Best DPS podcasts we could find (Updated September 2019)
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Educa DPS
patrocinado por las Escuelas Públicas de Denver
patrocinado por las Escuelas Públicas de Denver
The Film Riot Podcast is a conversation with talented and innovative filmmakers. From directors, editors, stunt coordinators, DPs, Actors, VFX artists, and so on... We will be diving into the process, art, and lifestyle of filmmaking from every aspect.
Only Connect: Stories from the DPS MyTech Digital Coaches is a monthly podcast featuring the great work teachers and coaches are doing to leverage technology to impact instruction in Denver Public Schools.
The Home of Emerging Cinematographers & DPs
The Film Riot Podcast is a conversation with talented and innovative filmmakers. From directors, editors, stunt coordinators, DPs, Actors, VFX artists, and so on... We will be diving into the process, art, and lifestyle of filmmaking from every aspect.
Decisive Podcast Series (DPS) is here to make your underground music experience more enjoyable and with your help I am working hard to achieve this goal as the DPS community continues to grow. A lot of time is spent communicating with the dedicated Decisive Podcast Community in order to be more authentic and consistant without sacrifice in the quality of music – and more importantly getting you involved in all the fun. Although I have a good feeling about the new ideas, your input is importa ...
Professional cinematographers Ed and Ben discuss the life and challenges of being DPs working in narrative and commercials, and where cinematography and filmmaking look in a digital age.
Interviews by of uncommonly high achievers and their innovation, leadership and mastery habits. Including Olympic Athletes, CEOs, New York Times Bestselling Authors, Tech Start-Up Billionaires, World Class Musicians, Special Ops, Hollywood Filmmakers, Pro Athletes, SWAT Team Commanders, Non-Profit Executive Directors, Inventors and many more.
'From the Street to the World' is a new series of podcasts from the DPS fine art programme at Central St Martins College of Art, University of the Arts London beginning in December 2017. It will feature student-led interviews, music, visuals, discussion, reporting, and recorded events in a rolling series. DPS is a bespoke program that allows students to rehearse the transition from art school to the wider world, with students taking a year out from their degree to undertake a series of work ...
This feed will keep you up to date about any and all production work we do for other artists, including remixes, as well as reflections about these remixes and other things.
Five Point Five
Pitch Invasion
Chris Wittyngham discusses the latest news in the world of soccer, with a focus on Miami
Dirty Story Night
The cast and crew of It's All Been Done Radio Hour gather at an after-party and try to top one another with filthy erotic stories.
True North Podcast
True Stories from Northwest Denver
Welcome to the Omnic Lab. A podcast that focuses on the strategies inside of the game of Overwatch. We learn through trial and error in the lab, even if things get a bit crazy and blow up sometimes! We’ll brew up team composition strategies, stir in some tips to play better, and hopefully equip listeners with the instruments they need to gain a strategic edge!
Gregory Schmidt
Internal Medicine / Healthcare Systems / Design / EHR / Technology
On Target
Gettysburgian editors Ben Pontz and Gauri Mangala discuss the news and other items of interest on the Gettysburg College campus and interview campus newsmakers.
Block and Lot
Block and Lot with Brian Meier. The no BS, look inside what's actually going on in New York City Real Estate. Brian answers questions from listeners, gives the authentic, current market condition and each week shares how to tackle the countless challenges and unpredictable situations that are part of an agent's everyday life. Whether you strategize from his experiences or prepare for tomorrow's pitch, this podcast is for those who live and breathe real estate.
CU Engage's AMPLIFY explores stories of university-community collaborations. CU Engage is the Center for Community-Based Learning and Research at CU Boulder.
Next:Trauma #25: Sawf live 12.10.2019Past dates:Trauma #01: @shxcxchcxsh live 30.05.2015Trauma #02: @cassegrain live 18.07.2015Trauma #03: Kareem live 24.10.2015Trauma #04 @ascion live 18.12.2015Trauma #05: @stanislavtolkachev live 06.02.2016Trauma #06: @talkersound live 02.04.2016AAMM: Trauma Crew 21.5.2016Trauma #07: @zosima live 23.7.2016Trauma #08: @codexempire live 15.10.2016Trauma Collective @ Synth 20.11.16 Trauma #09: @blush-response live 10.12.16Trauma #10: @sstromsound live, @Lofth ...
Tony B's Podcast
Ten minutes with ...
Each month we interview an executive from the global Legal IT industry. Short, bite-sized interviews with thought provoking questions.
