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Deloitte Global Insights is an audio news podcast that delves into the business strategies that address the issues affecting your industry. Topics such as globalization, accounting, tax, finance, technology, risk management, governance and much more are discussed with some of the industries� most experienced minds at the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu member firms.
Hello It's Josh
For those who like podcasts.... yeah I'd go somewhere else. Want to tell us to do better? try reaching the show through: Hola.its.Josh@gmail.comCover art curtsy of:
Hi Hello, It's Us
Lots of this and that but mostly nothing, accompanied by a bit of alcohol and giggles.
On Valentine’s Day David Dellit had an unusual but enlightening experience with God. He was anointed and instructed by God to write down what He gave him and then to send it out to the world. God's message to David is what has become "The Valentine Prophecies"
Mangled everyday discussions, sub par beat boxing , nostalgic flashes and bullshit seriousness all wrapped in a bundle of fart noises.
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Thayne wants to have his intro song song so bad and i escape a deadly trap.
I'm stressed about buying a house and Thayne won't make time for me to share, not that you care either. Write in to the show and share your House buying woes
Larry wanted to take a balloon ride and ... he did. Boy the 80's are cool.
Thayne needs to share a clip from the internet at 1 am and I'm very tired but I give it my best effort.
I went 2 clean out my voicemail and found a little gem from Thayne.
The start of season 2 is here!
WUFO Earth and beyond. We play all the hits that ET likes.
As life presses in from every direction a take scope of what my life has meant while shopping at a home depot.
The voice of Wait wait don't tell has passed away and Thayne wants me to buy him a dremel in remembrance.
An old friend of mine, Jan, listens to me and my stupid ideas .
This week! Thayne and i swap fun facts. of course mine are better! :p
The next steps are taken and a new house gets closer but this conversation slides into a rabbit hole.
Thayne forges a brave new path by not fixing his car. Much like the pioneers of old did in that game Oregon trail.
We unravel stories from our cringing pasts, a background check on the history of my friendship with Richard Masigan and the new music shit coming up.
Yes! that's right I'm looking into getting a house. Thayne thinks its more than that thou, of course he would.
#nevergiveup #Befit #yoggie #strongmind#basic #Talkusing #hastages
Just in case you thought "Sure, but they don't talk to each other like that for real". Here is a clip that was accidentally recorded. I had no plans to post until after I listened to it.
Get the tissues ready, because we open up some deep wounds .
well, its lucky number thirteen. so Don't expect much.I strongly suggest skipping this one, but you're not gonna listen to me are you?
Do you have your own favorite Podcast? great get your own show and talk about that. On this episode we let Thayne talk about his favorite 1's.
In this episode you'll learn the in and out's of good comedy, what it takes to be funny, and how best to apply your trade of joke telling to make you rich. Our expert panel has over 456 years of comedy experience.
No I'm not. It's just that Thayne is horrible at guessing things. ;)
Thayne Can't talk because he has to watch a movie.
Thayne hired an HR firm. Or so he wants me to think.
I know I always enjoy a good brunch with my Mom too. What do you like to get with your mimosas?
Get this man a shield! Video: Facebook:
Its even later at night... but We Won't be Stopped.
This is why game nights are fun, for some of us.
Today I had to explain to Thayne how even at my side gig I make the world a better place!
Thayne sends the young one in to do his dirty work..
And we're back!! On this episode we catch you up with all the new stuff we're changing within "Hi Hello, It's Us" and the stuff we've been up to over the break. We interview one of our besties, Kat and for the first time ever we have video of our interview to share with you. You can find it here!…
This week we rambled on about Raychelle's recent trip to Colorado, how impressive Chick Fil A's marketing staragety is on Instagram and Harem Pants, love them or hate them?
Getting a little racey with recent wardrobe malfunctions in this week's podcast episode.
Gigi Hadid fights off a creep, Alicia Keys is as cool as ever and American is falling in love with her all over again, and we take a Friends quiz on Buzzfeed to celebrate Meg's new love for the show and Raychelle's long term relationship with it.
This week we cover a multitude of unimportant things happening in the world, including but not limited to Tom and Taylor's break up, Yeezy Season 4, and all our feelings on Bach in Paradise. We also talk about starting a new series of episodes to share all our travel stories on, so that's exciting! Be on the look out for those soon!…
We thought the rain had mellowed us out... and then we started talking. Can't stop, won't stop.
Listen to us reminisce about our emo Xanga days and then bring it back current with Michelle Obama.
Ok let's just all pretend that we edited this in a timely manner because THE HUSBANDS ARE ON. Dawson and Jon join us to chat about manly things like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Julia Roberts, and duh - Santa Fe!
In this come-back episode, we explore this beautiful earth through the eyes of snoop dogg. And also talk about a bunch of other stuff. K byyyyye.
Our great friend and super talented photographer, Elisabeth Carol, joins us to talk about SO. MANY. TOPICS. Seriously, we are all over the map in the best way on this one!
This week we have our floral friend (and regular friend too) Briley Studdard as our first ever guest! We talk about Raychelle's recent trip and all of our over analytical travel fashion worries.
1. Hiking, Living Rooms, and Jimmy Fallon by Megan Hooton and Raychelle McPherson
Featuring Gregory Reh, DTTL Global Sector leader for life sciences and life sciences consulting leader for Deloitte Consulting LLP in the United States, and Jennifer Malatesta, advisory leader for life sciences for Deloitte & Touche LLP in the in the United States.By (Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu).
Featuring Reynold W. (Pete) Mooney, DTTL Global Leader, Life Sciences & Health Care and Homi Kapadia, US Life Sciences Sector Leader.By (Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu).
Featuring Reynold W. (Pete) Mooney, DTTL Global Leader, Life Sciences & Health Care and Homi Kapadia, US Life Sciences Sector Leader.By (Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu).
Featuring Reynold W. (Pete) Mooney, DTTL Global Leader, Life Sciences & Health Care and Homi Kapadia, US Life Sciences Sector Leader.By (Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu).
Part 2: Learn how accounting curriculums are changing to keep pace with the profession.By (Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu).
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