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The Platypus Institute presents the NEURONFIRE podcast, hosted by Dr. David Bach, a Harvard-trained neuroscientist, physician and entrepreneur. In NEURONFIRE, Dr. Bach interviews world-renowned scientists, best-selling authors, elite performers, and world-class athletes in an impassioned search to provide listeners with actionable, scientifically sound solutions to optimize their performance.
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“We are just a bunch of brains trying to figure out how brains work.” Learn more at
“Almost every thing we do, almost every ability and skill that applies to us in our life is improvable.” - Michael Merzenich Learn more at
“What does it mean for humans that we can actually expand your reality.” - Moran Cerf Learn more at
“You can think of our brains as radio frequencies and we know from decades of research that different frequency ranges roughly correspond to different processes.” Learn more at
“You can definitely experience this on your own. And the more you do, the more you train for partnered practice.” -Londin Angel Winters Learn more at
“The function of our bodies is only going to work if we have the things that are necessary for biochemistry to move forward.” Learn more at
“When I think about health, I think about how does that whole system work, how does it work optimally, why does it start working less well with aging, and what is disease in terms of it not self-organizing as effectively.” Learn more at
“People in the computer science field have increasingly turned to neuroscience and brain science to try to understand how to make computers work more like brains, and for computers to be smarter.” Learn more at
"Finding community. People understanding that they're not alone, whatever their issue is, is critical." Learn more at
“If you interrupt a neural pathway consistently, over and over for thirty or forty days, that pathway will actually dissolve - even if it’s been in the brain for decades.” Learn more at
"I feel in architecture there’s so much more we can do in regard to really accessing the neuroscience of a human and find out what they like and what they don’t like." -Terry Beaubois Learn more at
"If we change the brain in a specific way, we can drive very real world cognitive performance improvements." - Henry Mahncke Learn more at
"Nothing is as obvious as it seems." - Jocelyn Faubert
"We all share this ideal of trying to better the world by bettering ourselves." - Jeff Tibbetts
"What we need for the 21st century are people who can embrace change, people who can embrace failure, people who’ve got resistance and resilience to the changing world, and that doesn’t come from being a good boy and good girl and just remembering loads of stuff." - Vincent Walsh Learn more at…
"Consciousness hacking is really exploring how we can democratize and make universally accessible the deepest aspects of human flourishing." - Mikey Siegel Learn more at
"There are many stories that we tell ourselves, of our potential and our capacities and how the world works, and I had this very tangible example of how some of those stories are not always true." - Jamie Hamilton Learn more at
"There is a correlation here between those activities that push you out the comfort zone and those activities that actually produce changes to your performance." - Anders Ericsson Learn more at
"I think trying to convince people to sleep more should be as easy as selling sex - I don’t know why people are so resistant to it." - Kirk Parsley Learn more at
“There are lots of names where I look at it and I cannot tell whether it’s male or female, and why should it matter?” - Dame Stephanie Shirley Learn more at
"We know that there are reliable and detailed correlations between conscious experiences and brain activity." - Don Hoffman Learn more at
"As tools get better and easier to use, I think we’re going to see a not too distant future where people are generally empowered to explore data without the need to learn a programming language or something like that." - Ben Wellington Learn more at
"I would rather fail over and over chasing big dreams than chase mediocre dreams and barely scratch the surface of my potential." - Diana Nyad Learn more at
"In a virtual environment when you are walking around a world and it is indiscernible from reality - that is incredibly powerful." - Sam Glassenberg Learn more at
"It’s important to challenge brain cells intermittently throughout life in order for them to become resilient and continue to function well and for the brain to resist disease." - Mark Mattson Learn more at
"Everything you feel is something you can mine for useful information." - Matt Fitzgerald Learn more at
"It took all of my discipline not to focus on what I’d lost but just to look forward." - Janine Shepherd Learn more at
"There is so much to work on. We have so much room to expand and grow. We have so many ways of impacting efficiency." - Amy Kruse Learn more at
"I think it is entirely reasonable to be skeptical, to always be questioning how this is being used, but I hope that doesn’t mean that we simply say no to everything." - Vivienne Ming Learn more at
"The key part of flow is that you have a smooth integration of sensory input that translates immediately into optimal motor output without any complication in between." - Arne Dietrich Learn more at
"If we are going to condense our need for sleep, it means we need to know what sleep is really for." - Jessa Gamble Learn more at
"[Flow] is timeless, it’s selfless, it’s effortless because there’s nobody doing anything, there’s just experience unfolding, and it’s eventually joyful because it is amazing just to sit there and watch what’s unfolding." - Judson Brewer Learn more at
"Being open to that shifting journey really requires a lot of personal growth and understanding." - Andy Walshe Learn more at
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