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Gilmore Ball Z
A podcast where a married couple force each other to watch Gilmore Girls and Dragon Ball Z to find common ground.
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show series Kyrie, Gilmore Ball Z’s bratty little sister (we have her permission to call her that) joined us to talk about Jess’s (and the Gilmore Girls writers) making terrible decisions, the adorable earnestness of Goku, and t ...… Buma gets to be smart. Krillin…doesn’t. Also, a glimpse into a parallel universe where Jess is actually a good boyfriend. Dragon Ball has interesting time travel tomfoolery and Gilmore Girls plays with some great parallels. It’s a good week to be Gilmore Ball Z.
Sarah and Ken, the co-creators of the “Seeing Things” webcomic join us to talk about Paris burning, Cell’s…appendage, and the greatness of Bulma. Also, Grant’s nemesis returns. Seeing Things Tumblr | Twitter Sarah’s ...… Dragon Ball has compelling and tense storyline? Emily gets vulnerable? Are you sure today isn’t Christmas for the Paige and Grant? In this week’s bonus episode, Grant brings us back to the early 00’s with his favorite teen primetime soap opera: The O.C., starring Gilmore Girls‘s Adam Brode. Paige isn’t sure what she just watched. Gohan And Rory’s Bookclub Fund ...… It’s investigation time for Bulma, Gohan and Trunks when they find a time machine that’s identical to Trunks’s, it’s also investigation time for Rory who just wants to know how Jess got a black eye. They’re both equall ...… Grant finally gets some of that Gilmore Girls prequel he wanted when Sherry’s baby coming early reminds Lorelei of giving birth to Rory and we get some A+ Emily and Richard flashbacks. Meanwhile, both Piccolo and Kami ...… In this week’s bonus episodes we watched the original DBZ episodes Freiza’s Counterattack and Goku’s Ordeal (better known as “Gohan’s Tutor” and “Piccolo and Goku Learn to Drive”). We also learned that Chi-Chi is under-appreciat ...… Neysha, member the But Why Tho Podcast Community and owner of an amazing Twitter, joined us this week to talk about her favorite man in Dragon Ball, and how hard 18 can throw down. Meanwhile, Gilmore Girls still exists ...…
Long story short, we saw Broly and have thoughts. There’s some smart subtle character work in Dragon Ball Z, which is good because Gilmore Girls kinda dropped the ball.
This week, Vegeta’s worst dad, while Dean and Francie compete for worst villain. Not like evilest. They’re just the worst. The past isn’t like Trunks thought it would be and Sookie’s beautiful organic turkey isn’t anything like she’d thought it’d be. We all deal with disappointment. Except when it comes to Lane’s new boyfriend, Dav ...… Grant, Paige, and special guest All-Caps Kyrie discuss the classic coming-of-age movie, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Grant drunkenly rants about Dragon’s Lair, Paige confesses having been That Kid in middle sc ...… Richard gets The 3 generations of Gilmore Girl smackdown, and Paige refuses to learn new names. Even when they’re just numbers.
Goku has some heart trouble and Dean learns the power of self respect. The Androids have invaded Earth and they’re super confused why people know they’re robots–despite obviously being a robot. Meanwhile, Sherry isn’t a robot, but she still doesn’t make any sense. Also Rachel Gatlin is bac ...… For the second bonus episode, Paige and Grant discover what actually happened to Planet Vegeta. American Alt Rock. American Alt Rock happened to Planet Vegeta. Gohan And Rory’s Bookclub Fund | Donation link| Ro ...… JOHN HAMM! WET JESS! And also 3 years of Dragon Ball Z, I guess. Special thanks to James Garrett for recording a fantastic “Next Time on Gilmore Ball Z!” Gohan And Rory’s Bookclub Fund | Donation link| Room to Read… Star’s Hollow moms don’t really think ahead and Trunks picks the absolute worst guardian for Earth’s fate. Gohan And Rory’s Bookclub Fund | Donation link| Room to Read… Happy Thanksgiving, US listeners and happy Thursday everyone else! This is the first bonus episode you guys unlocked with your donations to Room to Read through the Gohan and Rory Bookclub Fund. This week: Paige drinks co ...… On Gilmore Girls, Rory’s freaking out over Harvard applications and Taylor’s promising to bioengineer giant horses, but no one cares because Grant, Paige, and our guest host Ashley (from the time-bending audio-dr ...