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Scuba Diver Podcast
The Scuba Diver Podcast. Whether you have a thousand dives or you’re just considering your first one, this is the show for you! We talk about Scuba Certification, Dive Stories, Dive Travel, Gear, Tips, and Adventure!
Planet Earth Diver
A Weekly Radio Scuba Diving Program
Diver Debrief
Diver Debrief is your weekly plunge into the world of SCUBA. 2D is a weekly podcast focused on all things scuba diving.
Diver Tough
Diver Tough is a weekly podcast featuring Walter Lyon and Josh Toth, two U.S. Navy Submariners and Fleet Divers, turned civilians. We share our sea stories, points of view on sub-life, civilian life and more; uncut, unedited, and always amusing.
Otis Twelve and Diver Dan Doomey made their mark on radio comedy in the early 80s with Space Commander Wack, a sci-fi parody and satire. Over the next two decades radio listeners in Omaha, Nebraska also heard the adventures of Lance Stallion, Radio Detective and learned all about the life and times of the Mean Farmer. Fans of Firesign Theatre or Duck's Breath will find a lot to laugh about in this podcast of Diver Dan and Otis XII's greatest bits!
Buff Divers
Two guys David (@xana_dude90) and Jake (@janderson___) go into the Buffyverse and beyond to take a hilarious dive into and talk about our favorite chosen girl!
Vinyl Divers
Join Anthony Mullen each week as he reviews albums he picks up at his local record shops. From iconic albums to blind picks to unexpected gems, he listens to and discusses these records with a revolving door of guest hosts. So dust off that old stack of vinyl and get diving!
Finding the inspiration behind the woman who dives in head first.This is a one-off podcast about The Neon Diver that can be seen at the West Hollywood Pool along San Vicente. I've posted about this sign before and just wondered who this woman is, who inspired this sign. Here's what I found. Listen and tell me what you think on Twitter @iseeaimee.#whoistheneondiver
A collection of short stories, highlighting some of the best and worst characteristics we women are capable of in our Christianity and in our home life. (Summary by TriciaG)
Sailor, YouTuber, scuba diver, fishermen and realtor! This is my introductory podcast to go along with my YouTube channel
Scuba Obsessed Netcast is the premier podcast for passionate scuba diving enthusiasts. Listen each week as Mack, Jim and Darrin obsessed over all things Scuba. They interview guests, discuss scuba diving in the news and geek out about their scuba dives past and future. They record live each Thursday at 9:00pm EDST. You can visit to find out how to listen live and participate in chat and forums. If you haven't dove you haven't truly lived. Come on out and get wet with your d ...
The NAUI Dive Team Report is a weekly podcast to inform the general public and divers on trends and issues affecting the sport. The Report, hosted by NAUI Instructor Greg Martin, includes interviews with dive industry leaders and special guests and covers a variety of topics including dive training, safety, equipment, innovations, travel and environmental awareness.
DiveFilm HD Video
High Definition videos of the underwater world for your computer, iPad, iPhone 4, and HDTV!Showcasing some of the best high definition underwater short films being produced today from all over the world. Featuring beautiful images of the underwater world, marine life large and small, interviews with interesting people, and updates on underwater imaging. Produced in association with
Unfilter is a weekly independent news show, media watchdog, meme spotter, and topic deep diver. Unplug from the distractions, and unfilter your life.
Simply Scuba's Podcast
Daily+ is the number one online dive retailer in the UK. Once a month, our in-house specialist Mark holds a live YouTube broadcast where he answers all your questions as well as updating you on the latest news and product releases.
Showcasing some of the best underwater short films being produced today by filmmakers all over the world. For High Definition versions of these underwater video podcasts, please check out our DiveFilm HD Video Podcast here at iTunes! Featuring footage of all kinds of marine life, short films by divers all over the world, interviews with interesting people, and information on underwater imaging. Check out our new DiveFilm HD Video Podcast here at iTunes for all new video podcast releases!
The online internet radio show that is taking the world by storm! (well, it's attracting a few listeners from here and there anyway!)We aim to provide good quality entertainment for all ages to enjoy ranging from comedy and music, to absolute randomness. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer!
Meet the Ocean
Meet the Ocean is a nonprofit podcast actively educating the public with storytelling, science communication, and nature encounters from the far corners of our planet. We empower research and conservation efforts, while employing global outreach strategies that prioritize healthy saltwater ecosystems. The show is hosted by polar expedition diver Paul North, and backed by a team of marine educators and creative minds.
