Best Disc Golf podcasts we could find (Updated May 2018)
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We talk about the newest information in disc golf. In depth conversations with the game's top pros. And all the inside information that you won't find anywhere else.
Whether you are brand new or have been playing Disc Golf for years if you have any questions to help improve your game then this is the place to ask. Eric McCabe has been a traveling full time Pro Disc Golfer for over 10 years and is well respected as one of the best putters and the nicest guys in Disc Golf.
The Disc Golf Show
This Podcast is about Disc Golf! We talk about Disc Golf news from all over, we have giveaways and raffles, we interview professionals, talk about tips and techniques, review gear and equipment, answer your questions via email and phone calls, and we also do a live stream on YouTube. If you like Disc Golf, you'll love this show! Also don't forget to check out our Patreon at we have tons of extra goodies for you, to thank you for supporting the show and Disc Golf.
Podcast by The Disc Golf Podcast
New England natives Ryan Zewski and Chris Baker bring you a podcast about Disc Golf in New England! We talk about tourneys, courses, players, and more!
Disc Golf Q & A
Eric, Robert, and Bobby answer various disc golf questions submitted by our listeners. You can listen to full episodes at
A group of friends give their opinions of disc golf courses in the Des Moines area and share the asinine conversations they have while playing them.
A book. A podcast. A way of life.
Podcast by Odin Disc Golf Bags
Deep Look is Ultiworld's news and analysis podcast hosted by editor Charlie Eisenhood. From the business of ultimate to the most compelling competition, Deep Look breaks down the biggest topics in the sport.
Disc Golf Daily
Disc golf questions posted Monday through Friday.
Pro-Am Disc Golf
A weekly discussion of Disc Golf between Chris Tellesbo (Pro) and Gavin Goodwin (Amateur) for anyone interested in the sport.
The Upshot
The Upshot is Ultiworld Disc Golf's news and analysis podcast, hosted by UWDG publisher Charlie Eisenhood and Jamie Thomas. From the business of disc golf to the most compelling competition, The Upshot breaks down the biggest topics in the sport.
Disc Golf Newscast
All the latest news on disc golf tournaments, pros, and brands throughout the season.
Disc Golf Newscast
All the latest news on disc golf tournaments, pros, and brands throughout the season.
OnTheBox's podcast
Let's talk disc golf tournaments, players, tours and stories.
Final Round Radio
Final Round Radio is the top disc golf podcast on the internet! Hosted by Andy Goh, Kevin Keith and Kevin Burgess, Final Round Radio brings out some of the best personalities in the game with great guests like Michael Johansen, Simon Lizotte, Ken Climo and Paul McBeth. Final Round Radio is recorded and unedited in Charlotte, NC in front of a live audience.
Podcast by Top of Texas Disc Golf Podcast
This is a pod cast of a new disc golfer trying get better and share his experience.
Dixon Jowers interviews our sports top players and movers and shakers, helping us learn a bit more about them, how they grew up, what makes them happy and what makes them tic.
All Things Women's Disc Golf
PnA Radio is a disc golf podcast based out of Ankeny, Iowa. As the sport grows I want to get to know the people responsible for making Iowa the great disc golf destination it is and help it continue to grow.
An international disc golf podcast, located in Europe. Bringing the best of disc golf to the world, with interviews, news, tips, small talk and more from two disc golf loving guys: Dean Schaub and Jørn Idar Kvig.
PDGA Radio
Hosted by Steve Hill and Sara Lamberson, PDGA Radio features weekly discussion of events, player interviews, and any other happenings in the professional disc golf world.
Utility Disc Golf presents the "Stay Fly Podcast"
The Tranquilhyzers Podcast follows the sport of disc golf from 2 guys in the midwest.
Jimmy Moore has been one of the leading voices in health and nutrition for over a decade, and is the host of the longest running health and nutrition podcast on the Internet. “One Moore Thing with Jimmy” is unlike any other Jimmy Moore podcast because it’s the first one he’s doing that is NOT about diet, fitness, and health. There is so much more to his life than nutrition and he’ll be exploring all the “other” things of interest to him and his wife Christine each Friday. Topics include rais ...
On the Outside Health and Fitness podcast we're exploring fun new ways to get fit outdoors. Discover the latest in health and fitness from leading experts. Get tips and advice each week on hiking, running, mountain biking, disc golf, skiing and more. We're getting outside the box, outside our comfort zone and outside and in shape.
David Lynch's show
Breaking down Ozark Disc Golf courses! Join us every sunday for more chat!!!
We talk about everything disc golf. Reviews, pro talk and tips and tricks are just 3 of the many sections you will be able to hear.
PnA Radio is a disc golf podcast based out of Ankeny, Iowa. As the sport grows I want to get to know the people responsible for making Iowa the great disc golf destination it is and help it continue to grow.
Reflections and ramblings from an amateur woman disc golfer. Created by K. Janelle Brown (PDGA #97280) on Anchor.
Slappin' Discs KC is a Disc Golf Podcast focusing on reviewing the many fabulous courses in and around Kansas City, and hopefully someday the world. Its regular contributors are Mr. Pole Jangles and Treesbane, who despite what they say are definitely not professional discers but definitely are enthusiasts.
