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AM to DM
Airing live every day on BuzzFeed News via Twitter and on from 10-11am ET, AM to DM (@AM2DM) reimagines the traditional morning show format for the way young people consume news today. Hosted by Saeed Jones and Isaac Fitzgerald, AM to DM takes news and flips it on its head. Much like our Twitter timelines, AM to DM covers a wide range of news and social commentary, and has already featured newsmakers from the worlds of politics, entertainment, tech including: Madeleine ...
Dear DM
Podcast by Dear DM
DM Radio
Let's talk Data Management
DM's Test Kitchen
Five aspiring chefs taste test different Table Top RPGs and cook up a continuing campaign for your listening pleasure. Don't forget to check out our other channel
A 2nd Edition AD&D podcast. Helpful tips for DMs and players from all versions of the game, with a focus on rules for second edition.
The Session Tapes
Join us at the table as one overzealous Yank steers four sardonic Brits through a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition campaign!‍Get ready for raw, unfiltered audio, seasoned with just a dash of commentary from the (often incredulous) DM. Dungeons will be delved! Snacks will be eaten! Off-colour jokes will be told! Sound like your thing? Then tune in for fun, frolics and felony each Friday!
DM Father and 4 year old daughter use adventures to learn life lessons and develop creative problem solving.
D&D is For Nerds
In which we sit around a table, pretend to be different people and play some good old fashioned Dungeons and Dragons. Starring Jackson B. Baly, Joel L. Zammit, Cass and our favourite DM, Adam. It’s a magical, fun-filled time where a group of idiots annoy their DM and choof off to fumble their way through adventures based on the motto 'you gotta risk it for the biscuit'. New episodes every Sunday!
Atk Roll
A group of friends, a large bag of dice, and one very dramatic DM.
We're seven friends who shoved microphones in front our faces while playing dungeons and dragons. Listen along while we drink, tell jokes, and make the DM hate us! Updates come every other Friday.
С 1996 - 2000 работал на 106.8 FM (впоследствии "Станция 2000"), в рамках передачи "The history of techno" (по четвергам с 21:00 до 23:00), которую мы вели вместе с моим другом DJ Smile (Москва) и рассказывали о Dark Electro/EBM и Industrial музыке. С 2000 - 2001 периодические диджей-сеты в различных московских клубах (Секстон, Гараж, Мастер, Республика Бифитер) и на паре open-эйров. С начала 2002 по настоящее время - выступления на вечеринках Russian Gothic Project, Industrial, Rus ...
THROW IT AWAY is a podcast dedicated to NINE INCH NAILSTurn on, tune in, NIN outEmail us with questions/criticism/comments and anything else:throwitawaypodcast@gmail.comTweet [DM on ETS] @throw_it_away9 or find us on Facebook: THROW IT AWAY Podcast.Alex: @thewretched1111 / Tito: @aerotito / Danny: @mannydantyla / Johnny @stellarcannibalism
Dice To Meet You
An Actual Play D&D podcast, where the DM has never met any of his players. Dungeons will be crawled, kingdoms will be saved, but what does a game of Dungeons & Dragons sound like when it's played by actual strangers?
Arcs is an actual-play Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition podcast, in which three unlikely comrades journey across the mystical realm of Thirithia in search of a famed relic! Pretty basic, right? Well, dear reader… That’s only the beginning. Featuring radio-style production, original music and a lightning pace, Arcs is the perfect show for anyone looking for a hearty sip of comedy, drama, intrigue, and sometimes a dog. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a total newbie to DnD, you’re sure ...
Wine Wednesday's
Podcast by WineboxpapiP.O BOX 7899 Algonquin Illinois 60102Second Channel: a member! Patreon: donations to PayPal: Caccarsky@yahoo.comVenmo: @Wineboxpapi MERCH: IronLobsterBoi, dm for credit)https://wineboxpapi.bigcart ...
