Best Dota 2 podcasts we could find (Updated March 2019)
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We Like Dota
We Like Dota is a podcast about the casual Dota 2 scene, with segments such as the Hero and Item of the Week, E-Sports coverage, and Noobs Ask Noobs questions.
New Meta is a podcast about all things DotA 2. We aim to create fun, insightful and helpful content for anyone with an interest in the game. The three hosts are long-time internet friends and high-skill DotA fanatics, with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Whether you want strategic insights to help you climb the ladder, or simply chill to some DotA chat, then this is the podcast is for you!
Dota Scores
Zajímavosti, rozhovory, soutěže a výsledky E-sportovních zápasů z Naší oblíbené hry DOTA 2
A Dota 2 podcast discussing everything Dota 2
The Sentry Ward
We normally watch pro DOTA 2 games when you can't, and cast them descriptively so you always know what's going on. We also make podcasts about the DOTA Pro Circuit and other DOTA esports stuff!
The Long Haul is a Podcast focusing on Valve Software´s digital Dota 2 card game: Artifact. We focus on the game´s community, news and players.
Irish Dota 2 Podcast
Welcome to the Irish Dota 2 Podcast. This is a organisation created to share information and the love of the game for fans to enjoy. We hope you enjoy the content.
IGN Arena Podcast
Do you love MOBAs like Dota 2 and League of Legends? Whether you're a casual hero brawler or a hardcore ladder participant, IGN Arena has you covered with discussions on your favorite MOBAs.
The podcast about all things DoTA 2
Podcast Confirmed
A friendly group of students rambling about video games
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Some quick news (fake news?), and an interview with Artifact Bitcoin League creator Opsy! Hope you guys enjoy this one! We record every Sunday at 4 PM CET. Join our Discord Server ; ask questions, join the cast! Follow and review us on all major podcast platforms! iTunes / Spotify / Podbean / TuneIn / Stitcher / YouTube Useful Links: ArtifactFi ...…
Episode 11 sees Adam, Stan and Marco sink their teeth into Dota's most agonising and avoidable misplays, represented by the Seven Deadly Sins (Sloth, Envy, Pride, Greed, Gluttony, Lust and Wrath). From greedy teammates farming one wave too many, to slothful players missing free cs, no Dota game is devoid of sinful actions. The gang enjoy a fun ...…
A look at the demographics of Artifact according to a recent analysis. We also dive into Black/Red as an archetype and its progression over time since the game came out. We record every Sunday at 4 PM CET. Join our Discord Server ; ask questions, join the cast! Follow and review us on all major podcast platforms! iTunes / Spotify / Podbean / Tu ...…
Join our Discord! New Meta Podcast marks its tenth edition with the best episode yet, as Marco, Adam and Stan explore the key decisions you should make when playing carry. From the strategy phase all the way to the late-game, the most game-deciding decisions often fall at the feet of the carry, being the highest net w ...…
We´re back after a short alcoholic break to talk about Garfield being considered non-essential for the project after 4 years collaboration; how many players do we really have as the concurrent numbers remain flat; and other contemporary topics. We record every Sunday at 4 PM CET. Join our Discord; ask questions, join the cast! Follow and review ...…
Mars is here, and has been for a few days now, long enough for the Podders to draw some initial conclusions, strategies and builds to discuss on today's episode. Marco returns from SEA to reunite with Stan and Adam, to talk about DotA's new Herculean hero as well as the recent changes in 7.21c. Beware: contains poor audio.…
A podcast episode about DotA's history? No one has ever done that! No one has EVER done that in the history of DotA! Join Stan, Adam and Guest Joe as they take a nostalgic plunge into DotA's past, discussing the funniest and most interesting 'features' of the game's journey from a custom map to a premier esport. Joe's veteran experience having ...…
Its been a while!! With the new season currently underway I decided to look at some of the tools out there that people can use to help them raise their game.(Other than not being a toxic Sh$%) So to aid people ive come up with my own top 5 list of whats out there for people to take advantage on. #5 watching pros stream - www.twitch,tv . . #4 Tr ...…
We go through some topics that cross our minds and some of last week´s most interesting reddit threads: Ranking system, Tournaments, Economy, Valve, etc. We record every Sunday at 4 PM CET. However, there won´t be an episode next week. Join our Discord Server ; pose questions, join the cast! Follow and review us on all major podcast platforms! ...…
With Marco still afk, Adam and Stan and blessed with the debut of guest Nick! A tried and tested member of the New Meta party stack, Nick seamlessly slots in for this special episode! The trio begin by answering a couple of fun listener emails (sent to before moving to cover IceFrog's touch-ups in 7.21b.…
It snowed in Seattle. But Valve is in Washington? Whatever who cares. Join us for another episode of this community driven Artifact Podcast. We record every Sunday at 4 PM CET. Join our Discord Server ; pose questions, join the cast!
