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Best Dead And Lovely Horror Movie podcasts we could find (Updated October 2019)
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Dead and Lovely is a horror movie podcast hosted by Ben Eller and Steven Spratling.
Kill the Dead
A horror movie discussion podcast. Horror nerds that love to talk, rant and ramble! New episodes drop every other Thursday.
A couple that watches and talks about horror movies.
The Horror Virgin
What’s your favorite scary movie? Are you a fanatic or a fraidy-cat? Love them or loathe them? Either way, we’ve got you covered. Each week, horror fans Jenn and Mikey will take Horror Virgin Todd through the encyclopedia of horror one movie at a time. We’ll discuss classics as well as fan favorites, with the occasional new release thrown in for good measure. Mikey will make inappropriate jokes, Jennifer will gush over Stephen King, and Todd will scream like a little girl at every jump scare ...
The Final Guys Horror Podcast covers all genre topics ranging from movies, books, games, and much more! We love horror and discuss it with a humorous slant.
Every week Brandon and Danko sit down and talk about a thing they love, HORROR MOVIES! And what makes them worthy of that genre.
The Horror films you must see, and will fall in love with.
Do you love horror movies? Ever watch one and wonder why that one guy looked familiar, or why they did that crazy thing? Well, every week Danny and Tyler dive deep and try to pull all those answers and more out of their smoke-filled memories.
Hosted by horror fanatics Chainsaw Paul and Permanent guest host Wolfman Memo two guys who love all aspects of the horror genre.Join us as we share our thoughts and opinions on new and classic horror movies, video games, ghost stories, all things horror!Welcome to Podcast From The Crypt!
Werewolf Ambulance is a horror movie comedy podcast. Allen and Katie watch horror movies from all eras and of all qualities and then discuss them in a not-so-academic way (just as the name "Werewolf Ambulance" might imply!) and then discuss and rate them. The episodes do contain spoilers, so please watch the films before listening if that bothers you!
Terror and Tacos
We love horror movies and tacos! We talk about both of those things every week. Even if you don't love horror, you should still listen. If you don't love tacos, there's nothing we can do for you.
Planet Dead Radio
Planet Dead Radio is a horror based podcast hosted by Horror & Fantasy Author Sylvester Barzey, as well as his Horror loving wife Angel Barzey. They review and discuss horror movies on all the streaming sites as well as those in theaters thanks to Movie Pass. There are weekly audio readings from the Planet Dead universe​ and of course Zombies! So if you like all things horror and you're 100% okay with Carol dying because let's face it, it's been a long time coming. This Podcast is for you or ...
Death By DVD
Death By DVD: When watching is never enough.We here at Death By DVD sit painfully through hours and hours of movies so you, the public, can make an informed decision of what you put in your ear holes and eye holes. Some of these films are good, some bad, and some even unmentionable; but ALL have one thing in common : Watching all of these movies will one day melt our brains into a sloppy wet mush. No need to thank us, we were already methodically destroying ourselves with cinema. At least th ...
Every other Friday, Doug McCambridge and Jamie Lorello discuss a film from the 1980s. Some are films we haven't seen since we were kids and offer a fresh perspective. Others are films we've never seen before but probably should have. Do they hold up? Are they classics? Or would these films just be better off having been lost to time?
Three guys with virtually no credentials talking to you about movies and more-er for those who love horror. Each week we provide a movie review, history report, biography, or something entirely bizarre! With episodes ranging from slasher classics like Friday the 13th to harrowing accounts of paranormal cryptids, with event coverage and creepypasta in between, we pride ourselves on having something for every gore-loving goon. If you are a horror creator, please reach out, as we also do interv ...
Walker Nation™
Do you love The Walking Dead, Halloween Horror Nights, & The Horror genre in general? Dave Solo, Liz, & Christina discuss the best Horror Shows, Movies, & Stories, as well as bring you breakdowns of each episode of "The Walking Dead," the latest celebrities & horror news!