Epic Guides Podcast
The Epic Guides Podcast is a guide to life in the World of Warcraft and other alternate realities and fantasy Worlds. Download it and take it with you to get your constant injection of WoW on the go.
This little podcast is a vehicle for funny ideas or thoughts that our hosts want to share with the world, Ian and Adrian.
Dumb podcast Show
A podcast by gamers talking about whatever we want to talk about. Most of the time that includes video games, comic books, TV and Movies! Hosts include Hooan, Cypher, YetiTactics, and Luffasoldier
Podcast by HeithK
A Podcast about gaming from three guys who have been gaming all of their lives. Oh, and they also met through online gaming!
Def Pen Sports
Official Podcast channel for Def Pen Sports.
ALS Today is an independent interactive news magazine featuring the latest research advances and potential therapies for ALS/MND. Published by ALS TDI, ALS Today informs clinicians, research scientists, patients and care providers about global efforts to end ALS. Find us online Follow us on Twitter @ALSToday.
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In season three, episode two of “On Target,” Pontz and Frasier break down a series of campus news events before airing the audio of a story Pontz wrote last spring about the proposal to add a business major to the college curriculum, a topic that will resurface this year. Bullet Points Update on how a squirrel took out campus power, including t ...…
This week Rob and Andres explore the world of DPS! With role queue out, it is one of the best times to learn a role to it's fullest. Tune in for an in depth talk on what it takes to play the flashiest role in Overwatch! GAME NIGHT: August 30th WEBSITE: PATREON: DISCORD INVITE: https: ...…
If you are designing on the web, Android, or iOS, a pixel is probably not what you think it means. Pixels, Points, and Display-indepdnent pixels Original Article:
This week, Andres & Rob are joined by top 500 Grandmaster and well known Torbjorn connoisseur, Fuey500l! In addition, another streamer joins us to help us out with the one and only Chro! Join us for this deep dive with Fuey of one of the most misunderstood heroes in the roster! GAME NIGHT: September 27th WEBSITE: P ...…
Hey folks, my guest on the show today is none other than director Jonny Mass. Most of you will have seen Jonny's work whether you realized it or not. It was a pleasure to chat with someone who has as much passion for both the creative and business sides of the filmmaking process. I think you are going to get a lot out of our conversation. Make ...…
Joe Penna is a writer/director that got his start on YouTube. You may know him as Mystery Guitar Man, but today he is directing feature films starring massive talents like Mads Mikkelsen, Anna Kendrick, and Toni Collette. Ryan chats with Joe about directing his first film with a major star attached and his overall path to feature films.…
Joe Penna is a writer/director that got his start on YouTube. You may know him as Mystery Guitar Man, but today he is directing feature films starring massive talents like Mads Mikkelsen, Anna Kendrick, and Toni Collette. Ryan chats with Joe about directing his first film with a major star attached and his overall path to feature films.…
Alright good people of the podcast world today we are breaking down a commercial that had us pressed for time and resources. This spot is for a home builder and we had lots to get through without a ton of support. We used shallow depth of field and some interesting angles to help get us out of a few less than ideal situations. Enjoy the behind ...…
This week, Rob and Andres try at the next edition of “Know Your Role” this week by doing tanks! We’re going to talk about two categories to put your tanks in, and talk a lot of synergies and counters. GAME NIGHT: August 30th WEBSITE: PATREON: DISCORD INVITE: ...…
My guest today is Jon Dickens aka J-Lab UK born who resides in Berlin has been making music of a technoid kind of sound for a few years, Creating tracks that more often than not, comes from his improved live shows. This talented blok is working on a lot of new stuff, with a mix of tech, house, dub & electro influences. After hearing a snip it o ...…
This week on the podcast we are testing out a new format by delving in to the Patreon group chats over on Discord. Last week I asked if there was someone inside the group that wanted to come and share their experiences at a slightly different level than we were use to on the show and the response was fantastic. So many folks reached out that in ...…
Dr. Cesar Leal (Photo Mary Frasier/The Gettysburgian) In season three, episode one of “On Target,” co-hosts Benjamin Pontz and Mary Frasier discuss the college’s plan to hire armed external security contractors and recap the college’s first faculty meeting of the year. Then, they sit down with Dr. Cesar Leal, Assistant Professor of Music & Dire ...…
Summary of the step-by-step process taught by Kevin Starr to design for building lasting impact at scale. Original article:
We are taking a break from our regular schedule to do a Q+A episode for 2019. We have in the past peppered these episodes in and over on Patreon I am doing so much of it that I wanted to bring a little of that here to the main podcast. We go over some really technical issues as well as some more career oriented questions. We touch on a few topi ...…
Do not teleport your users to different parts of the application. They must take a road to get there, and know which part of the app's 3D space they are in. Original article:
Navigation options starting with mobile: On-page / Bottom tab / Top tab / Side navigation drawer Combining navigation patterns: acceptable & not Original article:
Ales Ufo, uno de los responsables de Captcha, firma el numero 49 de nuestra serie. Quizás el podcast más inclasificable y personal de los publicados hasta la fecha y que merece ser transitado sin ningún prejuicio. Que lo disfruten.By TRAUMA COLLECTIVE.