The Progressive Property Podcast helps you make smarter property & real estate investments, for leveraged property success & financial freedom, even with little or no money down. Whether you're a buy & hold investor, flipper, deal packager, multi-letter, want to get started, scale up, systemise or create multiple streams of property income, the Progressive Property Podcast will save you time & mistakes & help grow your knowledge, skills, & confidence. No fluff or filler, no ads and deep-dive ...
Podcast occasionnel sur divers sujets et des productions audios divers. ^-_-^ ----->> Mais surtout, c'est l'hôte de: "La Petite Commune Du Quebec" !! **.. Et C'est là, que TOI, TU es important ..**
Go Son
Exploring the unique and divers identities of gay men across America
Muddog American
Muddog American on the controversial topics In The News Today. What Can We Do About Them? And What Should We Do As A Nation and as a Country, but mostly as Americans. Views on this program will be opinions and thoughts from Muddog American and my callers. I am an American, a Dad, Husband, Diver, and Carpenter who likes to hang out with his family on the beach, at home, under the sea, or traveling around this great country.
Ann Diver-Stamnes and Pam Brown retired from teaching careers at Humboldt State University and started having conversations about life transitions, identity, and aging. The conversations enriched their lives. The show explores a wide range of topics with a diverse mix of guests including authors, artists, activists, and community members. The program aired for 4 years on KHSU, wrapping up in 2018. You can still enjoy episodes here at
On December 31 1787, the HMS Bounty, a small sailing vessel embarked from Spithead Harbor, England bound for Tahiti. Her mission was sponsored by the Royal Society in London and aimed at picking up breadfruit plants and fruit from Tahiti and conveying them to the West Indies, where it was hoped they would take root and become a commercial crop. The Bounty was an old ship with a young captain and 46 young officers. The captain's cabin was converted into a potting shed for the expected breadfr ...
Irregular podcast of the short fiction of Jason Erik Lundberg and others, as well as reviews, writing advice and divers other ramblings.
Fathom Cast
Two Deep Sea divers bring you the best in sea stories from guests all over the world! Brought to you by 15 Fathoms.
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Can't wait to see this one! - Nancy Sinatra Sr. - Helsinki - Cave Divers
The boys are back for the end of the week to chat about some Tiny Chips, Smart Cities and even...Artificial Blubber?! Plus Rich gives us the rundown on his Canada Day Tech Disaster and chats about some unconventional gaming he tried recently. Check out our Facebook Page and leave us a comment, suggestion, meme or cool stories. Leave us an Itune ...…
Our Friend Ryan, The Diver by Spencer Graves
Brett Westwood was twelve years old when he first encountered a pike between the pages of T.H.White’s book, The Sword in the Stone and yet the description of the pitiless monster still raises the hairs on the back of Brett’s neck. In this, the first in a new series of Natural Histories, Brett has an unnerving encounter with a living pike, and m ...…
On this episode of Vinyl Divers Podcast, Anthony goes back to the bin at a local record shop and pulls a blind 45. Will this time be any different for Anthony or will he find another industrial thrash punk vinyl that’ll make him want to keep his hands to himself? Listen to find out! Vinyl Divers Podcast theme: Stage Dive by Silent Partner On th ...…
A very manually-centric episode, involving little grabby hands, fishmittens, and alien Mars Reactor-esque power pedestals. The party falls under a hilarious curse, divers in its effect, but still finds time to discover ancient secrets about The Seed nee The Egg, as well as foment the piscine communist revolution. Meanwhile Honeydew says a lot o ...…
A risky dive mission to bring members of a junior football team out of flooded caves in Thailand has come to an end for a second day -- with four more boys now brought to safety, bringing the total to 8. The efforts to rescue the boys - aged between 11 and 16 - have proved a monumental challenge and the divers and rescue workers are taking anot ...…
A tense and nervous wait for those involved in the rescue of Thailand's trapped football team.Eight boys have been rescued, but four boys and their coach are spending another night trapped deep underground.Cave expert Andy Eavis is friends with many of the divers involved in the rescue.He told Larry Williams everyone with a stake in the rescue ...…
Divers rescue more boys from a flooded cave in northern Thailand. Also, an 8-year-old girl and her mom, separated at the border, are finally reunited after almost two months apart. But the mother worries about the future. Plus, President Trump heads to London later this week and a giant balloon characterizing Trump as a baby is ready to greet him.…