Stinker Madness is a bad movie podcast that loves horrible films that might actually be wonderful little gems. Or they could suck. Cult, budget and "bad" movies twice a week.
Film Alchemist
A weekly Film Podcast featuring Griffey and Dandino exploring movies they love and what makes them magic.
Each week, Pea and Joe discuss horror old and new. Movies, Comics, TV, Music will be discussed
Movies First
Movies, more movies and then maybe other stuff. Reviews, opinions, news and ratings. If you love movies you’ll love Movies First with well-known and respected reviewer Alex First.
An irreverent (yet loving) review of Star Trek episodes and discussion of all — okay, most — things Star Trek. Hosted by Ron "AAlgar" Watt and Matt Rowbotham, the guys who also host the Sarcastic Voyage podcast.
Sister Cinema
Sister Cinema is a podcast hosted by two sisters hoping to share their affinity for over analyzing movies with anyone who will listen. Recreational movie nerds Mollie and Lindsay take your favorite film genres, tropes, actors and story lines and dig way too deep into them. Each episode we'll pick apart two movies that fit the episode's theme and talk about why we love or hate them. Laughing or arguing will likely ensue.
The Bloodlust
We review horror movies. We tackle everything from the well-known blockbuster flicks, to the classics (with the occasional TV show thrown in). Nothing is too high or lowbrow, as we dissect everything from "Don’t Look Now" to "Leprechaun" with equal fervor. Join us, won’t you, as we revel in the blood and guts of the genre. Aficionados and noobs alike, everyone will find something to love about The Bloodlust.
A horror podcast focusing on B-List horror films we've grown to love or hate, or love to hate. We laugh, Nappy cries, but we always have a bloody good time. Featuring Horror News, Horror Games, and maybe a beer or 7...
Pretty Much Geek
Welcome to the podcast of unconventional professional's. Hosted by Marciel and Alonso; Pretty Much Geek is a show about film, comic books, video games, and various content that celebrates what we love.Whether it be important, newsworthy or pretty much geek we've got it covered all under our radar.
Does getting the chills give you thrills? Fempop's new HorrorBelles podcast marries a love of the horror genre and a passion for feminism. Our hosts Cherlynn Low and Jill Scharr will geek out about the hottest movies, TV shows, games, comics and books in
Blockbuster Mentality
Join Ben and Dave every Monday as they discuss classic and new films! Come along as we relate these films to our own lives! Home of the Stars/Buckets of Popcorn Rating system! Email us with any questions or topics you'd like us to discuss
Join your host Sue, as she chats her love for all things loud and scary in podcast Heavy Metal Horror Cast. We are always on the look out for bands to feature on the show, if you are in a heavy metal or horror related band please get in touch at
Every episode Jason talks with new guests about one of their favorite things, ranging from movies to video games to hobbies and everything in between! The guests tell him why they love what they love, what makes it important, and how it has influenced their lives.
Vitamin Geek is a mufti-faceted podcast designed to cover all aspects of geek culture from sci-fi to comics to horror to gaming.
Old Movies Club
Garrett loves movies. Shawn loves movies. But there are so many movies they've never seen. So every two weeks Garrett and Shawn watch an old movie and discuss it, dissect it, deconstruct it and make jokes about it. Mostly make jokes about it.
Mike Vanderbilt and Katie Rife of Daily Grindhouse and The A.V. Club take on a series of genre films each episode and dish on the goods. They take out the trash so you don't have to.
Paths of Glory; or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Shlock is a weekly podcast hosted by Zack Long and Andrea “Danger” Gigeroff. Each episode, they talk about about two films that are related, however tentative that relation may be. Andrea Gigeroff is a science student and movie enthusiast from Halifax, NS. She likes sci-fi novels, horror movies, snakes, and long romantic walks to the liqour store. In addition to Paths of Glory, she sporadically writes horror and science fiction f ...