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We get our pro review for the 2018 Trilogy Challenge Discs. Listener question and Hyzertheticals. Please use our code at infinatediscs for 10% off twitter:@proamdiscgolf instagram:@proamdiscgolf Music – ReverendP (Kevin Carr)…
Mr. Pole Jangles and Treesbane play a quick 9 at Harmon Park in Prairie Village Kansas.
Treesbane and Mr. Pole Jangles struggle with Technology at Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park in Lenexa as the attempt to record two podcasts on different operating systems. Lots and lots of disc slapping and double disc slapping.
Treesbane and Mr. Pole Jangles play one of their FAVORITE courses on a beautiful day. No discs were lost in the making of this podcast. Also, there was a brief pocketcast around hole 11. Listen closely and you can hear us reveal the Colonels secret recipe.
Come enjoy the Fox Hill Flyer Disc Golf Course as Mr. Pole Jangles channels his inner Treesbane.
Steve Hill and Sara Lamberson discuss the record-breaking PDGA Women’s Global Event weekend, including Sara’s WGE experience (00:45); the KC Diva Spring Feeva (3:50); and some of the other numbers that point toward the event’s success (5:57). Sara breaks down observations from the Global Scores (9:22) before the hosts cover the hot rounds from ...…
This week we reveal the winner of our giveaway, answer listener questions and "hyzertheticals" and finally we've got a surprise for our listeners. twitter:@proamdiscgolf instagram:@proamdiscgolf Music – ReverendP (Kevin Carr)…
Treesbane and DiscinJane travel to CALIFORNIA to play a short game in Goldnen Gate Park in San Francisco. Spoiler, this episode contains a high level of sexual tension. And Eucalyptus.
Diversity is good. Just ask Miles Seaborn. Well, don't worry, we asked for you.
The shedio is sultry with sweaty conversations about the West Texas Experience III, the Sockibomb challenge, an upcoming course review and much more. Someone loses a bet and takes a plunge in a backyard pool, listen to find out who gets wet!!!!
Mr. Pole Jangles and Sugar Disc Daddy are joined by Blu-Ray and Disco Bill at Heritage Park in Olathe Kansas.
Treesbane, Mr. Pole Jangles and Blue Ray get interrupted by a dynamic disc tournament at Cliffside. Fun and hijinks, birdies and bogeys... and a triple bogey by yours truly. This short episode is a prelude to an even shorter episode referenced early in this podcast...
Eric Oakley discusses life before disc golf and where he, and his co-pilot, are headed.
This week we ask the really tough questions. twitter:@proamdiscgolf instagram:@proamdiscgolf Music – ReverendP (Kevin Carr)
In this episode Austin talks about Mountain Bikes as a hobby. Zach discuses the many benefits of Disc Golf. News is disgusting this week Zach possibly vomits from it. Finally the program begins with a small rant. Talked about links.
Jeremy Koling talks about life before disc golf, his childhood name, playing basketball and laughing thru life.
It's back to just Matt and Justin this week. All the Dunwoody Crier News and NextDoor Posts that are fit to podcast! Matt has side-by-side listings, and the implications of that.Drones just goin’ everywhereBrook Run Trees marked for… (Death?)Tree filled disc golf courses at Brook Run?“Its all in the subject line” Elevators or No Elevators at th ...…
Worm, Nuht Rash, Sam, Martin, and Gordo chat it up in the shedio on this episode before the Dustbowl III B tier Tournament in Dalhart Tx. Listen as we talk about the upcoming tournament, off the wall stuff, plus much, much more!!
Going to take a break during GBO Week. Be sure to follow Dynamic Discs everywhere on social media to follow everything happening at GBO.
A big group of actors and audience hung around for this episode. Bob is joined by Jason, Jake, Aleks, Talitha, and Gavin (making his first podcast). The conversation and scenes bounce from a description of Disc Golf, to the word “Hangry”, to sliced bread. All very funny – and family friendly! Quick Wits performs every Saturday night in Midvale, ...…
Madison Walker discusses life before and without disc golf and how that has shaped her current view of her career.