Divers rescue more boys from a flooded cave in northern Thailand. Also, an 8-year-old girl and her mom, separated at the border, are finally reunited after almost two months apart. But the mother worries about the future. Plus, President Trump heads to London later this week and a giant balloon characterizing Trump as a baby is ready to greet him.…
As the world watches to hear the fate of the twelve young soccer players trapped with their coach in a flooded cave system on northern Thailand, Elon tasked engineers from both The Boring Company and Space X to design something that can help. They answered with a one person submarine like tube that can carry the boys one by one to safety. There ...…
As the world watches to hear the fate of the twelve young soccer players trapped with their coach in a flooded cave system on northern Thailand, Elon tasked engineers from both The Boring Company and Space X to design something that can help. They answered with a one person submarine like tube that can carry the boys one by one to safety. There ...…
In this episode, Marina and I discuss the previous season’s anime. The bear in Golden Kamui is good. Amanchu is boring. Hamburgers do not require pickles. It’s a long episode. But some good conversation. We totally did not stay up late last night because we hadn’t finished this in time. Enjoy! 0:00:00 Intro 0:00:35 Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Ota ...…
Brian is a dynamic and ultra-personable individual who strives to help his community through business and service. He is always on the cutting edge of technology and loves helping other individuals and organizations stay up to date on their Apple products with his company We discuss: How to hone and match your individual niche ...…
John MacKenzie from 4CA speaks with Craig Nolan from QFES about the international effort being undertaken in a Northern Thailand cave to rescue the local soccer team #JohnMacKenzie #4CA #CraigNolan #QFES #cave #flood #Thailand #ChiangRai #divers #team #international
Play List1 Immortal - Gates to Blashyrkh2 Lucifer - Dreamer 3 Atrocity - Bloodshed And Triumph 4 Mortuorial Eclipse - Ruin Empire5 Dire Omen - Decaying Moral Scripture6 Death - Crystal Mountain7 Samael - Earth Country8 Taphos - Thrive In Upheaval9 Devildriver - Country Heroes feat. Hank III 10 Centauro - IDS11 Unborn Generation - Ritual12 Kills ...…
Most people, when they hear the word hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), are most likely to link this to the treatment of the bends (decompression sickness) that divers get if they travel to the surface too fast. ”So how does HBOT relate to energy and fatigue?” you might wonder. As it turns out, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be used to treat chro ...…
Pompeo in Pyongyang to nail down details of NK agreement, AP NewsBreak: US Army quietly discharging immigrant recruits, Thais fight water and oxygen levels in cave as diver dies.
A diver runs out of oxygen trying to rescue the stranded Thai soccer team, the mega-croc that hunted giant wombats, girls with afros celebrate their wild and wonderful manes, the most terrifying wasp in the world, and a guy tries turning mouldy fast food into fast cash.
On Friday's The World Today: A Thai Navy diver has died trying to rescue the soccer team trapped in a cave; A shake-up of Federal Government funding for private schools could be on the cards; And the horrific case of a father killing his two teenage children: police are now investigating what caused the murder-suicide.…
Pres. Trump Makes #METOO Comment On Day FMR. Controversial Fox Exec Arrives On Staff; FEDS: "Under 3,000" Children Separated From Immigrant Parents; No Reunions Despite Court Order; Boys Trapped In Cave; Some Too Worn For Rescue; Inside A Cave In Utah With Expert Divers; via Knit
B.C. teen wins award for best bird photography; new ways to detect bacteria like E.coli in foods; Khalil Akhtar on the politics of writing about food; international students at CNC in Prince George rally over what they say is unfair treatment and misleading recruitment campaigns; government response to criticism over decommissioning of Ellswort ...…
A world renowned cave explorer says getting all 13 people out of a cave network in Thailand is tricky, but not impossible.
Boys found alive after nine days. The challenge now will be to extract the party safely, with rising water and mud impeding access.Now the authorities must figure out how to extract them. The first priority is to get them medical treatment and food where they are, to rebuild their strength.#thailand #cave #caverescue #cavediver #diver #searchan ...…
Episode 54 features an in-depth conversation with Angus Lord of one of Melbourne's best up and coming bands, The Stroppies! Featuring members of several notable area bands, including The Stevens, Dick Diver, and Twerps, this group has already amassed an impressive collection of tunes in the last two years. They released a 7" single entitled "Ma ...…
Susie Diver from Thredbo joined Clinton Maynard and Craig Willis on Weekend Afternoons to talk about the start of the 2018 ski season.