The worst D&D actual play podcast. Nothing I can write here will actually make the show stand out, it's just another D&D actual play podcast where I bank on the comedic value of my friends to sell a show to you. It's funny, I promise. Updates Tuesdays and Fridays! STARRING: Wong (The Great Brandonian) - Biz (The DM) -
Podcast speaking on practical spirituality, shamanism, and ancient occult practices. Discernment is key. #shamanism #spirituality #love #truth Please feel free to follow me on Instagram: @TheJaguarShaman & @Ascensionradio - DM with any questions or Concerns Become a supporter of this podcast:
Dust off your dice, and hold onto your butts! Do you love dungeons, dragons, magic, mysteries, intrigue, and romance? Of course you do. Meet Rowan the enigmatic bard, Atlas the blacksmith with a heart of gold, Kristoff a sorcerer who enchants with both fact and fiction. Join our heroes as they undo the best laid plans of their indomitable DM in...THE LAWFUL STUPID
We play an all-bard Dungeons & Dragons campaign complete with original music! It's an actual-play recording of a homebrewed story created by our DM.
I’m SalveyB and this is my audio log. I’m a Content Creator on Twitch and YouTube playing traffic card games most of the time! I want to share my adventure of content creation with everyone and if others want to share their story, just DM me and come on the show! Find me at
A homebrew D&D 5e liveplay podcast.
I love singing. Some say I am good at it and some don't like it. But hey, all the celebrities have haters. Im gay, 18. Come from Bosnia and love Shane Dawson!
Excuse My Malayness
Welcome to our podcast, we are just two malay guys discussing our ideas and thoughts on each episode. Warning: it's in broken ENGLISH and because we Malay. So enjoy the show and give us a like or any questions do DM us.
Steve Cook's podcast about OSR stuff. Features reviews, DM Tips, Dice Roll Zine highlights, OSR shoutouts, and random silliness. \m/
DnD campaign. DM is Christina. Taylor plays Elfy, Sophie plays Mardred, and Jackson plays Tristan.Cover art photo by
Case Management
Welcome to the Case Management podcast, where amazing things happen. This podcast is on everyday life situations and scenarios. My dm's are open to any topics anyone would like me to talk about. Everyone remains anonymous unless requested otherwise. If you have a topic you would like to hear you can message me on my social medias listed below. Instagram-Conceited_Vegas Twitter-Conceited_Vegas Snapchat-Conceited_Lv and make sure you all subscribe to my youtube channel Desha and Brandon
Big Pod Energy
Welcome to Big Pod Energy where we talk about everything and anything. Send us suggestions @ or DM us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.
Welcome to Jezzicaunfiltered. This is a podcast where I will talk about anything and everything, no topic is off the table. I talk about things relating to my life as well as other so join me on my journey and please subscribe, not only to my podcast but my Instagram as well where you can dm me comments or even topics you want me to talk about. Thank you🙏
I am from South Africa, a YouTuber, football freestyler and wannabe motivational speaker!! I comment and discuss on trending topics and anything and whatever you want to know you dm me and I will discuss it!!!! Happy to join the anchor community so let's have a housewarming shall we?
Triple Teaaa
Triple Teaaa aka Turnt upTable Talk, is a weekly show on all of the previous weeks events and celebrity juice. DM and Ebby give their views on several hot topics that everyone is talking about. Tune in weekly for all the TEAAA and a lot of laughs.
The DiscipleMakers podcast brings you a selection of talks by DM staff given at conferences and other ministry events. Updated weekly, it is sometimes expositional and sometimes topical, but always biblical.
Time To “Level-Up” Your Life?Claim Your FREE 1-on-1 Life Coaching /Biz Consulting Call DM "FREE CALL" @QuintonCarlin via Insta /FB Podcast = Personal & Professional Development Expert Interviews & Success Strategies on Fitness, Finance, Faith, Family, Business, Bitcoin Blockchain Crypto, Leadership, Lifestyle Design, Dating, Travel, Zen Meditation & Mindset, Minimalism, Money Making Methods & Much More.Quinton Carlin Bio: World Traveler (35+ Countries) TEDx Speaker. University Professor. Aut ...
Natural 1 Podcast
A fully random game of DnD 5e. The players and DM generate the world while they play it.