The major user interface regions of the PATIENT FILE Original article:
Block and Lot with Brian Meier. Fall Market Predictions. What can you do when the buyer has issues with their loan? Specific strategies for when the mortgage contingency is expired and no one seems to want to give the buyer a loan. Our brilliant guest Michael Nerenberg, Esq. partner at Borah, Goldstein, Altschuler, Nahins & Goidel, P.C. gives v ...…
This week, Rob and Andres talk all about ability cooldowns and managing your timers. We break down learning innate timings, sound queues, looking for opportunities, and how to synergize with cooldowns this week! GAME NIGHT: August 30th WEBSITE: PATREON: DISCORD INVITE: https://discor ...…
If 1080p is 2x as vertically dense as 720p, Why is 4K not 4x as vertically dense as 1080P? Original Article:
Mobile phones and tablets advertise Height x Width x Depth ? This seems backwards. Original article:
Almost always write the HORIZONTAL dimension first, the VERTICAL second. Unless, you are a fine art dealer or mobile phone manufacturer. Original article:
This week on the podcast we look at a challenging VFX heavy spot made even more difficult by a very small shoot location. No studios here as we make a flight simulator room work for our blue screen cockpit shots. One of the best parts of the job is that no two jobs are the same and this one certainly had it's suprises. Enjoy the behind the scen ...…
The book for organizations and individual who measure their success not in terms of dollars and cents, but by their social impact. It challenges us to think big, start small, and relentlessly seek impact.
Who are the doers at scale? Who is the payer at scale? Lessons from the book Lean Impact by Ann Mei Chang and work of Kevin Starr. Original article:
How philanthropic & grant based funding differs from traditional startup venture capital. Rigid waterfall grants. Small linear steps. Unscalable solutions. Original article:
The entrepreneurship startup principles of Lean Startup, applied to social ventures as described in Lean Impact. How to build a social impact project that scales. Original Article:
This week, Rob and Andres are back after a brief hiatus due to some schedule conflicts to talk about Role Queue Beta! We are going to talk about the last few updates to the balance changes and what you should look to try and do when ranking up for “beta season” this time around! GAME NIGHT: August 30th WEBSITE: PAT ...…
The WORKFLOW section of the medical record completely transforms the EHR experience and clinical care. It is much more than just a form. Original Article: #EHR #EMR
The Patient File contains the Patient Chart & Patient Workflows. The design of the Patient Chart is generalizable, the Patient Workflows highly use case specific. Original Article: #EHR #EMR
Ranking of 6 different strategies to search for patients Original Article:
On the show today we are going back in time to the very first episode of the podcast with the interview and the cinematographer that started this whole thing, Max Goldman. Max is one of the best cinematographers we've ever had on the show and he continues to create incredible images today. Be sure to check out his website to see his latest work ...…
Block and Lot with Brian Meier. Why clean data, great photos & fast response rate is vital in this market. Strategies on what to do if a coop board keeps rejecting your buyers. Our guest the Queen of Ulster County, Amy Crossfield of Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty.By Guest: Amy Crossfield.
This week we have got a special treat lined up for you with Director Irv Blitz from MJZ. Irv may be the busiest person we have ever had on the show. His talent is in high demand and we delve in to how he ended up in a unique corner of the film making world. Enjoy! Patreon Podcast - The Matrix In our Feature Film Breakdowns this week over on Pat ...…
This week, Rob and Andres are back after yet another week of 2-2-2 on the PTR. We’re here to talk about some of the strategic developments in the pro scene with the new meta and fill in some gaps with thoughts on how Sigma and other balance changes can swing this even more! GAME NIGHT: August 30th WEBSITE: PATREON: ...…
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