Just a couple of guys with a love for all things movie, video game, anime, and comic book related! Join us as we discuss hot topics or throw down in a debate.
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Uncle Ben and Hollywood Steve are talking Zombieland just in time for the sequel! We find out what kind of snack cake we are, get deep into the ways this movie tells a story, and Ben has a wild theory that really makes sense. It's a real fun time! Next week's episode was randomly selected from movie titles submitted by our $5-patrons. If you wa ...…
In the 175th Episode of Blockbuster Mentality Ben and Dave invite back Ryan Terry to discuss Night of the Living Dead for All The Horror 2019! Included are favorite zombie movies from Invasion of the Remake and Talking Codswallop podcasts! Enjoy! Thanks for listening! Please follow us on Twitter @Blockbustercast and email questions to BBENTERTA ...…
The Alchemist dance with twins and put it in our computer as we try and survive Jason in The Final Chapter. Key Elements: Tommy's Hairdo, Jason Hunter, Crispin Dancing
Uncle Ben and Hollywood Steve are talking Zombieland just in time for the sequel! We find out what kind of snack cake we are, get deep into the ways this movie tells a story, and Ben has a wild theory that really makes sense. It's a real fun time! Next week's episode was randomly selected from movie titles submitted by our $5-patrons. If you wa ...…
Marianne, X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Night Gallery, etc. Tacos La Banqueta. Fall finally fell in Texas (kind of), so we're back to help you plan the season and keep it spooky everyday with some of our favorite scary TV shows and episodes.By Terror and Tacos.
Nothing says Halloween like a good ol' Haunt. From the writers of A Quiet Place comes this low-budget movie about a special kind of haunted attraction. But does Haunt live up to the writers/directors' newfound reputation? Our weekly horror reviews are The Nun, Black Water Vampire, Dawn of the Dead (1978), Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers, Sle ...…
Kill the dead is back with much ado about nothing!By Kill the Dead.
OOOOOoooooo Witchy women, see how high they float off their bedroom floor….This week on Fried Squirms, the boys look into THE mid-90s witch movie, THE CRAFT. And don’t worry, it has a better soundtrack than a bad Eagles parody.By Danny & Tyler.
The Alchemist run from bikers, Jason and Shelly's jokes in Friday the 13th Part 3. Key Elements: Shelly's Box, Jason's Mask, Eye Ball Pop
Freddy is back and this time he lulls us to sleep with whale song and LBGTQ social commentary! It begs the ultimate question - does Freddy actually appear in this movie? Freddy 2 is an absolute bonkers experience and through-out is a complete and utter-turd. At no point does it make sense that it was a commercial success and likely should have ...…
The United States is hit with an infection leaving its people as mindless husks without any sense of humanity. So of course this means its time to nut up or shut up, and bring out the comedians for this post apocalyptic thrill ride. One of the pioneers of the late 2000s Zombie craze, its been 10 years and Zombieland's influence can still be fel ...…
The Alchemist put on a dead ladie's sweater to survive Jason in Friday the 13th Part 2. Key Elements: Head Alter, Burlap Sack, Hand Walk and Chop
Truly, this film is legendary. With performances by Simon Pegg (Star Trek, The World's End, Hot Fuzz) and Nick Frost (Paul, Attack the Block, Into the Badlands) that have been often imitated, but never duplicated. Atop a stellar script by Edgar Wright (Baby Driver, Scott Pilgrim) and Pegg, there is very little to change, even from the most crit ...…
In this week's episode, our 250th (!!!), we're asking ourselves the question "who is this movie for, and dear god, why?" with the 1996 horror thriller "Fear." Special topics for your consideration include: how the roller coaster scene affects a 15 year old's brain, the not-so-believable appeal of meth guys, inexplicable Chucky dolls, a Bush spo ...…
It’s not the loft that’s haunted. It’s your pod. Grab your hot pocket and your sketch pad and join the HVCrew as we practice our astral podjection with Insidious. Follow our voices. Please Subscribe, Rate and Review The Horror Virgin to help more people discover our community. Help Support our HV Family: Patreon Follow us @HorrorVirgin: Faceboo ...…
Horror hosts Wolfman Memo, Chainsaw Paul and Madman Steve take a look at a coulple classic b&w films Tod Browning’s “Freaks” (1932) and George A. Romero’s “Night of the living dead” (1968)By Podcast From The Crypt.
