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Dead Pixel Live
Dead Pixel Live features discussions, reviews and interviews about video games, movies, and more video games. With an open format that has lasted for hundreds of episodes, DPL is an unpredictable and entertaining show.
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DPL is in the Friendgame this week. Derrick goes into more detail about why the show has had so many audio issues and how he's in poor health lately. He also chronicles his viewing of Avengers Endgame with his compatriots from Fantastic Forum and it didnt turn out quitte as heroic as he may have hoped. Plus, why are people really so interested ...…
Dead Pixel Live tries to upgrade in this episode. Derrick chronicles his short fight with hearing loss. DPL move into twtich streaming and Derrick isn't happy with the results. We take a quick look at the PS5, Sega Mini, and Atari VCS, plus the netflix shows Black Summer and The Package.…
Dead Pixel Live doesnt have sound in this episode. Derrick has problems with his setup again and it definately affects the quality of this episode. He reviews Zaccaria pinball and there is also a possible decision about a move to Twitch in the future.By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live is anti-trust in this episode. Derrick reviews the new action flick Triple Threat and compares it to the John Wick 3 trailer. He then takes a deep look into Google's Stadia gaming platform and explains how its all sorts of badness for gamers.By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live is more upbeat in this episode. Derrick makes an effort to be more energetic on the mic. He gives a quick breakdown of Captain Marvel and why you should ignore the haters. He also talks up the Vietnamese film Furie about a mother beating up kidnappers. We close out with a look at Triple Frontier, which is basically Ben Affleck s ...…
Dead Pixel Live wants to spend time with it's family in this episode. Derrick discusses the possible reasons for the leadership changes at nintendo. Why he didn't enjoy Alita Battle Angel or Disney Animation Shorts. We learn about Tourettes and Sweet Anita. Also we take a hard look at the friendzone.…
Dead Pixel Live feels secure in this episode. Derrick attempts to rant about false security but is interrupted by Ms. H calling in to re-re-anounce her podcast. Redertainment joins as we brainstorm names and decide whether people should be paid for their work.By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live apologizes in this episode. DPL returns again! Derrick doesnt think he enjoys violence in media anymore. Ms. H calls in to scold Derrick for not paying his phone bill and to announce the eventual return of her show, Mom's Minute. Billy OK calls in to brag about his tv size. Derrick reluctantly shares an excerpt from his novel.…
Dead Pixel Live hasnt changed in this episode. Another year and Derrick still hates Open Source Software. After a bout of despair because of avoidable audio issues, Derrick dives into the sewer of trying to install a wifi adapter on his reloaded Ubuntu box. Also, we find out why the Wall is so important to some people.…
Dead Pixel Live announces a console in this episode. DPL starts with an expected/unexpected call from Ms. H. Derrick is upset over the treatment of Soulja Boy and the new MadBox console by Slightly Mad Studios. So Derrick decides to design and announce his own Dead Pixel Box, videogame console. Complete with specs and release date.…
Dead Pixel Live cranks that in this episode. Derrick goes on a rant about how people are going on a rant about the new Soulja Boy console. BillyOK tries to talk him down and Hect joins in unsuccessfully. Surprise appearances by DoomPlague and Fantastic Forum's Mayor Young.By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live is Live this week. After some time off Derrick returns to talk about whatever is on his mind. He discusses the possible move to twitch and the roadblocks in the way. Also, he talks about why he's not that excited about VR, and why AAA games may be going a little farther than they need to with the details.…
Dead Pixel Live joins the army in this episode. Derrick doesnt want to pay for another streaming serving and adds up how much he currently pays. He talks about the time he almost joined the army. And how Ralph Breaks the Internet brought a tear to his eye.By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live is innocent in this episode. Derrick almost has a run in with the police where he may or may not end up in witness protection.By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live can see the future in this episode. Derrick bemoans not getting his amazon order. Sony wont be at E3 this year and he tells everyone why. Dr Evil calls in along with Hect and BillyOK. They discuss wrestling, Jackin4beats, and the placement and timing of E3 Press events.By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live doesnt do a whole lot this episode. Derrick has nothing to do so he considers washing his car. He looks for a decent game on Xbox Game Pass and almost decides on Tomb Raider. Then he tries to remember which version of Tribes is still viable for a game night with listeners.By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live wants affordable healthcare in this episode. Derrick complains about how much his brain pills cost. He is also not excited about Red Dead Redemption 2 and explains why. Does he even like video games any more? Ms H makes a 'surprise' appearance.By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live returns in this episode. Derrick is back after a week off and tells Hect all about his time at the WOW Wrestling show. Billy calls in to put a stop to the wrestling talk and we get a surprise visit from chatroom regular Dt Evil who asks a bunch of questions to annoy DerrickBy DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live is entitled in this episode. Derrick realizes he's living the good life and a lot of it is because of luck. He implores everyone to move the the US. Zappy calls in from Canada and they discuss how easy it is to get banned from America for Wrestling. BillyOK calls into remind us how easy it is to get shot in Chicago for living in ...…
