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Where can we find ethical absolutes in the post modern, relativistic world? Listen and discover the sustain principles Moses laid out for his people and the promise of a greater prophet who would save the world.
Is it possible to climb the ladder in business in education or in government and stay close to God? What does personal faith in Jesus look like publicly in Monday morning Main Street life? Daniel is the Old Testament patron saint for those who want the answer to these questions. If you want to get serious about living in "Babylon" but not be destroyed by it, then this Truth Encounter series is a must listen for you.
How can we be sure everything will be alright when we die? Written 23 years after crucifixion of Jesus, the book of Romans has provided the most influential answers in Christian history about our ultimate destiny.
If you are committed to raising godly children, this study will be strategic and irreplaceable in teaching your children to fight and win life’s battles on their own.
What can God do with a church that has incest, prostitution, and infighting when they think they are the most spiritually powerful group of their generation. From speaking in tongues to the supreme charisma of love, these messages will enable you and your church to discover Christ’s priorities for local church life.
After hard frosts and heavy snows, finally March Madness begins. It brings not only the best show in basketball, but Easter lilies in Wal-Mart and beautiful new dresses on racks for moms to buy for their little girls. It’s the triumph of warmth over cold, of tulip blossoms over ugly bulbs, but most of all it’s the time when more than 2 billion Christians across the globe look back to the events of Passion Week, the Last Week, the time when Jesus was rejected in Jerusalem. . His Last Week on ...
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There are new voices speaking out for a return to such forgotten standards as moral purity, sacred marriage promises, and parents who make a commitment to sacrifice for their kids. Can we find some solid foundations for life in the 21st century from the 14th century BC?
In your walk with God did you realize that the day of victory can become dangerous ground?
Description:All of us know the trauma of defeat, but did you ever stop to consider that there can be greater dangers in the aftermath of victory?
Could it be that as we work our two jobs and feel guilty about the lack of time with our kids that we over compensate by not allowing them to face some of the hard times they need to face in order to learn what it takes to be successful in life?
Most of us in America worry more about dieting than about starving. In the midst of this sumptuous feast of material satisfaction why is there so much hunger in our souls?
Two adults. Decisions to be made. Why not have sexual pleasure which such a pleasing partner?
One of the biggest challenges to a biblical faith is that as we open the pages of the Bible we are faced not with a sweet romanticism but a history bathed in blood. To make the problem stickier, as we open to Deuteronomy chapter seven it is none other than the God of heaven who calls for his people to execute a holy war.…
Our walls in our bedrooms and in our living rooms reveal a lot about where our lives are focused. That is why the Jewish prophet Moses advised his people to hang up something very important on the walls of their homes. What was it?
All great men and women have one thing in common--they are focused. They pour it out for a cause that is worth living for. If someone asked you to summarize your life in one simple sentence could you do it? What would you say?
God is not often presented as the powerful judge of the universe whose very presence causes all men, great and small, to cringe in fear before his awesome presence. If you have not seen the Father’s Old Testament holiness, you will never appreciate the reason for the pain and suffering of Calvary.
When we do wrong, our own conscience and guilt knows something needs to be done to make our case before the true, moral judge of the universe. Who is your mediator before the court of divine justice?
The true God defines idolatry on a far deeper level than whether or not you kneel before statues.
The ability to tell a lie in high drama is cultivated during years of deceit beginning with the little things. Truth is hard to get at.The Jewish prophet Moses knew this when he read the writing on the tablets from the finger of God--"Thou shalt not give false testimony against your neighbor."
“If someone stated that they were a born again believer, would this cause you to trust them more in a business transaction, trust them less, or have no effect?” Does a commitment to Jesus Christ translate into greater moral dependability?
We cherish the right to pursue the American dream. Material possessions are a big part of that dream, yet an increasing number are choosing to take the easy way to prosperity- stealing. What can be done to stop sticky fingers?
“On the prowl.” “A real party animal.” There is one overriding drive that fuels all this talk. Pride! Aren’t you tired of this obvious misplacement?
Sexual immorality is not about love. It is about ego. So how do you explain this business called “love?” What is it? Where can we find it?
When your own father or mother flees the scene because their libido dictated another location would be more exciting, it’s hard to trust anyone. If men and women will break their marriage promise, what else will they lie to us about?
An extra-marital relationship is an expected thing, but God still calls it “sin!” What preventatives are needed to protect ourselves from this deadly sin?
Things are stressed out at the office. The IRS has just called you …life sometimes pushes and pushes and pushes. Many of us respond to the pressure by getting angry. We excuse it. It’s the way we are, yet this inner tension can explode into an act of violence for which we will never be able to forgive ourselves.…
Police officers are shocked by the intensity of the violence committed by even young children. A desire for safety will lead an increasing number to call for the government to apply force to provide for the security of citizens, but what is needed is to rebuild homes where dads and mom take their parenting responsibility as a direct assignment ...…
Are we going to continue to believe that we can sustain a society where everyone does their own thing and no one is responsible to anyone except their own desires for personal satisfaction?
Too many irons in the fire? If you don’t keep your nose to the grindstone, your business, your church, your career will collapse. If any of this sounds familiar then the next few minutes could save your life.