… Gilmore Girls gets super juicy, Grant still hates The Puffs, and Paige introduces the Dragon Ball Z Fashion Corner. Gohan And Rory’s Bookclub Fund | Donation link| Room to Read… Wishes do come true! Okay, not wishes for more juicy drama, that doesn’t quite work. Or wishes to bring back Goku. But some wishes come true. Gohan And Rory’s Bookclub Fund | Donation link| Room to Read… It’s the end of Season 2, so we’re celebrating with a bonus episode where we discuss our favorite moments, favorite (and least favorite) characters, and announce a new way to get more Gilmore Ball Z Gohan And Rory’s Bookclub Fu ...… THIS FREIZA FIGHT IS FINALLY OVER! JESS IS BACK! WE ARE HERE FOR THIS! Wishes get granted, Rory sits on a bus, and Lorelei shares a surprisingly sweet moment. Wait, logic? Strategy? Asking questions before you dive head first into things? Are we sure this is Dragon Ball Z? Meanwhile, over on Gilmore Girls, Grant loves having another Richard episode, but just wishes his ...… Namek’s destruction, an actual Super Saiyan, and…Kirk’s movie, I guess: these episodes were so huge we had to invite guest host Aadil Patel to help us break down what happened this week on Gilmore Ball Z.… Goku goes mad and gets power, and then kinda maybe threatens his kid? Meanwhile Dean is a needy insecure guy who can’t let go. Richard helps Rory with a school project and…is actually really helpful and kind. Basical ...… This week, people die. Like, Krillin, maybe Piccolo, and Luke’s Uncle Louie. You know. Uncle Louie. Who’s literally never been mentioned before. Naked Vegeta? Shipping Paris and Jess? What happened this week on Gilmore Ball Z? Paige actually liked a battle focused episode of Dragon Ball and Luke does great violence to a wall. Vegeta is the sad overachiever who got his first B in college, and the reappearance of the incredibly weird Sherry the Pomegranate Lady might mean there are two extraterrestrials in the Gilmore’s extended family.… The cracks in Dean’s Nice Boy Facade are showing, Paige rejects King Kai story time, and Grant has an unusual swap. Jane the Virgin On Dragon Ball, Paige is all about “Goku Tank Watch – 2018,” but she has some questions about Krillin’s motivations. Meanwhile on Gilmore Girls, it’s a Richard episode and Grant is here for it.… This Week on Gilmore Ball Z: Finger guns and pointless cheerleading Be True to Your School Richard’s made a big decision! Frieza’s Power level is revealed! But more importantly: We have guest hosts! Ashley and Allen from the Min Max podcast joined us for Gilmore Girls: Infinity War (also known as the Brace ...… Tristan is finally leaving Gilmore Girls so Grant and Paige Chad Michael Mention him as much as possible. It’s the only thing distracting Paige from Porunga’s terrifying muscles.… Body-swap shenanigans continue, Sookie and Lorelei duke it out and Paige has an apology to make. Grant really, really doesn’t care about the Puffs, but Paige enjoys DBZ subverting some body swap tropes. It’s the Debutant Ball! Dinosaurs are attacking! AND (most importantly) we have our first guest host! Rachel Gatlin from TMNT Minute to talk about her history with both shows, DBZ Abridged and “high society crap.” TMNT ...…
Jess does not impress Grant and Paige discusses The Philosophy of Goku Paige actually likes Goku when he reminds her of samurai movies, Gilmore Girls gets scattered, and we reminisce about a time when no one knew what a Super Saiyan was. Emily visits a drag party, Vegeta gets mad and someone murders a child? Did I see that one right? This week! On Gilmore Ball Z! In Season 2, Episode 2 of Gilmore Ball Z, Grant wonders how two perfectly nice parents got…Max, Paige can’t wrap her head around the Ginyu force, and Gilmore Girls still doesn’t understand how anything works. The BK Kids: + The Monst ...…
In the season 2 premiere of Gilmore Ball Z, Paige questions Goku’s training practices, Grant almost sorta likes Max, and Frieza might be a vampire? Also, we guest hosted this week on the Min Max podcast and would highly recommend both this epis ...… It’s the end of Season 1, so we’re celebrating with a bonus episode where we discuss our favorite moments, favorite (and least favorite) characters, and say thank you to our listeners.…
Grant smells cheese and Paige is thinking about potato pickles, then both of us give out marriage advice in the stunning finale of season 1 of Gilmore Ball Z.
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