In this bonusepisode we have a good and interesting talk with Harri Blankenstein from Bogey Free Productions and Re/Max Open, as well as Matt Krueger from uDisc. Harri is one of the organizers of the 2018 EuroProTour opener Re/Max Open, a tournament with big ambitions and dreams on not only being a great tournament, but also to grow the sport. ...…
We threw something new. Chris & Gavin review the new Dynamic Disc Captain, Getaway & Maverick. They had very different experiences. Gavin got his first PDGA rating. A new theory for large hands. Also listener questions on translating fieldwork to the course. twitter:@proamdiscgolf instagram ...…
Steve Hill and Sara Lamberson take a look at the weekend slate of A-Tiers, including results from the Throw Down The Mountain VI (1:45), The Open at Flat Creek (10:32), and The Daniel Boe Memorial (19:07). 2018 Am Worlds Tournament Director Robert Leonard stops by to clarify rule 804.02 and how it pertained to a situation at the Waco Annual Cha ...…
This week we talk about the end of humanity and that leads us into a listener question about tournament etiquette. twitter:@proamdiscgolf instagram:@proamdiscgolf
Imagine what it would have been like to be one of the first broadcasters who brought basketball to the public? Jonathan Gomez doesn't have to. Because that's exactly what he's doing with Disc Golf. It still shocks me how patient this dude was to be in the position he's in. But now his name is known throughout the sport. Listen to the conversati ...…
Episode 003 - The crazy finish in Waco Texas, Simon's bad luck, and the future of disc golf live coverage
Episode 003 - The crazy finish in Waco Texas, Simon's bad luck, and the future of disc golf live coverage
Mail call! we go through listener questions and feedback. Also Gavin does an audio "in the bag". twitter:@proamdiscgolf instagram:@proamdiscgolf
Episode 3: SOAP Notes with Dr. Warren Jahn Part 2 Download your SOAP Note Quick Tip Sheet and SOAP Example by clicking here. We talked about all of these great ideas in today’s episode and we hope you find our gift to you incredibly helpful. << Episode 2: SOAP Notes Episode 4: Exams >> In today’s episode we discuss how to audit proof your notes ...…
Charlie Eisenhood and Jamie Thomas discuss The Memorial, the first stop on the Disc Golf Pro Tour. They also take a look at Nikko Locastro's foot fault call against Ricky Wysocki and consider the norms around calling violations. Later in the show, they are joined by Memorial champion Simon Lizotte. Plus: optimistic or pessimistic?…
Steve Hill and Sara Lamberson break down the action from last weekend’s Memorial Championship on this week’s episode of PDGA Radio. First, the hosts talk about Simon Lizotte’s victory (1:27) and if fellow competitors should be scared of his newfound focus. Next, they discuss changes atop the Open leaderboard (6:15), a weird weekend for Ricky Wy ...…
This week we talk disc golf instruction and fitness to keep you throwing longer. Finally we talk the future of targets... Gavin suggests photons. twitter:@proamdiscgolf instagram:@proamdiscgolf
On this episode of The Perfect Flight, we start to get the feeling that the season is beginning. Over the pond the big tours have started, teams are being finalized and we got the two time Finnish champion Seppo Paju with us. He and his family have become partners of Prodigy, he is hitting it up in the US, and look forward to the European Champ ...…
Memorial Preview & LVC Review Jeff Jacquart joins us as well to talk about the Las Vegas Challenge. And we talk about fantasy. Support SmashBoxxTV at
It`s lift off for The Perfect Flight DG, and we got a special first guest: Simon Lizotte. He talks about a record 2017, focused goals for 2018, Star Wars and gives a free life advice. European Championship, Konopiště Open, what to do as at TD in the off season and a GIVEAWAY is just some of things on the menu for Jørn Idar and Dean. Big thank y ...…
Join Jason Stambaugh and Dennis Twigg as they visit Ruhlman Brewing Company on location for a tour of their brewing facilities and working farm. Hang around as they sample some fine beers and learn about the disc golf course and deep fishing hole.
We’re continuing season 2 with another of the Des Moines Disc Golf Club’s finest, the League Director and disc wizard, Joe Pohl. What’s up! I’m back after a couple weeks off. The whole family has had the flu in the last couple weeks so I havent been able to record but we’re all fresh, the house has been disinfected and I finally got a chance to ...…
Welcome back I hope everyone had a great holiday season. I took a few weeks off to enjoy the holidays but Im back for what I’m calling season 2. 2017 was my first year with this podcast and it consisted of 22 episodes and a bonus episode with Nemmers and it was a great year. This year I’m hoping to be much more consistent and get closer to that ...…
Welcome back I hope everyone had a great holiday season. I took a few weeks off to enjoy the holidays but Im back for what I’m calling season 2. 2017 was my first year with this podcast and it consisted of 22 episodes and a bonus episode with Nemmers and it was a great year. This year I’m hoping to be much more consistent and get closer to that ...…
In the episode we review the Trak by Vibram Discs along with Panic IPA by Track 7 Brewing Company. We also talk about the amazing Disc Golf Podcast Secret Santa and our disc golf adventures from the weekend. Music by
Dana joins us after a baby. Dodge talks ProTour. UDisc works with the NT. Support SmashBoxx at:
Over the next two episodes, the Windows Insider podcast explores all things mixed reality. In part 1, we chat with the Hololens team about design elements in Windows Mixed Reality and how developers can get started creating immersive experiences. We also hear how virtual reality enhances social life and creates community with people from all ov ...…
2017 has been an amazing year for The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show. For our last show of the year I wanted to give you a sneak peek of some fabulous new shows we'll be debuting after the first of the year. Joining me today is the newly christened NTP Christine Moore. Beginning in January, we will be bringing you two brand new podcasts, The NuTr ...…
MONDAY 12.11.2017 Jimmy back from week long cruise. Russ goes to daughters high school production. Disc Golf. RRR - What Country Believes In Aliens The Most? Keaton Jones and bullying. 6 Things. Steven Kramer You Be The Lawyer. Forcing your kids to give hugs. To The Top with Carlos - Back Up Your Phone. Monster Sports.…
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