Better late than never, right guys!? This time we talk about George A. Romero's Day of the Dead. We also talk about some other stuff we've been watching including It Chapter 2, Ma, Friday the 13th 2 & 3, True Detective Season 3 and Downton Abbey. Show notes at: Connect with us: patr ...…
Dave makes a big announcement.By The Walking Dead.
This week on Scream Addicts, Jinx welcomes Victor Gischler to the show. A novelist, comic book writer, and screenwriter known for Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse, Spirits of Vengeance, and Death of Dracula, Mr. Gischler has chosen Ridley Scott’s 1979 sci-fi/horror masterpiece Alien for discussion this week. Mr. Gischler and Jinx discuss the first ...…
We've made our love for Jordan Peele's directing well known throughout the history of this podcast, so we thought it was time to finally dedicate an episode to discussing his two iconic movies. First is his directorial debut Get Out which garnered several Oscar noms and won him Best Original Screenplay, almost unheard of for Horror films. Then ...…
The Alchemist try to survive a night at camp in Friday the 13th. Key Elements: Crazy Ralph, Bacon Butt, Strip Monopoly
Gemini Man (Action, Drama, Sci-Fi) An over-the-hill hitman faces off against a younger clone of himself. Director: Ang Lee Writers: David Benioff (screenplay), Billy Ray (screenplay) Stars: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Will Smith, Clive Owen - (IMDb) Movies First RSS feed: Stream podcast episodes on demand f ...…
Hustlers (Comedy, Crime, Drama) Inspired by the viral New York Magazine article, Hustlers follows a crew of savvy former strip club employees who band together to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients. Director: Lorene Scafaria Writers: Jessica Pressler (magazine article), Lorene Scafaria (screenplay) Stars: Constance Wu, Jennifer Lopez, ...…
On this weeks episode we discuss one of the most legendary banned movies of all time, and one of the most alluring recent horror films of the last decade. Two movies perfect for a double feature no Drive-In would ever show, Ken Russell's “The Devils” from 1971 and Robert Eggers 2015 “The Witch”! Buckle up for heresy on this one!…
Dead Space: Downfall A prequel to the hit video game chronicling the discovery of the Red Marker and the first Necromorph outbreak. Director: Chuck Patton Writers: Jimmy Palmiotti (screenplay), Justin Gray (screenplay) | Stars: Nika Futterman, Keith Szarabajka, Jim CummingsBy Kill the Dead.
The Alchemist get a grimy reboot and face the meanest most cringy Freddy yet in the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. Key Elements: Micro-Naps, Nancy's Dress, "Playroom"
The Eulogy (Documentary) Documentary examines why the brilliant Australian pianist Geoffrey Tozer died destitute, alone, and young. Director: Janine Hosking Writers: Kate Grusovin, Janine Hosking - (IMDb) Movies First RSS feed: Stream podcast episodes on demand from (mobile fri ...…
THE TIME IS UPON US! Join us for out 100th episode where we review the most cringe worthy desgusting movie that we have ever seen A SERBIAN FILM!By HnS.