Dead Pixel Live gets knocked out in this episode. Derrick is joined by Hect to discuss wrestling and videogames. A little bit of all of your favorite stuff.By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live has no money this episode. Derrick works through some sound issues with Hect. He documents the difficulties he has running the mighty Allgames Podcast Network with zero funds.By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live downloads in this episode. Derrick finds out that the Forza Horizon 4 demo is out but cant figure out how to download it. Hect calls in and they discuss the Mae Young classic wrestling tournament. Then two men decide 'What is male priviledge?'By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live is All In this episode. Derrick is joined by Redertainment, Hect, and BillyOK to discuss the biggest indie wrestling show in history. Was it great? Was it worth the $40?By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live reaps the rewards of society in this episode. Derrick realizes why he likes air conditioning. And he doesnt like the NES Classic Mini. We also discover how he'll survive in the coming apocalypse.By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live charms its listeners in this episode. Derrick starts out slow but picks up steam when BillyOK calls in. We discuss the pull of the TV show Charmed and by extension, Holly Marie Combs. Zappy calls in after an extended absence to say hello and Hect chimes on on whether or not Ronda Rousey is tainting her legacy with wrestling.…
Dead Pixel Live moves to thursday in this episode. DPL is on a new old day for the first time again. Hect calls in to complain about windows 10 and BillyOK claims he's not a russian spy. Derrick considers returning to reviewing games and revisits some of his previous attempts.By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live doesnt talk politics in this episode. Derrick is joined by Legend668, BillyOK, and Hect as they try to figure out what they would and wouldnt do for money. What ever happened to MySpace? And the top consoles are counted down.By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live is understanding in this episode. Derrick walks you through his day from the moment he wakes up to the time he lays his head down to rest. Also, there's some spoilers for Mission Impossible Fallout and what it means to be Ethan Hunt. And we count down the top consoles of the week.By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live looks back in this episode. Derrick rambles a bit before realizing that every previous episode of DPL has the possibility of ruining his future movie career. Has DPL already James Gunned Derrick's future? Plus a look at the top consoles of the weekBy DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live has sharp chest pains in this episode. Derrick describes his latest ordeal that includes a visit to the emergency room. He also uses the zeigtgeist machine to countdown the top ten consoles of the week.By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live solves movies in this episode. Is anything good on Netflix lately? Derrick explains why everyone hates good movies lately. We count down the top consoles even though the zietgeist machine is still broken.By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live makes a deal in this episode. Derrick realized DPL is 10 years old. After learning about ResetEra's impending sale, Derrick puts AllGames up for sale. He talks about the new season of Luke Cage and the show ends with trying to get the zeitgeist machine back up and running.By DerrickH.
DPL should have seen it coming this episode. Derrick gives a quick rundown of a fairly uneventful E3 2018. He also gives a not so quick rundown on how he ended up in his current state of affairs. The show ends with a barely working zietgiest machine listing the top 10 (or so) consoles of the week.By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live tries to return in this episode. After a false start, Derrick is joined by Doomplague and Ms. H on the first episode in over a year. They discuss why Fortnite is the current big thing, not going to E3, and daked Atari VCS footage.By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live ate poorly in this episode. Derrick has a problem at his branNUjahb. We count down the top 10 consoles of the week in another late night DPL after DarkBy DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live stays up late this episode. DPL moves after dark with a new time because of Derrick's brand NEW job. BillyOK and Hect call in as we count down the top 10 consoles of the week. Derrick still plans on getting an Atari Box, no matter what it is.By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live is caught in a trap in this episode. DerrickH discovers traps music and decides he wants it in his next game. We count down the top 10 consoles of the week, as always.By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live has a system in this episode. Derrick is pretty sure he can beat the slot machines in vegas. The top 10 consoles of the week are counted down. Whats an Ataribox?By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live returns from a break this episode. Derrick returns with tales of his trip to VA and what he thinks of E3's new look. BillyOk and Dr Evil call in to help with the top 10 console list.By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live treads familiar territory in this episode before it goes on a break.By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live avoids problems in this episode.By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live makes it quick in this episode.By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live returns in this episode.By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live doesnt believe car reviews in this episodeBy DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live has Ms.H on in this episodeBy DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live looks for innovation in this episode.By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live Ponders a Switch in this episodeBy DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live is getting fixed soon in this episode.By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live doesnt like racism in this episode.By DerrickH.
Dead Pixel Live gets produced by Ms H in this episode.By DerrickH.
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