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Cop Doctors
A comedic vignette the explores the careers of Justin Case and Justin Time, that just happen to be cops by day, and doctors by night.
Industry Doctors
The Industry Doctors Show Is About Educating And Giving Back To The Industry!
Doctors Who Create
Stories about creativity in medicine.Read more stories of creativity in medicine at our website,
The What Doctors Don't Tell You podcast provides the latest healthcare news and uncovers the hard-to-get facts about health and the causes of illness.
Welcome to IM Reasoning with your hosts Dr. Art Nahill and Dr. Nic Szecket, two general internists with a passion for teaching clinical reasoning. Join us for case discussions, conversations and interviews that explore issues important to clinicians and students, with a special focus on clinical reasoning, the once-mysterious process behind the remarkable abilities of the master clinician.
The official podcast of Resident Doctors of BC.
The Married to Doctors podcast pushes away the stereotypical "doctor-wife" image and is a space where people from all different backgrounds can find a community, explore solutions and share stories about the unique challenges that come from being in a relationship where medicine often feels like the extra partner. We discuss loneliness, debt, communication, romance, moving, parenting and more. The host of Married to Doctors is Lara McElderry, a trauma surgeon's wife, who has been navigating ...
Pitch Doctors
We take your pitches and make them perfect (worse).
Audio home of The Jimquisition, featuring its lovely little podcast, Podquisition - starring Jim Sterling, Laura Kate, and Gavin Dunne!
Missed that link or information while listening to Data Doctors Tech Tips on the radio? Catch up with us now! Data Doctors Tech Tips are one minute daily tips broadcast on radio stations in several markets - you can get the list at They are also available on demand or through a PodCast. The tips discusses various technical topics with NO GEEK SPEAK! Tech tips for non-tech people.
The BMJ Podcast
The BMJ is an international peer reviewed medical journal and a fully “online first” publication. The BMJ’s vision is to be the world’s most influential and widely read medical journal. Our mission is to lead the debate on health and to engage, inform, and stimulate doctors, researchers, and other health professionals in ways that will improve outcomes for patients. We aim to help doctors to make better decisions.
Dr. Evan Levine, author of "What Your Doctor Won't (or can't ) Tell You " and Matt LoGuercio take a humorous and irreverent look at the problems in our health-not-care system.
Medicine on Call w/ Dr. Elaina George offers real-world solutions in restoring the doctor patient relationship, cutting through the red tape of government.
PodMD creates medical podcasts by doctors for doctors. It is a joint initiative between Dr Sean Mackay, (Melbourne-based surgeon) and Caroline Chaplin, (Director of RWS, a management company assisting doctors in private practice across Australia).Remaining clinically up-to-date is an ongoing challenge. Doctors needed a way to reliably and conveniently stay informed.Attending conferences can be expensive and topics are often narrowly focused. Reading medical journals is time consuming and wil ...
This podcast will help doctors make more money, with less stress, and by working less as well. The show will include every aspect of running your practice efficiently with or without you. You will learn how to be a better leader and you will teach others to lead. Doctors work way too hard for what they earn today and it is time to get the life you so desire.
TEDTalks Health
From way-new medical breakthroughs to smart daily health habits, doctors and researchers share their discoveries about medicine and well-being onstage at the TED conference, TEDx events and partner events around the world. You can also download these and many other videos free on, with an interactive English transcript and subtitles in up to 80 languages. TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.
Joyful Doctor
Welcome to the Joyful Doctor Podcast!The Joyful Doctor, Dr Caroline Walker, interviews a host of inspiring doctors from around the world.Listen in for inspiration and amazing tips on how you can be more joyful - whether you work in medicine or not!You'll hear stories of triumph and disaster, courage and vulnerability, despair and joy... with a healthy dose of realism and medical life experience thrown in - enjoy!For a list of free support resources for doctors please visit:www.joyfuldoctor.c ...
A podcast about how doctors think. Presented by Figure 1, the knowledge-sharing app for healthcare. Learn more at
Every week Simon and his team look at a different aspect of the business which could directly affect you. They work through some of the problems that they come across - and suggest innovative solutions. Optimise Accountants are property tax specialists that help property investors make more money and pay less tax. The owners and staff are also property investors and they walk the talk. This gives you comfort and confidence in their advice. Email -
Before medical school you want to help people feel better. Once you start training and get into your practice, whether it is private, hospital-based, institutional, academic or corporate, you discover the distress of toxic work habits, stressed health professionals and bureaucracy. You are in danger of becoming a faceless white coat that doesn’t have a clue how to feel good! This show meets doctors and allied health professionals where they are, from medical school, residency, fellowship, pr ...
