, about strengthen a relationship someone may already be in through improving communication. Liz has her own practice called A Better Life Therapy and specializes in working with couples around a variety of topics such as relationship issues, infidelity, divorce, ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Edward M. Forster.
After the housing bust, a group of men profited by destroying the American dream of homeownership for hundreds of thousands of families. On Reveal, we learn how these Homewreckers -- many of whom are close to President Donald Trump -- did it and meet a woman who fought back. This episode is based on Aaron Glantz’s new book, “Homewreckers: How a ...…
Trump tries to downplay Mulvaney quid pro debacle, as sources say he's angry and Pelosi calls it a "confession"; Deadline tonight for Rick Perry and White House to produce Ukraine documents in impeachment probe; Sources: Pompeo feels frustrated & victimized amid impeachment controversy, feared Trump would fire him; Dems slam Trump decision to h ...…
Guy Bryant has fostered dozens of children over the past 12 years. At StoryCorps, he told one of his foster kids that he wants them to pass on what they've learned from him.By Jey Born, Emma Bowman.
Firefighters responding to a minor accident in Utah found a screaming 2-year-old girl. She calmed down though when she painted the nails of firefighters.
Paul Bedard traps alligators in Florida. He got a call about a gator lounging in someone's pool. Bedard says he played with it until the gator got sleepy and he could pull it out of the pool.
Turkey says it is suspending its incursion in Syria. We look at the reality on the ground. Also, the latest on the impeachment inquiry and violence in Mexico connected to the son of "El Chapo."By Ryan Lucas, Daniel Estrin, Carrie Kahn.
Auto workers at General Motors have a tentative agreement, but it doesn't mean their strike is over.By Tracy Samilton.
Gunfire erupted in a Mexican city Thursday shortly after military troops encountered one of the sons of Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán — the jailed drug kingpin.By Carrie Kahn.
It's been a busy week in the House impeachment inquiry as four current or former officials have trekked to Capitol Hill for interviews behind closed doors.By Ryan Lucas.
A man who is burned out on life and love undergoes a mysterious treatment, only to discover that he has been replaced by a better version of himself. Living with Yourself stars Paul Rudd.By Eric Deggans.
Friday marks the first time a space walk has comprised only female astronauts. Women have walked in space before but the walk scheduled for Friday reflects a real change in the astronaut corps.By Brendan Byrne.
President Trump has repeatedly been at odds with Russia and Ukraine experts spread across the U.S. government. Some are now harsh critics and key figures in the impeachment inquiry.By Greg Myre.
We look at the status of the agreement the U.S. helped to broker in Turkey and what this deal means for the Kurds.By Daniel Estrin.
The new film by director Taika Waititi is a scathing satire of Nazi Germany. NPR's Noel King spoke to him about the film Jojo Rabbit.
The most recent retail sales numbers suggest American consumers are pulling back. Forever 21 filed for bankruptcy and revealed some big flaws in the business model known as fast fashion.By Stacey Vanek Smith, Cardiff Garcia.
Hundreds of people fleeing the newly unstable situation in Syria crossed the border and are now in a detention camp in Iraq. They left so quickly that, says one, all they packed were their ambitions.By Jane Arraf.
NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with Irish Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe about the latest developments surrounding Brexit and its potential impact on the Irish economy.
Rep. Elijah Cummings, a Democrat from Maryland, was widely admired as a champion for his hometown of Baltimore. Residents of Baltimore react to the news of his death.By Brakkton Booker.
A disturbing story of child sexual abuse: a victim is coming forward decades after alleged abuse. NPR's Steve Inskeep talks with Tania Culver Humphrey and reporter Noelle Crombie of The Oregonian.
NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with Democratic Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi of Illinois about the latest developments in the impeachment inquiry into President Trump.
Covered California is working to expand health coverage in the state, and enrollment is now open. Plus, two-thirds of people booked into San Diego County jails in 2018 had been homeless at some point in their lifetime, up from 50 percent back in 2007. Also, on today’s podcast, last week's power outage wreaked havoc on small businesses -- includ ...…
19 October 2018. It’s Dusshera. And Amritsar’s Dhobi Ghat has been holding Raavan's effigy burning for four years in a row in Joda Phatak. This area has two railways crossings and that should have raised concerns but nobody had raised any concerns before and neither were there any written permissions. But that was the usual affair until a local ...…
Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney admitted during a news conference yesterday that President Trump withheld nearly $400 million in military aid in part to pressure Ukraine to pursue an investigation that could benefit him politically.By The Washington Post.
In Episode 100 of Florida Men: The Official Podcast of Florida Man, Samuel L. Jackson is arrested for getting belligerent with a cop. You read that right. Samuel. L. Jackson. News Sources: Samuel L. Jackson Accused of Threatening Florida Cop ...…
In this episode Brook, Charlie and Tony discuss the scary clown that is always just behind the door or curtain just waiting to jump out and try to reengage us. Enjoy!!!By Brook Olsen and Charlie Jewett.
Source: Mulvaney's Ukraine quid pro quo admission is "not helpful", Trump legal team is "stunned"; Turkey agrees to 5-day pause in Syria assault, denies it's a ceasefire as Trump and Pence claim; House Intel Chairman on Mulvaney's admission on Ukraine: things went from 'very bad" to "much, much worse" for Trump; U.S. Ambassador breaks with Trum ...…
In today’s show we discuss how to choose the best legal approach with your children’s mental and emotional health front and center. Children can experience significant emotional damage as a result of divorce, but they don’t have to. While it is understandable that you want to fight for your fair share of time with the kids, we want you to under ...…
Remember how a journalist from Uttar Pradesh was booked recently for exposing how children at a government school were being served roti and salt as their mid-day meal? He got accused of maligning the UP government but the truth is that India does have a hunger problem. Our country has been ranked 102 among 117 countries that featured in the Gl ...…
Based on interviews with people who know Sondland, what emerges is a portrait of a man who was fixated on getting an ambassadorship in Europe — and was willing to do what it took to keep it.By Rachel Martin, Emma Talkoff.
NPR's Steve Inskeep and Rep. Adam Smith, the Democratic chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, discuss President Trump's decision to open the way for Turkey's incursion into Syria.
Elijah Cummings has died at the age of 68 because of complications concerning longstanding health challenges, his office says.By Susan Davis.
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