The Alchemist fight Freddy on the streets of Hollywood in Wes Craven's New Nightmare. Key Elements: Rex, Earthquakes, Naughty Nurses
Working Woman (Drama) Isha Ovedet (original title) (Israel) Life at work becomes unbearable for Orna. Her boss appreciates and promotes her, while making inappropriate advances. Her husband struggles to keep his new restaurant afloat, and Orna becomes the main breadwinner for their three children. When her world is finally shattered, she must p ...…
Uncle Ben and Hollywood Steve are coming at you with something of a wildcard pick: The Addams Family. It may not be horror, but it's a great movie to watch around Halloween! We talk about all of the production issues, Anjelica Huston's dedication to the film, and the rest of the awesome cast. Mamushka! Go become a Patreon patron: ...…
Uncle Ben and Hollywood Steve are coming at you with something of a wildcard pick: The Addams Family. It may not be horror, but it's a great movie to watch around Halloween! We talk about all of the production issues, Anjelica Huston's dedication to the film, and the rest of the awesome cast. Mamushka! Go become a Patreon patron: ...…
We're diving into the Netflix original movie pool this week with In the Tall Grass. Adapted from the novella by Stephen King and Joe Hill, this horror film has a tall task ahead of it. Does King's adaptation winning streak continue or is this more reminiscent of his 80's fare? Our weekly horror reviews are Thirst, Texas Chainsaw 3D, Joker, Frog ...…
Alright everyone, out of your dead boxes, there’s a new slasher to pay attention to. The boys start in on Halloween month (don’t forget to guess the theme!) with a straight ahead slasher, filled with cool gore, a surprising cast, and a new slasher icon for the kids these days. This adds up to one … Continue reading 133. Laid to Rest (2009) →…
The Alchemist call Freddy daddy and rock our 3D glasses in Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare. Key Elements: Great Graphics, Dream Goggles, Papa Cooper
So it turns out that Peter Frampton sucks - oh you knew that already? The Brothers Gibb surround themselves by people who can't sign and play as well as they do and let everyone else drag them into the depths of garbage. But Barry's hair looks amazing, at least. Sgt Pepper's on it's face is a "do not do" movie before it even starts - you don't ...…
For this show we tried some Monocaine for research purposes. Can't say I see any difference. Also can't say I've seen Alonso either.This year for Halloween Horror Month we have a real spine tingling tale. James Whales The Invisible Man, based off the classic H.G. Wells novel. When a doctor trifles with an invisibility serum he becomes an unseen ...…
In space... no one can hear anything but my annoying nasally voice yelling at my wife and best friend about how much I love Alien! Written by Dan O'Bannon and Ronald Shusett, the film was O'Bannon's reintroduction to Hollywood after living in a think-tank on the ill-fated Jodorowsky's Dune. The time abroad served invaluable, as it introduced hi ...…
In this week's episode, we're revisiting an old friend we haven't seen since Episode 21 with "Creepshow 2" except now the old friend is weird and like, kind of matted and gross and after awhile you start to feel like maybe reuniting wasn't the greatest idea. Special topics for your consideration include: some confusion over what actually consti ...…
The Alchemist join Amanda Krueger in our unborn child's dream to fight Freddy. Key Elements: 100 Maniacs, Baby Freddy, Mad Max Stroller
Look, local podcast! It’s been a year since we watched the events of Scream so check your conscience at the door and join the HVCrew to find out if we’ve got a cold storage shed where a pod should be with Scream 2. Did ya get that on pod? Yes, we got that on pod. Please Subscribe, Rate and Review The Horror Virgin to help more people discover o ...…
In the 174th Episode of Blockbuster Mentality Ben and Dave review their most anticipated movie of the year Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix! Enjoy! Thanks for listening! Please follow us on Twitter @Blockbustercast and email questions to BBENTERTAINMENTCAST@GMAIL.COM. Don't forget to subscribe and rate us on iTunes.Music from…
Director/Writer: Issa López Stars: Paola Lara, Juan Ramón López, Hanssel Casillas Rated: NR; Runtime: 1hr 23min Released September 13, 2019; Available on Shudder Synopsis: The film takes place in a Mexican city ravaged by warring drug cartels. When 10yr old Estrella’s mother disappears, she makes a wish to get her back. Her wish comes true, but ...…
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