CBC Radio's Dr. Brian Goldman takes listeners through the swinging doors of hospitals and doctors' offices, behind the curtain where the gurney lies.
Empowered Patient Podcast with Karen Jagoda is a window into the latest innovations in digital health, the changing dynamic between doctors and patients, the emergence of personalized medicine, aging in place, wearables and sensors, clinical trials and advances in clinical research, payer trends, transparency in the medical marketplace and challenges for connected health entrepreneurs. This show continues to evolve driven by the convergence of a diverse array of industries.
Breaking News English
Ready-to-use current affairs lessons. Free. 100% copiable. As the news breaks, teach it.
Where ATL meets NPR
Ready-to-use current affairs lessons. Free. 100% copiable. As the news breaks, teach it.
Brilliant solutions to the world’s problems. We meet people with ideas to make the world a better place and investigate whether they work.
Some of the world's greatest scientists, doctors and medical researchers share their discoveries and visions onstage at the TED conference, TEDx events and partner events around the world. You can also download these and many other videos free on, with an interactive English transcript and subtitles in up to 80 languages. TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.
Progressive Parenting strives to share information to parents to help them form informed decisions for their families, your host Gena Kirby interviews, Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Authors and other experts to answer your parenting questions.
What actually works in International Development? What doesn't work? You won't learn any of this in a textbook! Anyone who's interested in learning more about the answers these questions is welcome! It's up close and personal stories from an expert in international development where we can learn what really helps the world.
Tim's 2 Cents
Short daily podcast about everything this Chicago-based, newly graduated yuppie finds interesting: nutrition, dating, athletic performance, meeting people, self development, travel, endurance sports, and a whole lot of randomness in between.
This is narrative medicine at it's best. It's not a place to get the feels or to learn life lessons. This is an arena where doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers can share the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly in medicine. This is real life, not primetime television. Feel free to contact us if you would like to share a story.
The Heartland Institute podcast featuring libertarian and conservative health care scholars who are working to put power back into the hands of patients and doctors, and away from government bureaucrats.
A business, life, and optometry podcast focused on delivering insights and knowledge from varied guest interviews to feed the space between your temples, helping you become a better informed health professional. Hosted by Matt Michniewicz and Optometric Insights
A broadcast for Patriots in the Defense of Freedom...
“Timey Wimey Podcast Hour” is a monthly podcast were your hosts talk all about all versions of Doctor Who - the monsters, the doctors, the companions and wonderful toys and gadgets oh my! Nothing gets left out as each episode is only about an hour long and the hosts dive deep into the Whoverse. People assume that podcasting is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually, from a nonlinear, non-subjective viewpoint, it's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff. Tune ...
Carolyn Hickman is your Unconventional Organic Mama + Wicked funny, SAY IT HOW IT IS bestie who really gets YOU. There will be no guarantee that you won't completely transform your life into your HAPPIEST + HEALTHIEST version of YOU + be inspired to eat an organic, plant-based diet that will rock your world on an energetic level! Meat lover to Vegan overnight, Carolyn is a true hippie at heart while being a do-it-all Holistic Mama who is dedicated to giving you the step by step action plans ...
Only Human
Only Human is a show about health that we all can relate to. Because every body has a story.
Personal Primary Medical Care in Auburn
Medicine ReMixed
A Medical Mixtape Produced by The Rawest Crew of Medical Doctors in Modern Medicine—Hacking Heartbeats, Hard Beats & Everything in Between. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Significant international thinkers deliver the BBC's flagship annual lecture series
The Back Doctors podcast is weekly conversations with doctors from around the world sharing patient stories as they inform, educate, and offer hope for the millions of people who have back pain.
Doctors of the USA provides news and information from local doctors in communities across the country. Visit to see the television edition of the show.
Amile & Suba met whilst working their first ever doctor jobs in a hospital just outside of London. They have since lived together, become friends & supported each other through the highs and lows of working life. Listen as they chat through the stories and challenges that face junior doctors every single day.
Specialist and mainstream audiences alike rely on the Health Report to bring clarity to health and medical issues from social, scientific and political points of view.
Solar Kai
Self enlightenment, entertainment, social media news Become a supporter of this podcast:
File on 4
Award-winning current affairs documentary series investigating major issues at home and abroad
Get down-to-earth clinical topics and learn what it really means to work in the ED with the legendary Dr. Rob Orman. Manageable monthly episodes cover everything you need to know about what's current in EM, plus practice-changing information from Essentials of Emergency Medicine. This iTunes segment is just one monthly free segment of the full ERcast show. Get over 2 hours of fresh podcast episodes per month and 27 AMA PRA Category 1 credit(s)™ of click-to-claim CME per year when you sign up ...
