Best Dragon Ball Z podcasts we could find (Updated March 2019)
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JD & Stephen have weekly discussions about all things Dragon Ball. Mostly Dragon Ball Super, but they have been known to talk about other things from time to time.
Gilmore Ball Z
A podcast where a married couple force each other to watch Gilmore Girls and Dragon Ball Z to find common ground.
A Dragon Ball Z rewatch podcast, exploring every nook and cranny of the Saiyan Saga all the way to the Buu Saga
Zenkai Boost
In the mid-2000s, the teams behind the anime staple Dragon Ball Z decided their product could use a tune-up. They cut out a bunch of filler, re-wrote the script, and updated the cels for a modern audience. The result was Dragon Ball Z Kai, an infinitely more watchable product, and we're going to review every episode of it for you.
New Episodes EverydayI discuss, theorize and review Movies, Video Game titles (mostly PlayStation 4) and Animes, Mangas such as Dragon Ball Z/Super , My Hero Academia and much more here.I also sometimes post Episodes based on my own fan made story based on My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball and more.These are all parodies and none are mine!You can reach me at: for feedback, requests and more :D
Leader Of Peace
Welcome to the little piece broadcast where will be talkin about random things such as Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball super movies Sports mainly basketball and football a little baseball a little hockey
Men Seeking Men
they say there's no two people on earth exactly the same. no two faces, no two sets of fingerprints, but do they know that for sure? cause they would have to get everybody together in one huge space, and obviously that's not possible even with computers.
Pop culture matters...But why tho? Hosts Kate, Adrian, & Matt answer the real question about all things pop culture. New Episodes every Wednesday.
Podcast Of Power
A Dragonball Z podcast
Analog Out
In the depths of the internet, in the muck of modern day "gaming journalism" there is a team so unconcerned with the rest of the video game aether, so disassociated from the echo chamber of social media that you're going to get their unbridled opinions whether you want to or not. They are "Analog Out".
Geek Culture Podcasting Network based out of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
Welcome to Game the System podcast. A podcast about people that play. Retro, arcade, modern, pinball, board games, and all things gaming.
Kind Soundwaves
This is a conversation-style show, where I talk to interesting people with interesting things to say, or interesting things that they do. I'm nobody special. Just a regular guy.
Podcast by Heartless & Nobodies
DC Candidate 2019, CSCS, Pn1 I will be discussing my own thoughts and opinions on the current affairs within the health, fitness, and Nutrition communities that I am involved with. All thoughts are my own.
Try Me
Join husband and wife Joel and Alyssa Bradley as they go out on a limb and try new things. Can Alyssa be persuaded by Joel to adopt his love of the cinematic classic Birdemic? Or will Joel discover a new passion for reading, granted to him by Wishbone? Who knows? They sure don’t, but they’ll press play and see what happens.
A podcast where a couple of Otakus, come together to talk about Anime, Otaku Problems, Hentai and all that good shiz.
Gaming Through the P.R.O.V.E.N. System
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Intro music from Galaga (1981) 1989 Arcade Bar Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989) Zachtronics EXAPUNKS Vampire (1986) h ...…
Episode fourty seven of Destructo Discourse, covering episodes 139-141 of DBZ, wherein we make some jelly donut soup, enter the Bulmaverse, and learn the second rule of science. Your hosts this week are:Tyler,Jayson,Matt,Dave, You can also check out Tyler and Gordie's other podcast,What The FolkloreBy (Tyler Crowley).
This week the team takes a look at Matt Groening's Futurama. But why does an adult animated show about the future, science fiction, emotions, and Zoidbergs matter anyway? Adrian leads us through the history fo the show and a rundown of some of the most impactful episodes of the series to find out.
JD & Stephen watch and review Episode 38 of Dragon Ball First things first. Dragon Ball Super is rumored to be returning in July of 2019. Of course this has not been confirmed by Toei, but if it is true then we are excited to see some new Dragon Ball. In this episode of Dragon Ball. Goku enters level 4 of muscle tower and faces Ninja Muraski. T ...…
This week on Analog Out Analog Out is live at Omni Fandom Expo! We talk about James Gunn returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe! We discuss Japanese drug culture and laws after the announcement that the PS4 game "Judgement" would be getting pulled from shelves. We talk about the fallout of the college admissions scandal and the firing of a ...… Kyrie, Gilmore Ball Z’s bratty little sister (we have her permission to call her that) joined us to talk about Jess’s (and the Gilmore Girls writers) making terrible decisions, the adorable earnestness of Goku, and t ...…
James Gunn is back! Finally! I hope other companies follow Disney and undo stupid terminations because some of these terminations were really dumb. Looking at you FUNimation This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard
Intro music from The Munsters Pinball (2019) Newton’s Cradle Monster Bash Pinball (1998) The Walking Dead Pinball (2014) John Borg h ...…
On an all new episode of Jedi Dropouts, Ryan and James talk about all their theories, hopes, and fancastings of upcoming movies!