In today’s News: President trump writes letter of support to National Right to Life convention Attorneys ask Supreme Court to consider case of coach fired for praying on football field Supreme Court recognizes right to pray in home Massachusetts considers gender “x” option for diver’s licenseBy
Mike is the founder, Chief Enthusiasm Officer and inventor of the patented FISION digital asset management/ sales enablement platform. He attributes his experience serving as a US Navy Submariner and US Navy diver as the foundation to his success as a corporate executive and entrepreneur.
Divers, Round 15 is upon us and its time for some deep look-see into the games. Full slate of games this week with 9 finally back. Some season defining games this week so PLENTY to discuss! MASSIVE Mid Season Bonus episode coming tomorrow! On season 2018 overall, Brownlow/Coleman/Rising Star predictions and 2018 trade period! Enjoy!RATE and Rev ...…
John Barklow, Product Manager at Sitka Gear joins Aron Snyder to discuss cold weather gear from shelters to boots. Go for a short walk, and you’ll know if your gear fits. You might notice the stretch, the lightness, the breathability, the warmth. But you won’t really know if it can keep you alive. You could take your clothing maker’s word for i ...…
The Last of the Octopus Wrestler – Gary KefflerOctopus wrestling was most popular on the West Coast of the United States during the 1960s. At that time, annual World Octopus Wrestling Championships were held in Puget Sound, Washington. The event was televised and attracted up to 5,000 spectators.[1] Trophies were awarded to the individual diver ...…
Our guest for this sessions is Stu Hirst (@StuHirstInfoSec) . Stu has is Head of Security Engineering at Photobox and have a massive experience in different security field working for some prestigious company like Capital One and Skyscanner. He’s involved in our community preaching the security faith across a range of talk and event he’s organi ...…
Celebrities and influencers post their amazing travel and adventure on social media all the time. Often, that is not by accident. Product placement and influencer marketing can bring attention and interest to your hotel or travel destination. In today’s episode, we talk with Stacy Jones, who has been doing product placement and influencer campa ...…
Jeremy Streeter is a successful property developer, a sophisticated investor and a serial entrepreneur. He is also the owner of the Intelligent Millionaires Network in Sydney. Jeremy spent 8-years in the Royal Australian Airforce and enjoyed a divers career and operational deployments overseas. The military role set him up for success in managi ...…
BORAL appears to be a well-priced investment with a reasonable yield. Hugh Diver from Atlas Funds Management looks deeper into the company’s history and numbers to reveal parts of the business with a real cause fir concern.
Joanna Robinson and Richard Lawson diver deeper into the tragedy of the Man in Black for "Vanishing Point," the ninth episode of the second season of Westworld. Emily and William reach an impasse. Elise and Bernard escape the Mesa. Clementine is weaponized. This week's episode has two interviews - Angela Sarafyan who plays Clementine and Katja ...…
On this episode of Vinyl Divers Podcast, Anthony is back in the studio with a different vinyl for all of you. This one is a soundtrack from a cult classic and it’s on fire! Will Anthony be burned reviewing the soundtrack for 1985 Brat Pack film St. Elmo’s Fire? Listen to find out! Vinyl Divers Podcast theme: Stage Dive by Silent Partner On the ...…
Kyle Foshe is creator of the Going Off Topic Blog. He stopped by this week to help break down big tailpipes(54:31), poop divers(58:18), psycho robots(1:09:43), magazine subscriptions(25:23), & a homemade Theory of the Week(37:31). Check out Going Off Topic here:
La Coupe du monde de la FIFA commence aujourd’hui et toute la France est derrière son équipe, les Bleus. Toute la France, ou presque... Si le foot est le sport le plus populaire dans l’hexagone, il a aussi ses ennemis. En effet, le monde du foot suscite régulièrement des polémiques sur des sujets aussi divers que le racisme, le business et l’ar ...…
We hope you had a wonderful weekend. This week's podcasts are sponsored by PDFelement 6 from Wondershare, and today those stories include the following: A river diver recovered an iPhone X that had spent two weeks underwater, and it's just fine, thank you Apple vs. Samsung isn't over yet. Although a court ruled in late May that Samsung owes App ...…
SPECIAL EPISODE: It's Monday and the girls want to dive really deep into what makes us attracted to people, but not all of us can agree on this intimate topic!Our intro music is by: Nicolai HeidlasTitle: Flaming
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