Brandon Lipani Show
We talk about anything that comes to my mind it's anything goes.
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Property Mentor Tony Law talks to Simon about his journey into property, and gives some great advice for those that are thinking of moving into property investment, and those that have been doing it for some time. Optimise Accountants are property tax specialists that help property investors make more money and pay less tax. The owners and staf ...…
November 21, 2018. A new artwork has been unveiled in Doha, Qatar. The new artwork was created by the British artist Damien Hirst.
November 21, 2018. A new artwork has been unveiled in Doha, Qatar. The new artwork was created by the British artist Damien Hirst.
In this episode, Amile sits down with the accomplished (and very cool) Dr Seema Yasmin. She grew up in East London, studied Medicine at Cambridge and has since found herself working across the world in various capacities. Though a doctor by name, she is a storyteller by nature. Her CV reads like no other. She worked as a CDC Epidemiologist duri ...…
When secure training centres were launched nearly two decades ago they offered child offenders the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and get their lives back on track in a safe environment. Today there are three units in England, Medway in Rochester, Oakhill in Milton Keynes and Rainsbrook in Rugby, which provide 30 hours of education a ...…
When Los Angeles Times photographer Wally Skalij photographed a tiny owl sitting on the beach in Malibu as the flames of the Woolsey Fire burned in the background, he had no idea how many people would connect with the image. Since the Times published the photo, it’s been shared thousands of times on social media. The owl and other photos Skalij ...…
This week we feature music inspired by celestial bodies. We are starstruck – gazing at the twinkling, shining, and shooting stars through a musical telescope. The post Strike Up The Band! Starstruck appeared first on 90.1 FM WABE.
In this episode, K.T. takes you on a musical journey through the brain's reward system and explains why your favorite song might make you feel like you are taking a drug. Enjoy! Cadence- Music on the Mind (Podcast):"This is Your Brain on Music" by Daniel J. Levitin: http://daniellevi ...…
Lisa Levine, chief executive officer of the MAVEN (Medical Alumni Volunteer Expert Network) Project, a group that works directly with providers to provide volunteer physicians to underserved areas with telehealth technology, joins the show.By (Heartland Institute).
Since the #MeToo movement began, myriad business leaders — from media and tech to finance — have resigned amid allegations of sexual harassment, leaving bad morale and problem workplace cultures in their wake. That happened to the Besh Restaurant Group a year ago, after the New Orleans Times-Picayune published a shattering expose about its foun ...…
Democrat Stacey Abrams isn’t backing down from her fight against what she calls voter suppression tactics and election mismanagement after losing the Georgia governor’s race. In fact, Abrams said she experienced the problems in her state firsthand — after nearly being denied a ballot during early voting. In an interview with Morning Edition hos ...…
please listen. be motivated. and fucking move!!!! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Around the world, thousands of people are using a special kind of bank. Instead of using it to save and spend money, they’re using it to save and spend time. Based on the idea that everyone’s time is worth the same, time bankers exchange lawn mowing for childcare, and dog walking for graphic design. World Hacks reporter Tom Colls enters the tim ...…
Latest episode of Solar Kai Become a supporter of this podcast:
Georgia’s Republican governor-elect Brian Kemp announced his transition team Monday. Kemp is calling the group the ‘Georgians First Committee.’ He says the team will consult with Gov. Nathan Deal’s administration, the Legislature, and local leaders between now and Jan. 14 when Kemp will be sworn in as governor. “I’m prepared to do what it takes ...…
You’ll have read in a clinical trial “Most patients had an acceptable adverse-event profile.” Or that a drug “has a manageable and mostly reversible safety profile.” And that “the tolerability was good overall.”In this podcast, Bishal Gyawali (@oncology_bg) joins us to describe what events those terms were actually describing in cancer drug...…
Dr. Barr shares one idea for infusing small quantities of thanksgiving into the repetitive tasks you perform day in and day out. She mentions Amy Morin's 7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Gratitude from Psychology Today.