Rants From A Hat
Weekly podcast hosted by Keneke The Great and Cheyenne Lawes posted every Wednesday! We draw several topics from a hat (sent in via DM by you, the listeners!) and give our two cents.
Spacewxve Podcast
Favorite our podcast and dm us @space.waste/ @cherry.wxves to give us topics (: Become a supporter of this podcast:
All Talk
Listen to me talk about my dumb opinions, the most random things and topics, or the most cliche topics. I will be having, many special guest on here too! (friends, family, and even strangers! anybody!). Also, let me know if you're interested in talking. ENJOY. DM me here, to be on podcast. forward to talking with you!
Welcome to the Land of Lincoln Prep Football Podcast - We’re talking Central IL HS football - Weekly highlights of the CS8, Sangamo, and South Central conferences-hosted by Robbie Jeffers (@WRJeffers10) - DM for segment suggestions/guest appearances
The World of Vala
A realm created and facilitated by its DM, 'The World of Vala' is a homebrew actual play D&D podcast. Follow the arcs of several characters as they try to navigate the harsh waters of faith within this magical world ruled by beings with their own agenda. Listen to this original fantasy story told through the lens of a Dungeons and Dragons game in an original world of magic, monsters, and Gods.
A show were i talk about things that interest me. if you have a suggestion for a topic you can dm me on Twitter at Become a supporter of this podcast:
Monsters and Maces
Welcome to the World or Sera and the Monsters and Maces Podcast. This podcast will follow a D&D fifth edition campaign set in a mostly homebrewed world created by our DM Alex. Join the players Mark, Kyle, Alex, Brittany, and A-Rex as they get in adventures, battle monsters, and have good fun times getting lost in the world their dungeon master has made for them. Thank you for joining us on this adventure. Let us begin.
Business Scale Insights provides information, commentary & insight on how to build a great business that scales well. Feel free to call into the station on @Anchor or DM on Twitter @bizscalepro/@bizscalepodcast. You can also email Kim Bonner directly at Business Scale Insights is sponsored by New Day Consulting Systems (NDCS). For more information about NDCS please visit the site: You can also download a FREE ebook, Franchising 101, whe ...
What Could be Rated R The Podcast Hey y'all! This is the very first podcast! I am so excited for you to hear it! On this podcast we talk about anything Political, Education, World News, Rated G to XXX. Let me know what you think! If you would like to send in questions, topics or statements please DM me on my social media!
D&D-Bags is a Real Play Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition Podcast…made by a bunch of D-Bags. The podcast follows multiple campaigns that take place in the same world at about the same time. We are currently recording and posting “season 2”, which follows the adventures of L.A.Z.O.R. the warlock cyborg (played by Andy), Forg the frog-man fighter (played by Avi), Harlow Mountainbrew the Dwarf barbarian (played by Charlie), Lil Justice the half-orc barbarian (played by Dax), Joe the DM, and so ...
*BITCOIN, ETH AND LTC ACCEPTED!!!*DM FOR PAYMENT ADDRESS AND BEAT SELECTION!Booking Contact: Buck50@pyramidstreetrecords.comSubscribe to RSS Feed on iTunes:
Critical Wits
A D&D and Tabletop RPG Podcast
RAW & UNEDITED - Fitness without the 🐃💩 Papa Swolio slaps you with training, nutrition and philosophy on-the-go. With over 18 years in the industry, Papa Swolio lays the smack-down and delivers the gains with no sugar-coating. Remember to also subscribe to the Daily Swole Podcast (Available Everywhere) for full-length daily episodes on all fitness and lifestyle topics. Follow me @Swolenormous on ALL social media. Check out for programs, nutrition, yoga classes and more!
Game Master’s Journey is a discussion podcast for GMs and players of tabletop RPGs hosted by Lex Starwalker. The show explores strategies players and GMs can use to enhance the gaming experience for everyone at the table. Lex often uses Dungeons & Dragons as an example, but many of the topics are relevant to all RPGs. Lex also discusses the creation of his homebrew D&D setting, Primordia, providing a valuable worldbuilding resource for GMs creating their own setting.