Adam and Stan sit down for a good old chat about the meta-game, focusing on 6 heroes to try in a patch that seems to be establishing itself a few weeks on from release. With Marco absent, the duo move from 2 heroes that dominate loudly: Lifestealer and Ursa (06:51), to covering a rising response pick in Razor (31:45). Visage is next in line, qu ...…
Hello everyone! If you are listening to this podcast, congratulations! You are one of the few left standing in the Artifact game community. We present ourselves and hope to become the community podcast ... for the long haul! We record every Sunday at 4 PM CET. Join our Discord Server ; ask questions, join the cast!…
A je to tady! První Hub s česko- slovenským streamem je tady. Skvělá novinka pro všechny fanoušky dobré Doty. Čekuj více info na FB stránkách: Ar studio, Poko887, a
This episode takes the form of a guide on how to play position 5, with the gang discussing key points that can help improve your support play! Adam (ComeDineWithMe), Marco (Takko-) and Stan (TheMagicT) cover different types of lane match-ups and how to approach them, how to most effectively use your time, how to spend your gold and much much mo ...…
Join the gang as they stay PMA and dive into how to construct a winning mentality for solo queue. After some stories of calibration wins and woes, the trio discuss keeping your hero pool tight, your mic plugged in and your attitude positive. Using personal experience as a guide this episode seeks to tackle some basic principles to help you keep ...…
Rozhovor s (ne)známou osobností CZ/SVK scény
Ohlédnutí za Majorem s Michalem Mašikou, redaktorem z , nadcházející turnaje a novinky u Dota Scores.
Adam, Marco and Stan sink their teeth into patch 7.21, discussing the most interesting, impactful and fun changes. Ursa is faster than Ench, IceFrog turns Slark into Sushi and IO is relo'd out of Captains Mode. The boys also look ahead to a new ranked season, tentatively approaching recalibration and establishing their MMR goals!…
In today's episode we recap the Chongqing major, other pro DOTA 2 news, and most excitingly - our 7.21 reactions! You can read the 7.21 patch notes here:
The gang return this episode to discuss the current dominance of team aura items and why they fit so well with the prevailing game-state of 7.20e. Stan, Marco and Adam take us on a grand tour of all the mid-game team items from Vlads to Crimson, all the way through to Drums and Helm, covering the strengths and weaknesses of each and the heroes ...…
Vysledky poslednich 2 zapasu z majoru
Join Stan (Ancient 4), Marco (Immortal) and Adam (Divine 4) in discussing how position 4 is defined in the current meta-game and effective ways to play the role! After brief introductions the episode covers heroes and play-styles seen from position 4 in both pro and pub games, discussing why they work and how best to respond.…
Cinske tymy jsou z turnaje + aktualni informace ohledne rekalibrace systemu a noveho hrdiny Mars
Vysledky predposledniho dne z Majoru + kvalifikace na dream league 11
Jsme zpet s podcastem a rekneme si vysledky za poslednich par dni z Ciny+ dendi
On today's episode of The Sentry Ward Podcast we want to know is there a Pango or is there not?? And discuss the punishment team "The Pango" must inevitably face for leading us astray. We also talk about the new dream team lineup of Tigers, the Chongqing major so far, the new craze DOTA Auto Chess, and more in Pro DOTA news! Visit our website t ...…
Vysledky zapasu ze skupin C a D z prvniho letosniho Majoru.
Vysledky prvniho dne zakladnich skupin A a B z Ciny
In the 6th episode of our podcast: Cade pops a nice cold La Croix, we discuss the Bucharest Minor & the rise of EHOME, we talk our predictions for the upcoming major, our expectations for True Sight, and more! Link to the Virtus Pro "We Bare Bears" logo: ...…
Vysledky z minoru, nadchazejici major, zajimavosti a hippomaniacs na 4. Miste
Exkluzivni Rozhovor s offlinkarem z Hippomaniacs o zacatcich, den kdy porazil OG, oblibeny hrdina a mnohem vice... Omluvte mensi zvukove problemy. :(
Exkluzivni Rozhovor s offlinkarem z Hippomaniacs o zacatcich, den kdy porazil OG, oblibeny hrdina a mnohem vice v nasem rozhovoru.
Neco malo o me. Kdy sem zacal hrat, oblibeni hrdinove, co si myslim o cz/svk komunite a dalsi...
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