Episode fourty six of Destructo Discourse, covering episodes 136-138 of DBZ, wherein we ragequit to space, take on a two-bean job, and are sung to our rest by flocks of hunkos. Your hosts this week are:Tyler,Jayson,Matt,Melissa,Dave,Erin You can also check out Tyler and Gordie's other podcast,What The Folklore…
This week, the team dives into Project Apollo. With the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, Matt leads the crew through the history of the entire Apollo program, they discuss the numerous movies, debates around space exploration, and the future. Tune into this episode for some science, pop culture, and a whole lot of space talk.…
SXSW 2019 is in full swing and over the weekend Kate and LaNeysha from So Here's What Happened got a chance to sit down with American Gods' Mousa Kraish and Omid Abtahi, who play the Jinn and Salim respectively. But instead of American Gods, they talk comic books, anime, and everything nerdy in the middle of the American Gods house on Rainey St ...…
JD & Stephen watch and review Episode 9 of Super Dragon Ball Heroes and Episode 37 of Dragon Ball. In Heroes, Goku shows up in the nick of time. Will he be able to defeat these powerful new enemies? In Dragon Ball, Goku has reached Muscle tower. Will he be able fight his way to the top? Many challenges are in the way. The first being an enormou ...…
Intro music from Jurassic Park (1993) Build Engine Overcooked (2016) Tired Parents Twitch Stream Dead Rising (2006) ...… Buma gets to be smart. Krillin…doesn’t. Also, a glimpse into a parallel universe where Jess is actually a good boyfriend.
This week on Analog Out The boys discuss the horrible launch of Bioware's Anthem and what it means for the future of games as a service. Pat talks about his review of the new ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove. Pat talks about his excitement on the new announcement that there will be a 30th anniversary Dragon Ball Z bluray set in the original as ...…
Let's review and discuss the new and final piece of DLC for Assassin's Creed Odyssey's first story driven DLC the Legacy of the First Blade and the implications it will have for the future of the series This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard
Another Special Episode of Destructo Discourse, covering the TV Special, "The History of Trunks", wherein we sign up for AP Defiance, turn our emotions into beams, and throw spaghetti at some androids. Your hosts this week are:Tyler,Jayson,Gordie,Dave,Erin You can also check out Tyler and Gordie's other podcast,What The Folklore…
This week, we have a Patreon picked episode topic: Naruto. The crew talks about the almost 20-year franchise and how it's become an anime that marks a generation, all with the help of Grant from Gilmore Ball Z. We talk about weird running form, themes throughout the show, the staying power of the show, the big Dragon Ball Z versus Naruto debate ...…
On an all new Final Form, Ryan and Mitchell take a bite of devil fruit and swing into the world of One Piece!
JD & Stephen watch and review episode 35 of Dragon Ball. Goku's mysterious rescuer turns out to be a nice little girl who's village is being taken over by the Red Ribbon army. Well Goku does not like that one bit. He takes matters into his own hands. He will rescue their chief from Muscle Tower. But, there are sure to be obstacles along the way ...…
Half baked games, console breaking bugs, no refunds and no respect. What's going on? This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard
We have a bonus episode this week! With the help of Lizzy, from Pilots and Petards, and Ash, from the Safari Zone Podcast and Skyhoppers, we sat down to talk with Jeremy Whitley, writer of Marvel's The Unstoppable Wasp, to talk about everything Wasp. We talk about the representation of mental health in comics, all the work that goes into creati ...… Dragon Ball has interesting time travel tomfoolery and Gilmore Girls plays with some great parallels. It’s a good week to be Gilmore Ball Z.