For all you frustrating iPhone photographers that work hard to get that awesome shot just to have it come out blurry so often, today's tip is for you. You can always take many shots in a row to help improve your odds of a clear pic, but in many cases, the blurry shots are because of the movement created every time you tap to snap the shot. Hold ...…
It used to be you would sign on the bottom line, whether it was a check or a credit card receipt or even a love letter. But the art of the signature has become less important and less practiced, and that has meant less certainty for elections officials in several states who are still counting votes from the Nov. 6 midterm elections. Those offic ...…
When Kathy Klute-Nelson heads out on a neighborhood walk, she often takes her two dogs — Kona, a boxer, and Max, a small white dog of questionable pedigree who barrels out the front door with barks of enthusiasm. The 64-year-old resident of Costa Mesa, Calif., says she was never one to engage in regular exercise — especially after a long day of ...…
Election after election, pundits predict that Latinos will be a powerful voting bloc. And Latino voters consistently underperform those expectations by failing to turn out at the polls in big numbers. But this year’s midterm results in Nevada, Arizona and other states suggest that Latino turnout is up dramatically — a development that could res ...…
Hong Kong, spine specialist Dr. Matty Wong shares an interesting story of a 40 year-old housewife with a sudden onset of face pain. Biography Dr. Matty F.Y. Wong is a registered chiropractor in the USA and Hong Kong. She received her Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from National University of Health Sciences, Chicago, Illinois, USA in 1993. She u ...…
Four patients in a Melbourne clinical trial have been implanted with Australian-designed 'bionic eyes'.
Three paraplegic men have been able to walk again, thanks to a team of Swiss scientists using targeted electrical stimulation of their spinal cords.
One of the complications that diabetes treatment is supposed to prevent — lower limb amputation — ironically appears to be increased in people on a class of anti-diabetic medications called SGLT2 inhibitors.
Latest episode of Solar Kai Become a supporter of this podcast:
November 19, 2018. The legendary rock 'n' roll singer Elvis Presley has been posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
November 19, 2018. The legendary rock 'n' roll singer Elvis Presley has been posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
Landmark court rulings, laws and constitutional amendments have given women the right to vote, to make decisions about their reproductive health and, to some degree, to receive equal pay for equal work. But women are not guaranteed equal rights under the U.S. Constitution. That’s why, for decades, women’s rights advocates across the country hav ...…
You might be surprised that the volume of sitting a radiologist does these days is an occupational health hazard. Here are five steps to consider to mitigate that risk.
If you've had enough of all of the inconveniences of getting on a conference call, especially if your joining from your smartphone or tablet, today's tip is for you. If you're the one responsible for creating the session, think about making a change from the old way, with a much better new way. A web tool known as "UberConference" is the best c ...…
Latest episode of Solar Kai Become a supporter of this podcast:
I muse about whether I might be average with a little of each trait. Plus attempted improvements to my recording studio (my room).
Growing costs of healthcare have consumers faced with hard choices. Pastor John Radell joins Dr. George to discuss the growing problems from ACA.
When a physician schedules a strategy session with Dr. Lori Barr, increasing profitability is discussed. Docgitimacy™, a measure of a doctor's influence, credibility and trustworthiness, is a factor in profitability and additional revenue streams. How does a podcast increase Docgitimacy™? There are four ways discussed on this episode. Let's dis ...…
November 17, 2018. The UK Prime Minister Theresa May is battling to save the Brexit divorce deal with the European Union, and her job.
November 17, 2018. The UK Prime Minister Theresa May is battling to save the Brexit divorce deal with the European Union, and her job.
Dr. Dean and Dr. Darren talk about an uncomfortable driving situation, Dr. Dean shares a way to avoid a whiplash injury, and the story of an unbelievable guy on a train...and what he was doing with his foot. Dr. Darren shares some the cases he sees in the ER, including one that involves a panther!
Election workers in Florida have been counting remaining ballots by hand in the close U.S. Senate and state agriculture commissioner contests, as a number of lawsuits are still outstanding in the final 48 hours before official election results are due to the state. If a federal judge declines to extend the state’s deadline, county canvassing bo ...…
When Dr. Lori Barr mentors physicians and other credentialed professionals this is one question that comes up again and again when new media and podcast production are considered. What is a lossy audio file?
Dr Shelly Dev shares her story of burnout.
Latest episode of Solar Kai Become a supporter of this podcast:
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announced sweeping rules on how colleges handle cases of sexual assault and harassment that she says will fix a “failed” and “shameful” system that has been unfair to accused students. In what the administration is calling a “historic process,” the proposed rules aim to significantly enhance legal protections for ...…
Netflix is back with more Castlevania. Twice as long, and ever better, so let's get into it!
Welcome to this, trial run, of a new kind of BMJ podcast - here we’re going to be focusing on all things EBM. Duncan Jarvies, Helen Macdonald and Carl Heneghan - and occasional guests- will be back every month to discuss what's been happening in the world of evidence. We'll bring you our Verdict on what you should start or stop doing, geek out...…
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