A general interest podcast for fans of Dungeons and Dragons and RPGs
Mixes: House
Full Metal RPG
Podcast by Presented by Carrion & Bailey
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The first stream of my energy is my mix 16/02/2019. Add yourself to the playlist)? Thank you all that you are in me!❤#fluat #fluatsound #fournames #podcast #dj #djs #remix #edmlife #beatport #djmag #girl #musically #music #party #like4like #sound #edmfamily #miami #life #ULTRA20 #radio #dubai #dance #smile #cute #tbt #EDM #Release #Style #amazi ...…
Hungry For The Power Podcast #691) Leventina - Space Control (Original Club Mix) [Enormous Tunes]2) The Cube Guys - There's A Woman (The Cube Guys & Twinbross Remix) [Cube Recordings]3) Dale Howard - Satisfaction (Original Mix) [Superfett Records]4) Depth Groove, Frazon - Deep Inside (Original Mix) [Subsense]5) Alex Twitchy, Dennis Beutler - El ...…
?????? ?????? ??????? ??????, ?????? ?????? ?????? ? ????? house & techno
мой первый сет)набросал из того что было)
Where we sprint as quickly as they can. Sign up to our newsletter here; Join our facebook group here; Check out our upcoming lives shows and purchase your tickets right here; Watch us stream here; Yo ...………
Задолбало играть сраную попсу!!!
Вот и подоспела новая порция качественного хауса
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Добро пожаловать в новый 28-й эпизод гостевых миксов на радио Kiwistage. Гость сегодняшнего шоу - украинский ?? продюсер и диджей Даниель Деев, более известный как Depdramez с эксклюзивной премьерой своего нового трека “Stars”, который выйдет на нашем лейбле 22 февраля.Молодой музыкант уже получил поддержку от именитых диджеев - Don Diablo, YVE ...…
DJ Mexx & DJ Karimov - DINAMIK DANCE 2019 (Weekly Podcast 002)
Вечеринка в честь 3-летия Техно Посиделок в баре Neon Monkey
спасибо Санкт Питербург! :)
Эксклюзивный микс записанный специально для SPIRIT Fitness Moscow!Желаю приятного прослушивания;) Благодарю за поддержку и отзыв! Организация выступлений: +7 926 559 88 00 Кристина SVET - SPIRIT Fitness Podcast # 15 @ SVET…
➕ You can listen my other mixes here :
Exclusive!Новая порция кача!
Just as our heroes de-gizzard a lizard, Neo crashes to earth and promptly has a meltdown. Later, while everyone is licking their wounds, Conall extracts the stick from his butt and reveals his true identity. It’s not such a small world after all!By (Kevin the DM).
Kadebostany, Astero - Teddy BearLuca Debonaire - Falling DownGorgon City, Kamille Ghosted - Go DeepSofi Tukker, Denis First – DrinkeeFake Pictures & Tiger Park - Small Talk (Denis First Remix)Alok, Bruno Martini, Zeeba - Never Let Me GoOceana - Can't Stop Thinking About You (Amice Remix) 2017Justin Timberlake, Denis First - Can't Stop The Feeli ...…
Фирменное радиошоу MASTEREO от ASTERO на DFM каждый вторник в 21:00
Фирменное радио шоу Going Deeper CONVERSATIONS на DFM каждый понедельник в 22:00.
Мой первый сэт для Вас.
Еженедельно в ночь со среды на четверг в 01:00 в эфире DFM танцуем под зажигательный сет DJ Noiz!
Еженедельно в ночь со среды на четверг в 01:00 в эфире DFM танцуем под зажигательный сет DJ Noiz!
SLIDER & MAGNIT на DFMГруппа ВКонтакте:Все обладатели iPhone, iPad, iPod и т.д. теперь могут подписаться на наш подкаст в iTunes!
Полчаса новинок недели - Club, Big Room & Future House
Всем привет! Представляю праздничный микс в стиле house! Приятного прослушивания!
The party tries to hold their own. Thanks for listening <3 Playing DnD 5E - Eye of the Storm | @party_roll | | patreon | teener time
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