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Father Dagon
Father Dagon is a serial fiction podcast based on the works of famous weird fiction author, HP Lovecraft. Produced by Dread Falls Theatre, and original soundtrack by Seesar. Season Two airs June 2018, episodes released 1st and 15th of the month. Find us on Twitter @DagonPodcast or
Journalist og teolog Iben Thranholm taler med forskellige gæster om religion og tro. Det handler bl.a. om demokrati og tro, djævle og dæmoner og barnetro.
Plus Eins Podcast
Plus Eins recordings launched in february 2011 and quickly established itself as one of the brightest new stars within Berlin’s glittering galaxy of electronic music labels, producers and DJs. Founded and owned by Jens Fuchs and Tim Hrymon, the label boasts a sound that is simultaneously familiar and innovative. Rooted in the classic structures of techno and minimal, Plus Eins recordings has harnessed the triple threat approach: its records reference vintage dancefloor minimalism, engage wit ...
We are talking about A Discovery of Witches, Shadow of Night,The Book of Life & The World of All Souls now, and we are looking forward to discussing Time's Convert in the future! Not only that, we have an upcoming television series (titled A Discovery of Witches; scheduled for autumn 2018) to cover! Go on! Put in your ear buds, pull up your chair, bring your beverage of choice and join us! We promise, we won't bite . . . we'll leave that to the vampires ^,..,^ Angela, Jean and Valerie run th ...
Dagon's Delights
"Sentinel Hill" and "The Nameless City" (a Bonus Piano Track) from Brett Miller's Lovecraftian metal record "Oath Of Dagon"Visit for more!
Check out the new fun video podcast from Daemon's TV, DVR (Daemon Video Recap), chipmunk style.So far the TV shows covered only include "Lost," but will be expanded in the future.
Liquitech Radio Show in Global FM 87.5. A new episode every saturday 16:00 to 18:00h.
A continuation of the Dad Gone Wild Blog. Focusing on educational issues on the local, state, and national level through public education parents eyes.
Welcome to my Podcast, where sharing a truth is simply a perspective of one soul that desires to see others soul reach a higher enlightened state of mind.
Aegon employees from around the world,tell their personal customer stories.
Rumours abound of sinister goings-on in the ancient Massachusetts seaport of Innsmouth. The once prosperous town, which has fallen into a state of decrepitude and decay, is a stopover destination for Robert Olmstead, a young historian on a tour of the region. Despite hearing ominous tales of the town and its grotesque inhabitants, Olmstead feels compelled to explore Innsmouth. He finds the place almost deserted, except for a few inhospitable locals with strange, unblinking eyes - the so-call ...
Join us as we discuss cosmic horror, weird fiction, Lovecraftian horror, the Cthulhu Mythos, the small press, and related topics! Guests have included Christopher Golden, Laird Barron, and many others. (We're also on iTunes -- search for "Lovecraft eZine Podcast")
Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Neuro-Tek returns! But this time, instead of a club, it finds new life resurrected as a podcast radio show featuring DJ Bractune, DJ Analogue, and your host.. DJ DaemØn! This isn't your typical music podcast. This is one solid hour of pulse pounding in your face "Dark Electronic Dance Music" mixed club style LIVE IN STUDIO. No "Start, Stop, and Play", no talking breaks. NEURO-TEK Radio promises one of the most high energy industrial music podcasts you wi ...
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