Let's take a look at Fox's last main timeline X-Men movie and it does not look good so far This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard
Episode fourty five of Destructo Discourse, covering episodes 133-135 of DBZ, wherein we resurrect Matt with the dragon balls, venture to a Grape Flavored Poison Death Dream Zone, and lather up some Saliva of the Mind. Your hosts this week are:Tyler,Jayson,Matt,Dave You can also check out Tyler and Gordie's other podcast,What The Folklore…
JD & Stephen watch and review Episode 8 of Dragon Ball Heroes and Episode 34 of Dragon Ball. There is a new bad guy in town. His name is Hearts and he wants to overthrow the Omniking. He has a partner with him, Zamasu is alive and well. Minus an eye, but he has a spare. In Dragon Ball, the Red Ribbon army and Goku are still searching for the dr ...…
This week we have a special crossover episode with Carolyn Hinds, film critic, writer, and podcaster from So Here's What Happened! In this episode, we talk about one Korean dramas (K-Drama) and how we, like much of the US, have connect with them. We talk about one of our favorite K-Drama genres, noona romances, how Korean Dramas handle fantasy ...…
This week on Analog Out Pat and Bowman discuss the new rumor that Xbox Game Pass and all of its games are coming to Nintendo Switch in a streaming service. They also discuss the rumor of Microsoft Bringing Cuphead and Ori and the Blind Forest to Switch as well. They talk about the retirement of Reggie Fils-Aime and what he meant to Nintendo. A ...…
Goku trains with Grand Priest, Cumber fights Toppo, Universe 6 gets possessed and more! How cool would it have been if this arc became canon? It would be a perfect follow-up to Dragon Ball Super! This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard
The fate of Namek is revealed in the wake of Freeza's tantrum, and despite only having 5 minutes until the planet explodes, no one really seems to be in a hurry! In today's episode, Freeza doesn't understand science, Goku delivers a glorious beating, and a very special guest elevates the show's intellectual profile a hundredfold. Support Zenkai ...…
Sarah and Ken, the co-creators of the “Seeing Things” webcomic join us to talk about Paris burning, Cell’s…appendage, and the greatness of Bulma. Also, Grant’s nemesis returns. Seeing Things Tumblr | Twitter Sarah’s ...…
Elder Scolls 6 has a name, Rockstar might announce something soon, Anthem is failing and more.... This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard
Another game, another EA fiasco. Another unfinished game. When will EA learn? Will they ever learn? I really hope they'll go bankrupt. Maybe they'll learn then This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard
Ryan got a new dog, the Batfleck era is over, the stuff we're most excited for in 2019, and much more in an all new episode of Jedi Dropouts!
Thank God the previous leaks were debunked because they made no sense and now we have the actual chapter which seems amazing and awesome. Moro really is powerful and I love how Vegeta gets the main stage here. So stick with us to see what else happens here. This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard
Episode fourty four of Destructo Discourse, covering episodes 130-132 of DBZ, wherein we TAS an eggs benedict, get shortchanged by the bean boy, and shudder at all that the bugs saw. Your hosts this week are:Tyler,Jayson,Dave,Erin You can also check out Tyler and Gordie's other podcast,What The Folklore…
DEBUNKED!!!Goku's about to doom the whole universe again because of his selfish and idiotic ways according to new leaks! Or is he? Maybe he is playing Moro! And is Moro really that powerful? This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard
With the final chapter in the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy coming out this weekend, we decided to tackle why an animated franchise about Vikings and their dragons matters. We talk about the awards, the longevity, disabled representation, and more. Don't worry though, there are no spoilers for How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World -- bu ...…
JD & Stephen watch and review Episode 33 of Dragon Ball. We get a montage. A training and boxing montage! How exciting is that? Then we get a montage of monkeys playing with the dragon ball. Wow this episode is picking up steam. Then, we get to hear the legend of the dragon balls. Which of course does not get retconned in future series. So, wha ...…
This week on Analog Out Pat and Bowman discuss the new Nintendo Direct that aired this past week. They talk about the new news regarding Tetris 99, Super Mario Maker 2, and Zelda Link's Awakening for the Nintendo Switch. They also discuss the kickstarter for a modernized version of the Sega Dreamcast controller. Finally there is new news regard ...…
In my opinion this movie isn't that bad! In fact it's enjoyable and good and thos plot holes? I think it's not that bad honestly and can be explained but still, it annoys some This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard
Using all assumptions and using TotallyNotMark's calculations I'm gonna try and guess Broly's power level and boy is it way too high. Like logic bending high This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard Dragon Ball has compelling and tense storyline? Emily gets vulnerable? Are you sure today isn’t Christmas for the Paige and Grant?
Class 1-A and Class 1-B have a lunch together, Bakugou trains with Midoriya, Monoma meets Eri and more!!! Join us and catch up to the manga This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard
Intro music from Transformers: The Animated Movie (1986) Thalamus Samantha Fox Strip Poker (1986) Resident Evil 2 (2019) ...… In this week’s bonus episode, Grant brings us back to the early 00’s with his favorite teen primetime soap opera: The O.C., starring Gilmore Girls‘s Adam Brode. Paige isn’t sure what she just watched. Gohan And Rory’s Bookclub Fund ...…
On the newest episode of Final Form, Mitchell and Ryan tackle the brand new and controversial series Goblin Slayer!
Today I'll look at the reviews concerning five games, Far Cry New Dawn, Jump Force, Crackdown 3, Metro Exodus and Civ6 Gathering Storm. Are they worth your money or should you wait for a sale? This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard
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