When your alarm goes off early in the morning what drives you to get up? Unless we are suffering from severe depression most of us can think of a few things that get us perking.
Lifeguards, liberating forces, and philanthropists can expect adoration and devotion from the rescued. Once upon a time there was an entire nation that was held in the vice grip of slavery. Who saw their plight and came to deliver?
Consider what is simply called in the Hebrew text of the Old Testament- THE TEN WORDS. Both Judaism and Christianity count them as the foundational, moral principles expressing what is required in our relationship with God and with one another. What must we do to incorporate them as the guiding norms of our lives?…
What is the greatest event of your lifetime? Thirty four hundred years ago the founder of the Jewish nation asked this same question to a crowd of over two million founding citizens. How did they answer and does it compare with the incredible discoveries of our life time?
Beware! Our God is a jealous God. How could this kind of exclusiveness and intolerant narrowness ever be right?
More than five thousand years ago the Sumerian people nestled in the fertile plain between the Tigris and Euphrates gave us the gift of writing. The Egyptians at the other end of the Fertile Crescent gave us the gift of artistic culture and meticulously designed pyramids. But nestled in between these two lived a people who gave us a far more pr ...…
Radio telescopes probe deep into the vastness of the universe searching and listening for some voice, some evidence of intelligent life. This hunger for a voice from beyond lies deep in the human heart and is unique to our race. Is there life beyond this planet, beyond this present existence? Is there somebody bigger than you and I?…
A soundbite generation. Apply this communication theory to your moral and spiritual training and it means that your pastor needs to package his material in a twenty minute, easy to digest, pep talk. Are you hungry for some meat you can get your teeth into?
Would you consider floggings, and rejection by his peers and family a life of comfort and ease? Maybe this idea of coming to Jesus in order to find and easy life hasn’t told us the Gospel truth.
Would you consider floggings, and rejection by his peers and family a life of comfort and ease? Maybe this idea of coming to Jesus in order to find and easy life hasn’t told us the Gospel truth.
Have you ever competed in a tug of war? Your triceps begin to shake and you don’t think you can hold on. Suddenly someone from the crowd yells for you to pull harder. Why don’t they top cheering and start pulling? You may have felt this same frustration in your work for the Lord. How can we learn not to get mad and quit but instead, help people ...…
Maybe when you think about your roots there were some bad decisions. Does this mean that you are locked into a life of failure?
Have you ever considered that possibly you have settled for a nice comfortable snooze in your spiritual life when God wants you to wake up and get going?
Abandon the packaged “Sound Bites” and force your ears to listen. Let’s get at the very heart of where our moral decisions come from.
When the weather turns cold and snowy in March, do you ever dream of the day when you can retire and buy a condo in Florida? The next few minutes could keep you from making the tragic mistake of living your life with totally wrong dreams!
Suppose one hundred years from now one of your great, great grandchildren is rummaging around in the attic and found a box of letters that you had written. As they read these letters what would they conclude about what was important in your life? We have been studying a personal letter written by the Apostle Paul to the Corinthians and are comi ...…
We all know that death and taxes are inevitable, and when it comes to paying taxes out of a dry bank account, it sometimes feels like death. Unlike many countries in Europe, the USA has no state church and giving to the church is your choice. What does God’s word actually teach us about the way the Lord wants us to give to support His work?…
Our American culture places tremendous stress upon appearance, but all the Maybelline, Clinic, and weight machines can’t overcome the invasion of time against our vitality. This is not a call to throw away cosmetics or the exercise routines but it is time to face the fact that we need a hope in the future that our life existence will not end in ...…
Description:“If this life is all there is, then why do it?” I’ve got some great news. Life is not meaningless. Your work can add up to something, but it is all contingent on getting a perspective that moves beyond trying to get everything to add up from just the ten, forty, or eighty years we spend here on earth.…
One fact of human existence that we all try and ignore is that none of us can drink from the Fountain of Youth. Phil Simms and Troy Aikman might comment on the Super Bowl, but they do not play in it. This kind of talk can get real depressing except for one fact. I know someone who has beaten and can help us to outdistance time.…
The waters of Lake Michigan were frigid and the cold sucked the swimmer's strength. As they began their frantic CPR it seemed futile. Then the miracle. The swimmer coughed and opened his eyes. As we talk about the miracle of Easter morning, are we talking about the resuscitation of a Savior, or did something infinitely more miraculous take plac ...…
Mormons have built an entire baptismal rite on the passage. Many orthodox believers have hardly even heard of the phrase from First Corinthians 15, but as we turn to verse twenty nine we read these strange words “if the dead are not raised at all, why are people baptized for them?” What is this talk about “baptism for the dead?”…
Whenever we approach a religious holiday, the major magazines offer cover stories highlighting some of the latest controversies or discoveries in the land of the Bible. Suppose you logged into your news access and it had this headline, ”The Skeleton of Jesus Found.” What effect would a discovery like this have on your faith?…
Imagine someone who was told that they had AIDS, only to discover when further tests were done that the virus had disappeared. Or imagine a convicted felon in a capital murder case on their way to the chamber where they will receive a lethal injection having their final walk interrupted with a pardon from the governor. Excited isn’t a strong en ...…
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